• janice

    wow, what a beautiful card! so,so pretty! thanks for the ribbon tip!

  • asela

    Ohhhh Ahhhhhh! Man this is a great card! Thanks for the inspiration..you rock!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Taylor, I just love this card… you do such outstanding work!! I was wondering, though, how you do the ribbon “around” the card front… do you just make the entire “element” and attach it to the card, or does the twill and ribbon wrap inside the card? I’ve always been curious how others do this. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  • Debbie Olson

    Taylor, you just solved a long-time question for me. . . I had never figured out what that particular piece of hardware was for. I thought that the ribbons attached to the narrow ends–didn’t look great though. But now that I’ve seen you attach it to wider twill on the wider side, that makes such good sense! Thanks, hey? 😉

  • Dawn T

    Love it, really nice, that set is such a classic. There are so many ways to use it.
    Great job!
    Dawn in Canada

  • Sam

    that card is just fabulous. I love the way you layered the ribbon on the side. What did your mom think of the card?

  • calbear

    what a gorgeous card! you are amazing!

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