Taylor VanBruggen

Owner & Creative Director

"I create the products you've grown to enjoy!"

         What I do

  • Design & Create
  • Teach
  • Inspire

    Fun Facts

  • Mom of 3 Littles
  • Tall…. really tall
  • Could survive on chewy candies alone (Swedish Fish, Hot Tamales, Vanilla Tootsie Rolls & Sour Patch everything)
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Donuts
    Favorite TE Product
  • Choosy Moms (so relatable for me!)

Jon VanBruggen


"I do all of the 'big picture' behind the scenes things"

         What I do

  •  Make joy palpable
  •  Articulate the Future
  • Help team members succeed
    Fun Facts
  •  I love running…and food, to keep life in balance
  •  Reading is like breathing to me
  • I’m a proud mini van dad, because how do you beat sliding doors?
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  •  I don’t always craft, but when I do (which is never) I prefer Kit Kats. 
    Favorite TE Product
  •  Block Party (Easy to make cards with)

Amy Hora

Operations Manager

"The one who dapples in a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of everything."

         What I do

  • Plan Taylored events & shows
  • Manage inventories & warehouse
  • Product brainstorming & development

    Fun Facts

  • Mom to one little monster, Parker
  • Grew up in Colorado
  • Loves the outdoors
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Sour Patch Watermelons
    Favorite TE Product
  • Up, Up & Away Cutting Plate w/
    In & Out Birthday

Charlie Ludwig

Director of Video Production & Social Media

"Typical millenial who's always on her phone"

         What I do

  • Capture & Edit Videos
  • Runs the TE Social Media Accounts
  • Graphic Design
  • Responds to you on LiveChat

    Fun Facts

  • No kids, so I get a lot of peace & quiet
  • Painting & selling pallets on Etsy
  • Enjoys lifting weights
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Whatever’s in front of me at the time
    Favorite TE Product
  • Grumplings (All of them)

Meredith Hughes

Shipping Manager

"I try to get you your craft goodies out as fast as Amazon!"

         What I do

  • Pulling Orders
  • Packaging Orders
  • Shipping Orders

    Fun Facts

  • Mom to an awesome 12 year old, 8 year old triplets, and 1 cat named Boz
  • Enjoys crafts with my kids
  • Love Pinterest and finding projects for my handy husband to do
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
    Favorite TE Product
  • Big Butterfly Stamp & Flip the Script Snowman Tag

Amy Lassiter

Customer Experience Coordinator

"Respondent of phone calls and emails. Mistress of employee birthday treat procurement."

         What I do

  • Customer Happiness Striver
  • Office Coordination Gal
  • Customer Technological Crisis Avoidance Virtuoso

    Fun Facts

  • Knitter
  • Mama to 3 kids, 1 cat and a lot of plants
  • Mixed Media Artist & Musician
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Milk Duds
    Favorite TE Product
  • Llama Llove & Liquid Watercolor

Jill Peer

Make & Take/Sample Card Prepper

Die-Cutting Expert

         What I do

  • Make Class Kits
  • Prep Make & Takes
  • Creating Samples

    Fun Facts

  • Ride my recumbent bike
  • Kayak when possible
  • Drive my husband to beer events
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Chocolate
    Favorite TE Product
  • All the Script and Backer Dies

Janice Cox

Warehouse Assistant

"The one that labels and packages all of your fun TE items"

         What I do

  • Bling Bottler (Sequins)
  • Calendar Counter
  • Packager + Shelf Restocker

    Fun Facts

  • Mom of 3 Amazing Kids
  • Audio Book Addict
  • Candy Crush Aficionado
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Sweet Tarts
    Favorite TE Product
  • Mandala Backgrounds

Louise Wagner

Studio Manager

"I coordinate studio events and open shopping experiences"

         What I do

  • Make & Take Maven
  • Keeper of Ye Old Sample Cards
  • Studio Fun Facilitator

    Fun Facts

  • Raised 7 great kiddos (and still somewhat sane)
  • Loves baseball (Go Mets!)
  • Graphic Artist
  • Grew up in Florida
    Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Dark Chocolate & Diet Coke
    Favorite TE Product
  • All of the Big Blooms (I love to color!)

Erin Kurth

Website Administrator & Digital Marketing Director

"I try to make sure you don't see too many 404 errors and do my best to keep your inbox full"

         What I do

  • Manage website content
  • Monitor websites for quality, accessibility, analytics & SEO
  • Develop and distribute newsletters
  • Develop marketing goals & strategies

    Fun Facts

  • Mom & Chief Embarassor of one *very* lucky 13-year old girl
  • Person who tries to pass off store-bought baked goods as her own because following a recipe requires far too much energy.
  • Favorite Crafting Snack
  • Crafting newbie, but PB cups would power me through
    Favorite TE Product
  • Sarcasti-chick is pretty chill