• Anonymous

    Taylor, I just wanted to tell you that I love your work and was inspired to make a gift set of my own based on your idea. Care to see it? https://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/876455?cat=500&ppuser=87307

    Keep up the beautiful work – Regina Davis

  • Cathy

    Congratulations! My favorite Paper Trey stamp is Butterfly Kisses. Beautiful designs!

  • awoodrn

    Hi Taylor,

    Mine is the borders & corners circles right now. Love your blog!


  • Anonymous

    CONGRATULATIONS! I absolutely love your blog. I come to you everyday for inspiration! My favorite PaperTrey say has to be Holiday Treats! BUt Snowflake Serenade is such a close second!

    Best wishes to you!

    Shari R

  • Maryann

    Congratulations! Luv your stuff! Hard to choose just one, but I’ll pick Butterfly Kisses.

    Maryann S

  • Julie S

    I love so many of the sets, but Butterfly kisses and Spooky treats really rock ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on 1 MILLION! That’s awesome.

    Julie S.

  • sandie c

    Congrats on the hits!!

    It is hard to pick just one as there are so many to choose from.

    I simply love butterflies so it has to be the Butterfly Kisses set.


  • Lori

    Congratulations!! My favorite Paper Trey set is Buttefly Kisses. We are financially challeneged right now so it’s the only set I’ve been able to get…but I love it!

  • Anonymous

    Deborah Burgess said: Congratulations on such an accomplishment! Way to go gal. My favorite set would have to be Butterfly Kisses; daughter’s wedding was butterfly themed so this set was used consistently and made such beauiful invitations, wedding favors, thank you cards and even stamped them on acetate and glittered them up as they created a swirling effect from bottom of wedding cake to the top.

  • kerianne

    I would have to say Little Lady, but I am dying to buy Piece of Cake (so appropriate for me to win then ;)) and need Believe!! 1 million…you are my bloggin hero!

  • Carol

    I can totally see how you received so many views to your blog. You’re work is so inspirational. I think my favorite stamp set is the spiral bouquet. So elegant. Keep up the great work.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Taylor! What a great party. I have not received it yet, but my favorite set is Snowflake Serenade.

    Colleen Kwan

  • Sue McKibben

    Holiday Treats is my current favorite. I love that there are so many cute little gifts you can make from it!

  • ScrapFairy

    I’d have to say Snowflake Serenade. Congrats on the party.
    heather gruber

  • Erin Gonzales

    I love the Borders & Corners Monogramed Edition so far the most! I love the fonts and versatility of it. I cant wait until mine gets here.

  • Denise

    I would have to say my favorite is Little Lady…it is by far thebest ladybug I have seen ever! Thanks for sharing! Love your stuff!

  • Andrea Vernagus

    I really love the snowflake Serenade set! Congrats on the hits…holy cow!

    Andrea Vernagus

  • kerry davis

    Hello – Congrats — hope I’m not too late! My favorite set is the Snowflake Serenade — it’s so pretty and elegant.
    Kerry Davis

  • Rosella

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! 1,000,000 WOW! Now, which is my favorite set? Hard to choose. Love the Butterfly Kisses, but I can see that the Spiral Bouquet would make me very happy too!

  • Abi

    Congrats of a million – WOW!!
    My favourite is Butterfly kisses. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Pegi Taylor

    OMG Taylor . . . congratulations on your gigantic achievement! One million hits on your blog is so awesome!! I’m still laughing at the fact that this one single post has more than 400 posts on it . . . and counting.

    I think my favorite PaperTrey set is the one with the lady bugs. Those little bugs are so cute.

    Big stamping hugs from me and Willow and Izzy.


  • Novell

    Taylor, congratulations on hitting this benchmark! I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the next million hits!

  • 4Hounds

    Taylor–Congratulations!! A fellow Iowa girl making it big—MAJORLY big!! I love your blog, and the inspiration you so generously share with all of your fans–you are truly a gem. I would have to say that Holiday Treats is my favorite set, especially at this time of year…but don’t we all love ALL of PTI’s sets??? Congrats again–million number two isn’t far away, I’m sure!!
    Have a good day–Pam (4Hounds)

  • Crestajune

    My favorite is Snowflake Serenade. Congratulations on 1 million, How cool is that??!!

    Cresta W.

  • Sylvia

    My favorite set is Snowflake Serenade.

  • Val

    I hope I’m not to late to enter, but my favourite stamp set is Snowflake Serenade. In fact, I just ordered it! Congrats on your hits!!

  • itchsix

    Hi Taylor! Congratulations on such a successful blog. Looking at the number of comments anyone can tell that you have a huge following! Your talent is well known and appreciated!

    I like so many of the sets, but I love the Green Thumb set!

    Again, Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, Taylor! All time fav… Beautiful Blooms.

    Penny C.
    Gilroy, California

  • Andrea

    Congrats!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us!!

    I’d have to say that Holiday Treats is my favorite set from PaperTrey, though they all are wonderful!

    Andrea M

  • Mary

    My favorite set so far has to be Take a Bough. I love it. I love the versatility of it – of all the stamp sets actually.

    Congratulations on your blog success. I check it daily! I can’t wait to see what is in store for us this week!

  • c&k Bridges

    i Love LOVE love “Piece of Cake” because I not only love cake, but love the layered stamps. I also love adorable stamps for making Wedding cards.

  • Viv

    I love the Snowflake Serenade but they all are wonderful sets!
    Vivian Peters

  • Jen

    Wow to be honest with you I have too many to be able to choose a fav. I am continually grabbing these great stamps!

  • cindy

    I love the set with all the sayings!

  • Shannon

    My favorite has to be the Believe set. It is so simple and elegant!
    Shannon Eberhardt

  • jan farnworth

    i love the new one spiral bouquet and since i don;t own any i had to look at the other set i love the butterfly kisses one as well. I love reading your blog each day so inspiring.

    jan farnworth

  • Angela

    Beautiful Blooms is my favorite – but I have to say that just about all of them are my favs – they’re so versatile.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah! A party! I love Take a Bough!

    Kisa Peters, Oregon

  • isabel

    Congratulations! Oh how I love to start or end the day by enjoying your blog. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into it. You inspire me with your creativity. My favorite–that’s hard to say but I guess I’ll have to go with Holiday Treats. I love the three that I have so far so maybe it’s my favorite b/c it’s the one I’ve used recently:) Happy stamping!

  • Michelle Adams

    Beautiful Blooms is my favorite, so I sure hope I win! LOL! Thanks so much for all of the time and creativity you put into your blog…I really enjoy looking every day!
    Michelle Adams

  • JenMarie

    I don’t have any PT yet but look at them ALL the time, I have to say the new Spiral one is my fav for now!!
    Taylor ~ Congrats on the 1 million!!!
    I just L O V E your blog!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor: CONGRATULATIONS on hitting the million mark– your blog is one that I have to check out daily, gaining inspiration for fresh and clean design!!!
    I’d have to say that the Paper Tray set is my favorite, as I use the words constantly!!!
    Best Wishes on all of your future designs!!!
    DeborahLynneS (Debbie Saaranen)

  • Rochelle W

    Congrats Taylor!!!
    I like Butterfly Kisses

  • snarflemarfle

    Just one favorite PTI set? I would have to say Little Lady…those lady bugs are just adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Happy 1,000,000 hits. no surprise there, as you are the first place i got to each day.

    my favorite papertrey set is the ladybug set. have made numerous cards and loved seeing other examples, especially when they thought out of the box and used colors other than red/black.

    Susanne Sorensen

  • Renee

    My favorite set is Holiday treats! So useful for me! Happy Blogging! I love to come here!
    Renee Clark

  • Kyla Leanhart

    Just onefavorite – I love them all. They have yet to put out a stamp set I don’t like!!!

    Kyla Leanhart

  • memphisrobin@yahoo.com

    Congrats!! What an accomplishment, and well deserved! You have been blessed with a wonderful talent and we all appreciate your sharing it with us. So many sets…would like to get into monogramming, so that set would be next on my list.

  • Wackie

    Mine at the moment is Holiday Treats. going to be using it alot this next month.
    Jackie DAvis

  • Kheila

    You do the most amazing art work with your stamps and gorgeous designs!! I check our blog daily and always get inspired!! I would have to say butterfly kisss….that’s hard! Oh, I would LOVE to win!!

  • Cheri

    Congrats on a million! Way to go! My favorite is still Green Thumb!

  • Alison Molumby

    Holy cow… a million??!! Congrats! Thanks for the super candy op too! My favorite Papertrey set of the moment is the new Spiral Bouquet. I’m also on the Holiday Treats bandwagon.

  • Colleen, PA

    Hi! My name is Colleen and I just adore all of your creations! My favorite Papertrey Ink stamp set is Holiday Treats because I just LOVE making nugget boxes/treats for gifts. I have soooo much fun!

  • Nicki Lundeen

    My favorite right now is Little Lady – however, I cannot wait to receive the new sets I just ordered that debuted the 15th. Also, I am dying to have the Holiday Treats set…I love your site, it is one of my daily habits. Can’t start my day without checking out your site to see the latest and greatest creation!

    Nicki Lundeen

  • Kelly Hornsby

    WOW… 1 million. Congratulations! Gotta love Green Thumb, thats my favorite.

  • Angie

    Wow!!! Congrats on your hits! This is an awesome way for everyone to get to share in your celebration!! My favorite is Spiral Bouquet. Party on!

  • Tracy

    Hope I’m not too late to play. I love the Holiday Treats set from PaperTrey. Congratulations on 1 million. Wow! That’s Awesome. ~Tracy

  • Tracy

    WOOHOO Taylor, 1 million, wowzers!! That is so awesome. Yur site is so fun to visit it was only a matter of time!

  • Melissa

    Like many others, my favorite Papertrey set is Holiday Treats right now.
    Great blog, no wonder it has so many visitors!
    Melissa Gregg

  • Christine Ousley

    Congrats on your hits. What an awesome party. I love Papertrey Ink. I love all of the samples that you made.

  • kelly

    My favorite set is the believe set.

  • Kamie

    I’d love one of everything from the Papertrey site!If I had to pick a favorite right now it would be Believe. Love the tree and Santa!

