• Lisa T

    Great card! I have that stamp but haven’t inked him up yet. I am going to have to “borrow” your idea.

  • GrammaStamper (Barb)

    Over a million hits is spectacular, stupendous and mind-boggling! Congrats. These are great treats today. I do not have one penguin stamp and don’t think I can go on without one. Please help! I love these little guys.

  • Joy Nicol

    Taylor, Thanks for this fun opportunity! I like the “Sale” “Now that I have your attention” and most of the other ones as well!!!

  • Julie Saylor

    I love the FRAMING OPTIONAL, BUT SUGGESTED sentiment 🙂

    Thanks a bunch!
    Julie S.

  • Nicki Lundeen

    My favorite one is: My exercise routine consists of: Stretching the Truth Jumping to Conclusions Running my mouth

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  • Reality Show Reject

    I like the bra and support stamp. Too cute! I must order some of these stamps, they are the cutest! Thanks for the chance to win!


    LOVE those stamps!!! I also love funny sentiments! Thanks!
    Cheryl KVD

  • Amy

    Ilove Hambo Stamps and these penguins are NO exception! I really like the Birthdays are like Wedgiesl…They just keep creeping up on you! Perfect sentiment for my bros!

  • Elaine

    Giveaways, winners, crafting on a whim!! does it get any better than this?? Congrats – you’re fab-u-mondo-wonderful!

  • Momsnack

    I think you are Tea-riffic is one of my favorites.
    Congrats on the hits.
    NancyS (momsnack)

  • Heather

    Congrats on 1 million hits! Woo-hoo!
    I think my favorite stamp(s) are “Help I’m being held hostage in a rubber stamp/scrapbook store and I’m afraid they’ll let me go!” Too cute! Love the penquins.

  • dkd

    Hi, I don’t have any Hambo stamps so I had to check out the site. I love the limericks-very fun!

  • Jeanette

    I love the “This card is safer than others, because this time I used my rubbers” Too cute!! Congrats and here’s to another million hits.

  • Becky

    OK…I love these stamps, but don’t have any…NOW IS THE CHANCE!! Thanks so much for the goodies!

  • Val

    I love the saying: Some things never grow old, You, however do! It’s a fractured saying and it really cracks me up!

  • Laura

    My favorite Hambo stamp saying is a fractured funny too… it’s so sassy and TRUE!

    It’s never too late to tell you you’re great. But as for your cake – too bad… it’s ate

  • LorieR

    I like “If at first you don’t succeed….Cover it with cardstock and keep on going!” Sometimes it is hard to know when to stop with the cardstock!

  • Kim L.

    Those are all hilarious! I like the “Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Dibs on your organs!”

    Congrats on the hits – your blog rocks!

  • yenny

    Congratulations on the million hits….that’s amazing. My favorite Hambo stamp saying is…SALE, Now that I have your attention…who doesn’t love a sale. 😉

  • C70

    CONGRATS, Taylor!!! So sorry I missed the first day of your week-long celebration 🙁

    My favorite Hambo sentiment is: Happy Anniversary, Honey! I couldn’t have done it without you! =)

  • Karen Sullivan

    I like the one about being a blonde and not remembering what she was saying – probably b/c I’m not a blonde, so it’s funny to me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • KathyT

    I like SALE…Now that I have your attention – I use it for a lot of cards for my friends…They all LOVE to shop! Congratulations on 1 million hits!

  • Whimsey

    Oh I love Hambo stamps; I wish I had them all – particularly their fractured funnies.

    One of your favorites, is also one of mine. I also like “Don’t sweat getting older! Oh, those are hot flashes? Sorry.” Make me laugh every time!!!

  • Michelle Goodman

    My favorite was “How’s my stamping? Call 1-800 INKITUP”. Made me laugh!

  • Robin D.

    I love your little penguins! One of my favorite sentiment stamps says ‘I know my way around the kitchen. If I go through the living room I can avoid it completely’.

  • Jane

    I think my favorite stamp is “Some things never grow old! You, however, do.” I am the youngest of 4 children and the only girl. So it’s standard protocol for me to give my brothers a hard time about being OLD. It’s my payback for having to be their LITTLE sister! 🙂

    I love what you did with the penguins on the card. The Hambo stamps are so cute.


  • Anonymous

    From Hambo: “Remember when we were young how we couldn’t wait to be grown up? Wow, were we stupid or what?! It’s called Grown up 810 Thanks Taylor for the contest.
    Patricia C. in Idaho

  • Lori Mueller

    Hi Taylor! My favorite Hambo saying is “This is a test of the Emergency Stamping Network”. I have a couple of friends that would absolutely love getting a card with this saying! Thank you for the party!

