So by the title of this post you can probably tell that I have something non-stamping to share with you today.You all know how much we love our cat Morris. He’s just a big, cuddly, fluffy ball of love! And he lets me dress him which is just icing on the cake for me. Speaking of dressing Morris, he wanted me to show you his Christmas sweater. Here’s Morris with my sister Whitney while she was visiting. Yes, it has a hood and a big Christmas tree on the back! He looks like little red riding hood, don’t you think? I’ve told you all the reasons why we love Morris, but there’s one thing he does that we can’t handle anymore. Morris still has all of his claws and while he never uses them on his human friends, he has no problem ripping apart our new carpet on a daily basis! I find pieces of our living room carpet stuck in his claws, throughout his fur, and scattered all over the house. We’ve tried everything! We clip his nails regularly, he refuses to use the two scratch towers we bought, and he doesn’t respond to “NO, MORRIS” (Do any cats respond to ‘No’?). We don’t want to de-claw Morris, but we also don’t want to replace our carpet again. So here’s the reason for my post today… I’ve been reading about alternatives to de-clawing and I came across Soft Paws. I must say that I laughed out loud looking at these cats with multi-colored claws and thinking “Morris will never go for this.” He’s a pretty laid back cat, but what cat would let you glue hot pink nail caps to their claws!? Have any of you tried Soft Paws? Or do you have any other ideas of what we could do to stop Morris from scratching the carpet? All ideas are welcome!