    TFS! :0) Kamie

  • Gretchen

    That is a hard one, I love all the sets, but right now I would have to say I am really using my Holiday Treats set. It really makes beautiful holiday gifts

    congrats on the 1 million mark!
    -Gretchen Clark

  • Anonymous

    I really can’t pick one as I love so many of them.
    But I will say “Green Thumb” if I have to pick. Congratulations and keep up the great job. Your blog is outstanding. Hugs n Stuff, Lynne Hurlburt

  • Cheryl Horton

    I think I would have to say Holiday Treats is my favorite. Just so versatile.

  • Heather's Haven

    Hi! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the set with the bough and the ornaments. I’ve seen SO many fantastic cards made with that. I also like the “believe” set. It’s super cute. My name is Heather Rodecap and I’m addicted to paper crafting and PROUD of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jen cozz

    That’s tough one but I think Piece of Cake is my favorite so far (don’t have it yet!). And congrats on a million hits!

  • Karen Sullivan

    WOW – a million – what a ginormous milestone. I think my current favorite PTI set is Eat Cake – but my fav changes monthly!

  • Anna Zuniga

    Congrats on the “million”… my favorite Paper trey Ink is the ladybug set. I can’t think of what it is called. but I love it! Thanks for a great blog… anna

  • Susan S

    I absolutely LOVE beautiful blooms.
    Just received it this week. Haven’t yet had a chance to play, but all the artwork I have seen has been stunning.

    Congrats on your blogging success.

  • Expressions of a Creative Mind

    WOW! To Already reach 1M hits…you go girl. Well, my most fav set is Green Thumb, which was my 1st set.
    BTW, thanks so much for all you do Taylor…Sara H

  • Bonnie aka raduse

    Congrats Taylor. That is so cool the Papertrey ladies donated the two sets also.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Taylor!
    Holiday Treats for sure–love the Christmas season!
    Lois H

  • Cathy Dafoe

    Congrats Taylor!! Your blog rocks! My favourite PT set is borders and corners, that is the one I turn to most!!! Have a great week and keep up the amazing work.
    Thanks Cathy Dafoe

  • debbiedee

    I love them all! Right now I am waiting for Holiday Treats to come available so I can get it.
    Congratulations on one millions hits! WOW! I love your blog and have been inspired by your projects many times.

  • Anonymous

    You have a great blog!! I love the PaperTrey set called Believe; love the tree, the santa, the dove, the expressions. Congrats on your milestone.
    Patricia C. in Idaho

  • Cathy I.

    Congrats Taylor!!! My favorite has to be Beautiful Blooms even though I don’t have it!!! It’s on my list for someday!!! Keep up the wonderful work – I wish you continued success.
    Cathy (stamper-c)

  • Donna

    Hi Taylor! Wow, I’m excited for you! And what a nice give-away! PaperTrey is quickly becoming my fav stamp company. I love the way that Nicole provides tips, so that my projects have a professional look. Beautiful Blossoms is on the top of my wish list right now. Again, Congratulations to you!

  • Anonymous

    Extremely difficult to pick ONE! But I think the Borders & Corners sets could be used for a number of projects. I LOVE PaperTreyInk! I have not gotten any stamp sets yet but have ordered different packaging items and I love them.
    Ilene B.

  • cimbaro

    My favorite PaperTrey stamp set is Little Lady.

    Sandy Cimbaro

  • Debbie Yates

    As a Buffalo girl (originally) I would have to say Snowflake Serenade…reminds me of home! Congrats on the million mark…God bless

  • chriss b (chriss58 on scs)

    I love florals and the Beautiful Blossoms would have to be my choice!

  • Anonymous


    My favorite set is the new Beautiful Blooms!!!! So, pick me, pick me!!!! ;o)


  • Holly S

    Congratulations Taylor! Can’t wait to see today’s cupcake! My favorite is Piece of Cake…

  • Dana

    That’s a hard choice but I’d have to say Holiday Treats. I wish I had it. I love your blog. It’s inspirational! Congrats on the million!
    Dana L

  • JoAnna Goodman

    Hi, Taylor! My favorite stamp set from Papertrey is Holiday Treats. I have gotten so many uses out of it!

  • niccole-k

    Congrats on 1 million :o)

    My favorite Papertrey set is probably Text Box. It is hard to pick just one … I love them all :o)

    Congrats once agian ~

  • Jenny

    My favorite stamp set has to be Snowflake Serenade. Of course, it is really hard to choose considering they have such awesome stamps.

    Congrats on all the hits!! And thanks for sharing all your beautiful, hard work.


  • Jana Weaver

    It’s hard to name a favorite, I love them all!!! So far, my favorite would have to be spooky treats because it’s so much fun and I love Halloween.

    Congrats on such an awesome milestone!! That’s awesome!

  • Anouk

    I love them all, but at the moment my fav is Believe. Love that tree. Congratulations, and thanks so much for the oppertunity to win some fabulous candy.

  • Barb T (Scs btexpress)

    Congrats on the million. I love all the sets that Paper trey has,
    but I think I love the Snowflake
    Serinade but I don’t have it yet.
    Love your blog and candy of course.
    Barb T

  • skyviewstamper

    I love your blog! You are always inspiring!! You ROCK!! Congrads on the million hits!! I love ALL the sets but my favorite is the snowflakes! You can do so many things with that set!! As you can all of them!

    Kathy J

  • Anonymous

    Well, so far I only have Green Thumb (which I do love) but I just ordered both monogram sets and the B&C Monogram Edition and I’m so looking forward to receiving those. And even though I didn’t get Spriral Bouquet yet, all the projects I’ve seen have me wishing for it too–maybe for Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    congrats on the million! i always enjoy reading your blog and getting great ideas. It’s too hard to pick just one PT stamp set that is my favorite but if I have to pick one it’s probably the snowflake serenade.
    thanks for the fun contests!

  • Lynette Neus

    Thanks for a great blog, Taylor! I really wanted to meet you when you were at the Mall of America in September, but we were out of town. My favorite PaperTrey set is Beautiful Blooms and I’d LOVE to have another set to give as a gift!


  • jcmcmt

    Taylor…I just love your creations! Right now I am totally loving the idea of the monogram stamps with the Borders and Corners. I can’t wait to try them out.

  • Heather B

    One Million! WOW. How long have you been blogging? I think Snowflake Serenade is my fav.
    Heather B

  • Vicky

    Well done! It’s not surprising with all that you share that you have reache the million mark. My favorite set is Spiral Bouquet.


  • Scrap for Joy

    I read your blog every day and especially love Cupcake Friday. My favorite Papertreyink set is Believe.
    Joyce Gleason

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on such a tremendously successful blog! I am a frequent visitor (daily) and have been inspired many times! My favorite set is Spiral Bouquet (even though I don’t have it yet!) Again, congrats and keep up the awesome work!
    Heidi B.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite set is Believe. I think we all need to believe. It is such an awesome set. I also love your blog. Check it everyday.
    Dawn B.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, that’s a hard one. I would have to say the Holiday Treats is my favorite right now. Love your blog, look forward to it every day.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Taylor! I love reading your blog every morning. It’s hard to choose a favorite Papertrey set, but I think I have to go with Little Lady. I love that Lady Bug.

  • HB

    Congrats Taylor! 1 Million!?!?!! WOW!
    My fav set if I have to pick one (which is hard) would be Green Thumb.

  • annheidel

    Holiday Treats is my favorite. I love how versatile it is for making homemade things look fantastic. Unfortunately, I don’t have it yet! LOL


  • Anonymous

    I love your work! My favorite stamp set is Green Thumb.

    Jenifer Palmer

  • Cris Z

    I guess it had to be the very first one that caught my attention, that I had to have it. That set was Green Thumb. I just love it. And congrats on the huge number of hits. I think your blog was the first one I started reading!

  • Susan

    My favorite set has to be faux ribbon–so versatile. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations with us!

  • Rachel

    I think I have to pick the Borders & Corners set, just because it is so versatile.

    A million hits is amazing! Congratulations!

  • Linda Collins

    I love the butterfly kisses set, the images are so versatile and yet unique.

  • Mary Campbell

    Congrats on the big number of hits. You have an awesome blog. My favorite set is Believe. Love all the sets. Thanks for the great give away. Mary Campbell

  • MJ

    How cool is that! Congratulations on the hits, your blog is so awesome (obviously since you have that many hits)! My favorite set right now is Piece of Cake. There are a few I really love but I have been wanting this one for a bit! Thanks.

  • Kathy D

    Congratulations, Taylor!!!

    My favorite Papertrey set is whatever set you are showcasing! Your work is so inspirational. I have to pick just one? Hmmm…right now I think I would have to say Piece of Cake because it looks so yummy.

  • janice

    good morning!
    i really enjoy reading this blog and pop over here every day before work. i love the friday “cupcake” day theme, glad it was resurrected! LOL
    my favorite set is Piece of Cake.
    my daughter is a pastry chef that is getting married and we think that set is the *icing* she needs to make her thank you cards! it is very pretty. i haven’t any clear stamps, but i am tempted to try with this set!

  • Jill

    Green Thumb is my fav. Congrats on the hits. Your blog is one of my must haves daily or when google reader says update ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jen

    Congrat’s Taylor on your 1 million hits. I love your blog and it is one of the many I check daily.
    My favorite Paper Trey set would be Spooky sweets, I just love Halloween stamps. I truly do love all of their sets though and am amazed at how different and versatile each set is.

    Jen Booth

  • Samantha

    Hi, Taylor! I have to say that I love visiting your blog and seeing all the fantastic cards and projects you make! My home-town is Pasadena, and I miss it so much!!

    My favorite PaperTrey stamp set would have to be the Green Thumb set. It has the cutest little bug stamps!!

  • Carol Scheevel

    Yeah Taylor. Congrats! Opening the papertrey gallery this morning was so fun! Love the new sets! My favorite PaperTrey set so far is Snowflake Serinade (even though I don’t have it yet.) GAWGEOUS! Of the ones I have already, my favorite is Faux Ribbon because of how great all those sentiments are in our SU punches! Can’t live without that set. Carol Scheevel

  • Anonymous

    Favorite set….i have to pick just one?….I think i will go with faux ribbon….but i love all the ones i have and wish i had!

    congrats on 1 million! i love your blog and your style!


  • toners

    Taylor, CONGRATULATIONS!! Your blog is so inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite set from Papertrey is Snowflake Serenade. Thanks for the chance to play along! And congrats again on this huge milestone! ((hugs))

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WOW!! You’re officially a stamping celebrity. Watch out for the paparazzi! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My favorite PTI stamp set is Green Thumb, although you know that’s like picking your favorite child. I love them all equally *she said in her best mom voice* Thanks for your wonderful inspiration. Can’t wait for the next million!