  • Anonymous

    I just had a relationship end so I would say my favorite right now is “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, take a long drive to the country.” At least makes me laugh at a sad time. Love your blog Taylor!! *PENNY*

  • Lori

    These are great!! Thanks for sharing! I think my favorite is “History of Chocolate” – “I’ve been a key figure in the history of chocolate. If chocolate comes near me, it’s history!”
    This is SO true!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor, Love your blog!!!
    My fav (if I have to pick just one) is Things to do: 1. Hire a pool boy 2. Get a pool. It’s all about priorities. So funny! Love the penguins too!
    Lori Faeber

  • Dana

    I like the stamp, “just hand over the cookies and no one will get hurt.” They’re all so funny! Love that penguin card!

  • isabel z

    I love the saying “You’re not old, you’re ripe”. I guess since I’m getting into the age category where people start sending “old” cards. I guess I’ll have to start getting them back:) Thanks for all of the great blog candy.

  • Cathy Dafoe

    Hey Taylor, great giveaway! I am always looking for something that I can put in a card for my husband, and I love the combo with the lawn mower that says I love you MOWER today, then ever. Very cute penquins too! Congrats!
    Cathy Dafoe

  • Brownee

    Oh my! I have never seen these stamps! I may have to do some shopping today. I really laughed hard at the one that says :My exercise routine consists of: stretching the truth, jumping to conclusions, running my mouth*. That totally sounds like me. Congratulations on getting 1 million hits..that’s really awesome..you should be really proud of yourself and your talents, Taylor.

  • Sherrie

    So many cute ones…my favorites have to be Green Bananas, Queen, and Voodoo Doll. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • MJ

    I thank you for sending me over to Hambo Stamps store. I love their stamps! My husband will on the other hand NOT be thanking you! Congratulations again and my favorite saying is the thanksgiving one.
    Thanksgiving always reminds me of my family– A ham, a turkey and a whole bunch of nuts!

    Too cute. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Jannette

    Such a milstone for you, Congrats!
    I just love those penguins stamps! The Hambo stamps are just to die for!

    Jannette D.

  • Lisa

    These are absolutely adorable… LOVE THEM… 🙂

  • Michelle

    Darling SB page! As for the Hambo sentiments, there are some great ones, but “Snit happens” made me laugh out loud!

  • Alison Molumby

    Love those penguins! My favorite quote stamp is: Fate made us family; Prozac made us friends.

  • Anouk

    I love Sometimes I act like a blonde…. um, what was I saying!!!! lol love that. It is so totally me….just ask my hubby lol.

  • Jennifer Sc.

    My fave, and so appropriate, is:
    “if I’m not the Queen, how come my pantyhose say I am?”

    Love your site! no surprise to see you’ve reached the million mark! 🙂 thanks for the constant inspiration! and aren’t those penguins just the cutest?!?!

  • Donna Mc

    Congratulations, Taylor! I’m really happy for you!

    My two favorite sayings are: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An onion a day should take care of everyone else.”. AND “Things to do: Hire a Pool Boy
    Get a pool
    It’s all about Priorities.”.

  • Jodi Rodriguez

    I was not familiar with these stamps but I have been checking them out! How cute! Two of my favorite sayings would be:
    My Exercise routine consists of and Birthday Wedgies.
    Congrats again and thanks for all the inspiration. Jodi

  • Lastel

    There are 3 that I think are my favorites .
    1. If I’m not the Queen , then how come my pantyhose say I am ??
    2. If at first you don’t succeed…Cover it with cardstock and keep on going !
    3. I’ve been a key figure in the history of chocolate , If chocolate comes near me , it’s history !
    Thanks for a chance to win some cool stamps !

  • mary w

    I like the one thats says Things to Do 1.Hire a pool boy 2.get a pool…
    because i actually MARRIED my parents pool boy-20 years later we’re still together.

  • Samantha

    I’m having so much fun at your blog party! My favorite Hambo sentiment is: “This card is safer than the others because this time I used my rubbers.” Pretty dang funny!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Jana Weaver

    Dust Angels is possibly my favorite, altho I do have several! It’s just, that describes my house so well!!! Thanks for all the fun…going to check out the Diva Designers challenges now!!

  • Jan Scholl

    Remember when we were young how we couldnt wait to grow up? Wow, were we stupid or what?

  • Tandra

    I love this one too-‘Don’t make me get my voodoo doll.’
    cracks me up!
    Thanks for the erfyxpycontest!

  • diane mcvey

    What a fun week!!!
    I like “green bananas”, among others!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Diane McVey

  • Ghazal(ghazal_31005@yahoo.com)

    They’re sentiments are fun and unique … My favorite one is “ANOTHER birthday? Didn’t you just have one last year?”

  • Heather Leech

    I love ‘Do you hear what I hear? Can You make the voices stop?’ I just made a card last weekend for my FIL. It had a few lawnmowers on the front with ‘Happy Birthday’ and on the inside it said ‘And I hope you have many mower…too funny!I don’t have the penquin stamps yet but would love them! Thanks for a chance to win!!
    Heather L.

  • Angie

    I love the “making angels” stamp and also the dragonfly! The penguins you are giving away are awesome!

    I wish I could invest in all the stamps you showcase on your website! Again, congrats on your million hits!

