Only six days ’till my craft show! I had a very productive weekend of creating, pricing, and working out display. I’ve decided to dedicate my posts this week to sharing pics of items I’ve created for my craft show along with tips and tricks on pricing, display, what to bring, etc. A lot of this will be for my own benefit as I plan to do more events in the future, but hopefully this will be helpful for some of you as well! I created more tins this weekend! I decided to do these tins with a bath and body theme. The outside is plain because 1) it was easier 2) I don’t have any bath appropriate stamps. So I used up some of the printed papers that I continue to hoard along with some Prima daisies and ribbon. The tops of the tins are also covered. I find it easiest to use ModPodge to adhere the paper to the tin. And I also put a coat of ModPodge over the top of all the papers for a more finished look. I’ve had several of you ask how I get the paper over the top of the tin and around the handles. Well, it’s a bit tricky and there just doesn’t seem to be a solution that works for every tin since each one is just a tiny bit different. What I ended up doing was using a piece of copy paper and creasing around the handles, cutting with my Xacto knife, more creasing, cutting, trimming, etc. until I had a suitable template made out of copy paper. I then traced this onto heavy cardboard and cut out the holes with an Xacto. I use this cardboard template for the tops of the tins. I usually have to make a few small adjustments depending on the tin, but the template is serving its purpose. Each of these tins has a coordinating tag to go on that lists the contents. Each tin contains the following in matching colors (blue in blue tin, pink in the pink tin, etc.): Body Puff, Body Gel, Scented Votive Candle, Glass Votive Holder, Bath Beads, Bath Salt, Chocolate Truffles.

I will be charging $28.00 for these tins. Here are some things to take into consideration when you’re pricing items for craft shows:
1. How much money went into the supplies you used on the item?
2. How much time went into creating the item? Don’t de-value your time!
3. Who are your buyers? Who is likely to attend the event?
4. Where do you live? (Some markets can sustain higher prices than others.)
5. Is the show commissioned? Will they be taking a percentage of your total sales?