  • Amelia Harris

    I love your Blog!! I have never purchased a PT stamp! I know it is horrible cuz everything you create with them is always so darn cute! Congrats on the Mil btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tejal

    Wow! Congrats on the huge milestone! Thanks for such a fabulous giveaway…without a doubt my favorite set would be the snowflake serenade..just gorgeous


  • Erin K

    Love your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite is Little Lady. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle Schissler

    Hi Taylor,

    Congrats on a million hits. Your blog is so Awesome and so is your work. My favorite Papertrey set is Spooky Sweetsjust edging out Holiday Treats by a HAIR. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I love making gifts for people. The possibilities are endless:)

  • melissa roth

    I am in awe of your amazing talents! A million hits is truly phenomenal. I love Snowflake Seranade for this time of year:)

  • Dawn Thomas

    My all time favorite stamp set is the Snowflake Serenade. I love how classic, and clean it is. The font for the words is spectacular.
    One million blog hits, awesome job!

    Dawn Thomas

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on the 1 mil mark!

    My favorite Papertrey set is Faux Ribbon – I use those phrases ALL of the time!

    Janette R

  • jodie

    Spooky Treats is my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies and congratulations!

  • Erin A.

    Your work is beautiful. I can see why you have had over a million hits! My favorite set is Little Lady!

  • Mary

    CONGRATS! Wowzers! Um…I really like “Believe,” mostly because the santa can hold things – how cool is that?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Whitney

    Congrats! I love holiday treats. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  • Anonymous

    I would have to say that my favorite is Faux ribbon right now. Honestly though I secretly love them all. Oh pick me, pick me!
    Chris Hauck

  • Sharon

    Congratulations! Here’s to the next million. My favorite set will have to be Spiral Bouquet.

  • janet d.

    I like the green thumb set. Congratulations on your first million! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  • Claudia

    HI Taylor! My favorite Papertrey set is Borders & Corners because it is so versatile. Congrats on your million hits! I love your latest cards and your wonderful blog. Keep up the good work!
    Claudia Piegdon

  • Linda SS

    Congrats to you – what an achievement, and well deserved I might add!!! I love all of Nichole’s stamp sets but my favorite has always been Green Thumb. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  • Susan Liles susiestampalot

    WOW, girl!! one million? have you really thought about that? really? it’s CRAZY!! you are on fire!! as far as my favorite set, i still love Little Lady–so versatile and cute!! i love you, mr. random…kisses!!

  • Linzy

    Congratulations, Taylor!
    My favorite PT set would have to be little lady…just so cute!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor, The Spiral Bouquet is my absolute favorite. It will definitely be on my Christmas wish list!

    Thank you for all the cool ideas! My creative juices flow everytime I see one of your special creations!

    Joey Thomas

  • Ghazal(ghazal_31005@yahoo.com)

    Congrats Taylor, how many zero does 1 million have?!
    I love the stamp sets from PaperTrey. My favorite set is Spiral Bouquet, and the cards you did with that set are awesome.

  • chinamomxtwo

    I guess it would be Little Lady–would love to win these sets! kinda tight $’s right now but coveting them in the biggest way! LOL

  • Mercy

    i love, love, love snowflake serenade! snowflakes are my fave thing about winter…and the word font is simply yummy!

    congrats on the 1M…love your blog and your to-die-for creations!

  • Michelle

    I love the Spiral Bouquet set the best – Love the look of the flowers and the sentiments are beautiful -Congratultions on reaching 1,000,0000! I really enjoy reading your blog!
    Michelle Mathey

  • Jolene

    Congrats on your hits! My favorite set is Take a Bough! Thanks for sharing your adorable creations!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is snowflack serenade or holiday treats!!! Congrats on 1 mill and thank you for always being so kind and answering any questions!!!



  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Taylor!
    So far, I don’t have any Papertrey stamps, because I want ALL of them and can’t decide which ones I want first!!! Today, the one I like the most is Piece of Cake!


  • amber b

    Argh! Favorite ONE stamp set? I really LOVE the Butterfly Kisses, if I had to only pick one…

    Congratulations on the milestone Taylor! I love getting up in the morning and waking up to reading your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    How fun is this! I really like surfing the blogs and yours is in my favourites list. It’s hard for me to pick a fav, but I guess it would be Butterfly Kisses. Next is Beautiful Blooms. Thanks Taylor!
    Karen Rose

  • Heather

    Thanks for your great blog. I really enjoying visiting it everyday. My favorite is Butterfly kisses.


  • Heather

    Wow, 1 million! That’s so wonderful. I think may favorite set has to be Little Lady set.

    Heather (stampingwithheather@gmail.com)

  • Anonymous

    Snowflake Serenade !!!


  • a-grimsley

    Congrats Taylor! My favorite set is believe-I love the old world santa! As always keep up the good work!

  • Amanda

    I think I still go back to Green Thumb frequently. It offers so many card possibilities.

    Congrats on your accomplishments. You inspire.
    Thanks for your generous offers…

  • Dianna

    Congrats on the milestone. My favorite set is Faux Ribbon.

  • Virginia

    My favorite would be Piece of Cake! It’s so clever!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, 1 million hits, That is fabulous. My favorite Papertrey stamp set is the Beautiful Blooms, but I love the new Sprial Bouqet set also.
    JoAnn B.

  • Mary

    Wow, congrats on your milestone! And THANKS to you and your “sponsors” for all the (sure to be fabulous) prizes! Fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s hard to pick one fave, but I do love the sentiments in and the cleverness of the Piece of Cake set…


  • Alanna

    Congrats on the hits! My favorite Papertrey set would have to be Take a bough…

  • Michelle H.

    Love Green Thumb! Congrats on your blog!

  • Nancy H.

    I love your site with all of your great stamped items. Keep the ideas coming.

    My favorite Papertey set is Holiday treats. Once I decided that I needed the set, I can’t get it because it is sold out. I will be ordering soon though. Love the clear card boxes too.

  • ~Carla~ www.moralia.wordpress.com

    Congrat’s on all the hits.. wow!! ๐Ÿ™‚ My fave set is Green Thumb!!! So cute!

  • Melody (lacyquilter)

    Congrats on your milestone. Your samples are all fabulous. It’s a toss-up between beautiful blooms and spiral bouquet – but all your gorgeous samples are really pushing my in the direction of spiral bouquet.

  • Anne

    Congratulations on your blog hits. I love the new Spiral
    Bouquet and I can’t wait to purchase and play with it.

  • Lori

    Congrats on 1 million! My favorite set is Little Lady! I was just playing with it tonight. So cute!

  • Debbie

    I’d say that “Believe” is my favorite cause I love the fonts and I’m a sucker for most anything Christmas. Though I must say that the “Spiral Bouquet” makes it VERY hard to choose just one favorite!

  • SusanH

    Right now I really like “Believe” – I love the Santa and that you can put different things in his hands!! And how many zeros is 1 million? Way to go!!!

    Susan Honeycutt

  • LorieR

    Can I only pick one?! Green Thumb is just too cute.

  • Sherrie

    WOW Taylor, just came over here to comment on your fab work with this new papertrey set….Nichole must just LOVE you! Congrats on all those hits, there is a good reason why…you rock! My favorite PT set is the Beautiful Blooms, I also own Piece of cake….so if random gen. chooses me, please run it again, just wanted to commend you on your work!

  • Terri Trotter Earley

    I love them all, but my favorite is butterfly kisses! Love it!!

    Congrats on 1,000,000 hits. It is sure one of my stops each day.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • julie_reardon

    super hard to make a choice ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think I’d have to say Butterfly Kisses

    thanks for all you share and congratulations!

  • Kathyc on SCS

    Hi Taylor! Congratulations on your 1,000,000th hit! At the time of my post there are almost 3000 more than that already! I think my favorite set is Butterfly Kisses, although I love the holiday ones too; I’ve bought sets with every release so far; with samples like yours, how can I resist??!!

  • katrina

    Congratulations..Taylor..What a milestone.

    I am totally loving the spiral bouquet set.

  • My name is Michelle

    Oh my oh my how to choose. I own so many of them!!! I would have to say Holiday Treats. I am a Cristmas girl and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set. Congrats on the million mark. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to add a counter to my blog.


  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Faux Ribbon! And I would LOVE to win the 2 sets you are giving away! Probably the only 2 I didn’t buy yet! Your blog rocks!


  • JoAnna

    Crongrats!!!! How exciting for you!!! I love Papertrey’s Butterfly Kisses set, very pretty.


  • angela

    love your blog! congrats!
    I still love green thumb.

  • Alison W

    So hard to pick but I have to say spooky sweets since I LOVE halloween and had so much fun creating with that set this year!

  • Shelly

    Wow, congrats on your million, that is amazing! My favorite set is an older one, Green Thumb. Would love to own some more, esp. Piece of Cake! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!

  • Bevie Pearl

    Hi Taylor,
    congratulations on your millionth post.
    My favorite stamp set is :
    Snowflake Serenade

  • Jen

    Hi! I don’t have any papertrey items, but I LOVE looking at your blog! It’s so awesome to see you creations.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Tayor! Your blog is so inspirational. Thanks for all the hard work. My favorite Papertrey Stamp set is Little Lady, I just love the ladybug, so cute.

    Pattie Brown

  • Estivalia

    I don’t own any PTI sets yet, but my favourite images are the Beautiful Blooms one, so I really hope I win this one!!

    Estivalia C.

  • Tracy Durcan

    Wow! Your projects are gorgeous!! I think my favorite set is the new Spiral Bouquet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    My favorite Papertrey set is Faux Ribbon. I really do like all of them though. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jennifer Batchelor

  • Carolyn

    Hi, there are several sets that I like but the new spiral bouquet is what I’m lovin right now.

    Carolyn S.

  • leenda

    CONGRATS on your blog success! You’re artwork ROCKS! My favorite PT set is the Ladybugs.

    Linda Carson

  • Dawn B

    My favorite set is Butterfly kisses.
    Thanks for throwing such a wonderful “party”.
    Dawn Brown

  • Tammi-LotRFan

    Congrats!! Wow! Love your newest creations. My favorite set would probably be Snowflake Serenade, with Holiday Treats a VERY close second!

