• Anonymous

    I’m new to all this blog stuff, but I LOVE your site!

    Helen Jo

  • Kealie

    Blahhhhh! I hope I’m not too late. The game JUST got over so now I just found out about your give away!!

  • Cindy chiripa

    Hey Taylor,

    Hope you’re feeling better and enjoying the nachos during Superbowl…looks like a fun time at CHA! See you at StampMania4…

  • denise Bennett

    Hi Taylor, I check in here every day! I sure hope you are feeling better. Thanks for the inspiration

  • Tanya S

    Hi Taylor,
    I’m with you on not being a huge fan of football, but there is something to be said about good food on Superbowl Sunday! Thanks for such a fabulous blog, it’s on my daily “must-see” list!

  • Jessie L

    Man, I get to watch the Superbowl and play around online… and to top it off, you are giving away goodies ๐Ÿ™‚ How much better can this get?
    Go Colts!!

  • Anonymous

    I love your post — such great cards!! Glad to hear you are feeling better – maybe your team will win the superbowl and that will make you 100%!!

    Donelda (wiggydl on scs)

  • Carmen

    Wow – I usually only watch the Superbowl for the half-time show – and I missed it!! Oh well – off to the internet to see the commercials – in Canada we get them pre-empted… sucky!

  • Jan Scholl

    I hate football! At least I got to watch the Pistons on tv today. I just dozed all day as its so hard to do anything but sleep in this kind of cold. I went out and got a paper but was soon back home. There were horrible white out crashes yesterday that I am so afraid to go anywhere until the streets are cleared and the sun comes out-so maybe May is good!

  • Sarah

    Freebies…sounds like fun. Thanks for the reply to my email. I added you to my site today. ๐Ÿ™‚ Get to feeling better and enjoy the Super Bowl!


  • Anonymous

    In June I’ll be a Grandma for the very first time! If the baby is a girl (we are hoping to find out Tuesday at her ultrasound) her name will be Maya Taylor (Taylor as her middle name). Isn’t that a beautiful name! Anyhow I would love to be entered into your drawing. I love reading your blog and being inspired by your art. Thanks
    Sharon K

  • Anonymous

    Sign me up!!! Hate football===LOVE to stamp!!!!
    Do you still have ribbon?

  • Dorothy Yoder

    Hi Taylor,
    Not a huge football fan so that means more time to stamp! Yeah! Thanks so much for getting the ribbon. Can’t wait to get mine! Love your blog candy! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • kelly

    I love your blog and all of your creations.
    I hope you are enjoying the nachos and other festivities this evening.
    Thanks for the great ribbon as well.


  • suzr

    I’ve only just begun enjoying your site, but I’ve become a regular quickly! We’re dealing with the flu and missed our Bowl Party because of it! So between nursing, since I’m the only one still standing, I’ve been stamping my valentines!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor! Just wanted to thank you for an awesome blog! I love checking in often to see what you come up with next. Hope you’re fully recovered soon!

    Karen M.
    in snowy Canada

  • gail

    Hi Taylor! Hope you start feeling better soon! I just LOVE reading your blog-you have wonderful ideas and are a great inspiration! Gail

  • Anna

    Taylor, I am a lurker to your blog. I love reading all that you do and accomplish. Thanks for sharing.

    Anna Z.

  • Nancy

    Love reading your blog and try to check it daily. I’ll be stamping during the Super Bowl, but Go Colts!

  • Anonymous

    YOu inspire me beyond belief! Doodling is my new hobby……..

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Thanks Taylor for offering such grand goodies! Sure hope you are feeling better and celebrating in style!


  • Lisa H

    Oh my gosh! What an amazing give away. It’s so nice to read your blog.

  • Sherri (sherristampsalot)

    oooh Taylor I *do* hope you’re feeling better! Enjoy the game!!

  • jonnicats

    Hope you enjoy the football game. At least it is time with the family!! I think?? Love watching for your artwork. I check everyday.

  • Chris M

    I am glad that you got to enjoy CHA. Thank you for sharing on your great blog.


  • stlouissttamper

    Hi Taylor!
    Thanks for all of your wonderful inspiration! I love your style and am in awe over all of your beautiful creations!
    Im a Cardinal baseball fan at heart! But the SUPERBOWL is on at my house tonight! You’ve gotta love the commercials!

  • Anonymous

    OMG 213 comments-WOW……Love your blog….

  • bethtrue

    Taylor – glad you’re feeling better; seems like its the season; everyone I know has either been sick or is currently sick. We’re watching the game now; well my husband is; i’m going to try and get some stampin’ done for Valentine’s day. Look forward to your creations; I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day.

  • shelley davis

    Hi Taylor,
    I saw so many wonderful pictures of you from Cha. You are so pretty. Your avatar does not do you justice. I have a daughter who is 5 10 1/2 so tall is the best. You girls have it heads and feet over us short cakes.
    I am not a football fan either, but I did want my hometown Seahawks to be in the Superbowl!
    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  • debbiedee

    I am not a big Super Bowl watcher. I should go upstairs and stamp. รœ

  • doverdi

    Hope your feeling better soon and can enjoy your football game. Love the selection of blog candy. The frame is so cute. Love your blog.

  • Jen

    Wow I am comment #209 I think!!! Way to go Taylor!!

