When I posted these swap cards last week I received several questions on how I tie my bows. I saw that Amy posted a video on her blog last week showing how she ties her knots. I thought that was a great idea, especially for visual learners like m’self! So, with the help of my husband I created this video to show you how I tie my bows. Many of you are probably familiar with the “bunny ears” bow and that is the technique I use. There is audio with this video, but just in case you don’t have audio capabilities, here are the step by step instructions.

1. I used a 12″ length of ribbon for my bow, but you can use more or less depending on what size bow you want and how nimble your fingers are. I often cut my ribbons very short because I hate to waste, but for this example I wanted to keep it long so it was easier to see the steps.

2. Fold each side of the ribbon into a loop. It is called a bunny ears bow because the loops make the shape of bunny ears.

3. While you’re holding the loops in place, take the loop in your right hand and wrap it around the left loop as if you’re tying your shoes.

4. Pull the bow tight, adjust it to the desired size, and snip the ends.

5. I adhere my bows with mini glue dots.

I hope this helps some of you tie your bows. I used to be so intimidated by bow tying because they always turned out awful. I can’t remember who showed me the bunny ears bow, but ever since then I’ve been a bow-tying machine! 🙂

P.S. In case anyone is wondering, I enjoyed my sweets immensely yesterday and managed not to make myself sick! *grin* Also, check out my friend Jami’s blog… she’s doing her first blog candy… and there is chocolate involved!