  • Sandra L-M

    Congratulations! I like the one that says “I know my way around the kitchen! If I go through the living room, I can avoid it completely.” Thanks for the chance to win some goodies! Sandra

  • Melissa

    Hand’s down it the “Thanks for your support” that goes along with the bra!

    Congrats again on your big achievement!


  • Tami

    I like “you’re the cherry on top” because the stamp makes me think of the one and only Taylor.

    Congrats….that’s a lot of hits girlfriend. You are simply amazing. I mailed the ATCs on Friday! Yay…a day early!!

    Thanks for having such a beautiful blog but most importantly you are a very kind and talented young woman. I’m so glad I had the chance to meet the Queen at Scrapfest Mall of America. See you next year with bells on. You have groupies in Minnesota!!! Big stamping hugs and continued success.

  • Melanie aka Batgirl

    oh my this one is so funny! “reach for the stars but turn off the ceiling fan first!” LOL

  • Jody L.

    Congrats Taylor on your milestone!!! I just LOVE your Blog.
    My Favorite sentiment is
    “gardners tend to soil their plants”

    Jody L.

  • Lorie

    Wow! How neat you have so many hits! Congrats! I look forward to more fun stuff this week!

  • Michelle

    Very cute little penguin stamps!

  • MerryMerlin

    Congrats, Taylor. My fav is “Reach for the stars but turn off the ceiling fan first.” hehehehe

  • NC

    One that I’ve loved for a long time is: “Sorry I haven’t written, blah, blah, blah.” Hambo has a great sense of humor!

  • Autumn

    Hi there! I’m a big fan of your blog and view it almost everyday. Originally being from Texas, I am partial to the Southwest Hambo stamps. Congrats on your 1 million hits and thanks for sharing your art!!!

  • Katie

    Hi Taylor! My favorite sentiment is “Thoughts and Prayers.” Love your blog!

  • Allison

    Whoa…you gotta get up early in the morning for these giveaways! (At least you are on the west coast!)

    My fav saying is: Some things never grow old! You, however, do.

    Thanks Taylor!

    BTW, I mailed my swaps today!

  • Sandy Stamps (SCS)

    Taylor, Love the blog, you are a wonderful inpsiration, especially since you have a FULL TIME job! I wish that I could creat 25% of what you do, but I am so glad that you share…. I LOVE hambo stamps, ESPECIALLY the fractured funnies! It is so hard to just pick one of them…hmmm..
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An onion a day should take care of everyone else.

    and for the holidays: Do you hear what I hear? Can you make the voices stop?
    The card you made with those penguins is just too cute!
    Thanks and keep the blog rolling!

  • Emm

    I like the mother’s wisdom sentiment as well as the father’s wisdom sentiment about the fan- my kids are often caught throwing things up at the fan so they can watch them fly across the room!

  • chinamomxtwo

    “This card is best viewed in the museum of modern art” — cracks me up!
    Great candy–I adore the penguins and my kids are currently obsessed with penguins-would be great to win to do some things for them for Christmas 🙂

  • Kathy M

    Because both my husband and I are chocoholics, I just love the saying, “I’ve been a key figure in the history of chocolate. If chocolate comes near me, it’s history!” The penguins are too cute and I’d love a chance to win them. Thanks!

  • Jane Robinson

    Love those Hambo stamps. My favorite?….

    I’ve been a key figure in the history of chocolate.
    If chocolate comes near me, it’s history.

    Perfect for me, my mom, my daughter and my daughter-in-law. We all love chocolate!

    Thanks Taylor!

    Jane Robinson

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on the 1 Million Mark!! Hambo has so many funny sayings. One favorite is: “If at first you don’t succeed…Cover it with cardstock and keep on going!” I’ve done that too many times to count. 🙂

    Great blog candy!

    Susan C. in NY

  • Angela (SCS Inky Button)

    Congratulations on your million! Those sentiments had be laughing so hard my hubby was looking at me like I was crazy. I was so incredibly hard to just pick one…but here it goes:

    If at first you don’t succeed….

    Cover it with cardstock and keep on going!

    I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve done that.

    Thanks for lettin’ me play!


  • janet d.

    I love all of Hambo’s wacky sentiments. Those penguins are sure cute too! Congratulations on your million!

  • Lynn

    My favorite Hambo sentiment is:
    “I know my way around the kitchen! If I go through the living room, I can avoid it completely.” This describes me very well.

  • Monica-FC

    I love 2 of them. I couldn’t make up my6 mind.

    I love

    1-Just “Chicken” on you


    Had this been an actual emergercy you would have been instructed to go to your nearest stamping supplies,and create something fabulous immediately.

    This is only a test.

    I just love those 2 stamps they crack me up and I have stamps that would go really well with these. 🙂

  • ctpolishprincess

    Thanks for introducing me to Hambo Stamps. Just took a pink and I think I like the ‘i am sending this because stamp”
    too funny

  • Suzanne

    I love the “Don’t Make Me Get My Voodoo Doll!”