    All I have to say is GO BEARS!!!!!!! I think you can see which team I will be cheering for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Elana

    Just discovered your blog today – it’s wonderful! So many ideas.

  • Debe

    I don’t know what knocked you out of action but I got the yucks Sat AM and it has ruined my whole weekend!!! Some of your blog candy would certainly end it on a sweeter note. Hope you enjoy the SB and glad you had such fun at CHA! Still love all that you do!
    Debe from Texas

  • Tammy

    go colts!
    oh, and to add the sympathy factor, i’ve been having lots of fun neurological & cardiac tests and could really use some happy toys!

  • crazy4mycrafts

    I love your blog!! It’s so much fun see what you post next.. Hope you are feeling better! This bug going around is nasty!!

  • KERI

    Whooo Hooo! Thanks Taylor for the chance to win another freebie from you!! I’m not a huge football fan either, so I’ll probably stamp will hubby and kids watch the game!
    I am just now feeling well myself and glad to see you are too!

    Thanks for all your great work and inspiration!!!! HUGS TO YOU!!!

  • Colleen

    Go Colts! Almost time for kick off but I had to check in on your blog! Enjoy the game everyone!

  • winthrop84

    Hope you are feeling better soon. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments about CHA and seeing your pictures on this site and seeing pictures of you on other sites!!!
    Enjoy the game!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a huge football fan either, so tonight will be a perfect time for stamping…LOL! Glad that you are feeling a little better! ๐Ÿ™‚

    KimberlyG ๐Ÿ™‚

  • powell6

    Taylor~ I love your blog and your stamping! You are such an inspiration.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Freezing in WI,

  • kirstensmom

    Hi Taylor,

    Glad you are feeling better!! Thanks for all the fantastic creations!!

    Kelly S

  • mjb coffee

    Dah! Bears! At one time I could sing or say “The Super Bowl Shuffle with my oldest grandson, so I have been a Bear fan for a long time. BUT, I lived in Indiana before moving to Texas, so I would be happy, but less happy for the Colts to win. Thanks for being so generous with your blog candy.

  • Anonymous

    Just getting over the flu myself, Taylor. Hope you’re on the road to recovery!
    mary rose

  • Lauri

    You can send some inspiration my way! Below 0 here in Toledo! Would love it to brighten my day! Keep up the good work and look forward to cupcake Friday!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor, I hope you’re feeling better soon. Enjoy the football game.

    Linda (momtooandz on SCS)

  • Anonymous

    Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for showing us some goodies from CHA….I love the Crate Paper too! Can’t believe Taylor paer is retiring; gotta go and stock up;-)
    Have a great week;
    Anna Beth

  • emilymomto3boys

    what are those little arrow thingies?? Is that chipboard? Thanks for showing us some of the CHA stuff – and I hope you feel better!

  • Ginger B

    Hi Taylor!

    being overseas, we dont get the superbowl until after midnight.. and it wont end until 3 am, so Im not watching, but my husband and 2 of my boys are. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love reading your blog and getting ideas and inspiration from you!
    Hope youre feeling 100% soon!
    Ginger B in Germany (military base)

  • Janet P

    Wow Taylor, it looks as though you have quite the following. I can see why. Thanks so much for sharing all your creative ideas and the pictures of CHA. It looks like a stampers dream. I can’t wait to attend one of these days. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Janet

    Holy Cow! There are already 189 comments! Taylor’s place is the happening place! hee hee

  • Michelle

    Taylor, I really enjoy reading your blog and love seeing your latest creations!

  • Beth

    Hey Taylor – I am glad you are feeling better – GO MANNING!

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff!!!
    I love your blog!

  • Natasha

    Wow! What a load of goodies! You are a such an amazing and generous individual!

  • Inky 1 Jenny K

    Not sure how much of the game I’m going to be able to watch with the kids. I live in Bear country and so I’ll be cheering for Chicago just like I did in 1985.

  • kendra

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!! Thanks for sharing your creativity.
    Kendra in Kamloops, BC, Canada

  • Anonymous

    wow! great blog candy. looks like you had lots of fun at CHA. thanks for sharing with us. mnhyrkas at SCS

  • Karen (Taiterbug)

    Sounds like you had a great time when you were at the CHA, however, sorry that you haven’t been feeling well since. Haven’t been leaving many comments lately, however, have still been reading. Not into football, however, my dad is all set to watch, not sure who he is cheering for though. Love the look of the giveaways. Have a great day and continue to feel better. Karen

  • Laura

    I AM in fact ready for some football….and blog freebies!

    Go Chicago Bears~

  • Shelli

    Taylor—-Sure love all the great sruff you post and how you keepit interesting with all your give aways and such—-I will be sending Super Bowl with food and friends, besides I heard there is some football game or something going on! TTFN—Shelli Deckard

  • Anonymous

    Hope you get feeling better soon! My hubby and I will probably watch most of the game(I get up at 4am). But our first date was superbowl sunday, and a blind one at that. We have now been married for almost 16 years! Love you blog!

  • Kristine

    Wow…what a great feeling it must be to be a demo and be able to give stuff away!! All your pictured items look so FABULOUS!! I’m not into football either, and we have girls who aren’t either, so we’re just hanging out watching movies today! :o) Thanks for giving me/us the chance to win some freebies…you’re sooo generous!!

  • Charlee

    WOW, what great blog candy. You are so generous. I’m not a big football fan, but I guess that I’m rooting for the Bears. Love your blog and visit it everyday.

