This card started out as an attempt at the faux shaving cream technique, but when that wasn’t working I went back to my old friend rock and roll. I rock and rolled the big blossoms in the background and then masked a whole bunch to fill in the smaller flowers and leaves. The idea to make a shaker with this sentiment has been rolling around in my head for quite a while… it’s good to get it out of there…lol! I punched out the bottom sentiment with my word window punch and then used foam tape around just that sentiment and filled with beads. I have gotta say that I absolutely loooove making shakers. They add such a fun element and a huge WOW! factor for people who don’t make their own cards, and they’re so easy to do! But they are a bit messy if you’re like me. I don’t have a funnel and I always try to take the easiest way of doing things… not necessarily the tidiest way. I ended up with little beads all over my lap, on my desk, and the floor. You know just how small those beads are and there’s no use in trying to salvage them once they are spilled. So… out comes the vacuum! *rolleyes*