Hey Y’all! (Yep… I’m already taking on the Texas dialect.) I flew into Dallas last night to surprise my girlfriends who were meeting here this week. I was the first to arrive and it was so fun to surprise each one of them! I had previously told them I wouldn’t be able to make it, but Sharon Harnist (who lives in Dallas) and I have been keeping this little secret for a few weeks. I think Jami gets the award for best reaction! Jami lives just 40 minutes away from me in SoCal, so I’ve been fibbing to her over the last couple days wishing her a fun time on her trip, etc. I think when she got off the plane and saw me she thought she was in the wrong city. LOL! Jenn Balcer, Lori Craig, and Jess Newton also flew in last night. We met up with Emily Giovanni, Bev Gerard, and Jessica Witty for lunch this afternoon. I’m having so much fun! I just have a few pictures to show and then I must sign off for the evening. Tomorrow is “jammie stamping” in Sharon’s awesome stamp room! And stay tuned for the cupcake challenge in the morning!