• Shelley ~ photocropper

    So pretty! I will have to give these a try some day!
    I love the image you decided to use!

  • Britiney

    You’re so amazingly talented!! Can I have one of everything??!! 😉 Hope you make a million bucks. Your stuff is definitely worth it!!

  • jackie

    You are amazing! I have been so inspired by reading you posts and seeing what you produce. The candles are so fun. Thanks for shareing you talent.

  • Kath

    These are fabulous! I’m going to try some of these for little “hostess gifts”. Thanks for the instructions. Good luck at the show!

  • robin

    great information! I love those candles too. I will have to keep those in mind my shows for next year. Good luck with your display. it is hard to know what works the best until you’ve tried it!


  • Charmaine

    You do such beautiful work! Best of luck to you with your craft show!

  • Citycooks

    I just don’t know how you do it? Maybe you just don’t sleep, right? I try like heck just to get to your site everyday. But, you, my dear, make a wonderful card or craft, work a full time job and then add details to a blog. Amazing or you have a twin!!! Great, great, great stuff always. Thanks for the smiles.

  • Debbie Olson

    Taylor, you are a font of wonderful information–thanks so much for sharing it! I hope you have the best craft show ever!!

  • Kim Undseth

    I hope you do very well at the craft show your products are beautiful, my daughter loves you kids card kit idea. This is the first year in five years that I am not doing craft shows, it kind of feels weird. By the way I read your whole post, my hubby is watching hockey so I am bored, not saying your boring LOL.

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to your blog every day always excited to see what you have on. Yes I read the whole thing too. I wish you every success in your craft fair just love the ideas you have come up with love the travel candle.

  • Anonymous

    We all want pricing on everything you sell; have you noticed? And yep; I made it all the way to the end! (happy dance for me)

  • Janet

    Love the tins and your great instructions. I’m thinking these would be nice teacher/bus driver gifts. How did you get the wick out of the purchased votive? Can’t wait to hear how the craft show goes…

  • Melody

    Great candles…I can’t wait to see what your table looks like!

  • Carolyn

    Oh wow what a fab idea, I have some tins that I found in a cupboard at work that used to have microfilm in them – I reckon these could be perfect – thank you

  • Karen (Taiterbug)

    Another cute idea – never would have thought of doing these. The micro beads give a nice added touch. I know that your sale will be a success. Karen

    P.S. Hope you had fun delivering your yummy cupcakes.

  • Sherri (sherristampssalot)

    Oh wow! What an idea! Thanks for sharing that…I never would have thought to melt a candle in a tin!!! Best wishes on your show…I know it’ll be “da bomb”!!

  • Meredith

    I love these. They are so pretty and don’t seem too complicated to make (but they look like they do). You are giving me lots of great ideas for the upcoming holiday!!! Thanks so muh for sharing (and being so detailed in the description).

  • tracy f

    The votive candles are lovely! Bravo on such hard work to put these together. 🙂

  • iddy777

    Have I told you latley that you amaze me!!! I love to see that you have soemthing new to show!!! You are an extremely talented person and I love love love your site!!! TFS and good luck with the show!! You will do great I’m sure!! love these tins!! Vicky

  • Jami

    Taylor these turned out so wonderful! Love the bold simple look you went with! I hope they sell like hotcakes!

  • debbiedee

    my only tip and I think you probably already know it, is to have everything “up” and not laying down.
    I have watched people at shows (I used to do craft shows when my kids were little-about 15 a year) and people walk by tables where things are laying flat. You want to have them sitting up where they can see them from a distance.
    Another thing I always did, was to have something for kids on the edge of the table. Usually a candy type of thing and homemade playdough. This brought the kids right to my table, dragging their moms and then the moms would shop. Ü

  • Vicki

    So cute! You are so inspiring with all your fabulous creations!

  • Anonymous

    Very cute candles!!! I read the whole post too!!!! Terrific! I was wondering about the price as well!!! Tooooooo cute!!!

  • dotty

    These are beautiful! I so wish I could come to this craft event!! Please make sure you take a photo of your booth / area and show us how fab it turned out. I’m so excited for you and I know you will do well. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it went for you :)!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely looking forward to the display pics & hearing how the show goes.

  • Emily

    Those tins turned out so pretty!

    I totally agree, cello bags are a fabulous professional touch when selling hand crafted items!

  • Laura

    Beautiful Candles!!! I read the whole post also; woo, hoo! I’m interested to hear what you are charging for these tins as well.

  • Lisa H

    Wow, awesome. I read the whole post. So glad you are so detailed. What are you charging for these? Thanks so much for your blog!

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