  • Janet

    hi, Taylor. love your blog. thanks for doing the ribbon swap and I love blog Candy. We are going to friends to watch the game.


  • Barb Dean

    love your blog!!! i go there everyday!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for having blog candy, so fun! and i need fun today!

  • Alex

    Wow more blog candy, terrific

    I am not holding out much hope for this especially when there are so many comments but you never do know

    So I will cross my fingers and toes. My hubby will be watching the superbowl with his favourite pork sandwiches and glass of milk that he has to have every year and has been doing this for the whole 19 years that I have known him it starts at 23.25 over here so very late, bless and he will more than likely fall asleep on the sofa half way through!!!! he he he

  • Angie

    Hi Taylor, love your blog, thanks for sharing your tallent with all of us! There are some nasty bugs going around, hope you are feeling better soon. Great blog goodies too! Thanks for all the photos from ths show too, really enjoied seeing all the new stuff, and great booths!!! Angie

  • Cathy

    I am not a huge football fan either but my hubby enjoys watching it so I am going to watch it a little with him. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  • Laura H

    O-la-la! Nice goodies! Thanks for offering them up. Hope your feeling better soon. Go Colts!
    Laura H

  • karin

    I love reading your blog, Taylor. Thanks for the inspiriation. I hope you feel better.

  • Anonymous

    Hope you are feeling more like yourself so! How exciting CHA must have been! Like a kid in a candy store I am sure. The pics I have seen look amazing!!! Have a fun day! The blog candy looks yumm-o!!! Lisa Keeffe

  • Peggy Maier

    Oh boy! 162 comments! How wild is that!
    well, maybe my name will be at the top of the pile!
    Glad you’re feeling a bit better – don’t do too much though. Sure don’t want you to be down again. Wrap up, stay warm, watch TV, you know the routine! haha(((hugs)))

  • Sue Orr

    Waiting for the Colts to beat the Bears here in Indy!! Glad you had a good time at CHA, and hope you are back to 100% soon!!

  • Julie

    this is perfect! My DH just threw away my cutting mat because he thought it was trash!!!

  • Reneescraps

    Please pick me!! HeHe I love reading your blogs daily… Thanks Renee’

  • Erica

    HI Taylor, I hope that you are feeling 100% soon, thanks for sharing the sights you seen at CHA. Awesome blog candy once again:)

    Erica T

  • tamimoreno

    Nice candy ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the give-aways!
    GO COLTS ๐Ÿ™‚ (I think they should be happy they are playing in Florida because it sure is cold up here in the north!)

  • Alexis Ridgway

    Love getting updates from your blog! Hope you are felling better soon!

  • stampinky53

    Oh – I just linked to your site from somewhere on SCS (can’t say where I was – I just travel) anyway, was soooo happy to get a glimpse of new Cuttlebug folders…I just ordered one (on sale- Woo-Hoo) and the site said they would have new ones at the CHA. Thanks for sharing!

    ***I’m not into football – but free BLOG CANDY could be a different story!!!!

    Betty T.

  • Marie

    Gosh – you’ve got 159 comments already and I don’t think my blog even gets that many hits in a week!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the contest, who could resist?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Hi from your neighbor in sunny and warm Southern California (no hot chocolate needed here!) What a following you have Taylor! Love checking out your darling card ideas! Thanks for offering a chance to win the blog candy!

  • Micki T

    Hey there Taylor! Love your blog and can’t get enough! Your cards are amazing and provide so much inspiration to a newbie like myself. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations!

  • Jennifer (refinnej2)

    Taylor…I hope you are feeling better. What cute blog candy! Your mention of nachos is making me want to go to the store!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Taylor! Pick me, Pick me!! I’ve been wanting a coluzzle so bad and haven’t had it in me to break down and add one to an order. I was thrilled to see all of your CHA info and I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Oh, and PICK ME!!

  • shelly j

    Hi, Taylor! Just wanted to say “Hello” from Minnesota! I really enjoy your blog and check it almost everyday!! You have great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Heather Leech

    *hanging head in shame* I’m not an NFL fan and have never been. I guess being Canadian plays a pretty big part. Give me a Canucks hockey game or a CFL game any day. But I do hope everyone enjoys the game. Up here in Canada we don’t even get the cool commercials!! Anyways, I do adore your blog!!
    in soggy Surrey, B.C. Canada

  • Pegi T

    Hi Taylor! I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better. No football here in Minnesota for me . . . because I am going to my local Archivers store for a big event from 1-9 with make and takes and food and all kinds of fun stuff. It is 23 degrees below zero here today and what better way to spend the day . . . then making cards . . . yeh!!!

    Thanks again for all your help with scalloped punches, charms, and great inspiratioal ideas.

    Have a great day!!

    Pegi Taylor

  • Michele

    Taylor, I love your blog. Your creations are so beautiful. I am not just saying that to win a prize. Keep up the great work!! I don’t know how you even have time to sleep!

    I’m going to hang out with some friends and watch the game. Eat some clam chowder. I wish we could stamp!

    GO BEARS!!! (or Chicago anything for that matter!)

  • dv8

    Hi…A friend recently told me about your site and I would like you to know that I am really enjoying the frequent inspirations. I play with paper everyday and love to see what other stampers are doing. Thank you and I hope you are all better soon.