  • Anonymous

    congratulations on the success of your blog! Your work is always great and so inspiring! My favorite papertrey stamp set is the new borders and corners for the monograms.


  • Danita

    Wow, Taylor, Congrats on a million!! Thanks for the candy! I still love PaperTrey’s Butterfly Kisses.

    dmoberley AT gmail DOT com

  • Dawn K.

    I love the Believe set. Santa’s are my favorite!

    Dawn K.

  • canben

    I’d have to definitely say Butterfly Kisses! I love the different options!

  • Melissa

    One million?! That’s fantastic!

    My favorite would have to be Believe….

    Many Blessings,
    Melissa Kaufman

  • sus

    wowzers!!! congrats taylor on 1 million hits!!!! my favorite set is faux ribbon. i love the sentiments and versatility to make any shaped border. thanks for sharing your beautiful work.


  • Suzy

    My favorite set has to be Butterfly Kisses – the paisley butterfly is my favorite stamp in the world. I just stare at it sometimes. In awe.

  • Shelley ~ photocropper

    WOW ~ 1 milion hits! Very cool Taylor! I guess my fav set would be Holiday Treats! Very cool idea that set was!!!

  • LReneeC

    Taylor…Thanks for the consistent inspiration on your blog – you’re awesome! My favorite PaperTrey set at the moment is Piece of Cake. I don’t have it so I’d love to be your winner! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Laura

  • Littlekel90

    Wow, Taylor!! This is terrific, and what a turn out! I totally adore PaperTrey stamps, although I am probably the only one from SCS who doesn’t own one of their sets YET–I say YET! ๐Ÿ™‚ My fave right now is Snowflake Serenade! I can’t wait until after Christmas to be able to buy that set (watching my spending until January).

  • Theresa

    I think my favorite set is Snowflake Serenade….or maybe it’s Green Thumb…that was my first papertrey set….I love SNOWFLAKE SERENADE! I hope I win!!!

  • Peggy Maier

    Congratulations Taylor!!! What a milestone! You have a great blog & I’m not surprised with all those hits! I guess my favorite Paper Trey set would be the Butterfly Kisses. Thanks for a chance to play along.

  • Jane Robinson

    I love so many of the PaperTrey sets but one of my favorites is Little Lady. Our daughter’s nickname is Ladybug so I love all things with a ladybug theme (BTW she’s now 23 years old but still our Ladybug!). Thanks for the great giveaway Taylor!

    Jane Robinson

  • JulieAnn

    Koodos! You go girl!! I am SO excited that you informed me of your party…you have a lot of friends! =) Anyway…I’m not sure which stamp set I like best b/c don’t know what they are…but if I were to choose I would say that anything with wildflowers and cowboy hats are great! Also, maybe a HOPE set? Or anything that is super girly, and from Italy or France or something! That’s all!!! Keep up the great work, and remember I am still available for hire! =)

  • Sherrie

    That’s a hard question…but right now it is probably Holiday Treats. Thanks!!

  • dkd

    Congratulations, Taylor! I like the Holiday Treats stamp set. I’m new to your blog but I’m loving it.
    Thanks, Diane

  • kristi

    faux ribbon. and i’ve been wanting piece of cake!!!! congrats on the hits!! {kribss}

  • Nicole Steele

    I like Spiral Bouquet and Snowflake Serenade. I’m waiting for it to come back in stock!

  • LouBelle

    I really like the Beautiful Blooms set—but I haven’t purchased it yet. The set that I have used the most is Holiday Treats

  • Dawn

    My favorite Papertrey set is Green Thumb – although I love EVERY set! Congrats on 1 million hits. I love to come check out your blog – your creations are always so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your work.

  • Susannk

    Congrats on the one Million hits!!
    How cool is that. I love reading your blog especially look forward to cupcake fridays and some of your craft show creations you do a beautiful job.
    I love most of the Papertrey sets but have not got a lot of them as of yet but I do have Holiday Treats so I will pick that one as my favorite.

  • Karen G

    Congrats on 1 Million! I love your blog and all your samples. Very inspiring! My favorite Papertrey set is Holiday Treats. Love the wrapped candy. Thanks so much for all your inspiration Taylor!

  • Julie W

    I don’t have it yet, but I am really looking forward to getting Spiral Bouquet.

    Congrats on 1 million!!


  • Rhiannon

    I would have to say my fave is Holiday Treats. I love to give handmade gifts around the Holidays, and this seems to be so perfect for that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats on the ONE MILLION hits! Too cool!!

  • loves2stamp

    Congrats! I love you blog!!!! I am really loving the monogram set they came out with but all of he sets are great!!!

  • Linda Thornton

    My favorite is Green Thumbs, especially the sentiments. I use them all the time. Congrats on the milestone – I really enjoy your blog.


  • SueB

    Congrats on the 1m hits, Taylor!

    My favorite PAPERTREYink stamp set is without a doubt the Green Thumb … but that Take a Bough set has been calling to me!

    Fingers are crossed, now!
    later, alligator!

    Sue B of sueblondin.blogspot.com

  • anni

    Wow, a million hits! Congratulations!!

    My favorite Paper Trey set would have to be Green thumb.
    Love your blog!

  • Stephanie

    Your blog is one of the first I visit each day! You are such an inspiration! Congratulations on the million hits!

    My favorite PTI set is Believe!

    Best wishes for a million more!

  • NC

    Congrats Taylor! What a milestone!
    My favorite PTI set is Spiral Bouquet, which has knocked Little Lady to second place! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Melissas

    I love the Spiral Bouquet set, but also Green Thumb. Congrats on 1M hits! That’s truly impressive, but your work is beautiful so it’s not surprising ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing

  • Michelle Nadraszky

    Wow! Congratulations Taylor! That is sooo exciting – dang!

    I love visiting your blog daily, you are truly a source of inspiration.

    My favorite Papertrey Ink stamp set has got to be Snowflake Serenade.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor! Congrats on 1,000,000!! I love your PTI samples this month. I came here first thing this morning to see your samples! My favorite PTI set is either Snowflake Serenade or Holiday Treats. I use them both all the time, especially with the holidays coming. I am not surprised that you hit 1 million hits. I can’t even tell you how many times I have come here to get inspired. Thank you so much for such an incredible blog!

    Jennifer S

  • Anonymous

    My favorite right now is the Text Boxed because of the versatality of the stamps, although Piece of Cake is running close to Text Boxed. Thank you.

    Riza A.

  • Karen Z

    My favorite Papertrey set is (very hard to decide, but…) Holiday Wishes! It just reflects so many sentiments that I’d been looking for for Christmas, but couldn’t find previously! Thanks for sharing Taylor!

  • Deepa

    Hi Taylor,

    Congratulations on your HUGE milestone – keep up the great work! I check back often for inspiration and every time I am amazed! My favorite stamp set is “Text Boxed” – very elegant!


  • MWIT

    Wow! Congrats on this awesome milestone! This isn’t just any old party – this is one big bash! My favorite PT set is Green Thumb. Love your blog and apparently everyone else does too!

  • Melodie K

    Amazing! both you and your number of hits! Congratulations! I love to visit your blog! My favorite papertrey stampset would have to be beautiful blooms!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jenn Grix

    Congrats on hitting a million. I love the site. My favorite right now is Take a Bough and Snowflake Serenade due to the holiday season.

  • Kelley

    My fav. would have to be Holiday Treats…I love creating gifts to give to others. Congrats! I always turn to your blog for inspiration…Thanks!

  • Sheila

    I LOVE Holiday Treats – totally versatile and makes adorable gifts! Congrats on hitting a million – now if you only had a dollar for each hit ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Martha

    My favorite is Green Thumb. Love that little strawberry!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor! Congrats on the 1 million hits!! My favorite PaperTrey stamp set is Butterfly Kisses but I love them all!!!!!
    Ruth :o)

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on your hits!!!! I love the Beautiful Blooms Set. I just LOVE flowers!!!!


  • Krista L

    1 MILLION, WOW. Well not to many of us can say that we have reached a million, hits…good for you.
    My favorite PaperTrey set is Butterfly kisses, so in love with them.
    Looking forward to your week long celebration.

  • Lori Craig

    OK…my favorite Papertrey set is Green Thumb…LOVE it! Congratulations, Taylor!

  • Sharon (notimetostamp)

    Happy 1 million, Taylor — AMAZING!!!! My favorite Papertrey set is the one (don’t know the name) with that lovely tree and old world Santa with no hands — LOVE HIM!!!! BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS!!!

  • Janine

    I love the new Spiral Bouquet set…it’s on my list to buy!

  • scfranson

    Congratulations, you have a wonderful blog ! My favorite is Take a Bough because I designed the saying for one of the stamps for Papertrey in a contest they had.

  • Wendy L.

    It is hard topick just one. I’d have to say Green Thumb. I love that one best, if I must pick. Thanks so much and congratulations.
    Wendy L.

  • Anonymous

    I love them all but right now i love the Holiday treats!
    Thanks for letting us play…Elizabeth Glass

  • Jenn in GA

    Taylor, 1million is so impressive, but you share so generously that I’m not all that surprised! I have to choose just 1 set? I have to say that the latest, spiral bouquet, is my favorite.

    Jenn Nahrstadt

  • Melanie aka Batgirl

    congrats on the hits! party time woohoo! lol. I love the new cake set! (which I need to get grr)! lol. Thanks for a chance!

  • Kathy M

    I just ordered my first PTI sets last night at their release – Borders & Corners Monogram Edition and Ambassador Edition. I am anxiously waiting to get my hands on the Holiday Treats set, too. I love all the projects that I’ve seen using their sets. – Kathy M.

  • Anonymous

    wow, you do have a great following. I would havr to say that right now, my favorite set is the Holiday Treats set. I think it is pure genious!

    lynn whelan

  • Carolynn aka Cornellian

    Woo Hoo! Congratulations on your milestone. You have been such an inspiration to me…not just for stamping but on the not so glamorous stuff like taking good pictures. My favorite set is Butterfly Kisses because it is so pretty and makes it a snap to make an elegant card. Cheers!

  • JFaas

    Do I have to just pick one? I really love them all, but I love the holiday treats right now…it’s that time of the year!! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations…I love your blog and visit daily. Congrats!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love Holiday Treats! Thanks for all the inspiration you provide Taylor!–Penny M.

