I returned home from CHA last night. I had such an awesome time, but I am happy to be home. It was so wonderful to find clean dishes, clean bedsheets, and clean clothes. I have a wonderful husband! The fridge was stocked with bachellor foods (brats, Mountain Dew, and Nutty Bars), but the clean house quickly made up for that. *grin* So… what did I do while I was at CHA!? So much! I can’t even begin to cover it all in one post. It was so fun to see old friends and meet new friends. ((((HUGS))))) I have just a little something to show and tell about today and then once I recooperate and get my bearings (mainly dive into the pile of emails/mail/to-do’s and edit a few more pictures from my overflowing camera card!) I will share more! Make sure you check out the SCS @ CHA blog for lots of pics and updates too! There was quite a buzz around the Making Memories booth this year. Here’s what it was all about:

This is the Slice. It’s similar to the Cricut, but much lighter and more portable. You purchase cartridges to insert into the machine with several different die cutting options. You electronically select shapes, letters, etc. and you’re able to choose a size for your die cut up to 4″. Another great feature of the Slice is the ability to place the machine exactly where you want it to cut. This way you get many more shapes out of one sheet of paper. I was able to see a demonstration from the actual engineer of the machine…. too cool! The gridlined surface is first prepared with a tacky spray adhesive in order to hold the paper to the surface while the blade cuts the desired shape.

This picture shows the inside of the machine as it’s cutting out the shape. You need to gently press it down while it’s cutting. The blade moves quickly back and forth until the shape is finished cutting.

Voila! The shape is peeled from the tacky surface with a spatula tool without leaving a sticky residue behind. I see lots of fun possibilities with this little machine and I love the portability!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you all have a wonderful day!