  • Lois

    Wow very cool blog candy. I am not a football fan either so I will be stamping, glad you are feeling a bit better. Love your blog, thanks.

  • Debi

    I love your blog, Taylor! I check in each and every day to see your awesome artwork! Thanks for sharing! Although I am a Steelers Fan, I guess I’ll root for the Colts today… I’m just going to the party for the friendship and snacks! Happy Stampin!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor! We’ll be watching the game here in Kansas. It is too cold outside for anything else!! Oops, I accidentally sent you an email instead of a post the first time. Sorry! Love the freebies!!

  • Erin B

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better. DH’s sick today and he’s really bummed ’bout not being able to watch the game with his brothers. But the good news is that I get to stay home and finish up craft projects. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Linda H

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for your blog ! I enjoy reading it daily ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Yup, ready for some freebies! Glad you’re feeling better! Just had major surgery myself and I’m itching to get stamping again!
    Lois H

  • BlogHore

    I am not a football fan, at all. I am embarrassed to say I don’t even know who is playing…BUT, I do know that Prince is scheduled to perform so I will definitely be tuning in for that. GO PRINCE!

  • Kimmie

    Not a really huge NFL fan but we’re getting ready to go over to my daughter’s best friends house to hang out and watch the game! Gotta go make the 7-layer dip now…

  • Lesa

    I love your blog candy, but alas don’t really like football! Hee hee. I am going to watch a movie while the family watches the game. Hmmmm….. Maybe I will just stamp while they watch. They will be occupied and won’t even miss me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Linda Yama

    I have a good time visiting your site Taylor. It is part of my morning along with having breakfast here at my computer on the webcam with my daughter in Oregon. God Bless my computer,, I get to see her every day.

  • Teresa Bryant

    Hope you are feeling much better REAL soon. I LOVE your blog. The blog candy looks mighty good!!

  • Janice

    Hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick. Thanks for the blog candy!


  • Jeanna (scs-copsmonkey)

    Hi Taylor
    Love reading your blog. You make some of the BEST projects! No football for me – I’ll be stamping….
    although did you give me your wear yourself out now sick bug?

  • ~Lana B.~

    GO BEARS!! I’d rather have blog candy than watch football! LOL But since I live so close to Chicago, GO BEARS!
    Great blog…read it every single day!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!

  • Anne

    So glad to hear you are feeling better. I totally love all you creations!!! Go Bears!!x

  • Cori Bravo

    HI Taylor!
    I just love your blog, and loved reading all about cha!! Thanks for keeping us all entertained!!

  • tbreanna

    Not a huge football fan but i’ll watch it for the commercials =) And, I’m such a BIG Taylor fan ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love your site, it’s a “must to-do” every day. Glad your feeling better.

  • Rene

    No football for me, just recording it then viewing the commercials on EyeTV! Till then I’ll be checking your blog again – stamping some gifts for my daughter’s fraternity fund raisers. Glad you’re feeling better!

  • Tracy

    WHAT??? you’re giving away CHA stuff?? I would so be hoarding that for myself. It sounds like a wonderful time, I am just sorry you aren’t feeling well. My football plans have all been scraped to stay home with a sick kiddo. Happy day!

  • Michelle Skillicorn

    As I’ve said it 100 times, I am a TOTAL stalker of your blog. In fact, your blog is what inspired me to create my own (tiny, poor-excuse for a) blog. I am a HUGE football fan and am COMPLETELY torn by this Super Bowl, as I am from South Bend, IN (currently displaced to the San Francisco Bay Area). South Bend is equidistant between Chicago and Indianapolis… what to do! I guess I really can’t lose in this game, huh?
    Ok, now to stamping… so, I was COMPLETELY jealous that you got to go to CHA, and now I’m in total envy that you got free stuff too! It’s very nice of you to share, though. The Scrapbook Expo is coming to Pleasanton, CA – If you’d like to come up for that, there’s a place for you to stay here. Thanks for the blog, feel better, and happy stamping!!

  • maria getz

    Hi Taylor:

    Thanks for sharing from CHA. My dream is to go one day. I hope you feel better. I would root for a team but I don’t know anything about football.


  • Jane R

    Love your blog. Your creations certainly provide inspiration. Hope you’re feeling better soon so you can celebrate the Super Bowl!


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog, Taylor! I too am not a huge football fan and will probably not watch today. Maybe I can stamp instead! Love the blog candy!

    Geny C. – a fellow CA stamper (well Northern California)

  • Kelly Sampson AKA Emmiestamps

    Enjoy reading your blog and seeing your amazing work.

  • QC

    Not a football fan here either….but hey, I’m a Taylor fan! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your work is incredible…

    Maybe I’ll get lucky and win some blog candy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lorrietori

    I am not a big football fan either, but we will be watching the Super Bowl, I think I might stamp while it is on! ๐Ÿ™‚
    As always, I love your blog, you give me so much insperation!

  • Jackie

    I absolutely love your blog and appreciate all the comments that you had from CHA. That must have been so much fun to be there. Saw your picture with JulieHRR too. You looked stupendous. Glad to hear you are feeling better. It’s mightly cold here in the chicago area today – wind chills to -30. The Bears at least are in Miami in much warmer weather.