  • Stacey

    It is sooo hard to pick just one! I would probably have to go with Snowflake Serenade. Thanks for your continual inspiration!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all your great ideas. My favorite set is Holiday Treats!!

    Kori P

  • Debora

    Though I rarely comment, I read your blog regularly. I love your style! But I can’t pass up this chance, so here I go! I really like the Snowflake Serenade set…I am a sucker for snowflakes. Keep up the good work!

  • Katie

    Congrats on reaching 1 million, Taylor! My fave Papertrey set is Paper Tray. Hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tami

    My favorite set is either Holiday Treats or the Ladybug set (of course I don’t own either). The only one I own is PaperTray–which I love because I can make a card say pretty much anything!

  • Leann

    Wow, Taylor! Congrats on 1 million! It is so hard to choose, but I love Snowflake Serenade.

  • Susan C.

    Wow – how exciting! Congratulations! I love your blog!! Regarding your “trick” question (they are all favorites!!) I have to say so far I have used the snowflakes the most. I am a sucker for snowflake and flower stamps. Just can’t get enough of them!!! Thanks for sharing! I hope you do know how much we all appreciate the inspiration we get from you!

  • Jennie M.

    Congrats on one million Taylor!! My favorite PT set is Spooky Sweets! I used it a ton over Halloween, it is so cute!

  • ~Lana B.~

    Congrats on such a beautiful blog full of such beautiful artwork! I keep up w/ you daily on google reader. My fav PTI set would have to be Holiday Treats. So easy to use! Thanks for all you do.
    ~Lana B.~
    lanastamps on SCS

  • Cathy

    Congrats on 1 Million! WOW how cool! You know how to treat your readers to celebrate this sweet milestone! Love your samples. My favorite PaperTrey is Spiral Bouquet. Thanks for a chance.

  • susieb88

    Congratulations Taylor! You are AWESOME! I would have to choose “Believe” as my favorite stamp set because I am working on my holiday cards. Thanks for the chance to win such great stamps!

  • Becky

    I love all the papertrey sets! Right now my favorite is Holiday treats.

    Congrats on 1 million hits!


  • Jenn

    Congrats on the 1 million mark – that is HUGE!

    I think my fave PTI set must be Holiday Treats!

  • Amy

    I love all of the Papertrey sets, but I get the most use out of Faux Ribbon because the sentiments are just the right size for almost everything.

  • Pat S.

    Hi Taylor! Congratulations on 1,000,000!!! It has been fun helping you get there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for offering Papertrey…WOW!

    My favorite stamp set has been, and still is, Beautiful Blooms.

  • Lisa Bukata

    Yours is the first blog I check every day–your work is an inspiration. I love both Green Thumb and Paper Tray–I find I can make just about anything I need with those 2 sets!

  • Shannon Erskine

    Congrats Taylor! I enjoy visiting your blog daily! My fave PTI set has to be Little Lady! Love it!

  • LeAnn K

    My favorite so far, is the very first one – Paper Tray. I love all I’ve purchased but use that one the most!

  • Jan Scholl

    I really like Green Thumb-my garden is down for the winter and I am hording bulbs and seeds for spring. I may have some herbs left.

    1 million lookies-pretty cool.

  • dini

    I think Spiral Bouquet is my new favorite! Congrats on all the hits, girl!


  • Chris

    I love their Ambassador monogram set. I am getting married and am using monograms all the time! Thanks!

  • Leslie Springer

    Congrats on one million hits! that is Awesome. Just love your blog. I have had my eyes on the new release of Spiral Bouquet but there are others on my wish list too! Just let me know if you want my list!LOL

  • Regina Davis


    Congratulations! Your blog is fantastic, so I’m not surprised at all about 1,000,000+ hits.

    All PaperTrey stamps are spectacular, but my favorite is Snowflake Serenade.

    Regina (davisfamily4930@comcast.net)

  • Nancy

    Woo Hoo…congrats on 1 million hits! That is truely amazing! Your projects with the new PaperTrey release are beautiful! I have to say that the Spiral Bouquet is my favorite so far. Thank so much for the chance Taylor! Thank you for all of your inspiration! -Nancy P.

  • Scrappychick

    My favorite is either the new Spiral Bouquet or Butterfly Kisses…its a hard pick! But I do love Beautiful Blooms too, and I don’t have that one ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on the big milestone!
    my blog: https://www.scrappychick.typepad.com

  • Anonymous

    My new favorite Papertrey set is Spiral Bouquet. Congrats on 1 million hits. Your blog is one of my favs.
    Katie A.

  • rachel

    Congratulations Taylor!

    I simply adore Papertrey’s stamps, just haven’t been able to purchase any yet. My favorite is Holiday Treats–it’s Out of Stock currently. Bummer.

    -Rachel H.

  • Cat

    Taylor – no big surprises your blog has hit the 1M mark – everyone else must find it as wonderful as I do. I love your samples and ramblings ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite Papertrey set (this week) has gotta be Spiral Boquet, but Beautiful Blooms has been on my wish list for weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Daz

    I have to pick just one Papertrey set? I love them all, but if I had to pick one, based on use, it would have to be Believe. Congrats on your 1 million hits, by the way. Love your blog!!

  • Bridget

    Congrats Taylor, I love your blog and visit almost every day. Those two sets are on my wish list, so I hope I win! My favorite set, today, is Green Thumb, but who knows about tomorrow LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor, Congratulations on hitting 1,000,000!!! I love your designs, it’s no wonder you are so popular! My favorite Papertrey stamp set is Holiday Treats, although it’s really hard to choose just one!

  • msatch

    I have to say that Holiday Treats is my favorite right now. Though they are all awesome!

  • Latrice

    COngrats first of all!!!! 1 million holy crap girl. I would have to say my favorite paper trey set is the borders and corners monogram edition. Love these and I can’t wait to buy them. I’m looking to make some fun stationary for friends and family.

    I have to just say I’ve only met you a couple times and your such a great person. I hope we only get to know each other better. See you soon.


  • Kirsten

    Wow, Taylor! One million hits is amazing!!! My fave set is Green Thumb. Thanks for the give-away!

  • Melisa

    NO WAY could I name just one!!
    Love them all!
    Melisa ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jodi Rodriguez

    Congrats Taylor! You are so talented and I love reading your blog each morning. Sometimes I check it twice a day!!! I like the Green Thumb and Faux Ribbon set the best. Keep creating because you are so awesome!!!

  • Margaret

    My “favorite” PaperTrey stamp set is…Holiday Treats!!!

    CONGRATS!!! on your 1 million hits. Keep up the fantastic site.


  • Shelby

    My fave Papertrey set has to be Take a Bough. It’s just SO CUTE!!

    Congrats on your 1,000,000 hits and thanks for the chance to win!!

    Shelby M.

  • Emelyn

    Wow! A million! Congrats!

    Oh so hard to pick just one favorite, but by far Green Thumb is my most used. The versatility of that set is great!

    I can’t wait for the arrival of Spiral Bouquet though. Particularly because of the cards you created with it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Shawn O'Connell

    Hey Taylor! Congrats on your HUGE milestone!! I visit everyday and am always amazed and inspired. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all. My favorite PTI set would have to be Green Thumb… as I am a shoe fanatic (as well as stamping fanatic) and love the saying, “You can handle anything if you have the right shoes” sentiment! Use it ALL the time!! Thanx for the chance to win!!

  • Harriet Skelly

    Congratulations on hitting 1M! This is a very hard question to answer but after thinking a bit about it I’d say my favorite PT set is Text Box.
    Harriet (hskelly on SCS)


    Wow!!! I love Butterfly Kisses!! But I don’t own any Papertrey stamps yet!!! My birthday is next week though….
    Cheryl KVD

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on hitting 1 millon. My favoite set is Butterfly Kisses.


  • Anonymous

    Congrats on your blogging success! yours is the 1st blog I ever subscribed to, it’s a treat to visit everyday. Texted Box is my current fav but I can see Spiral Bouquet quickly becoming a new favorite. thanks for the chance to win great prizes!


  • Anonymous

    Spooky Treat is my fav as I love that nugget stamp and always want to use it. Thanks for a wonderful blog! Amanda Calloway

  • Staci

    Congrats Taylor! Your blog is awesome and I visit everyday at least once…LOL. I don’t have any PaperTrey stamps but they are all so pretty. I really like the new Spiral Bouquet and everything you did with it is beautiful as usual! Have a fun week!!

    Staci Lynch

  • Michelle

    Woohoo! Congrats on 1 million!
    I haven’t bought any PaperTrey yet, but I fell in love with the Spiral Bouquet and Snowflake Serenade stamps when I checked out the new releases last night!

  • darce

    This is my first post to your blog, too…I never miss a day of reading it, though! It’s soooo inspiring!

    My favorited PTI set??? Just ONE??? Hmmmmm….I think I will have to choose Holiday Treats! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • carolfun

    I’ve never left a comment before, but I wanted to tell you that you were the first card blog I ever stumbled across and I’ve been visiting your blog every day since. I love your cards and your sweet personality certainly comes shining through. You’ve enabled me to many enjoyable purchase and PaperTreyInk stamps are among them my favorite is the new Spiral Bouquet (of course eahc new release is my favorite!) — Congratulations you have a wonderful blog!

  • Heidi

    Wow! 1 Million hits! How awesome is that!? Congrats!

    My favorite PTI set without a doubt is Take a Bough! I absolutely love how I can put a sophisticated Christmas card together in minutes because of this unbelievable set!

  • Brenda

    Congrats on all the hits…wow, one million!! You go girl!! Thanks for sharing & for all the inspiration! My fave PaperTrey set is Snowflake Serenade. Thanks for this chance to win.
    ~Brenda H.

  • Meredith

    Congratulations on reaching 1 million hits. i would have to say the new Trajan Monogram Edition set would be my favorite. I can think of sooo many projects to use it for.
    Meredith C

  • ~*~Sandra~*~

    You make the greatest cards.

  • Jess V.

    Congrats on 1 million hits! My favorite set has to be Beautiful Blooms. Here is to a million more…Cheers!!

  • Lena Altman

    First off congratulations on 1 million hits. That just amazing! My favorite set is Snowflake Serenade — so elegant and beautiful. I have yet to buy any but need to soon. Thank you!!

  • Kerry J.

    Wow Taylor – 1 million! Love your blog!! I only own Take a Bough and love it – but I think my heart still belongs to Green Thumb, even if I don’t own it YET! Thanks for everything!