  • IamDerby

    I like “I ordered wrinkles for your birthday, they should be arriving shortly”. Totally cute, my kind of humor

  • Suzy

    I like if at first you dont succeed cover it with cardstoock and keep on going – perfect for us obsesso crafters!

    Love the Hambo stamps!

  • ~* Tracy *~

    Those Hambo sayings are so much fun! “Don’t think of it as getting old… You’re just getting bitter… I mean BETTER!!” is just soooooooooo funny! and “You’re birthday gift is on it’s way… I’ve ordered wrinkles which should be arriving shortly”… and there’s lots of other ones I really find funny too!

  • Cris Z

    My favorite saying is “Thanksgiving
    Family” it’s my family in a nutshell!

  • Lena Altman

    The fractured funnies are great. I love the one Vacuum Dust. That one says: “Let’s do something we haven’t done in a long time…” Then says: “You vacuum, I’ll dust”.

    That would be perfect to send to my husband!

  • MamaDuck

    Maybe it is because I’m watching the food network while I browse, but I like the Gobble, Gobble set! So cute for Thanksgiving! Congrats again!

  • Michelle Adams

    Oh! I LOVE Hambo stamps! My fave sentiment would have to be “You’re One in a Buzzillion!” Ha ha ha! I say that all the time! Thanks so much for the chance at the awesome prize – and for all of the great work you do on this blog!
    Michelle Adams

  • Debbie

    Those penguins are TOO CUTE!!! I hadn’t heard of Hambo stamps till you had mentioned them awhile back on your blog. So of course I had to go look and many of the sayings cracked me up. “Favorite Child” has to be my favorite — kind of funny since I’m an only child — but I just think it is hilarious. I’m seriously thinking I should get it for my stamper friend who has 2 sisters and a very dysfunctional family. :^)

  • Susan Sucher

    My favorite hambo saying has to be “If I’m not the queen why does my pantyhose say I am?” I love the slightly twisted sense of humor with the Hambo stamps.

  • Jodie

    My favorite is: “You’re the Cherry On Top.”

    Thanks for the chance to win the cute penguins!!

  • julie c

    I’m loving these penguins…they are the cutest!! Congrats again!

  • Danita

    Oooo, I *adore* those penguins – soooo cute. 🙂 It’s tough to choose just one fave Hambo saying. Hmmm…today I’d have to go with “No I’m not stressed out!! My stamping helps me to relax!” Thanks for the candy!!!

  • Leslie Springer

    I just love the sentiment that says “Just hand over the cookies and noone will get hurt”! Just cracks me up! Congrats on your blog! Thanks for the party!

  • laura w

    Congrats on hitting a million hits! Yours is my favorite blog! It’s too hard to pick just one favorite from Hambo Stamps, but one of my faves is “With age comes wisdom. I guess that makes you the smartest person I know!”…too funny!


  • Just me

    Those stamps crack me up. I love the look on the animal’s faces too. Everything on that site made me smile. Thanks for the link, and I LOVE your penguin card!


  • Alli Miles

    “Just hand over the cookies and no one will get hurt” is my fav one too! I am such a cookie girl…so I come by that one naturally *lol* It seems my daughter is following in my footsteps. Thanks again for the chance to win.

  • Linda SS

    You throw a fabulous party, Taylor. Glad you invited those cute penguins…hope they come home with me:) Other than Cookie Monster, I don’t think anyone enjoys a good homemade cookie and cup of cappichino more than I do. So I like the stamp about handing over the cookies & nobody will get hurt:)

  • Heather

    My Favorite is “Way around the Kitchen” it difinately describe me..


  • rozie640

    Oh my goodness, so many funny sayings I can relate to:
    Here’s hoping you’ll spend your special day, surrounded by friends and family. (and that it’s not an intervention!!)

    Great blog candy, thanks for sharing with us.

  • Shannon Erskine

    Hey Taylor-
    My fave sentiments is “If Im not the queen why does my pantyhose say I am” I cracked up the first time I saw it!LOL!

  • Kimberleigh M.

    My favorite sentiment by far is “snits happen”! Boy, should that be my life motto! 🙂

    Love your blog — it’s a daily inspiration for me.

  • LouBelle

    My favorite is “Birthdays are like wedgies…they keep creeping up on you” or something like that. Congrats on a amazing feat!

  • Leann

    I love “Some things never grow old! You however do!” I’ve always loved Hambo stamps!

    Congrats again, Taylor!

  • Regina Davis

    Such an easy question to answer today…by far, my favorite stamp is the Outhouse Pig. He’s too funny!

    Have a great weekend – Regina

  • Renee

    “Don’t make me get my voodoo doll” is my favorite! Hambo Stamps is located just south of me!
    Congrats on your blog numbers!

  • Rhonda Maynard

    Hey Taylor! Woohoo on 1,000,000 and more give aways!!

    I have to admit, you’re introducing me to Hambo stamps! These penguins are adorable! Love the card you made too!

