• ipkstampshappy

    Taylor, I absolutely LOVED your submissions to the contest. I checked out the winners & other submissions myself and haven’t a clue why your cards weren’t picked as they were just gorgeous. I applaud you for entering the contest though. I’m never brave enough to do that. You just keep entering & sharing. You’re a “winner” as far as I’m concerned. I’m very inspired by your art work. Ida

  • Debbie

    Taylor, I just love your cards! I didn’t see the winner’s so I’m not being rude, just totally surprised that these didn’t blow everything else away. You are an *excellent* designer, so don’t you think about giving up on submitting!

  • Pat

    Ok, I read everyone’s comments and then went back and viewed the winners. Holy cow, girl, you have it all over them. I am making an eye doctor appointment tomorrow because something is wrong with my eyesight if those were the winners! I love all three of your cards, most especially the “be merry” card. Cute, cuter and cutest!! Keep up the fabulous work and thanks for being such an inspiration.

    PS – beautiful family..isn’t it cool how great looking your mom is? See what you have to look forward to?!

  • florascrap

    You were ROBBED! I think that the winners were related to the judges or something, because you definitely deserved to win! Wishing you luck for next time….don’t give up! 🙂


  • Debe

    I guess they just aren’t Taylor fans like the rest of us and obviously don’t have nearly our good taste!! Your cards are always beautiful so don’t let this stop you…keep submitting! The right publication will come along!!
    The Woodlands, TX

  • Lisa

    I guess I’d have to say that the craziness of the holiday season has definitely affected their judgement! LOL You’re cards are always nothing short of masterpieces. Best of luck with your next entry! Although I have a sneakin’ suspicion that you won’t need it. 😉

    I hate to bug you, but I was wondering what background you used on your first card? It looks like the snowflakes from It’s Snow Time… am I correct? I would love to know for sure, Taylor. Thanks so much and keep up the incredible work! 🙂

  • Alora Sweetser

    Beautiful cards, Taylor! Keep your chin up, you’ve got great talent!!

  • Petals

    I absolutely adore these! I wish I could run out and buy them! If you ever put some together to sell, count me first in line! Great work, as always!

  • Nancy

    I agree with the other gals Taylor, your work is excellent!!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for always inspiring us.

  • AnneMarie

    are you kidding me???
    I don’t get it either…
    what do they want??? you are so sweet, a great designer..
    your mom sounds like mine..
    hang in there – YOU ARE INSPIRING! (maybe too much for the rest of the DT???)
    keep rockin the blog world!

  • Renee

    You’re a winner in my book…three times over!
    I can never understand why some are chosen and others are not. Your cards are gorgeous.
    Rubber Hugs,

  • Anonymous

    I think your cards are WAY better than the winners! Keep submitting and showing us your beautiful creations.

  • Jodi

    I like yours much better. Don’t give up though-keep trying and it will happen!

  • scrappersister

    I’m sorry that you did not win the contest…………….truth is you should have! I do not understand what the compnay was looking for becuase hands down you should have been the winner. Keep trying because you are very talanted.


  • Citycooks

    Taylor, I have to believe that the judges were looking for a more ordinary card for their contest. All the winners were very cute and attainable. Yours is very polished and not at all ordinary. I’m kinda glad you didn’t get picked because your talents will be better represented elsewhere. Don’t give up, just keep looking for your place. We all feel it and we know what we’re talking about! 😉 I love your style and WHEN you win, it will have been the contest you were meant to win. Until then, just keep making winners for us and being out little secret!!!

  • Kathyc

    Keeping on trying Taylor! Your work keeps getting better and better; I wish you nithing but the best in all your efforts!

  • Susan

    I think all 3 of your cards are definitely winners! You have your own sense of style and remarkable talent. Who knows what those judges were looking for? I’m having a hard time coming up with the right thing to say because I’m speechless that your cards didn’t win. Keep up the great work.
    Susan in NC

  • Danita

    Well, the winning cards are cute, but I *definitely* like yours better. Maybe it’s a matter of taste…? You’ll find a ‘judge’ who enjoys your style – I’m sure!! Keep up the great work!!

  • Michelle (MilwMommy)

    Well, you know how I feel about your talent, Taylor. You are the creative QUEEN, & I don’t know why you didn’t win. These are soooooo adorable –keep up the wonderful work. I, for one, can stare at your gorgeous creations for hours!! (Okay, well, if I *had* hours to just sit & stare I would, lol!!! But I do enjoy looking at your cards & projects over and over and over!!)

