• TracyM #6773

    FUN & FABULOUS card – LOVE IT ALL!!!

  • Larissa Heskett

    SUPER FUN Card!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Vellum Layers!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  • loulou

    Fabulous card I love how you have used the clouds with the vellum and your stitched contrails.

  • Taunya Butler

    This is stunningly done – so beautiful in color and softness of the clouds!! Whoa, this is just so very awesome!!!

  • MCgal

    This is an amazing card. I adore it! You are so creative. Now to go find that plane stamp and make it take flight…

  • ionabunny

    This is to cool. Love the vellum clouds and the crazy stitching behind the plane. Such a fun card. Hugz

  • Shari

    So beautiful. Just love those colors.

  • barbara macaskill

    OMG!! This is absolutely fantabulous!! LOVELOVELOVE it!!! Those clouds are delightful and the colors amazing!! TFS!

  • Conniecrafter

    Love the vellum clouds and the stitched smoke!

  • Elizabeth Garcia

    I love the inking on that background.

  • Rose

    Last month a few ladies from church were helping with colating a mailing. One of the ladies is from Great Britian and loves her tea with milk. The rest of us had our tea iced but Mary wouldn't think of having ice tea! I have my mom's tea pot she used when we were growing up. I use it for special occasions and remeber her using it. This stamp set reminds me of my mom's tea pot. Love the water coloring!

  • Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom

    This weekend I was in Laughlon celebrating my son's 30th birthday. My younger son and I were about to go over for the party and stopped at Starbuck's and I had my Chai and my younger son had his coffee with extra expresso and we sat and had a nice conversation. Not to say we did not enjoy the air since it was 117 outside. Gotta love my chai.

  • Mary Holshouser

    I shared tea with my granddaughter last night. it was iced tea because it was a hot evening.
    Love this stamp set. So elegant. Would work well into a centerpiece or favor for the High Tea the Civic Club has every January.

  • Mary Jo

    Lovely card. Just shared a cup of coffee with a good friend and co-worker the other day. Love my coffee and an occasional cup of tea, but love coffee related stamps almost as much.

  • Rosali

    On weekends my man and I drink coffee together and sometimes we even share a cup :).

  • Leanne

    Pretty card. I don't like tea, more of a coffee drinker but not had a cup with a friend for quite a while.

  • Carolyn Picken

    Tea time is such a great girly thing…such fun

  • darcydaydream

    Every Wednesday I share tea/cofee with my friends at the local garden centre.

  • Gloia

    This past Monday, I made tea for a friend who was helping me to set up my new TV.

  • Kelly McDonald

    Oh, it's been far, far too long since I have shared a cup of coffee or tea with anyone. I love both, but I tend to like things like Chai Tea, and those foo-foo coffee things from the local coffee shop – I've been trying to cut back lately…It may be time for a treat with a friend!

  • Patti V.

    I love the saying!! Such a pretty card.

  • Kathy Bixler

    I grew up drinking tea with my mother. She passed away this past February. I drink tea everyday and think of her – it's a great way to start my day! Love this 'tea set!'

  • Nancy Wilson

    This card brings back memories of tea with my grandmothers, mother, daughter and granddaughters as well as my husband who equally shares my love of tea and all things tea! We have over 100 china tea cups! Just imagine! Julia your card is amazing – love the watercolours. Shared tea today with my neighbour – 92 years young.

  • Liz Lumsden

    Last week I was visiting my bestie in AZ and we went to a craft retreat and we stayed and very nice resort and shared several cups of tea. She is not a coffee drinker and I love either so I got Starbucks' coffee on my own.

  • Julie Ann

    Love this card it is beautiful.

  • Shirley A.

    My daughter and I always discuss the new tea blends and share how much we love our Chai! Love the card and stamp set!

  • paulettesprettypapercrafts

    Oh, I love Julia's tea time card! I have long loved tea sets, and my mom does too. We love the little ceramic tea service sets!! Toys…but they are so sweet and fun. My Aunt Kayla loved tea, we lost her unexpectedly this year at 68. I will miss making her tea related gifts. My husband and I love coffee anytime, it's a must to start our day Every Day! And the occasional Starbucks! Thanks, Paulette S.
    craftqueen417 at yahoo dot com

  • Michelle L.