    I peaked at the sentiments and there are a bunch of great ones! I love the fonts. At first look, I’d say I really like the “Blessings” stamp, I think I’d use it a lot and I don’t have one like it!

    Thanks so much!

  • Jenn Grix

    I love all the fractured funnies but because of the time of year and having to deal with my families, my favorite one is…”Thanksgiving always reminds me of my family

    A ham, a turkey, and a whole bunch of nuts!”

  • StampOwl

    being an owl lover one of my favs is “Owls it doin’?” they sure have some fun stamps!

  • Wendy L.

    I like “finish #1 and don’t step in #2.” I know…weird sense of humor!
    Wendy L.

  • Jfaas

    Hi Taylor…have to say this one is perfect for the kids sometimes…hehe…”Don’t make me get my vodoo doll”. Stamps and layout are just too cute!

  • Peggy Maier

    Oh my – Penguins! My grandson & I are crazy about them! I LOVE Hambo stamps, especially the Fractured Funnies sentiments. (I have ordered quite a few!) My favorite is “Your birthday gift is on its way! I’ve ordered wrinkles, which should be arriving shortly!” (I use this with my collection of “Senior Citizens” stamps.

  • Jackie

    OMG! These sentiments are all too cute! I think I have to favorites….one being ‘Sending Smiles Across the Miles’ and the other being the curses! Who would not love ‘#%@!&’ on their card….too great!

  • Shelley ~ photocropper

    My favorite saying is “its better to be over the hill than under it!” Too true!

    Congrats again! How much fun is this ?! 😉

  • Andrea Hays

    “Framing optional, but suggested.” I think that one is just hilarious! Thanks for the giveaway! And thank you for mentioning my site on yours. I am so thankful you could be a featured crafter! Have a great week celebrating, Taylor! 🙂

  • ktstamps

    I was excited when I saw my blog had hit 1000! Boy am I behind! 🙂 Congrats and thank you! kt

  • Heidi

    These are hilarious stamps and the one that fits me, “I know my way around the kitchen, if I got through the living room I can avoid it. that is so me! Congrats on your blog- maybe I will these cute little guys!

  • Mary

    I love “Things to do: 1. Hire a Pool Boy 2. Get a Pool…It’s all about priorities.” That one CRACKS me up EVERY time! Thanks!

  • Merveilleuse

    Congratulations on this milestone!!

    My favourite saying is WARNING Exercise makes you a sore loser. Too funny.

    Tamara 🙂

  • Lisa

    OMGoodness. how cute are these? Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us. I look forward to seeing what you’ve done on a daily basis 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor….

    Congrats on the success of your blog! My favorite hambo stamp is “just hand over the cookies and no one gets hurt.”


  • Anonymous

    My family has always been on the ‘twisted’ side. So this phrase would make a great Christmas card for us.
    Do you hear what I hear?
    Can you make the voices stop?
    We love this stamp line for the fun cards we can make.

    Congrats on 1000!


  • Anonymous

    Love Hamobo Stamps, specially the pigs … I especially adore the fractured funnies … My favorite one is “If at first you don’t succeed, cover it with cardstock”.

    Congrats on your blog milestone.


  • Cheryl

    Haha! Love those Hambo stamps. I need to order some. My favorite funny saying right now is, “this card is safer than the others, because this time I used my rubbers”.

  • Amy

    I’m partial to the stamp that says, “Having one of those days (which is then crossed out) lives?”

    Love those penguins and congrats on 1 million hits!!!

  • Adoree

    My favorite-“Just hand over the cookies and no one will get hurt!”- that always gets me rolling!

  • Zoe Randall

    I have to say that “intervention” saying is funny. So that would have to be my fav…a close second would be “hear what I hear.” Too funny.
    Congrats on all your hits….blog hits that is!

  • stampin_melissa

    My favorite is, “Sorry I haven’t written. Blah, blah, blah” Just too funny!

    Congrats on the hits! Thanks so much for offering up some blog candy!

  • Lynn Mercurio

    Aren’t these the most adorable stamps. I love penguins, but do you know I don’t own a single penguin stamp…shameful, I know. Awesome card Taylor…thanks!

    Lynn mercurio

  • leenda

    Hambo stamps are a hoot! It is hard to choose just one. I have the one that says, “I made this card Purse-onally.” I also have the one where you checkmark why you sent the card. It’s really a fun stamp.

  • Jen

    I laugh so hard everytime I go through the HAMBO sentiments. I think my favorite one of the day is the one that says something like–I don’t think getting old is a big deal really… but I guess you would know more about that than I would!

  • Casie

    My fav is the “Happy Stamping” limerink. Love it!!

  • Ida

    Super cute card Taylor! Also congrats on so many “hits” to your blog. It’s a favorite of mine.
    I don’t own any Hambo stamps but someday I will. I think one of my favorites has got to be the “Give Peas a chance” with those adorable smiling peas in the pod that go along with it.

  • Daz

    I love the Hambo fractured funnies! When I first read them I almost pee’d my pants laughing so hard. I think my favorite right now is “Set it Free” ok, so actually I would love to have all of them..they are all to stinkin’ funny!

