If you could see our apartment right now you would probably gasp! We decided to list some of our furniture on Craig’s List a couple days ago. We thought it might take a few weeks to sell, but to our surprise, the TV and desk sold within the first 48 hours! We’re surviving without a television. It’s amazing how much we would have it on just to create background noise. It has been so silent the last couple of evenings, but I get so much more done when I don’t get sucked into the TV. We were completely unprepared to sell our desk, but the first person who came to take a look last night wanted to drive away with it. So we quickly cleaned all our stuff out of every drawer, nook, and cranny and he took it away. It looks a bit like a tornado blew through the apartment! We have more appointments tonight for people who want to look at the entertainment center. Right now the entertainment center is home to all the stuff we cleared out of the desk. When it sells, I guess the stuff will just go on the floor wherever there’s space. Can you picture the mess!? Anyways, in the midst of listing, setting up appointments, and selling this furniture I haven’t had much time (or energy!) to create something new over the past couple days. So I pulled an Oldie from the card box. I made this over a year ago before I even started my blog. The card base is Brocade Blue, stamped with the background from Art of Life and overstamped with the Paisley from Cowboy Kid. The image is colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with gamsol and a stump. I set the eyelets up each side and threaded jute through them. The whole thing is up on dimensionals. I hope you like Oldies because you might be seeing even more of them as our move gets closer! Hope you have a great weekend!