  • ipkstampshappy

    Taylor, Sorry to hear you’ve been a bit under the weather. I feel for you. Last week I had a sick granddaughter, mother and husband (stomach flu) so it was not to pleasant of a week here. I am not a big football fan much anymore but since my brother is having a Super Bowl party and invited us over I’m going and will root for his Colts to win! Love the blog candy! Ida

  • JoanneR

    I’m not a football fan! I’ll probably be searching the blogs and SCS!

  • Lynn

    I love your blog. I also love that you are giving away the blog candy! Thanks for sharing your creativity – it’s so inspiring! I hope you’re feeling better very soon.

  • Laura H

    More Blog Candy! Woo hoo. I love those colors on that card – so beautiful. Thanks!

  • Debbie

    I enjoy your blog..check it almost every day. Thanks for offering up some of your CHA goodies. Hope you’re up to 100% soon.

  • Sherry

    Hi Taylor,
    Your blog has to be one of my favorites. I read it everyday! Thanks for all the inspiration you share with us. Get to feeling better so you can enjoy those super bowl snacks! =)

  • Linda

    Hi Taylor! I certainly hope you feel better soon. Though currently in central Texas, we hail originally from Indiana, so . . . Go Colts! We have 20 people coming over and 100 chicken wings ordered, oops probably not enough, but we’ll have a blast. Enjoy the game.

  • AnneMarie

    I hope you are feeling better soon!!!
    go Bears!

  • Tracey

    I really am ready for some football, but I still want to be entered for the free stuff. Have a wonderful day.

  • Denise

    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for inspiring us. I also like football & blog candy! Go Bears!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor..you called it POP! You MUST be from the midwest. LOL

    I love the frame. I’ll have to make a few as gifts, way cute!

    Hope you are back to 100% soon…kickoff is 3pm. (I’m a huge hockey fan, but I think I can watch ONE football game…lol)

    Love the artwork, enabling info and look forward to it in my inbox each day. :o)


  • Viv

    Love your blog, Taylor! It sounded like you had a blast at CHA! How exciting for you! I’m not a pro football fan and do not plan on watching any part of the *game*.

  • JenMarie

    You’re going to part with such great stuff??!!!
    Hope you continue to feel better!
    ~Jennifer Taylor

  • Lisa C.

    don’t watch any sports here..lol..but love your blog..hehe. the candy looks so *sweet!*

  • Pam

    Hockey fan here…sorry. Love your blog of course and check it daily! Thanks!!

  • Karen in Fergus, ON

    Hope you are feeling much better today, Taylor.
    DH will be watching football and I’ll be up here in my stamping room. LIFE IS GOOD!! LOL
    It’s 0 degrees F here with a windchill of -20F. Think I’m goin’ stamp and scrap some “warmer” things today! hehe
    Thanks for the inpsiration you give me each day!!

  • cindy

    No fan here–but I did make a killer chocolate creame cake to celebrate the end of football season!!

  • Caroline

    so jealous . . . wish i could get invited to cha! but blog candy is awesome too! thanks.

  • Mary-Beth

    Wow I guess we all love our blog candy!!! (and football! LOL)

    I love checking your blog, great stuff here and you’re so generous to offer up some yummies!

    Thank you Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    Woo-Hoo, I can’t wait for the game to begin! I’ll be busy scappin’ with friends this afternoon until game time. I can’t decide who to root for since the Patriots got knocked out??? I love your blog, you’re such an inspiration. Hope you feel better soon…

    Kim Forsyth

  • barbara

    have been hoping you will feel much better real soon; love to experience the inspiration you provide to all of us; wish I had your energy;btw Florida is getting its fair share of football weather today; love both teams so will be happy with either as THE winner

  • Anonymous

    Hey Taylor,
    Sorry you have been under the weather!
    I’m with you on this evening, stamping while my family enjoys the game. A couple of valentines for my stamp clubs this week. What could be better. Thanks for all of your inspiration.
    frannyb (SCS)

  • Anonymous

    I Love your blog, and read it almost every day ;0)
    hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy your pizza!

  • Toni

    Daily reader…first time commenter!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you are on the mend, hope you are soon back to your 100% creative self! Thanks for the CHA updates!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry you caught the craft bug at CHA! Feel better.
    And in conclusion, may I say…
    GO BEARS!!!!!!


  • Lauren Vincitorio

    Hope you get plenty of rest today and are feeling 100% soon!

    Thanks for the inspiration of your awesome blog!

    PS- How tall are you?? Or, how short are JulieHRR and Lisa J.? Loved the pics from CHA.

    Go Bears!!

  • Susan

    Hi Taylor….Glad to see you are feeling a bit better…maybe you picked up a virus at CHA! Anyway, wanted to get my name into the draw….Enjoy the nachos, etc. even if you have to put up with the football!

  • Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

    you have to get better!! “your public” needs you!!!

  • Lorie

    Well I LOVE football so I should definitely win this one…right? :0) Glad you are feeling a little better and hope it continues! GO BEARS!!!

  • Whimsey

    I LOVE football – GO COLTS!!!! Peyton rocks! But hey, I love freebies too! Hope you’re feeling much better soon. Take care and thanks for sharing with us!

  • Napa Valley

    Super Bowl–could take it or leave it, but Blog candy?? I’ll jump for it every time!

    Love your blog–keep posting!


  • alison

    Hi Taylor, I’m not a huge football fan myself. If the Packers were playing, I’d be watching. Instead I plan on doing some stamping in between loads of laundry. Love your blog!