  • Pat S.

    Hi Taylor!
    What a fun celebration!
    Congratulations on your 1,000,000 hits!!!

    Gosh…I love those little penquins!

    My favorite Hambo sentiment is:
    “I know my way around the kitchen! If I go through the living room I can avoid it completely.”

  • michelle

    Congrats on reaching a million hits!
    I love all the Hambo sentiments but the Happy Stamping one and stamp hostage one works for me LOL!

  • Bev The Softball Mom

    I LOVE penguins! They are sooo adorable! And the sayings are just LOL funny!!

    Beverly B.

  • Erin Gonzales

    I have to say Taylor that your blog is a MUST check every day. I am amazed at your creativity and your cards/projects! I love being surprised all the time with your updates! I would have to say my favorite phrase would be “I know my way around the Kitchen…” Anyone who knows me would say that is true, they are actually glad that I avoid it all together. 🙂

  • Jennie M.

    Oh my goodness, those sentiments are a crack up!! I love the one that says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An onion should take care of everyone else”, LOL!! Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes Taylor!!

  • Stephanie N.

    Congratulations on 1 million hits!! My favorite Hampo saying is Thanksgiving always reminds me of my family….A ham, a turkey and a whole bunch of nuts!

  • Pegg S

    Congrats to the winners!!

    My favorite is Threw Together — which says: “Just a little something I threw together … ” which is funny because I take so long to think/create a card and it’s never as good as I had hoped!! 🙂

  • Tanis

    This one is fun…
    “This card is safer than the others, because this time I used my rubbers.” Thanks again for the party!

  • Lauren Pittman

    Wow! 1 million?!?! I love your work, keep it up!! =)

  • JulieAnn

    Taylor! TWO WINNERS!!! No way…that is radical! That means maybe today there will be three, and so forth, so by the 7th day I could totally win! =) Anyway…I love your work, and I love you! Keep the stamps stamping!

  • mathstamp

    I LOVE all of the fractured funnies. One of my favorites is, Happy Mothers Day from your favorite child! NO, the other one. NO, the other one, NO now you’re thinking of the neighbor’s kid…

    I have 4 brothers and sisters so this is perfect!

  • jacki j.

    Congratulations on your milestone this week.
    My favorite this month is “remember when we were younge, how we couldn’t wait to be grown up? Wow were we stupid or what?”
    I used it on my sister’s card this year.

  • reflections:0)

    “In lieu of a gift, a donation has been made in your name to a restaurant of my choice.”

    Makes me laugh every time….:0)


  • Cathy Whiteman

    I was not familiar with these stamps and boy Im glad I am now. The very first on cracked me up. “Some things never age—-You, however, do”. I also liked the one about “don’t sweat getting older, —Oh, are those hot flashes? sorry! bwhahahaha. The sarcasm is right up my alley.

  • Julie

    All my friend know how much I love to eat out so the … ” In lieu of a gift a donation has been made to the restaurant of my choice” one cracks me up

  • charity c

    hey taylor!
    another great day here at the party! thanks so much for letting us celebrate with you!!!
    i love they money holder sentiment:
    “money holder Directions: insert money, return.”
    hillarious!!!! i may have to use that for christmas 🙂
    have a great day everyone!

  • Kerry J.

    I love “With friends like you, who needs anenomes?” MAkes me think of Finding Nemo! Congrats again – what a beautiful page (and subject).

  • Kathy

    “You’re the best friend chocolate could buy” is my favorite Hambo sentiment!

    Kathy McDonald

  • Angel Wilde

    I like- “I’ve kept my figure…. Unfortunately it’s the one I started with!”
    You’re right…. those stamps crack me up… I am going to go read more!!

  • rachel

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for HAMBO stamps!! Okay, maybe I’m the only one screaming for them 😉

    You stated my favorite sentiment in your post–I still laugh every time I read it:
    “In lieu of a gift, a donation has been made in your name to a restaurant of my choice.”

  • Laura

    First of all, I just have to say I LOVE THAT SCRAPBOOK PAGE. Too Adorable!!!

    My favorite Hambo Stamps sentiment is:
    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An onion a day should take care of everyone else.”

  • Nancy

    My favorite Signature’s stamp is “100% recycled ideas”… Everything I stamp has been cased… :O)

  • Jennifer

    I only discovered Hambo stamps a couple of weeks ago, and I’m loving all of them! I can’t wait until I can place an order. These penguins are adorable!

    A favorite sentiment – I love so many of them! I’m going with “In lieu of a gift, a donation has been made in your name to a restaurant of my choice.”

  • Tonya and Erik

    Well, keeping with the holiday theme I’d have to say my favorite is: Thanksgiving always reminds e of my family—- A ham, a turkey, and a whole bunch of nuts!
    Really sounds like my family too! 😉
    Congrats on you blog success Taylor! I love checking out your blog for all the great ideas.
    Thanks, Tonya

  • Emily

    Those are some fun stamps!

