I know this isn’t anything new but it’s the first time I’ve tried dying ribbon with a reinker. I am lovin’ this color combo from Trudee so I had to make another one last night. It was in desperate need of some ribbon but I just didn’t have the right color (I know… hard to imagine for those who know just how much ribbon I have!). So I decided to dye some white grosgrain…. I mean I have a 100 yard spool of it so I figure I better start using it!! Here are the instructions in case some of you haven’t tried this.

Empty stamp case or other disposable container
White grosgrain or other ribbon/fiber

Fill empty stamp case until bottom is covered with water, enough to submerge the ribbon. Add approximately 4-5 drops of reinker to the water and mix it around. Submerge the ribbon in the colored water. The more reinker you use and the longer you let the ribbon sit in the water, the darker the color you get. Obviously it’s not an exact science… more of a trial and error!

*If you don’t have reinkers you can also dye your ribbon with a brayer. It takes a bit longer and the results aren’t quite as even, but just continue inking up the brayer and rolling it over the grosgrain until you get the color you want….. works great with twill too!

P.S. The card is for my BIL and his wife on their 2nd anniversary. The flower is covered with stardust stickles and the little flower brads are by Paper Studio. The background is highlighted with the Sakura clear glitter pen, which you can kinda see in the pic if you look reeeeaaally close.