  • Patti Gingrich

    One Million! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Thanks for letting us share in your celebration Taylor. Of the sets I own, I would have the say Paper Tray is my favorite because of its versatility, but I am really looking forward to receiving Spiral Bouquet. And I just love the cards you designed with it! They are stunning!

  • Anne Marie

    Congrats on all the hits!! I would have to say my favorite would be Snowflake Serenade!

  • Dawn Rumin

    I JUST got the Holiday Treats set the other day and have to say that will be my go to set all the time!!! So many possibilities!!! What a great fun week this will be!
    Dawn R.

  • Momsnack

    Spiral Bouquet is gorgeous!
    Congrats on the hit!
    NancyS (momsnack)

  • Kenna

    My favorite Papertrey set is Snowflake Serenade. Congrats on One Million!!!

  • Rebecca

    Congratulations on reaching a million hits! It’s no surprise–your blog is great! My favorite set is Holiday Treats. I think it is such an ingenious way to use ordinary office supplies (i.e. Avery labels) to create beautiful, handmade gifts. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Ofiana

    Wow, congrats on 1 million! Well deserved! Your blog is fab! My favorite PaperTrey set is Spooky Sweets. I just love Halloween stuff and that one is very original!

  • Lisa

    OH wow – what a wonderful give-a-way!!
    My favorite PaperTrey set hands down has to be the Spooky Sweets one! I can’t help it I love no make that adore Halloween and I think I used this set up so much it will have to be retired (until next year that is).
    Thank you!!
    Lisa Rogers

  • Adoree

    Yes,You ARE 1-in-a-Million!
    My favorite is Little Lady…that was my first purchase from Papertrey…. and I haven’t stopped there, love ALL of the stamp sets!

  • donna calamari

    Congrats!! You are an awesome talent. My fave is Beautiful Blooms.

  • Shannon

    Congrats on 1 million hits that is amazing. My favorite PTI set would have to be Green Thumb as I have used it the most.

  • danielle

    I love the piece of Cake set. I’ve been eyeing it for quite awhile now!!!

  • Lynn

    Congrats on the 1 million hits!! My favorite PaperTrey Ink set is “Faux Ribbon” because of all the sentiments included with it. I find myself reaching for them a lot when making cards.

  • Steph J

    Congratulations! a million hits, i’ve only just hit 300 LOL!
    mine is snowflake serenade!


  • Tandra

    Piece of Cake is my FAVE!! And I have it!! So if I were to win, I would have you pick another name to give that set to!
    Beautiful Blooms is amazing, and I dont have that one yet!!
    Thanks Taylor, and congrats on a million!

    You ARE 1-in-a-million yourself!!!!

  • Laura

    Though I love them all, Green Thumb, definately Green Thumb, is my favorite!

    Laura Scott

  • Andrea Hays

    I am so in love with “Butterfly Kisses”. I have to say I feel a little embarrassed to say, I don’t have ANY PaperTrey Ink stamps. I can hardly believe that. Maybe I will win my first two!!! *fingers crossed* Congrats on all the hits Taylor! You deserve it!

  • mary b

    Congratulations on hitting the 1 million mark. I really love the Holiday Treats set. Thanks for posting all your great cards daily.

  • Crystal LaDoux

    Congrats on the 1 million hits! My favorite PTI stamp set would have to be holiday treats. We will be making teachers gifts this year using this set!

  • charity c

    i have to go with butterfly kisses…that’s a hard one though because i like snowflake serenade as well. oh i love them all who am i kidding!
    congrats taylor. i love your blog!! very inspiring.
    looking forward to a weeks worth of partying with you! thanks for sharing with us!
    charity c

  • Linda

    Spiral Bouquet is my favorite set.
    Congratulations on 1 million!!
    Linda Peterson

  • Kristy Vernon

    Congratulations! Your work is amazing. My favorite PaperTreyInk set is Snowflake Serenade. I just love the snowflakes, especially at this time of year!

  • astampingteddy

    Congrats Taylor ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love your blog and all the work you do! My favorite set would have to be “Little Lady” it just makes me smile!

  • Lisa

    Wholy guacamole…. 1 million… how awesome is that… I have to say my favorite set … that is until I get spiral bouquet is snowflake serenade… Have a fabulous week..

  • StampinginKansas

    Congrats on 1million – I visit almost everyday for inspiration. Thanks! My favorite Papertrey set is Believe followed closely by Holiday Treats.

  • Melissa

    Wow, you reached a million! Amazing. Actually, I’m not that surprised. Your stuff is gorgeous!!
    My favorite set is Little Lady. I have a fondness for ladybugs so that set gets me every time. I’m am easily loving every new set they come out with tho! It’s getting harder to pick a favorite!!

  • Aggiegirl Jenn

    Congrats on a million! That’s awesome. My favorite is Holiday Treats.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer Cravens

  • Suzanne Arams

    Hi Taylor. Congratulatiosn on reaching 1 million – WOW! My favorite PaperTrey set is Snowflake Serenade. I love the snowflakes as they look dreamy to me. Thanks for the great chance of winning!

  • Lori Mueller

    Hey Taylor. . .Congrats! I love your blog (I camp on it all the time for inspiration!) This is tough, to choose just ONE favorite….I’ll have to say Holiday Treats (and Borders and Corners). Thanks for the party….and for being the great person you are!

  • Stevens girl

    I love Papertrey. I would have to say that I love the little lady stamp set. Ladybugs are just so cute.

    Congratulations on your many hits.

  • Tara

    Congrats on 1 million – you are my daily Blog-spiration ๐Ÿ™‚ If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say Papertray, because it is so versatile and I use it every day. But, I am DYING to get my hands on Snowflake serenade – I LOVE snowflakes and how those sentiments work together!

  • Erica

    Snowflake Serenade is my favorite stamp set. Congratulations on 1 million hits, that is quite the accomplishment!! TFS

  • Crystal M.

    Congrats on 1 Million!! That’s amazing! My absolute favorite Papertrey stamp set is Little Lady… the best ladybug set!
    ~Crystal M.

  • Allison

    Congrats Taylor…these samples are awesome (esp. as I sit looking at my Infuse DP right now!). I think my fav is Papertray because I use it all the time!

  • Kristy

    My favorite set? All of them!

  • Connie

    Congrats on 1 million hits! Your blog is one of the very first that I started reading regularly. My favorite PT set is Green Thumb, but I like all of them!

    Connie K.

  • Diane McVey

    Oh, my favorite Paper Trey set is “Believe”…I just love the Santa, the tree, and all the things Santa can hold! Genius!
    Of course I love the others, too!
    Congratulations on your milestone, that is just unreal! WAY TO GO!!!
    Diane McVey (dinobomp@aol.com)

  • Jackie W.

    Wow! Congrats on your success! My favorite Papertrey stamp set is the original – papertray. I love the simple font and the variety of sentiments I can use from it. Thanks! ~Jackie W.

  • Jan Hunnicutt

    How exciting to have all the hits, wow! Your blog candy is awesome too. I think my favorite Papertrey set is Spriral Bouquet, I don’t have it yet and would love to. I like them all!!

  • Bev Breisinger

    OMG!!! My favorite now is the Spiral Bouquet…I’m goin’ to have to order this one for sure!! Thanks “A Million” (ha ha ha)

  • Beverly A

    What a treat it would be to win these stamps! My favorite PaperTrey stamp set is Faux Ribbon; I find that I reach for that set all of the time.

  • Becky

    Congratulations! We are so happy to celebrate with you! Your work is absolutely awesome & thank you for sharing your creative work! My favorite PaperTrey stamp set is the newest one! Seriously! But if you have to twist my arm, I’d say that Snowflake Serenade is just beautiful & stunning.

  • Trish D

    Congrats on this milestone! I’d have to say that “Faux Ribbon” is my favorite set – so incredibly versatile! I don’t have many sets yet, though, so my favorite may change if I happen to be the lucky winner ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jackie

    One MILLION??? Wow! Congratulations – and you so deserve it, your work is wonderful. I don’t have too many PaperTrey sets yet but of the ones I do have the Borders and Corners are my favorites. Most of the others are on my wish list.

  • mathstamp

    Congrats on the million! I LOVE Papertrey! My favorite has to be Little Lady, although it’s a really tough choice. I can’t wait to get Spiral Bouquet.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on reaching 1 million! That is really cool. I love checking out all the awesome stuff you always have on your blog! My favorite PT set is Snowflake Serenade!
    Yvonne C.

  • primitiveseasons

    I’d have to say Snowflake Serenade. I think it embodies what the holiday season should be all about….peace and joy…and it’s versatile enough to be used for other seasons and occasions. Congrats on the super accomplishment and thanks for putting up the blog candy!
    Mary Puskar

  • Elizebeth

    My favorite set is spiral bouquet~ I havent used it but I fell in love with it last month!
    I bought it last night cause I just had to have it!

    Congratulations on your milestone!

  • Laura

    Woo, Hoo!!! Congrat on a million hits Taylor. That’s very exciting. And, thanks for a wonderful celebration. I don’t own any PaperTrey sets, but if I had to pick a favorite; it’s a tie between Green Thumb and Holiday Treats. Beautiful cards by the way too; LOVE THEM!!!

  • Lindsey

    Congratulations on your million mark! I would have to say that Faux Ribbon is my favorite stamp set, so cute!

  • Natasha

    Wow, 1 million! Way to go! I always love checking out your PT samples!

    I hope you find that T soon!

    My favorite PT set so far is Beautiful Blooms. It was on of those sets, that I thought I didn’t need, but everything I make with it turns out so nice and coordinated, I love it!

  • Sandra L-M

    Congratulations! My favorite I think is going to be Spiral Blooms, I just like the many looks of the stamps (delicate and bold). Thanks for the chance to win! Sandra

  • Lynn Mercurio

    Over one million served! What an accomplisment…congrats! I would say that my favorite Papertrey set is all of them, but that’s not really fair, so I’ll narrow it down to the first set I bought, and that was Butterfly Kisses. I have many sets now, but not the ones you have and I’d love to have these that you are offering!!!

  • AQHarris

    Happy One Million!!! Now that is just too many candles for one cake!! My favorite PT set is Holiday Treats. I LOVE baking, so its perfect for jazzing up treats for friends!

