• Vicki

    I got a stamp just like that one a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby!
    Sure wish I could letter like that! The card is awesome!

  • Karen (taiterbug)

    Another wonderful card – wish I could watercolour like you do. Keep the cards coming

  • calbear

    wow – seriously – your lettering is perfect!

  • Stamper Gail

    Well Taylor, you can come and borrow any of mine and teach me how to do that awesome hand writing too. I love what you did with this card. Don’t forget the cupcakes for tomorrow HA!

  • janice

    wow, i thought that you had used the stamps from the “happy fall y’all” set!(the one with the scarecrow!) great job on the lettering and the pumpkins are adorable! have a good morning. jan [img]https://www.cosgan.de/images/midi/verschiedene/s020.gif[/img]

  • Sam

    whoops..after i reread it i realized that you don’t know who makes it! bummer

  • Sam

    I love these colors. I think this stamp is perfect for fall. Do you know who makes it? I agree with everyone else…your handwriting is PERFECT. You did such a good job.

  • love2Bcreative

    My Dear Taylor—

    You will NEVER cease to amaze me with your talents! This is just adorable and Debbie is right—who needs stamps when you can letter by hand like you do!!!

    Also—loved your tip here: “When it doesn’t stay in the position you want it to, just add a mini glue dot to the backside of the ribbon and place it where you want it!” What a great idea! I have used a piece of scotch tape in the past but glue dots—another super selling feature to demo!!

    Thanks again and again and again for the inspiration Taylor!!


  • jennifer reynard

    My gosh, you just keep ’em coming!
    Another fabulous card. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Kath

    That is so nice. I can’t believe that is your own hand-writing. Really, really a nice card.

  • Debbie Olson

    Taylor, who needs stamps when you letter by hand that well? This card is *perfect*–you are GOOD!!

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