• Laura (scrapnextras)

    You never stop!! These are so cute an clever! Love those yummy cupcakes…the entire post is delicious!

  • Emily

    ACK!! Those cupcakes are SO CUTE!!! And I love the piggie cupcake image!

  • Tami Wood

    Oh my sweetness, how will I ever sleep tonight??? Go Taylor!!

  • Nancy

    I forgot to say in my previous comment….that is the COOLEST tree in the Spooky Expressions set…..LOVE IT!

  • Nancy

    3 new Halloween sets?? How exciting!! This set is adorable & your cupcakes are too stinkin' cute!

  • Debbie Olson

    TOO, too sweet and funny, my friend!

  • Lisa Hjulberg

    Gosh, Taylor, your piggy card and cupcakes are adorable! And so is your haunted house and matching card. Wowser, those are cute stamp sets and an awesome KI kit!!! Is it time yet, is it time yet, is it time yet?

  • Silke Ledlow

    OMG – this is just tooooo cool!!! What a fabulous project – Taylor!!! Hugs ~S~

  • Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper

    OMG!!! sooo lovin the piggie cuppie!! So very cute!!

  • Wendy

    Ok, you have outdone yourself this time, PIGGY's…LOVE THEM! That card rocks girl, I giggled so much when I saw it, love it!

  • Mickey

    You can sure tell you are back in
    IOWA !!!!! Love your pigs, but not
    the real ones…Mickey (in Iowa)

  • Tracy

    One word OMG!!! Taylor this is FANTASTIC. I will be counting the hours until 8:00 tomorrow morning!


  • Charmaine (CharmWarm)

    Taylor, those piggy cupcakes are the CUTEST! I LOVE them! So adorable, and that Haunted House is just awesome! Fabulous projects!

  • Basement Stamper

    OMG, this little piggie is too cute and I love the piggie cupcakes!

  • Jenn Balcer

    TAYLOR!!!! I *love* it all, babe. Can you come to Texas and bring your piggies? ADORABLE!

  • Lori Craig

    Amazing… I love everything – but I really want to try those cupcakes. 🙂

  • KatnyN

    Whew, Cuppie is back! Cuppie is so cute in those adorable costumes! I love the pig costume one and the card you did Taylor! SO CUTE!!! And those cupcakes too!!

  • Sharon Harnist

    Oh, and great idea for the Copic Cuppie kit (try saying that fast 3 times)! Also meant to say your pig cuppie card is amazing with all that masking — too cute!

  • Karen Motz

    GASP!!! Ok, I was blown away by the piggy cuteness and the adorable cupcakes you baked up to match, then I scrolled down to the Halloween house…WOWZERS!!!! That four hours was definitely worth the end result…it's STUNNING!!!!! I'm thinking you had a really fun time making it too since this IS your favourite season! 🙂

  • Donna

    well blow me down! those piggie cupcakes are ADORABLE and I bet they tasted yummy too! I LOVE your spooky house & card, you ROCKED these sets with amazing samples!

  • TannyP

    Darn it, Taylor…these are ADORABLE! I've really loved blog hopping to see everyone's TE Halloween creations and I'm not even a lover of this holiday. But I do love the treats and you had me at piggy cupcakes =)

  • Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl

    Taylor…that piggie card is the flippin' CUTEST thing I have EVER seen!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The cupcakes are toooooo stinkin' cute also (you are a jack of all trades huh???) and I LOVE the house you created too! The mesh is AWESOME on the Boo card! You ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!

  • Kathleen

    Those piggy cupcakes are SOOOO cute! I LOVE cupcakes–and stamps to match—amazing! Thanks for the great inspiration! I love Halloween, too—what fun memories I have!

  • Jackie Pedro

    I guess you want me to keep fainting…..the Piggie cupcakes and the card…I'm swooning and that house!! AMAZING!!

  • Sharon Harnist

    Oh good grief, Taylor, what absolutely adorable piggie cupcakes — over the top cute!! And who are you trying to kid — you have candy with you 24/7/365, LOL (wink)! FAB card — love all the spider webs & chipboard!

  • Karen Giron

    GASP!!! OMGoodness Taylor!! So much eye candy in one spot! I'm loving those piggies, how cute are they??? And that house, it's amazing!

