• Jill

    Love the shaker card!!!!

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Very unusual. I'd call this thinking outside the box!

  • Angela

    This is beautiful. Any bride and groom would love it!

  • Paulette S

    Lea's card is so festive and fun! Thanks for a chance to win this amazing die! Paulette S.
    craftqueen417 at yahoo dot com
    https://paulettesprettypapercrafts dot wordpress dot com

  • ionabunny

    That's a gorgeous shaker card. I love the bistro lights cut. So pretty. My happiest wedding memory is chocolate profiterole swans at my friends wedding in Wales. No really, they were amazing. Hugz

  • Phyllis Freese

    Gorgeous! My favorite wedding memory is my husband walking our only daughter down the aisle.

  • Deana

    This is beautiful. I just shared my wedding scrapbook with my 6 year old who had a hard time understanding where she was during this time!

  • Laurie

    Super card! I love shaker cards, and would never have thought to do one for a wedding, but it is really classy. Love the jewels you added to the front of the card.

  • Sue D

    Gorgeous wedding card. Happiest wedding memory was marrying my best friend. People commented that we were smiling the whole ceremony.

  • Rebecca

    My favorite wedding memory takes place 10 years after we have been married and my 3 year old daughter looks up at our portrait hanging in the living room and proceeds to get angry with me that she wasn't at our wedding and didn't get to be our flower girl. I simply could not find a way to reason with a 3 year old that she didn't come along until 6 years after that picture was taken!

  • Julie Ann

    My happiest memory was when I married the love of my life in Jamacia.

  • Beverly Perdue

    Such a beautiful wedding card! One of my most treasured memories at my son's wedding was when he was standing next to the preacher, he looked over at me, and quietly said, "Don't cry Mama", as I had tears running down my face.

  • Helen Gullett

    Oh I love this card! An inspiration for me to make a card for youngest sister's wedding in May.
    The happiest moment of our wedding was the moment I said my vow and said, "Yes I do." That can never be replaced by other memories 🙂

  • Christine Kosmak

    I wish that I had happy wedding memories of not only my own but my older brothers wedding, but I don't unfortunately. My son's father divorced me as I was not enough of a door mat for him, and have just lost my older brother who's funeral was last week! this shaker card is just gorgeous!! Thanks for the chance of winning this gorgeous cutting plate and beautiful sequins!!

  • Mutzy Mia

    My happiest memory was seeing my daughters on their wedding day…so worth all the work getting ready for the big day.

  • Mary-Anne V

    Such a pretty card…love the way its a shaker.

  • Jan & Eric

    My great friend made her wedding gown and basted the last tule layer to her slip the day of the wedding. As her dad walked her down the aisle the slip slowly detached until it came off as she reached the aisle. Without skipping a beat the pastor grabbed it from the floor, wadded it into a bundle and plopped it on the alter.

  • Gina Furman

    My oldest son got married 10-4-14. I was afraid 1. I wasn't going to be able to go (no transportation, and 2. I was not going to be able to dance with him due to a severe back injury. Well, let me tell you, I worked my butt off in physical therapy for 6 months, my son and his bride to be (and her grandmother!) traveled 5+ hours to come pick me up, and I DANCED WITH MY SON! I bawled the whole time, but I was so happy and so proud of him!

  • Joy S.

    A groom rowed his bride across a pond, to the beautiful reception. I too love the cutting plate!!

  • lisa808

    Beautiful shaker card. Love the white and gold embossing and pretty sequins. My favorite wedding memory is my brother's wedding (even though he is since divorced!)- it was a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and wonderful reception.

  • MCgal

    I will always smile remembering my little nieces holding hands and practically running down the aisle to sit in the pew as instructed. "Slowly" was a word totally lost on them. All the adults has a good laugh.

  • Janis

    I love looking back at our wedding photos….from nearly 34 yrs ago!! One of my favorites is a candid shot as we were leaving the church. My hubby has me held close to him as are being showered with rice!! We both have our heads slightly ducked from the visible onslaught of the little white grains and huge smiles on our faces. Sweet!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


    What a beautiful card – so lovely. Well both my nieces were married last year, but the youngest had a casual, barn dance wedding. Everyone had a super great time.

  • vicd

    My own wedding was my favorite– we were high school sweethearts!

  • D.Ann

    That's just gorgeous!!
    My happiest wedding memory is helping my best friend made home-made mint chocolate rosettes for her wedding reception. It was a fun day I got to spend with her and her family before the main event and I still get a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart from the fond memory.

  • Bernadette

    Because I'm thinking about the question right off the bat, I'd say my best wedding memory is the fact that later that night, on the way to enjoy our honeymoon, my husband was willing to have our intimate time in the dark!!! I was way too shy! Very humble and gentle he was!!!
    Thanks for showing us a beautiful card for a great event, Lea! I CAN picture the couple opening, giving it a shake and loving it!