    My favorite sentiment is “You’re the cherry on top!” I think it’s such a cute saying!

  • Lisa Charleton

    My favorite has to be: May you have the luck of the Irish!
    Well, except for that potato famine thingie…

    Definitely going to have to order that for some St. Patty’s Day cards! And since I’ve been eyeing up those penguins for a while – and now that I’ve started perusing the site – guess I’m going to have to place an order!

  • Trish D

    Ooh, another great giveaway! My favorite has got to be the “Bookmakr Disclaimer” – Not to be taken internally… may cause drowsiness… Too funny!!

  • Darlene L

    Congrats on your accomplishments. I am so happy to be a daily subscriber to your blog. Hambo makes some of the cutest stamps with such fun sayings. I love all of them–especially any that say something about chocolate! Darlene

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to choose! But two of my favorites are “Having one of those (days) lives?” and “Don’t make me get my voodoo doll out”.

    Thanks for the giveaways!

    Kim K

  • Colleen

    Love Hambo stamps and own many. I’ve had my eye on these penguins . . .
    My favorite sentiment is “Know What You’re Getting for Your Birthday?” “OLD!”

  • Anonymous

    I don’t own any Hambo stamps but I seem to recall looking at those stamps before. Anyway, I think the sentiment WITH FRIENDS LIKE YOU WHO NEEDS ANEMONES. It reminds of my son struggling to say the word anemone from the movie Finding Nemo. Thanks, Taylor!

    Riza A.

  • Catherine

    I used the same stamp that you use for your ATC but of course yours came out way cuter.

    Anyway, i love Hambo Stamps and Monica is the coolest! I love this one… “Thanksgiving always reminds me of my family — A ham, a turkey, and a whole bunch of nuts!”

    Love it!

  • Crystal LaDoux

    I really like “if I’m not the queen why do my pantyhose say I am”


  • Terri E.

    Congrats. My favorite is the have an ice day. I love the play on words and I am loving penguins right now.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • Cindy Vernon

    My favorite is Birthday wedgies! Love those penguins.

  • StampinginKansas

    I love these penquins! Thanks for sharing your celebration with the rest of us. My favorite stamp is Barbeque Man and all of the sayings. They have too many good sayings to pick one favorite.

  • Erin K

    I can’t pick a favorite! I love them all. ONE of my favorites is

    I don’t think getting old
    is a big deal, really.
    But I guess you would know
    more about it than I would.

    🙂 What a fun week on your blog.

    congrats to yesterday’s winners.

  • Kristy

    I’m with the above poster, I like:

    “If I am not the queen, why do my pantyhose say I am”

    Congrats on your mileston!

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite sentiments is the one about avoiding the kitchen by going around the living room! Unless someone else has cooked, I try to avoid that area too! LOL! congrats again Taylor! Great prize today…love penguins and the card! Lisa K

  • Mandy

    I like the one that says, “Do you hear what I hear? Can you make the voices stop? Ha! Cute penguin card, as usual! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I like “If I am not the queen, why do my pantyhose say I am” I don’t wear queen size, by the way, it just cracks me up!
    Cute penguins!
    Sandy Kay

  • Donna

    Hi Taylor! I love the sentiment ‘I’ve been a key figure in the history of chocolate. If chocolate comes near me, it’s history!’

  • Susan C.

    Congrats again and thanks for throwing such a great party!!! 🙂 These stamps are too cute! My favorite is “You’re the best friend chocolate could buy”. So many of my friends (me included) are such chocoholics – it would be perfect for their cards.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Susan C.

  • Anonymous

    WOO HOO!!!! I cannot believe that I was one of the winners!!! Thanks so much, Taylor!!! I can’t wait to see my new stamps!!!

  • arams

    Hi Taylor – love the penguins. I favorite Hambo stamp is the candles (317) – I see these dancing candles on cards every once in a while and think they are so cute! Of course, they have some really great sentiments – only problem is I don’t have many people who would appreciate the humour!

  • loves2stamp

    They are hysterical!!! My fav is Do you hear what I hear? Can you make the voices stop?
    Thanks for the candy!

  • jenny4wheel

    I like “Don’t make me get my voodoo doll!”

  • Cat

    I just bought my first Hambo’s a month or so ago. Love the “With friends like you, who needs anemones?” Ha! Another GREAT candy offer – Thanks Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    I love her sentiments too. Here’s my favorite:

    Know what you’re getting on your birthday?


    From the fractured funnies … now that’s funny … perfect sentiment for my older sister.

    Love those penguins you’re giving away.

    Sandy Brown

  • Jami


    Now that I have your attention..”


    Hey Taylor – what a fun week!

  • Aimee

    I have to say the one I like best is ” just hand over the cookies and no one will get hurt”… I love visiting your blog …

  • Alex

    I loooooove the fractured funnies, they totally crack me up, one of the ones I love is Sometimes I act like a blonde…. um, what was I saying!!!! lol love that

  • Kay

    Congrats! Well deserved milestone — your beautiful cards are always an inspiration. I love Hambo stamps, and always recommend them to friends. It’s hard to choose just one, but I use this one a lot: “If friends are flowers, that makes us best buds!” It goes with so many images.