  • Denise (peanutbee)

    Oh my GOSH, Taylor!!….the HOUSE….the piggie CUPCAKES….the mesh ribbon…AMAZING projects!! WOW WOW WOW!!

  • Adela

    WOW, what an adventure! I'm so glad that all of you arrived safely. I was going thru Death Valley once with my two girls and was falling asleep on the wheel– even ending up on the bumpy shoulder (which woke me up). I wanted to park and nap for a few minutes, but the temp was about 107, so I couldn't stop. After lots of praying, I felt awake enough to continue to Las Vegas safely. Jon must have been melting!

    Many blessings to you and Jon on your new venture in Iowa.

  • Jan Scholl

    My hubby was born in Iowa (Mason City) and moved to Michigan. My son was born in Michigan and moved to Iowa (Nashua via Mason City, Burchinal, Cedar Falls and such). There is nothing on this plate that could get me to move there. It's too freaking cold and I have enough cold in Michigan-even now in the summer its only the mid 60's. Who stole summer anyways? Glad you arrived safely but you take my place in the state, okay>

  • Anonymous

    I too am moving back to my home state of Iowa (from Minneapolis) this next week, so I know how stressful moving is – especially a long distance move. Thankfully I do not have as far to go as your family did. Glad everything worked out in the end. ~tamara

  • Tori Wild

    Wow– I hadn't been on your blog for a few weeks and didn't realize you were moving back to Iowa!! TE stamps are CLOSE BY me now! Congratulations on your move and new start! Welcome back to Iowa!

  • Sharon Harnist

    So glad you all finally made it okay … sorry for the mishaps. Good luck settling in this week!

  • shelly kettell

    Grew up in Utah…and yes, lots of beauty to see…but, have made Home in Colorado (Montrose) and it is even better! I hope you love your new home and get settled soon. We just closed on ours 6/19…it's great to have our own home again! Good luck!

  • Sharon Harnist

    Oh, gosh — glad to hear you all finally made it safe & sound! Sorry for the mishaps but happy it all turned out okay in the end. Best of luck settling in & big hugs!

  • Patti Gingrich

    Glad to hear you ALL made it "home" safely. Welcome back to the midwest Taylor! Wishing you all the best as you get settled in. Blessings~ Patti

  • Kathie Bailey

    Taylor, what an amazing story (and storyteller). I was riveted! So glad everything turned out well in the end.

  • janetwmarks

    Taylor, I was hanging on every word as you described the move and the almost tragic loss of your furrbaby. Wow! What an adventure!!! Something to scrapbook and remember. You MIGHT laugh about it someday…..Maybe…. then again, maybe not. Well, you are "home" and it will start feeling like it soon. I promise. We lived in San Diego for 6 years and moved back to NJ where our family was. I missed Ca. alot but after a year being in home territory, it started to feel right again. I hope that you just LOVE your new house and area and I am praying for you and sending warm hugs to you and yours. Janet in NC

  • Donna K

    All I can say is "you poor things!!!" you for kitty trauma and your husband and his dad for waiting 10 hours. That's pure torture. then throw in some kitty trauma for them (and the kitties) and you have a story that you wish you didn't have. Enjoy your new home.

  • Debbie

    Hmmmmm…I'm seeing a pattern here. When I moved from PA to IL, we used a Penske truck and got smack in the middle between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh when the truck decided that it didn't want to respond to a foot on the gas pedal. At least not on any sort of regular basis. Not good when the turnpike is going through a hilly part of the state. At least we were able to get to Pittsburgh without major calamity and they fixed the truck so we didn't have to transfer all my belongings.

    Just glad your story ended well and Skitters is with the rest of the family again.

  • Lisa T

    Beautiful photos! So sorry to hear about your scare with your kitty. I'm glad he was found safe & sound. It is amazing the spaces they can fit themselves into!

  • Margaret de Witt

    I am so happy to hear you all arrived safely with only a few bumps along the way.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad you made it safely with a few hick ups along the way. You are going to love Des Moines, Iowa. We have friends who live in Johnston. The farmers market is so awesome. Enjoy. I hope you love your new house. Many happy Memories.

  • Latrice

    We have been out of touch too long girly! I've had a baby and you've moved. What the heck. I'm emailing you asap to catch up. Congrats and I hope you love it. You're closer to Chicago. You better not visit here without getting in touch with me chica.

