It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed as hard as I did when I read through all of your captions for MoMo’s Christmas sweater picture. It was sooo hard choosing a winner, so we decided to post our top five favorites:

5. I’ll be glad when they have children!” (Leenda)

4. “I thought you loved me! I forgave you for the hair cut, mistakes happen, but someone is going to pay for this indignity, what do you think I am a dumb dog?? (Ann Lind)

3. It AINT a BEAUTIFUL day in MY neighborhood–*Mr MO MO Rogers* (Renee G)

2. (to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”) Amanda Angert

You better watch out
You’re gonna be sad
There is no doubt
That you have been bad

MoMo Cat will get his revenge

He’s made a long list
Of things to pee on
He’ll re-define “pissed”
While you are both gone

MoMo Cat will get his revenge

He watches while you’re sleeping
Then scratches on the couch
He hates his new red sweater so
That’s why he is a grouch

Ohhhhhh, you better watch out
You’re gonna be sad
There is not doubt
That you have been bad

MoMo Cat will get his revenge!

1. And our favorite caption… “I AM smiling!” (Cards N More)

These are all totally hilarious in different ways! I love Leenda’s observation that MoMo probably won’t be getting any new sweaters once we have children. I bet he can’t wait! I love how Ann incorporated our previous mishap with MoMo’s haircut! And Renee’s caption is totally funny because MoMo’s red sweater really looks like a Mr. Rogers sweater. LOL! And Amanda stole the show with her cute lyrics to Santa Claus is coming to town! You might be seeing a performance on YouTube soon! We got a kick out of singing it! But our favorite caption was short and sweet and seemed to fit the picture perfectly. If MoMo could talk I can totally hear him saying “I am smiling!”

Cards N More, email me ( with your snail mail address and I’ll get the Christmas Key Ingredients off to you right away! Thank you all for the good laughs!