• Anonymous

    Thank you for that grateful info. I've been thinking that I wanna have Copic skecth markers since I was really curious about the markers I wanna have em as my bday present hence they're a bit expensive but worth the money you we're paying for…

  • Rachel

    Hi Taylor…do you think that the Ciao is still comfortable to use, even with the circle barrel? I love the oval barrel but I don’t know if that’s worth the extra couple bucks per marker.

  • Primas Primas Everywhere!!!

    The copic ciao also have a repacable nib? I would only favor this one because of the round barrel, but would only want them if I could replace the nips… Please let me know thanks… And do you by chance happen to know if there is a price difference between the ciao and sketch? Thanks again. Keri aka stampinupconsultan on SCS

  • shelley- aka hairchick

    Omg! I have always wondered about those markers! Thanks for your insight_ Very helpful!

  • pat

    Thanks for the great info. I’ve been eyeing these at a local store for ages but always pass them by because I simply didn’t know anything about them. They do have a little sign saying they replace nibs and do refills and I always thought that was kind of interesting.

    Girl, where do you get all that energy? Could you bottle and sell it, please??!!?? I don’t know where you find the time to do everything…it wears me out just thinking of it!

  • Barb Mann

    Taylor – Thanks so much for the Copic color chart!! I’ve been wondering if one was available. Now I’ve saved the file and can check it whenever I want. I’ve started collecting!!

  • Nancy

    Thanks Taylor…that helps!!

  • Taylor

    Here’s a link to one of Ellen’s posts where she has Copic color matches for some of the Stampin’ Up colors. I hope to be able to do this once I get the rest of the colors I’ve ordered. Then I’ll have all the colors to choose from! 🙂


  • Nancy

    Thanks for sharing your insights Taylor. Do you feel like the Copic Markers coordinate well with Stampin Up colors of card stock?

  • Sencie

    Thank you for the pictures!!! I sooooo want some of these markers!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wondered if you have a compiled list of Copic markers that cloesly match SU colors? Thanks for any info you can provide. I would like to start collecting the Copic markers, but don’t have enough to buy a whole set. One or two at a time is how I will need to collect. Thanks again, Dorothy Freber

  • Rose Ann

    It is the talk, as you say. LOL Thank you for sharing your view!

  • diane mcvey

    Great information! Thanks so much…you are so nice to do this for us! I have both kinds, and need to get to using them!!!

  • love.boxes

    Wow! I didn’t know anything about these.

  • C70

    Thanks for giving us your opinion on those markers, Taylor! I’ve been thinking about getting some markers myself, and you’ve definitely answered most of my questions 🙂

  • Anonymous

    TFS! Replacable nibs sounds terrific. My children have enjoyed my SU! markers just a little too much and I’ve had to replace the whole marker.
    thanks for the info,

  • Karen

    Hey Taylor, Thanks for taking the time to post this wealth of info!

  • stampingranny

    Great information as I am on the stalk for for theses! My daughter has Prisma’s she had them since college and they were expense. She dug them out (harddly ever used) and has been enjoying them for card making. I thank you for your input, I can’t wait to sample the Copic Sketch ones. Deb

  • Rhiannon

    thanks for this great write-up Taylor. I greatly appreciate it!

  • Bevie Pearl

    Taylor, Thanks for your information. When the topic of Copics was going around … I did go to my HL store…I had the coupon..but didn’t buy.
    These two reasons are why I didn’t buy them at the time.
    #1. I wasn’t sure about the difference between Copic and Prismacolor. (Thanks for answering that question)
    #2.some of the markers had caps that hadnt been put back on tightly and one had a cap missing.
    So, I have decided to wait. Now that Joy and Daisy are selling..I am putting the markers on my bday list and will order from them. I guess I know that buying from them..the general public hasn’t used them. (Is that weird of me or what?…not wanting to take a chance on the marker being used before me?)

  • Peggy Maier

    Hi Taylor, thanks for some new info on the Copics. I have found the Copic Sketch at our local Hobby Lobby for $5.95 apiece & bought a grey, flesh tone & green – just to try them out. I must say they are wonderful for shading, coloring, etc. I’ll probably use some of my coupons to purchase more, but don’t want an entire set – maybe in the future! The only problem is that now I’ll have to switch to another black ink besides StaZ-On since it bleeds when using the markers (see Ellen Hutson’s post yesterday. She has a chart showing how each type of ink pad held up with the Copics).

  • Dawn

    Taylor, thanks so much for you input on Copics. I was wondering what the different types, within the brand, were all about! I’m glad I now know the ciao are not compatible with the airbrush system. It is also very helpful to have input from a fellow crafter. Now…all I have to do is win the lottery and buy a set…lol

  • Mandy Cheshire

    I saw a cute card by you on Stamper’s Showcase today! Congrats!

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