  • Well Said Cards

    yahoo! Another giveaway. My favorite Hambo saying is: “I know my way around the kitchen! If I go through the living room, I can avoid it completely.”

  • Anonymous

    Very cute card today (as usual). My favorite Hambo stamp set is: Some things never grow old! You, however, do. I LOVE that one and use it all the time!
    Congrats again on your 1 million hits!
    Yvonne C.

  • Beth M (ematson on SCS)

    Wahoo, what a party! I love Hambo stamps and the saying that is currently my favorite is the Happy Hamiversary to go with the adorable little piggies in the soda shop! Love that combo!

    Congrats on all your blog success!

  • Anonymous

    Everytime I see those penguins it makes me smile! I like the one that says “Better to be OVER the hill than Under it!
    Jenifer Palmer

  • Lori M

    Hi Taylor! More great goodies!!!!
    My favorite is Birthday Wedgies! Cracks me up!
    Thanks for another chance to win!!
    Lori M

  • Kristina

    Man, another stamp company I MUST add to my collection.

    My Exercise Routine consists of:
    stretching the truth
    Jumping to conclusions
    running my mouth


  • Melissas

    I LOVE Hambo stamps! My favorite sentiment is the simple, “Birthdays Happen.” THanks for the chance!

  • Cathy

    Congrats ladies! Pick ME ME ME! I just love these stamps. Love your card and what a sweet layout. Love how you did the buttons.

    Ok my fav saying is:
    I’m being held
    hostage in a
    rubber stamp store~
    and I’m afraid
    they will let me go!

    Thanks for a chance.

  • Sandra

    You’re not old, you’re just ripe!!! So funny!!!!

  • Janet

    Oh my gosh…I love their stuff, too. There is nothing else out there on the market like their sentiment stamps, either. I love this one: “I know my way around the kitchen! If you go through the living room, you can avoid it completely.” Hahaha! Love your scrapbook page…too pretty.

  • Cindy

    “Just hand over the cookies and no one will get hurt.” I love that one! So cute!! 🙂


  • Kristy Vernon

    Hambo has some hilarious sayings but my favorite saying is: “I’ve been a key figure in the history of chocolate. If chocolate comes near me, it’s history!” They have such awesome sayings all around.

  • Nancy

    There are too many great ones to choose from…. but I’ll try to pick…. and I’ll say…. ummmmm…. it’s a toss up between

    Sometimes I act like a blonde but mostly… umm… what was I saying??

    Birthdays are like wedgies… they just keep creeping up on you!

  • Leah

    Fun Fun! TFS such awesome goodies! Congrats on your blog hits.. I love seeing your awesome creations! My favorite Hambo saying is actually the ‘have an ice day!’ stamp! so stinkin’ cute! 😀

  • Mary Duffek

    Another great give away. You are too sweet and so are the stamping co. Those penguins are adorable!

    Have a great day!

  • Tina

    Wow, another great giveaway. My favorite is “If I am not the queen, why do my pantyhose say I am.” Love it!
    Thanks bunches for the opportunity!


  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor!

    I just read some of the sentiments…some of them are so funny. My favorite one is “No, I’m not stressed out!! My stamping helps me relax.”

    Colleen Kwan

  • Anonymous

    Again I say congrats on the million hits…This is just so great…I see you use these stamps all the time and I WISH my checkbook could buy all of the stamps you so beautifully showcase…this chance to win them, though is just as fabulous! 🙂

    Linzi (linzi@mindspring.com

  • Stevens girl

    I love the one that says “Just hand over the cookies and no one will get hurt.” So funny! How could anyone not love her sayings.

  • Shannon

    I like the Hambo sentiment that says ‘Don’t make me get my voodoo doll.’
    Thanks for another great candy installment.

  • Bev Breisinger

    I just love the sentiment from Hambo Stamps – “Beware of things that go bump in the night…nothing is worse than clumsy monsters!!
    Thanks for the candy!

  • Rose Ann

    These penguins are adorable, and I’ve just added them to my wish list. Love your card!!

  • Shadowcatcher

    This is absolutely adorable. Love this layout. I need to pull out my penguins again. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Taylor, these are just adorable!!! I love all of your special touches and designs!!


  • rozie640

    Love the birthday penguin but you must get Santa penguin and Chef penguin, I just checked them all out and those two are screaming at me “BUY ME”! Your card is adorable, thanks for the link.


    I love the penguin! This card is just too cute!

    Inky Hugs,

  • Alexandra

    This card is stinkin’ cute Taylor – love that little guy! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  • Well Said Cards

    sove those penguins! Your coworker will love the cards!

  • Kim

    I love that little penguin. Great layout!

  • Flossie's Follies

    What a fantastic card, love everything about it, have a couple of those penguins myself.

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