Look what I got last night! My friend Debra alerted me to this great deal at Costco and another friend Michelle picked one up for me when she was at Costco last night! What would I do without these enablers in my life!? So I thought I’d pass on the enabling! *wink* This is a slab of My Mind’s Eye papers (Magnolia and Wild Asparagus Collections)… 360 sheets of patterned paper for only $13.50!! There are three sheets each of 120 different designs. The papers are single-sided and paper weight as opposed to cardstock weight. I flipped through the slab quickly last night and saw several favorites. So pack your kids in the van and head over to Costco! Or just pack yourself up and head over to Costco! You don’t want to miss this deal! And since I have nothing creative to share today, I’ll just babble on a bit longer. 🙂

1. If you purchased a kit from my recent card class, it was shipped out yesterday. Thank you all for your interest and keep an eye out for more kits in the future.

2. If you purchased a spot in my polka dot and gingham ribbon share, it was shipped out today. Thank you all for your interest and prompt payment. Keep an eye out for my big grosgrain sale coming up soon!

3. And lastly… I think I’ve been living under a rock when it comes to the latest technology for shipping out packages! So just in case some of you also live under this same rock, I’m calling you out into the world! I just discovered Click-N-Ship from USPS. I know, I know… your mouth is probably hanging open and wondering how I could live under said rock for so long! Can you believe I shipped out 10,000 yards of ribbon and 750 rolls of tape by making trips back and forth to the post office!? Well…. no more trips to the PO for me! I’m doing it all from home! And if you haven’t discovered Click-N-Ship yet, check it out! I hope you can make it work for you because it is such a time-saver!