  • tbreanna

    WHAT?!? I don’t understand after viewing the cards, yours is way better than the other winning cards…oh well! better luck next time 🙂

  • Julie

    Taylor, you may not be looking to hear that your cards are better, but they were. The cards that placed were also lovely, I just liked yours more. There are a lot of people that make cards, I am one of them. We all have some amount of artistic talent, you have lots! That is not the main reason I visit your blog. I visit your blog everyday to see your wonderful work because I LOVE your attitude, and I always feel better after a visit. Try to think about the pleasure creating gives you (and us) and keep submitting. You are already famous in my book.


  • Barbara (Oldstmpr)

    Don’t give up Taylor…you are so very talented! Who can ever figure what the judges are looking for (or what they are seeing for that matter!). Your work is awesome, just keep it up and it will be recognized. Meanwhile, we have all judged you to be a winner. 🙂

  • Claudia

    hopefully you will become soon a Dirty Dozen girl. i think you deserve it! i think you certainly would come up with a lot of ideas we all would love!!!

  • Claudia

    As all the other ladies said already, i am suprised too that none of your cards won. They ARE better and trendier than the winning ones.

    i am wondering for what critics they got judged??? is it allowed to use some other stamps from other companies (like the dotted) in submissions????

  • diane

    These are all 3 just AWESOME! I am so sorry you did not win. Never, ever give up…you just never know when something WILL get chosen!
    Great pictures of a beautiful family, too! Your parents must be so proud of all of you! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I like your careds much better also so you win in my book.


  • Anonymous

    Your cards were just as good if not better than the winners! Don’t give up – it’s all a matter of timing and what the judges had for breakfast that day! I love each and every one of your creations – thanks for sharing! You’re designs are winners in my book!

    Janet D (B.C. – Canada)

  • Lisa H

    I definitely think yours are the best by a long shot. No accounting for taste I guess.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to know what the critieria the judges are using to make their choice. Just don’t change your look to satisfy others.
    I like your style and you definately have a gifted eye and a talent. Aunt Linnie

  • Carmen

    I am at a loss – your cards are so much better than the ‘winners’. I think that they must have forgot to put on their glasses that day… good luck with all of the other submissions!

  • Donna (Rubber Stamp Nut)

    I think your cards are awesome and I don’t see why they chose the ones that they did. Seriously. I’m sorry that you didn’t win but thanks for sharing your amazing talent!

  • Taylor

    Thanks for all your sweet comments ladies! I’m not looking to hear that my cards are better because I’m sure the judges had good reason for choosing the winners they did. I appreciate the words of encouragement and I will take those with me as I create for the next contest. 🙂

  • tntsmom

    I don’t get it either??? Your cards were so much more creative & beautiful. It is definatley there loss. I am truley shocked that your cards did not place. Who judges these contests? I think the public should & you would win every one of them.

  • MichelleY

    Oh Taylor, your submissions are totally sweet! Don’t give up entering contest and publication calls. You’re a VERY TALENTED artist and I know your future is going to be full of free rubbah!

  • Flower

    I’m with the others girls on this. I checked out the ‘winning’ cards and you we’re robbed! You sure it wasn’t just a draw? Or perhaps blind judges night? lol
    Seriously, don’t take it hard, your cards were winners, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    No accounting for taste, I guess. I wonder what their criteria was for picking the winners…Your cards were MUCH better than the winner’s and MUCH MUCH MUCH better thant he 4th places!

  • Melissa - WA

    Taylor –

    Stay true to your style and you will be picked! You have an incredible gift and it’s only a matter of time before you will be the winner.

    Many Blessings,

  • kirstensmom

    I wonder what they can’t see that we all do…you’re cards are super!!


  • A. Sanborn

    Taylor your cards and other stamped items are INCREDIBLE! It’s just not the right time, place or people for you, BUT it will happen… just keep the faith! There’s a season to everything in life! Pulling for you and wishing you all the BEST! ~wink~

  • Laura

    I’m pretty perplexed at the moment. Your cards are AWESOME and I can’t believe they didn’t pick any of them. Oh well, THEIR loss. Way to not give up though. Keep up the great work.

  • Kendra Giles

    These cards are beautiful! I can’t believe you didn’t get picked – what’s wrong with those people??lol I checked out the link for the other cards, but I think yours were better. 🙂

  • Jennifer R

    OK I don’t get it. Your cards are super. I didn’t like any of the winning cards. What are we missing here????
    Jennifer R.
    Calgary, ALberta Canada

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