  • Liz Davis

    Happiest wedding memories were the days my daughters for married. They were so happy and we gained 3 sons. Beautiful wedding card!!

  • Denise Bryant

    Beautiful card!
    Best wedding memory…. I just attended the wedding of my niece. Her groom is a 5-year cancer survivor and the best man gave a very moving toast. That was my favorite part of the day!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    The best thing about my wedding is that I married the love of my life. After all these years of being married I still love him as I did on our wedding day.

  • Miriam Prantner

    Such a gorgeous and elegant shaker! I love that coverplate!

  • Tona

    This card is beyond fabulous!!!
    I just love that Bistro cutting plate.

  • ScrapaDiddle

    Loved that it was just me and my husband!

  • Kris B

    Beautiful shaker card! Love the wedding/engagement theme! Hoping to have a happy wedding memory this fall when my oldest son is getting married!

  • SuprFoxDesigns

    What a lovely card! Best wedding memory- looking at my husband's face as I walked toward him down the aisle and we said our vows!

  • Mandee Teel

    This is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Michelle Laulu

    We just went to a beautiful wedding this last weekend. My Husband and I have been married for almost 8 years now, but we both felt like young newlyweds as we watched the bride and groom dance together. I love weddings and the joy everyone feels! Your wedding shaker card is just beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Wow-love the cutting plate. The sequins and embossed vellum sentiment are so elegant!!!!
    Laurie B

  • Renee M

    This is a gorgeous wedding card! One memory about our wedding that I can laugh about now is 3 days before we got married my soon-to-be hubby called to say he got hit in the forehead by a line drive during a softball game he was in. So our wedding photos all have his multicolored bruised and stitched-up forehead in them!

  • Sabrina

    Such a lovely card and beautiful sentiment!!
    My happiest wedding memory at the moment is when my husband and I renewed our vows on our 25th wedding anniversary. Our whole family and friends where there and my dad walked me down the aisle.
    Our first wedding no one showed up except for my two dearest friends cause no one believed us that we were getting married. So this day was very very special to me. We have now been married for 30 years and still going strong!!

  • Lynn Gauthier

    Awesome card; awesome die! Love the color choice. So very nicely done and thanks of sharing!

  • Amy C.

    Well, I've been married for almost 17 years now! I will always cherish my wedding memories.

  • Louise Wagner

    I would've never thought to make a wedding shaker card! It's beautiful! My favorite memory? My daughter's wedding when she danced with her Dad to "Butterfly Kisses". Made me cry like a baby.

  • Unknown

    Our own wedding – 57 years ago – was the most special. On a tight budget – in a tiny church with only our attendants there, but then a fun reception with friends and family.
    Thanks for the chance to win goodies!
    Laura Holt
    [Google will call me "unknown."]

  • KT Fit Kitty

    I love this! What a beautiful celebratory card for Mr. and Mrs.! Love the sentiment on vellum and the gorgeous shaker! I'm not married, so my happiest wedding memory would be from my older brother's wedding – having a great meal and dancing with my soulmate, who is no longer with us. Memories of a happier time in my life.

  • TracyM #6773

    DELIGHTFUL card Lea,
    THANK YOU for sharing your DELIGHTFUL wedding INSPIRATION and tutorial too!!!
    SO MANY wedding memories – the 1st one that comes to mind is when we went to watch our wedding video … my younger brother shot it for us and he got distracted from the activities so instead of seeing us come out of the church we had some close up footage of ants 🙂
    THANK YOU for the memories and the chance to win!!!

  • Sue Gautreaux

    My happiest wedding memories are of my daughters being walked down the aisle by their father!! Brings tears to my eyes as I think of it!

  • Jean

    Oh wow – this is amazing!!

  • Liz Gessner McAllister

    Everyone's best wedding has to be their own……but I recently went to a wedding that wason a farm beneath a GIAGANTIC oak tree! Beautiful

  • TracyM #6773

    HAPPY Anniversary Taylor & Jon 🙂 🙂
    CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky winners!!!

  • Jean Bullock

    Happy Anniversary! May you have many more!!!!!

  • ionabunny

    Congrats to the lucky winners. Hugz

  • Monika/Buzsy

    Another fantastic release Taylor! Love the elegant wedding images and dies. The shimmer papers are so pretty. Pretty shaker. The touch of sparkle and shine are perfect.

  • Patti J

    Happy Anniversary! And congrats to the winners!

  • Angie K.

    Congrats to the winners!!

  • lisa808

    Exciting news to start my day! Thank you!!!

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