• Marjorie Dumontier

    That’s an adorable card !

  • Chris R. from Iowa

    The toffee cardstock reminds me of a bulletin board and then the enamel shapes look sort of like pins! Love the coloring of the plants. Didn’t you move to Ankeny? How can you grow cactus in your garden in the winter?

  • Joan VanCourt

    Oh, what a lovely card. This will surely make anyone feel better.

  • Mary

    The get well card above is so sweet! It certainly would lift my spirits if I were not feeling well. I hope you get well soon Taylor, no fun having a cold this time of the year. Thank you for all of the wonderful get well cards, and the cards of hope in the newsletter this morning. I plan on making a a few to have on hand. Smile BIG! 🙂

    Mary from NH

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