  • Anonymous

    I am not a sports fan, but I love blog candies for sure.:o)
    Thanks for doing this blog candy.

  • Susan

    Hi Taylor. I’m not too much of a football fan. We joked that we were going to tivo the game and fast forward through the actual playing to get to the commercials. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for offering the blog candy — so cute and colorful.

  • Kimmie (kimreid_stamper)

    Glad to hear you are feeling better Taylor! I totally enjoy reading your blog and checking out your beautiful creations!!

  • Anonymous

    You are a daily inspiration. Love your blog!

  • Suzanne S

    Thanks for sending the ribbon, Taylor! Loving it. And thanks for your daily inspiration to do more in life…

  • Amy

    Wow, you’ve got some readership here! I guess I’ll give it a try–love your blog….I’m glad you’re feeling better…I’ve got the yucks too….awful cold…I’ve gone through a box of kleenex in no time! Thanks for such great ideas!


  • Jodi

    I am glad you are feeling better. I check your blog everyday. I love seeing your work. Have a relaxing Super Bowl Sunday!!!

  • Kelly Barney

    My dh is certainly ready for some football! I’m ready to craft! I love you blog and my fingers are crossed to win this fabulous blog candy!

  • Nancy

    Well last night was like xmas eve for a chicagoan. We can’t wait to see our Bears Win. Go Bears! Da Bears! Get well soon.

  • Anonymous

    I am not a football fan either, but my DIL & I STAMP while the guys watch the game!!! Love your blog, receive it everyday & who doesn’t like a freebie. Thanks so much for the inspiration & hope you are feeling better soon!!!
    It’s more fun to stay home from work & stamp not to be sick!
    Ilene (Basic Grey fan)

  • sus

    hi taylor! i’m not really a football fan either, but what’s not to like about food, food, and more food? =) i hope you’re feeling better!

  • Charmaine

    Hope you are feeling better! Look at you, under the weather and still wanting to share some “love”! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the CHA updates!

  • Louise

    Taylor, I had to smile at your “not being 100% better yet.” That’s a phrase we use in my family to let others know that while we may feel better, don’t expect too much out of us.
    Hope you get to 100% quickly — know you are a busy gal!

  • Anonymous

    Go Bears Go Bears Go Bears Go Bears GO Bears Go Bears Go BEars Go Bears Go Bears Go Bears. Oh yeah and I love Taylors Blog I love Taylors Blog I love Taylors Blog I love Taylors Blog. What could be better. I am from outside of Chicago and we are huge Bear fans. I am also a huge fan of yours Taylor. Thanks for sharing all of your talents and your time with us out here.
    Dawn (a HUGE Bears Fan)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor! I love what you do here, you’re really an inspiration and I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • cathy (kitcat)

    Happy Super Day from Canada!! I am not into the game but happy to celebrate the day with family and friends. Hope you are feeling better today! Thanks for always motivating me with your fab creations!
    Cathy from Ontario Canada

  • Jenifer

    Love your blog. I have to say I was hoping to see the Saints in the Superbowl. Maybe next time!

  • Claudia

    hey taylor,
    i love the ribbon! thank you for all the work.
    my stamp camp friends want some too.

    hope you are feeling better soon
    claudia rosa

  • Cheryl K

    Hi Taylor –

    Reading all the blogs today, trying to stay warm with our -20F not including the windchill here in western WI. I like watching the game, when teams we enjoy are playing and my son is a huge Bears fan, and the Packer fans in the house will forgive him today and cheer him on. I check your blog almost daily! Tnank you.

  • Julie Crowl

    Football??? What game? Who is playing? Of greater interest is the below zero temps, lake effect snow and the over 12 inchs of snow that has fallen in the last 24 hours (to add to our over 100 plus inches — which is the norm here in the Upper Peninsula). Digging out here means exactly that! What a wonderful experience CHA must have been (what does CHA stand for?). And tiring. Hope you feel better.

  • sjnteacher

    I am not much of a football fan. So I will be checking out blogs and STAMPING!! Thanks fpr sharing your wonderful ideas.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you are more rested today. I really enjoyed your photos from CHA. Thanks. Thanks so much for offering the blog candy.
    Cheryl Sims

  • Anonymous


    Loved your pictures from CHA and the candy you’re giving away looks YUMMY! Glad you’re feeling a little better. I’m hoping to spend the whole game stamping tonight… I’ve got a lot of work to do!!

    Joanne Basile

  • Kathy D

    Oh, Taylor, I’m glad you’re feeling at least a LITTLE better!

    I’m not planning on watching much of the football, but I will be checking in on all of the goofy commercials!

    I hope kickoff time finds you feeling even better!

  • iddy777

    Hi Taylor, hope you’re feeling better. Thanks for all the pictures from CHA. Can’t wait for the new Cuttlebug embossing folders.
    Enjoy the game!

  • Mary W.

    Hi Taylor! Hope you’re feeling much better come game time! Love reading your blog!

  • InspiredByInk

    I’m here in Greenfield, IN Taylor and the only thing I can say besides…. brrrrr (a HIGH of 8 degrees here) is GOOOOO COLTS!!! WOO HOOOOOOO

    hehhe Thanks Taylor!!

  • Anne Marie

    WOW!! So generous. Maybe I will get lucky. I have to say I really enjoy your blog and check faithfully hoping you might become that ribbon distributor again;) Thanks for sharing all your great work.

