Good morning! Craft Show Countdown: 3 days! I’m feeling pretty prepared, although I have no idea what to expect. Every craft show is so different from the one before. What was a bestseller at my last show might be a complete flop at this show…it’s just so hard to predict. And you have all been so encouraging, telling me that I’ll go home empty handed! LOL! That’s definitely not an expectation I have, but oh how nice that would be! And my husband would be so glad! In fact, I think he’s ready to pay somebody just to take away all the stuff I have sitting around! 🙂 I originally purchased these 7 Gypsies bracelet kits to make Christmas gifts for the women in my family. I first made one for myself as a practice and I started wearing it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my bracelet that I decided to make up the rest of the bracelet kits to sell at my show. If they sell then I’ll buy more kits to use for Christmas gifts! The kit comes packaged as pictured below and I got these from StarLitStudio (these are the brass finish… there is also a silver finish). I punched out circles from coordinating Crate Papers, adhered them to the metal charm with a dot of glue, and covered them with the clear epoxy bubble provided in the kit. Then just use a needle nose pliers to link the charms together and attach the clasp. The quality of this picture just doesn’t do the bracelets justice. If only I had more time in the morning to fiddle around with lighting, cropping, touching up, etc. Unfortunately the “real” job calls. I’m not sure yet how I will be displaying these bracelets. I wish I had a bracelet display thingy like you see in jewelry stores (know what I’m talking about?). If anybody knows where to get one without having to order online and ship it let me know. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing another project and making a “What To Bring” list for the day of the show. Hope you’re all having a great day!