    Love that card! My bff came to visit over the weekend and we sat and visited over breakfast and tea for her, coffee for me, on Sunday morning. It was lovely!

  • craftymom205

    I don't remember the last time I had a cup of coffee with anyone. Love the card.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  • Sue D

    Beautiful . I like the coloring, stitching and buttons. I shared a cup of tea with my husband last week.

  • Angela

    I haven't gotten to meet with anyone for awhile since I'm still recovering from back surgery. I'll be glad to do it soon, though!

  • Mcgal

    I shared a cup of tea with a friend a few weeks ago. It is always a good time and we share stories of our kids.

  • Nancy Sue

    Met with my nephew's wife who was in town for a visit and we met for coffee and brunch.

  • Cindi

    Love the card, it reminds me of my moms old tea set she had on her tea cart. I love to have a cup of tea at night with my hubby before going to bed.

  • Bernadette

    Beautiful card, Julia! I love the stamp and sentiment, your coloring, and overall design! Having a nice, warm cup of tea is wonderful, soothing, and eases tension in my brain when I'm at work. The last time I had a cup of tea with others was at a stamping party! That was nice! Gotta do that again!

  • Patti Willey

    My husband and I will always dring coffee or iced coffee together! We always have a cup for dinner, and when we're together on a weekend we know we're making a cup for the lunch time and maybe mid afternoon! It's "our thing!"

  • sansuey

    I usually drink my coffee and tea alone! But the last time I shared a cup was when my oldest son was home, a few weeks ago. I do love sharing a cuppa!

  • Eva Wierzbinski

    I'm not a big tea drinker but I do love my Nespresso coffee in the morning on weekends. My companions are our 2 cats who snuggle up to me on the couch. Although, I do have a collections of tea pots that I absolutely love.

  • Jerrie

    Now that sentiment is funny and original! i am cutting down on the lemonade so I can drink my tea with lemons!! Think of the health benefits too!! I love your card, the tea theme, the soft, beautiful colors and the unique sentiment!!

  • Phyllis Freee

    I shared a cup of tea with my husband recently when a friend gave me a sampling of new flavors of tea.

  • Ruthie

    Last week Wednesday I took my sister out to lunch for her 70th birthday. We both had tea and chocolate ganache cake for dessert. Good times!

  • Lyn

    My husband was the tea drinker and once in a while I would sit with him and share a pot of tea. He passed away 12weeks ago and oh my what I would give to get that pot out and share a cuppa with him <3

  • pattyk

    mMy husband and I went dinner sunday–I had tea and he had coffee!

  • Nancy

    I share a pot of tea with my hubby every day! I love everything about tea!

  • Mel

    I share a Starbucks once a week with my daughter. She loves the treat!

  • Rebecca Ednie

    I have tea with my girlfriend but it's been months now. 🙁

  • Jan & Eric

    My sister has collected teapots for many years. They aren't just for looking at. Every February in the tiny town in which she lives there is usually still snow on the ground. As the women are all in need of perking up, my sister has a Victorian tea when she gets out all her teapots and cups with saucers, decorates beautifully and has finger cookies and home breads. From the time everyone enters her home they have smiles on their faces as they relax, are served their choice of flavor of tea, and chat with friends. It is absolutely wonderful. jlingraham@hotmail.com

  • Barbara

    It was my grandmother who taught me to love tea as a child; sweet with lots of milk. I drink it black these days but still find comfort in that warm, friendly cup.

  • grammypat

    Just shared a cup of coffee last night with some of our local friends and some of our other friends from a different province last night after the rodeo performance at the Ponoka Stampede. So nice to have good friends to share coffee and good times with.

