• Erika Martin

    Where on the site does it advertise 30% off? I’m looking and looking and looking….is the sale already over??? Please say it isn’t so! 🙂

  • love2Bcreative

    How cool!!! I soo wanted to buy/try these — I am currently hosting a swap on SCS and I just rec’d one of the participants swaps in the mail—she included a little pkg of these awesome little flowers!! I am soo excited to play with them now!

  • Debbie Olson

    Tempting! I spent an hour looking at the goodies there and *almost* bought a rack of daisies. Then I saw that only one of the daisies in each bottle had a center. Ummm, dumb question, but where do you get centers for the other 24 in each bottle? (Can you tell that I’ve never bought Primas?) TFS!

  • Stamper Gail

    So are you going to decorate your cupcakes with these new little gems? I missed your cupcake card today. Congratulations on your promotion and sorry about your burnt rolls. I do this almost every time I cook them so I really feel for ya! Love, love, love the tissue box too!

  • Kristy

    Love your creations! Where are the stickles in the online ebb store?

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