  • Anonymous

    First of all, congrats on 1 million! Wouldn’t you like a dollar for every hit!! Right now my favorite PTI set is the Snowflake Serenade, although I love them all!
    Sandy Kay

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the Believe set so I’d have to say that’s my favorite. Congratulations on hitting a million. I love your work. Thanks for sharing!
    Carrie C

  • Katie

    My favorite set that I have in my hands is Snowflake Serenade, hands down. However, I am really excited to have Spiral Bouquet to play with soon!

  • Anonymous

    How exciting!!! My favorite PaperTrey set is the snowflake Serenade. I have used it a ton! I love the font that comes with that one! Congrats on your blogging success! I look forward to your posts everyday!! Lisa K

  • Sandra

    I love Spooky Sweets! It was my first purchase and now I’m addicted. Congrats on 1 million posts!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on 1 million hits … that is amazing … just like your work. You obviously inspire so many of us.

    As for my favorite Papertrey set, I suspect Spiral Bouquet will become my favorite … it is gorgeous. I used Spooky Sweets a lot for Halloween goody bags.

    Sandy Brown

  • kearneykrafter

    Wow, I love papertrey! I say hands down, my fav set it the spiral blossoms! Love the layering effect you can get with these. I love to creat my own DP, and this set is perfect for that! Congrats on one million………wow! Thanks for the giveway! Kearneykrafter

  • Jacque (SCS: Petals)

    Wow–congratulations! You sure do know how to throw a party too ๐Ÿ˜‰ My favorite PT set is Believe, but really, just about any of them could be favorites because they are all so great. What a great team to be a part of!

  • Casie

    I love the new Borders & Corners Monogram set! It looks so easy to use.

  • Anonymous

    Wow–Congrats, congrats, congrats on your 1 million hits! That is truly saying something about your talent, let me tell ya!

    I think as far as the giveaway is concerned, I love Paper Trey’s Faux Ribbon set. Those sentiments are truly ones I reach for over and over…I can always find something that’s ‘just right!’

    I hope I win…thanks for the fun!

    Linzi (linzi@mindspring.com)

  • Anonymous

    my favorite is snowflake serenade.

    Carol Fleming

  • Anonymous

    My favourite set from papertrey is Holiday Treats. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

  • Ronnie & KaLee

    I love Holiday Treats–especially right now! ~KaLee

  • julie c.

    Just one? Um….Green Thumb! Congrats on your 1 Million mark!!

  • Niki

    Congrats on the hits! My favorite Papertrey set (at the moment anyway) is Holiday Treats. I have been using this set so much lately!

  • MamaDuck

    I love Butterfly Kisses too, but I so want Holiday Treats. I wish I had it now–what a great thing for giving yummy goodies! Congrats on all your success. I just love your blog! You are so talented and creative!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! My fav. set is Butterly kisses, it is so pretty! Thanks!

    Janice W.

  • Laura

    Congratulations. Get up the great work!! I have to say Butterfly Kisses is my favorite not only because I love butterflies but it was my first set and it opened my eyes to this wonderful company PaperTrey Inc. I love them!!!!! All of them…… I just can’t keep up.

    Please pick me!!!!!!!!

  • Lucy

    Congratulations. Excellent Blog. I only have a few sets, but I absolutely love Little Lady and Butterfly Kisses. Hope I win the new sets.

  • Jen

    Congrats on reaching a million. To answer your question my fav PTI set is butterfly kisses you can do so much with it.

  • Ana

    Congrats Taylor!! You are such an inspiration to all of us. My favorite PTI set is Green Thumb. Its so versatile and adorable!

  • Susan

    My favorite set is faux ribbon. I use the sentiments all the time! Congratulations on your millionth post!
    Susan Thompson

  • Jackie

    I think I would have to say that my favorite PaperTrey set is the Believe set, I don’t know why but I just LOVE that set! I have used it so many times arleady, each time I love the design. Congrats on the hits!

  • Nancy

    My favorite is Spiral Bouquet… It’s so versatile and you can never have enough floral sets!!! :O)

  • Jessica

    My fave PT set is Green Thumb. I love the strawberries and little boots.
    I also love what you did with Spiral Bouquet, especially the ones done with BG Infuse papers.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on reaching 1 million. My favorite PaperTrey set would have to be Butterfly Kisses. It was the first one I bought. My second favorite is Piece of Cake (which I don’t have yet) so please pick me!!!

    Susan B

  • jenny4wheel

    I guess since i have to pick…Butterfly Kisses is my favorite!

  • Tina

    Congrats on this amazing milestone!
    My favorite PaperTrey Ink set is Borders and Corners. They are so versatile.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • kirstensmom

    Congrats taylor!! My favorite Papertrey set would be Butterfly Kisses!! Thanks for all the great projects and the wonderful inspiration!!

    Kelly S

  • Kimber

    Congrats Taylor on reaching 1 million. I pretty much look at your blog every day. My favorite Papertrey set is Holiday Treats, and can’t wait to decorate all my holiday goodies.


  • DeniseLynn

    Yea, congrats on the 1 million! I check in daily and am always inspired by you – thanks for sharing what you do. As for PaperTrey: Oh there are so many gorgeous sets … but I guess my #1 fave would be spiral bouquet. Wow – what a fun few days this is going to be!!!

  • Cindy Vernon

    My favorite is Holiday Treats. I’ve been using it to make nugget tins, a lot!
    Cindy Vernon

  • YouInkIt

    Congrats!!! That is so exciting! You totally deserve it. Your blog is so inspirational!

    What my favorite Papertrey set? hhhhhmmmm … that’s a tough one, but I think I’m going to say Faux Ribbon. It is so versitle and the greetings in the set are just perfect for lots of different applications!

  • Julie K

    Congratulations on a millione hits! That’s a big one! My favorite Paper Trey set is Butterfly Kisses. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!

  • Cindy

    Wow, 1 million – that’s amazing!! My favorite would have to be snowflake


  • Emily

    Congrats on hitting 1 million, Taylor!

    Hmmm, picking a fave PaperTrey set is hard. I really love the style of all of them. I’d have to say that I love Piece of Cake, for obvious reasons! ;o)

  • The Stampin' Soldier

    Little Lady is my absolute favorite. I just love this card set you’ve done. What a great gift project for the upcoming holidays!

    The Stampin’ Soldier

  • Nancy

    Beautiful Blooms is on the top of my wish list!

    Congratulations on the 1million mark!!! WOW!!

  • Cathy Whiteman

    This is easy as I just got my first Paper-trey set. It is “Snowflake serenade” and I love it. I was suprised by the quality which is excelent. I just ordered Spiral Bouquet and Believe so I might have a new favorite next week.

  • Anonymous

    No surprise on your great blog hits!
    I can’t pick one favorite so the two I love are Faux Ribbon and Holiday Treats!
    Ivonne S.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – Congrats- I look at you blog everyday!

    I love all my papertrey but, if I had to pick, it would be Eat Cake!! Love it


  • Kim

    Congrats Taylor!!!!!! WOW, that is so exciting. I know that you have inspired me tons along the way! I can’t just pick one Papertrey set. I love Butterfly Kisses because it’s the first set I got from them and it’s just so perfect! That’s closely followed by Green Thumb and Holiday Treats!

  • Cassandra

    My favorite set – this is so hard – I hate picking ONE favorite – but it would have to be Holiday Treats. Congrats on 1 million hits – that is surely something to celebrate!!


  • Kelsey

    My favorite set would have to be Spooky Sweets.

  • Kim G

    Congratulations Taylor on reaching 1,000,000 hits, that is fantastic and I look almost every day at your blog. You make the greatest cards. I love Paper Trey sets and I think that Believe is one of my favorites, along with several others actually.

    Thanks for letting us in on what you design and sharing gifts with us.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is Piece of Cake!!! So I pray the winner is me!!! But if not, I’m sure whoever gets it will enjoy it just as much…. Congrats on your first million. I hope your next million is in dollars! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Susan S.

  • Barb Nelson

    Love your blog Taylor……and my favorite PTI set? That’s like trying to decide which child you love the most!!! I’d have to say it’s either Little Ladies or Paper Tray. I just love them all though!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor,
    Congratulations! You’re so thoughtful and talented. My favorite sets right now is Spooky Sweets, I really had fun using it this Halloween. Love them all!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Holly W.

  • Joei

    Congratulations Taylor!

    My favority PaperTrey set is Little Lady.

  • Louise

    My favorite is Snowflake Serenade and I ordered it last night!

    You have a great blog! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations!

    Louise C.

  • Lilian

    congratulations on reaching 1 million!! you are truly the MJ of the stamping world and MY world seems brighter because of your gorgeous cards as well. hahaha.

    i love the set you created with the new papertrey set. how can i pick a favorite set?? i love them all… but ok… my favorite right now is snowflake seranade, but my all time favorite would have to be green thumb.

    thank you and i look forward to celebrating with you the next 7 days! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Marie

    Congrats on a million hits, Taylor!! That’s awesome!!!

    I LOVE everything you posted today, TFS!!

    As for my favorite PT set, it would have to be Butterfly Kisses. Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes!!

  • Julie

    Hmm… I think Believe, but maybe Green Thumb. What a hard question.
    Congrats on all the hits.

  • Monica

    Woohoo! Congratulations on the milestone Taylor – very impressive!!

    My favorite PT set is the square Borders & Corners set that I recently purchased. (One of many I’ll probably acquire, I’m sure.)

    Here’s to your NEXT million hits! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Caren

    Wow! Congrats on all your hits! I would say my favorite set right now would be Holiday Treats. I think when I can order my next set it will be Spiral Bouquet for sure. You can never have too many flowers! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Keri Jackson

    Congrats Taylor!!
    I would say my favorite set is Believe, the santa is great!

  • beth

    WOWZA, a million but then I’m not surprised, I look at least once a day! Just love the Snowflake Serenade stamp set.
    Thanks for the goodies.

  • Becky

    Taylor, first off, let me just say how amazing you are. You are just the most amazing artist, and I find so much awe in your work. This is a very difficult question. These new monogram sets may just bea favorite, but I love the Holiday Treats and Little lady sets. They are just so versitile. That is why I think these new monograms may be in that mix too.

  • Dawn

    I love the colors you chose on the gratitude cards:)) Well, I love all the sets! But if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Green Thumb:) It is a very versatile set: baby, sympathy, garden club etc. Its easy to think “outside the box” with this set! I “snuck” out of bed last night just for the special release…wished I lived on the West Coast since it was soo late here:( Needless to say, I got my fix and “quietly” snuck back into bed….lol

  • Jami

    Pick a favorite? You know I’m terrible at that! Hmmmm maybe it will be the new script monogram set…we’ll see. Love your projects as always!!! Congrats on one million!

