• Lorie

    I got some of this wonderful paper! Woohoo! I do have a question though. How are you storing yours? I’ve slit the top plastic but then you really can’t see it well. Hmmm…thoughts?

  • My Little Hobby

    Taylor, you’re the best at informing what’s new and hot! I love your blog! I’ve added you to my “must read” blogs! Thank you for sharing your enormous our talents. I’ve got to get some of these pretty {discount} papers.

    –Kelly (KellyinTexas on SCS)

  • stampinjjg

    So sad…this doesn’t exist in the Des Moines, Iowa Costco. It is out of stock. It looks beautiful!!!

  • debbiedee

    I wish we had a Costco’s! What a great price and the paper looks awesome!!

  • jen del muro (scs: genie1314)

    I got this a couple weeks ago!! Ack…LOVE IT!

  • Jan Scholl

    I bought this yesterday too-I wasnt gonna get it at first and Hubby who never goes to Costco with me as a rule-asked Why not? so I have a bunch to share somewhere down the road. I do wish it had been some of the cardstock tho with it.

  • KOstvig

    What a great deal on paper I hope they still have some left.
    Click N Ship is good but you can also click N ship with the USPS they will pick up at your door mail you boxes and stamps. You just weigh it and schedule it on the internet.
    Just Sayin….Use what ever is less expensive. Sometimes it just depends

  • Cindy Keery

    After seeing this post I did hop in the mini van and go straight to Costco, but unfortunately they didn’t have that paper. Maybe it’s only available in the US.

  • Valerie

    Taylor! So glad you followed through on the Click and Ship, your shipping life will be so much easier now!

  • Libby Hickson aka stampinlibby

    Do you have any idea how much money I’ve spent since discovering your little blog!?!? You’re killing me! 🙂 Thanks as always for the fabulous tip!

  • crystal beck

    Thanks for the ship n click tip!I don’t do too much shipping, but when i do it is a pain.

  • tracy f

    I’m so glad you got that pack of paper… so show me what I can do with mine! 😉 hehe.

  • CarrieFlanagan

    Oh my…………that paper is fab!!! Ok….I have a HUGE, HUGE favor to ask…….anyone, anyone, who lives near a Costco. Would you be willing to pick me up a pack of that paper??? I live 3 hours away from the nearest Costco, or I would be rushing to get it myself. I would be more than willing to send you the $$ for the paper and sending it to me! *On my knees here girls!* You can contact me via my email;
    Or, I am carrieflanagan on SCS!

    Thanks so much!!!! :0)

  • Sencie

    Oh Taylor… I totally thought you knew all about click & ship or I would have told you!! I’ve been using it for at least 2 years. Love it!!! 🙂

  • Kandis Smith

    I love that paper! I have the same stack and I use it everyday!! I’m thinking of getting another one, but do i really need all that paper… of course!!

  • Jen

    Um Taylor,
    I think you forgot the rule about making sure I had bought something before you announced on your blog it was a good deal…now they will be all sold out…waaaaaahhhhhh 😉

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