• Melissa (SCS: kulissa)

    This is heart-meltingly cute!

    This is just one of your many cards that are encouraging me to link to your blog from mine. If you’d rather not be, please let me know!

  • maria (creativemoonbeam)

    I love the cards you are creating with this adorable set. It is definitely on my wish list already! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your creations – they are amazing!! I love that you use the non-traditional baby color of BROWN!

    As far as the dreams… I’m sorry that I can’t really help you. I never remember mine ever!

  • Heidi

    Oh my! I love this paper! I really need to stop visiting your blog, you enabler!!!! {wink} Yeah right, like I could resist! Super cute card!

  • Nancy

    You need to go to TheDreamZone.Com and order Dr. Laura Quinn Loewenbergs book. She is a dream expect and interpreter. She has been on the radio for weeks now and interpreting dreams. They are nothing like we thought. I bought her new book and she paid the shipping and sent it in a couple of days. I think you need it. Here is what it says when a Star appears in our dreams. It symbolizes our own star quality, our ability to perfomer and shine in life.
    Very interesting, Oh, And the Card Is Adorable!!!
    Nancy (nmartin)scs

  • Jen

    That card is THE BOMB!!! And your dream made me crack up so hard! I have weird dreams like that too…although I am not sure I would have thought to eat the cookies while I was waiting 😉

  • ipkstampshappy

    Another wonderful card. I love these baby cards because they are different from the typical “pink/blue” type cards you often see in stores. Plus yours is just so adorable.
    As for your dream, really strange but interesting to say the least.

  • Regina

    Yet another awesome card! I have absolutely no need for another baby stamp set, but I think I’m going to order it at my next workshop.

  • Marie

    Yet another reason I check your blog every day (and have a link to it on mine)! This is just an adorable card! I love all of the little details and the color and the papers. CUTE!!!

  • Laura

    Another great card using this set. I can’t wait to get it. Are you getting the baby bug????

  • Quilt Nut

    so very cute. love the safety pin!

  • Allison

    Great card Taylor…love the use of PP! I think someone has the hots for Brian Willliams! Myself, I am more of a John Roberts fan…hee hee! (JK!)

  • Sencie

    Taylor, you are totally making me want this set!!!! This is toooooooo cute!!!! 🙂

  • diane mcvey

    Oh, I love your crazy dream! I have really bizarre dreams, my family won’t even let me tell about them any more! They think I’m totally NUTS! I think it’s the creative mind sneaking out…hehe…Your card is AWESOME! You are going to make me buy this set after all! What a GREAT creation! 🙂

  • jademingmeidesigns

    Haha!! I will get the card in a bit, but your dream was cracking me up!!! Talk about a hodgpodge of thoughts right? At least you captured the cookies…heehee! And the card my dear, its darling!! I said I wasn’t going to get anymore baby sets, but this one is sooo cute! Might have to put it on my next order:) Awesome Taylor!!

  • Alora Sweetser

    Another cutie!! That paper is gorgeous too!

    About the dream…I just have to laugh. I’m the same way, mine are always so real and end up being scary. At least you got to “enjoy” the cookies guilt-free! Hehe ;o)

  • Kristy

    Your baby cards are adorable? Do you care if I CASE one (just for myself)?

  • Emily

    Darling card!! You’re making me wish I had that set right now!

    I know exactly what your dream means!

    It’s time for all of us So Cal HYENas to get together and stamp again! It’s been so long that the drug sniffing dogs are coming to take you away!

    And I guess you want somebody to make cookies next time, too. ;o)

  • Anonymous

    Cute card………..but call your therapist immediately! Love you!
    Aunt Linnie

  • mj

    Can’t help you interpret that one, but TFS … rotfl! Maybe you should treat yourself to a cookie while watching the news tonight. 🙂

  • Peggy Maier

    What a cute baby card. I don’t have this set, but you’re pushing me! LOL Whoa, what dreams you have! I’m going to show what great wisdom I have & not even attempt to interpret! (Unlike Joseph, I don’t have that gift!)

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