  • Pegg S

    Congrats on 1 Millions! Holy moly!
    My favorite is Spiral Bouquet — it’s my first PTI set and am so happy to see your lovely examples that I can use for inspiration!!

  • Dana V. (*danavee* on SCS)

    Congrats to you! That’s a LOT of (well-deserved) hits!

    My favorite PTI set is Green Thumb; it’s SO versatile!

  • Julee T. (Shadowcatcher)

    Congrats, Taylor! What a cool number! Your projects are lovely, can’t wait to get my order for the new sets. My favorite PTI set is Faux Ribbons. I just love all the little sentiments.

  • rozie640

    Congratulations on reaching the one million mark. WOW, that is just amazing. Right now I’d have to chose Holiday Treats as my favorite set, tis the season!

    Thanks for being so generous during your week of celebration.

  • Amanda A.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Your blog is AMAZING and I love to stop by every day and see what you’ve created. My favorite Papertrey set is Snowflake Serenade. I can’t wait to get started on my Christmas cards using that set ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Janet

    PaperTrey ROCKS! I love all their stuff. My good friend has bought some and I’ve bought some and we share around. So far, I use my Borders and Corners the most, but I just ordered the monogram alphabet and I bet that will become my fav. Congrats to you, Taylor! Your blog is one of my favs.

  • Corinne

    Congrats Taylor! Love your blog!

    My fave PT set has to be Green Thumb.

  • Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)

    Congrats on your milestone, Taylor!! I love all the PT sets, but have just recently purchased my first ~~~ Holiday Treats. I know this will be well loved when I start making *my* holiday treats!

  • Mary Duffek

    Wow! Taylor Congrats on your number of hits!!!!

    I am in love with the peice of cake stamp set and haven’t made the purchse just yet. I want like all of the sets from Paper trey!

    Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into sharing with us blogger your wonderful creations! I have found myself refering to your blog again and again for inspiration.

  • Louise

    Congratulations, Taylor! I love reading your blog and all the cards you share with us. My favorite PT set is Green Thumb.

  • Donna

    CONGRATULATIONS, TAYLOR!! I love your blog and get lots of inspiration from your creations. My favorite PTI set is Holiday Treats although I haven’t used it much, I plan to a lot during the holidays because I love making & gifting goodies!

  • Michelle

    Congratulations, Taylor! Gosh…a million is a LOT of hits!

    The Papertrey set I’m dying for is the new monograms set. I have always loved monogrammed cards, so that is definitely on my list of MUST HAVES. (It’s a long list, you know!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Leigh

    WOW! Taylor…a million! That is truly amazing. I am always so inspired by your creations though so it’s really no surprise that the rest of the stamping world has found you as well.

    All of the PaperTrey are really cool (that Nichole is a wealth of creativity, I tell ya!) but I think my favorite so far is Holiday Treats. I’ve got my calendar marked so that I can run and buy it when it’s back in stock on the 20th.

    Congrats Again!

  • Malissa Ayala

    Congratulations! This is really an emplossible question…but I think I LOVE Green Thumb (and have a special attachment to Butterfuly Kisses since it’s my first set from them).

    Thanks for the daily inspiration and sharing in your excitement with us all!

  • Becky W.

    Congratulations on your milestone! Favorite PaperTrey set? It changes all the time… they’re all so perfect! At the moment, I have to go with Take A Bough. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor,
    Congrats on the 1 mil hits! Your blog is truly inspiring! I love all things PaperTrey, my favorite set is probably the first on Paper Tray for its versatility, I use it all the time!
    Geny C.
    (aka Mommy Geny on SCS)

  • olse0231

    Happy 1 million – wahoo!! I can’t pick just one favorite PaperTrey set, but it’s probably a tie between Little Lady and Holiday Treats. Love them both!

  • Kimmie

    1 Million visitors! Wow! Congrats! Now…picking a favorite set of PaperTrey Ink is not an easy task! But if I had to narrow it down to one and only one, I’d have to say Holiday Treats – with Spooky Sweets and the Ribbon Border set close behind!

  • Michelle Skillicorn

    Congrats on 1 million, Taylor!!!!!!!! I really enjoy all of your posts. I don’t have any PaperTray sets, but I think you have convinced me to get one (just like Bellas). I’m really liking the Trajan Monogram Edition. I didn’t realize how reasonably priced these were! Oh no – poor checkbook!!!!

  • Jeanelle

    Congratulations on this milestone! My favorite PT stamp set is probably Paper Tray. I love the clean font!

  • Aubs

    A million! WOW you go girl! By far I love butterfly kisses that pasiley pattern is to die for! CONGRADS!!

  • Ayesha

    This is not easy.. I feel as if I’m letting down all of the other sets I like (and looove) from papertrey (lol). Hmmm so.. my fav. I have to say is Spooky Sweets. This is the set I’ve used the most so far !!. So.. yes.. Spooky Sweets it is. Oh, and your designs are always just fabulous !. Ayesha

  • Misti

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Papertrey stamps! I have been patiently waiting for the Holiday Treats stamp set to get back in stock so I can buy it!!! That one is my favorite today!!! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome stamps!

  • Catherine

    Congratulations, Taylor for hitting the million (hit counter that is ;). My all time favorite so far is the Butterfly Kisses stamp set.

    Thanks for the chance and for all your creations…. Love it!

  • Lisa T

    They have so many pretty ones, it’s hard to pick. But if I have to pick just one, I’d say Holiday Treats.

  • Dottie K

    I haven’t been able to order any but I’m waiting for the Holiday Treats to be back in stock and that’s going to be my first set. I also want the Borders and Corners sets. They all look really nice so I can’t wait to order and try them out. Congrats on 1 million. Wow – your work is amazing and I enjoy visiting your blog. Love the monogram set – just beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful stamps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anne BB

    Hi Taylor,
    My favorite Paper Trey set is Holiday Treats.

  • Toni

    Oh, there are so many to choose from… I’ll say for now, my favorite set is Text Boxed.

  • Lori M

    Oh Taylor couldn’t you come up with an easier question!! Hee Hee.
    I love all of them, they are great! But if I have to pick just one I would pick Green Thumb. I love love love the flowers in that set!
    I visit your blog daily Taylor, I don’t usually leave comments (I don’t know why, I would love to get to know you!) and I want you to know that you inspire me SO much! Your work is so beautiful and stunning to me! When I grow up, I want to be Taylor!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Amy

    Gorgeous cards! Congrats on 1 mil. Amazing! My favorite set is Holiday Treats, but I can’t seem to get my hands on them as they are always SOLD OUT:(!


  • Alli Miles

    Congrats Taylor!!! We just love your work so much we have to keep coming back just to get our fix.

    Of course I love ALL the PTI sets but my favourite PTI stamp set is Little Lady.

    Thanks for this wonderful change to win something fun.

    Alli Miles

  • Mandy

    Great projects! I especially love the pink and black. My favorite PaperTrey set is actually Piece of Cake….so….pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lesa

    Sure make me pick just one. It really depends on the day. Right now probably Holiday treats.
    I love you’re samples with the new sets!

  • only

    Congratulations! What a milestone! But your blog is my first stop every morning so I am hardly surprised. My favourite is definitely Snowflake serenade. The snowflakes are beautiful but it is the Peace and the Joy in that gorgeous font that really do me in!

  • Mendi M

    We can only pick one? OMG! I guess it would have to be Holiday Treats. It is fantastic!

  • Emm

    My favorite set is Believe. I always enjoy your blog-congratulations!

  • Angie DiMeglio

    OMG Taylor, that is a hard one. I have to say though that my favorite PT stamp sets is Snowflake Serenade; however I love them all!

  • Well Said Cards

    My favorite PaperTrey stamp set is Butterfly Kisses. It was the first set I purchased and I LOVE butterflies.

    Congrats on all the hits!

  • Cindy Lyles

    AAAAACK these are AAAAADORABLE Taylor!!!!!!!!! Love each one – fabulous!!!!!!!

  • Deb

    I wish I lived near, I would love to make these, they are so gorgeous!

  • Rose Ann

    All of these are awesome!! Wish I lived close enough to attend. That would be a blast!

  • Jennifer

    I just love your blog. You have the cutest cards! I just love these! thanks for sharing..

  • Beth

    The concert sounded wonderful. Wish I could have been there. I love Ziggy and John Mayer, wow. Your cards are adorable. They will be a hit in your class.

  • kathleenh

    Whoah! I would LOVE to take this class from you. These are so cute!

  • Vicki

    This are amazing!!! Are you going to sell kits for these??!!! If so put my name at the top of the list! Love all your cards and your blog!!!

  • Shel9999

    Super cute cards!!! How fun!!

  • Jan Hunnicutt

    Love the boots and hats, Bitty Boos is cute too! The papers are great too.

  • LisaVB

    Oh Taylor they are so cute! I love almost anything Heidi Grace does! ๐Ÿ™‚ And you make her papers look so good!

  • Jules

    Sounds like an awesome concert! I love these samples…they are great! ๐Ÿ™‚ Julie

  • asela

    I know these will be a huge hit Taylor. Love all of your recent creations.

  • Alexandra

    These cards are awesome and the perfect colors for the coming season! Your class is sure to be sooo happy with these! Glad to hear you had a good time last night! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  • Dottie K

    Oh these are all so cute. Wish I lived close by to take a class of yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa

    You’ve outdone yourself again Taylor!

  • Heather

    Love these cards! The colors are so vibrant!

  • Tandra

    **Put the word “WISH” in after the word definitely!! lol

  • Tandra

    Taylor I definitely I lived closer!! Great cards!!
    And, thanks, too!!!

  • Jillabella

    I love, love, LOVE all your cards. I’m so jealous of the Witchy hats, I ordered that stamp last month but it hasn’t come in yet. ๐Ÿ™ Waiting is torture! Check out my blog if you get a chance, I cased a few items of yours because you’re insanely talented. ๐Ÿ™‚ -Jillian inkstampnscrap.blogspot.com

  • bettybetty

    Looks like you’re having a bunch of fun with your bitty boos set!
    Nice cards.

  • Catherine

    That’s it I’m moving…these cute cards and for only $20.00. I really do wish I’m close by ๐Ÿ™‚

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