• Barbara V

    oops…Taylor, that was me inviting you to Boulder City. My fingers aren’t workin’ right today.

  • Anonymous

    What a fun week you have planned. Gosh, if you have time while in Las Vegas, come on out to Boulder City and see Hoover Dam and Lake Mead (or what is left of it!) Lots of fun little antique shops & stuff downtown Boulder City…no scrapbook or stamp stores though.

  • broni

    Be sure and let us know when your Ellen or Leno show will air so we can be on the lookout for you! Have a wonderful time with the family!!

  • Jami

    Hey where’s my cupcake???

    Couldn’t resist teasing you! I know you’re busy with company coming! Had to laugh though – can tell you’re not a native Californian because you said “the” Pacific Coast Highway… 😉 hehehe

    Hope you have lots of fun! Make you sure you go Downtown in Vegas and see the light show too!

  • Sherri aka sherristampsalot

    What a fun week you have ahead of you! My husband’s dream is to drive cross-country, and if we do, I *will* be riding on that Pacific Coast Hwy!! That alone would be awesome…and you’re going to two tapings and Vegas… TOO MUCH FUN! Have a blast!

  • diane mcvey

    Oh, what fun!!! Have a fabulous time with your honey’s family, and relax and ENJOY!!! You surely deserve a fun time! Thanks so much for all you do for your blog readers! We just love you!

  • Laura

    Have a wonderful time with your in-laws. Sounds like you have some really great stuff planned.

  • AnneMarie

    congrats to the winner- what a super prize!

  • Michele

    You are so nice Taylor. Such a great prize to win.

    It sure was a good game!!

  • diane mcvey

    How in the world did I miss your blog candy drawing??!! I visit your blog ALL the time! LOL We were for the Colts too, because we are Univ. of TN graduates!!! I’m so glad he got MVP, too! WOOHOO, what a great ~!~WET!~! game!

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