  • Anonymous

    Love your Blog, Taylor! You have the more inspiring ideas and you just keep them coming.

    Thanks, and what a great Blog Candy!

    Pat S

  • Cindy Keery

    What an exciting blog candy!! I didn’t even know there was a football game on. It’s all hockey around here and I can’t even stand that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stefanie

    Ok, I feel your pain! I’ve had the flu for a week but I’ll be rooting for the Colts tomorrow! Hope we both feel better soon and I’d sure love that blog candy!

  • Aimee

    oh pick me pick me…. Taylor I just love your blog and have enjoyed hearing about CHA …TFS

  • scrappersister


    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures from CHA. By the way not to sound stupid but what does CHA stand for? I hope you feel all better very soon.


  • Anonymous

    Hey Taylor! I am glad you are on the mend. Nothing worse than being sick, especially after such a fun week. I love your blog, keep up the great work!
    Jennifer S

  • Leah

    I am not much of a football fan either… but I have something more exciting to celebrate this year on Super Bowl Sunday – my birthday! yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nancy

    woohooo…. something better than the Superbowl!!!

  • mackenzie bruckler

    Love the blog candy! I’ll be making Valentine’s for my sons class while the game is on.

  • Anonymous

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pics as well. Hurray for superbowl and stamping tomorrow!

  • a_place_for_ink

    I would rather check and read blogs than watch football any day! I hope you’re feeling better~!!!

  • Kathyc

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling great; hope you’re much better by gametime! I wish I could say GO PATRIOTS!! Alas, since I can’t, I’ll probably spend game time on the computer!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! Your blog is one of my favorites to check out! Thanks for the opportunity for free goodies!…. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Anonymous

    Really enjoy your blog!. Thanks so much for your tutorial on the coaster boxes, I made one this week and they are so fun to put together! Hope you are feeling better and recover from CHA!
    Go Colts!

  • Anonymous

    Love all the cards you post.
    Glad you had a great time (except
    for your feet) at CHA.


  • Jan Harrington

    Hi Taylor! I’m not much of a football fan either, but I love the parties that go with the Super Bowl. Sure hope you get better very soon.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you’re feeling better!

    Not too much into football here, but love all the munchies that go with the Super Bowl, anytime really!!

    Holly W.

  • Novell

    Hope you’re back on your feet soon!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor, glad you are feeling better. I enjoy your blog. Hope to meet you at Stampmania in April…I’ve decided to make the trek from NorCal ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • beiteversohumble

    I’m sorry that you’ve been under the weather! Your blog candy looks positively YUMMY! Enjoy the football.

  • Cathy W (daisy1609)

    I lve your blog and look forward to your postings every day. Thanks for offering the goodies and I hope you’re feeling 100% soon.

  • Natalie

    I look forward to every new post.
    Your talent is second to none! Keep up the good work.

  • Lilian

    wow! the bears are in the super bowl (YAY!) and now there is blog candy! (double yay!)

    thank you for your great creativity! i love love your blog. and thanks for sharing a little of CHA with us!

    lilian =)

  • Donna B.

    I’m not feeling well today myself…it’s yuck esp when you have a lot to do! I hope my stomach is up for football celebrations by tomorrow!! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  • Pro

    NO nachos for me tomorrow! I will be eating chili to stay warm! It’s freezing here in Nebraska!!


  • Susan T

    I’ll be making the snacks for the family and watching the commercials during the Superbowl tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love checking your blogs for new creations. Keep inspiring us who are less creative and feel better soon.

  • Katie

    I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for sharing your goodies from CHA. I wish i could have gone!

  • Allison

    OMG…lots of comments! Nachos…now I have a craving! I am in Canada so (and don’t hurt me when I say this), we will probably watch the hockey game they have put up as competition to the Super Bowl. Sad, huh?

  • Dawn C

    YEAH! The one and only blog I stop everything for…lol Well, I do have to tend to my 2 wee ones every now and then…wink wink! Your work ROCKS Taylor! I’m probably the ONLY spouse in America who hubby does NOT watch ANY sports…woohoo! We will be enjoying a birthday party with our nearly 3 yr. old tomorrow though…definately would choose this ANYDAY over sports:)

  • Cathy A.

    Wisconsin is at -8 degrees right now and I’m curled up next to my heater trying to finish up some samples. Need some inspiration and thought I’d check your blog. I love your style and appreciate all the projects you share here.

    Cathy A.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sending the ribbon, I got mine in the mail today. Hope you are feeling well soon. Love the sneak peek of the CHA products. When and where will the next CHA be?? -Amy M. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mishkismom

    Hope you are feeling better soon! Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the great CHA stuff!!

  • Anonymous

    Love your blog – I check in often to see what new cool things you are creating. Am a football fan and cheering for the Colts! Kris

  • Judy S

    Enjoy reading your blog everyday, Taylor! Love the inspiration you give me. Get better soon.

  • Melissa - PrincessMSK

    I really dislike football so I usually spend Superbowl Sunday watching HGTV instead! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you feel better soon!


  • tntsmom

    I really enjoy reading your blog!! I check everyday for new projects! I don’t really enjoy football, so I may have to sneek off to my Stamping Room..

  • Petals

    Hi Taylor! I can confirm the freezing in WI bit posted my MilwaukeeMommy. In fact, my husband and I were just watching the TV and saw a wind chill advisory posted until Tuesday 10am. Yes, Tuesday! I bet you’re not missing the midwest as much right now! LOL!