  • lindal

    My heart goes out to you. Moving is a major change and always comes with good and bad. Now you get to move on to the good. The pictures are wonderful. It is amazing in the middle of chaos we can still find the beauty around us. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  • Stephanie Hargis

    I am so glad to hear you made it to hot and humid Des Moines alright! 😀 My mom has been calling me giving me weather updates and she said that the weather is just horrible there! I will be thinking about you as you get settled! Have a fantastic week girl!

  • Darlene L

    Moving is always an experience and requires lots of hard work too. Glad everyone (human and cats) are safe. Welcome back to the Midwest. We are practically neighbors now–I live in Central Illinois.

  • Iona

    My goodness what a trip. Glad Morris and Skitters made it ok and of course hubby and dad…they deserved the rest they got at the motel, but Skitters LOL funny what we do about our cats.

    Relax if you can and enjoy the weekend. Hugs for a wonderful day tomorrow…you all deserve it.

  • Lori Craig

    Glad you made it safe…Hugs!

  • Mindyann

    Thank goodness you found your kitty. That happened to me once when I moved. Just got moved in – my stuff laying everywhere in the new house and I couldn't find my cat for 6 hours! Here she was hidden inbetween the folds of a quilt on the floor! Best wishes with the new house!

  • Julie

    Taylor…so glad everyone is safe and sound now. Good luck for closing and getting your new place all homey!

  • Lori

    Oh Taylor!!! I am so sorry, although I am glad everything worked out and everyone arrived safely!!! Glad to have you back in the midwest!!!

  • Denise (peanutbee)

    Oh gosh, poor Jon and poor Skitters! I'm so glad to hear everything worked out. I'd be bawling too if I found out Toby was missing in the desert. Yay, that you're all back together again! Have a great holiday weekend!

  • cheryl (clee)

    I knew you'd be too busy to post for awhile, but I'm so glad you did! What a relief that you AND your cats made it "home"! I know how I'd feel if one of my cats was lost in transit and I would've kept thinking they'd travel across country to find me – impossible, but it does happen.

    Welcome back to the midwest, neighbor!

  • eggette

    Oh my gracious Taylor! Poor kitty and poor John! I am sure he was frantic as were you! I'm glad you are now safe and sound!

  • Gabriela

    If you ever move yourself again and the rental breaks down, you might consider having a giant tow truck tow the rental to your destination and then have Penske pick up the cost of the tow truck and have Penske come to your new residence to pick up their broken truck. I am so sorry Jon and his Dad had to go through all this. Glad to hear Skitters survived the stress.

  • Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl

    Oh Taylor! I am SO glad you all arrived safely! I cannot even imagine how stressful the entire process was, especially not being able to find Skitters. Cats hide in the darndest places don't they? I always panic if I cannot find one of mine, and they are always in the strangest place!
    Glad to hear you are all safe and sound!!

  • Pam Speidel

    WELCOME back to the Midwest Taylor! I'm glad you, your family and cats made it safe and sound! What a TRIP! When you get settled in, I'll be looking forward to seeing your creations and new stamping room. Relax and enjoy the holiday! Smiles, Pam (Nebraska neighbor) 🙂

  • Donna Baker

    oh no! I was so sad to read about Skitters – I totally know the feeling when we got a frantic call late at night Chica was missing when we were in CA on vacation last year! She ended up staying out ALL night and was scratching at the back door to get in at 5:00 a.m. the next morning. John and I managed to get a good night's sleep anyway because we PRAYED-God kept Chica safe and I know the relief. I'm so glad y'all made it all right even with a few snafus-love the pics! Happy 4th of July!

  • KathyN

    Poor Skitters! Cats manage to squeeze into spaces you never think they can get into. That must have been terrifying, not being able to find him. Glad you all made it back home!

  • Karen Motz

    What an adventure! My goodness…I'm so glad it all worked out in the end and you're all together now. When we moved last year our dog Shadow really lived up to his name by sticking right on our heels the entire time, not wanting to be left behind! 🙂

  • april

    Wow!!! What an adventure that was. I am so glad you found your cat. I have 3 myself and know how upset I would be if I lost one. Glad you and your family made it safe. Congrats on your new home. Happy 4th of July!!!!

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