    Anyhow, I’m not much of a football fan (gasp!), but I am a die hard crafter. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to enter for the blog candy. I continue to be inspired by your work and look forward to seeing what you will post next week.

    Rest up and get well!

  • Melodie

    Hi Taylor~
    I Love Super Bowl Sunday! It’s the only time my husband leaves me alone to scrapbook! It gets even better this year because he is a Bears Fan!!!!
    Thanks for making my day brighter! I am a faithful blog checker! I guess I’m a Taylor Fan!!!!

  • Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)

    Hi Taylor!!

    I’m a pretty big football fan, & am looking forward to rooting against the Bears, lol!!! I’m a Packers fan, so I *have* to!! It is freeeeezing here in WI this weekend, so there’s nothing to do but stamp & watch the game tomorrow. Oh, & did I mention eating??? Mmmmmm……maybe you should ask everyone to post their favorite Superbowl food –or better yet, the recipe!!

    Sounds like you had tons of fun at CHA!!! I’m lovin’ all the blogs & pics, I can live vicariously through all of you lucky ducks!!!

  • Mandy Cheshire

    Hi, Taylor! Glad you are feeling better! I’m lovin’ that new Crate paper! Gotta get some of that! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor! I really like your blog and look forward to your creations. Please enter me in your drawing.

    I won’t be watching the Super Bowl, as my daughter has made a date with me to watch the Scooby Bowl on Cartoon Network. Actually, we are taping it and watching it while Daddy watched football. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you get to feeling better!
    Stacy (nannersmom)

  • Anonymous

    We just finished watching the movie 8 Below with our boys, if you haven’t seen it – DO! It’s a wonderful movie. Thought I’d pop in to see if you created anything today, glad you are feeling a bit better! How nice of you to share your CHA goodies! Go Bears!

  • Anonymous

    Got to love blog candy. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I only watch the superbowl for the commercials….thanks Lisa-B

  • mathstamp

    HI Taylor! I’m ready for football and stamping! I can do both because my favorite team (Green Bay Packers) isn’t playing. Oh well, guess I’ll just make a project in green and yellow for them anyway! Love your website!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love Blog candy AND football…go BEARS! (Although I like the COLTS, too)…in Ohio we are kind of close to both! Should be a great game and I love watching the Super Bowl commercials!

    Glad you are feeling a little better!


  • Anonymous

    Love your blog! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  • irishstamper7

    Hi Taylor, sorry to hear you are still not feeling well, hopefully you’ll be better by tomorrow! I love your blog and thanks for all the cool info on CHA. Please enter me for the goodies.
    Thanks, Ruth :o)
    Go Bears!

  • Laura

    YES!!! I am ready for some football and freebies…LOL! I am a HUGE Chicago Bears Fan and will definitely be having a ball tomorrow watching the game with family and friends. What a great giveaway Taylor; thanks for you generousity. It is zero degrees right now in Chicago, not including the windchill, so I hope you are enjoying the weather you are having right now…LOL! Glad you are feeling better. It is definitely going around right now; at least where we are. I enjoy visiting your blog daily, as you probably know by all the comments I leave :). Enjoy the game tomorrow and GO BEARS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor,
    Blog candy looks so yummy! Hope you are feeling 100% soon! Thanks for all your inspiration! I’m looking forward to getting my ribbon too!
    Sandy K. D.

  • Soozie4Him

    Taylor – hope you’re feeling better soon! I LOVE the new Crate papers – thanks for giving us a sneak peek! GO BEARS!


  • Barb

    Taylor, I very much enjoy viewing your creations here on your blog. You inspire us all. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • Anonymous

    Hey….I’m anonymous! Barb (my fingers hit the enter key too fast)

  • Dale Anne

    Glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery!!!
    We only watch NFL when the Super Bowl is on….otherwise our fav is the CFL!

  • Anonymous

    So glad you are feeling better. Been a bad winter for all ‘flu’ types. I so enjoy your blog..you are very talented. GO BEARS!

  • P Garrison

    I’m ready for some football (Go Colts!) and some freebies! Thanks for sharing pics from the show. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  • Julie

    Hey Taylor! I love your blog and check it everyday. Hope you keep feeling better, and thanks for all of the inspiration.

  • leenda

    Really enjoy your blog Taylor! I also like football & blog candy! Go Colts!

  • laura j

    Enjoy reading your blog Taylor. Thanks for offering the blog candy! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  • DeniseLynn

    Hi Taylor! I am telling you what … GR is under some serious snow. The malls and restaurants all closed down by 4 pm today and even the busses stopped running at 6 pm and church is cancelled for tomorrow – ok that never happens. Brrrrr…. but good news for us anyway, early in the am we went to look at a house and found the one of our dreams we made an offer which was accepted and we sealed the deal. WOW – a whirlwind in more ways than one here in Michigan. Would love to sign up for your fabulous blog candy but I don’t know if I’m allowed to have too many big blessings all in one Super Bowl weekend. *wink* By the way are you sure about moving here!? Ha Ha (it’s actually so beautiful and my mug is full of hot cocoa so that’s better yet!)

  • KMJarrett

    Well, I live right outside of Indianapolis and though I am also not a huge football fan I will definitely be rooting on the Colts. Love checking your blog.

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