  • Foodista88

    The last time I shared a cup of tea was with a group of ladies from my church. It was a very lovely afternoon, and I learned how the British do it – milk first, then pour tea. 🙂

  • christi

    I usually drink tea alone in the am when I am surfing the sites I follow. drinking tea brings back memories of the first time I had it. I was probably 12 or so and at a friends. her brother offered to make it for us. then he asked what we wanted in it. I said sugar and lemon and he said cream and I said yes please. when he brought it to me it was all funky curdled. he remade it and the second time it came back the same way. by then his mom came out and asked what the problem was. we showed her and she laughed and said you silly's you can have lemon and milk together or it will curdle. lesson learned.

  • Amy A

    My mother and I always share at least one cuppa day (By phone or in person) to catch up! 🙂

  • D.Ann C

    Lovely!! I recently had a tea party for my girlfriends and their daughters. We had several kinds of tea, tiny sandwiches & snacks, and even had some fancy hats and boas to dress us up. What fun we had!

  • Sandra Schroeder

    The last time I shared a pot of tea with someone, was at a church old English tea party. It was very fun using the old china tea cups and teapots from our mothers and grandmothers. Plus we had some very yummy homemade crumpets.

  • SuprFoxDesigns

    The last time I shared tea with someone was Sunday with my hubby! It was a nice little visit and no stress or other distractions

  • lisa808

    Pretty card! Love the stitching (something I have yet to try). I am a big tea drinker and would love to have this set. The last time I shared a cup of tea with someone was earlier today with my husband. We have tea at breakfast, tea time in the afternoon, and at night after dinner.

  • 78nsb

    What a lovely card. I share tea with friends.

  • Jill Norwood

    Such a sweet card Julia! Pretty water coloring of this sweet image! Thanks for the chance to win T! I shared tea with my friend Brynna when I had her son over for a play date. It was a lovely afternoon!

  • Betty McDougal

    I belong to a card making group and we meet on Thursday. When we are done making our cards we have tea around the kitchen table.

  • cma21317

    At the end of a very eventful graduation party my best friend and I closed the evening with a nice cup of tea. This stamp would be a perfect card to send to her.

  • Larissa Heskett

    The last time was a Month ago when my Mom, Sisters (4) and I all got together to go Shopping!! It was such an AMAZING Time!! =) I LOVE being together and I LVE having each other to ENJOY!! THANKS for sharing, I LOVE your BEAUTIFUL Card!! Have a FAULOUS WEEK!! =)

  • Rhonda

    I shared coffee, with my co-worker who left last week. :o(
    Thanks for the chance to win this cute set. :o)

  • Aartje

    Beautyfull card, love it.
    I drink tea the whole day. At breakfast with my husband and daughter, at work with my collegae and in the eveving again with my husband and kids. I never drink coffee (I don't like that) but a cup of tea I can drink the wohle day.
    Hugs Aartje

  • irisesther54

    What a beautiful card. The coloring is fantastic. I'm a coffee lover. I always drink it in the mornings and in the evenings but usually don't share it with anyone as my daughter doesn't drink coffee. But last week I was having lunch with a very good friend and we shared coffee. It's a very nice experience.

  • Sharleen Osborn

    Love the stamp, we are love sharing with a best friend.

  • suzie

    The last time I had tea was with my husband on Valentines Day weekend. We were on a mini vacation and decided to try out a little tea place while visiting a small town in California. It was so relaxing and he even enjoyed the experience!

  • LindaLeaPeteren

    We have tea every Sunday at my Aunt's. It is the best time of the week. Of course I do make a pot of tea everyday at work, but it just isn't the same as Sunday's with family.

  • Alexandra Madison

    My daughters and I love to have tea parties! They aren't fans of the tea, but the cookies served and the company shared are their favorite part!

  • Ava Gavloski

    Great presentation of the stamp set. Thanks for showcasing.

  • Sabrina

    Your card is oh so adorable!! When I read your story it reminding me of my grandmother and how she use to drink her tea. She would pour a little bit in the saucer and swirl it around then sip it.
    I shared a glass of ice tea ( does that count) with my mom just the other day.

  • Lorraine

    I just had "tea" with my cousin at Teaberry's Tea Room for her birthday. We shared a pot of Apricot tea along with our delicious sandwiches and scones. The sentiment on that beautiful card couldn't be more appropriate!

  • Unknown

    When I "share" a cup of tea, it's usually over the phone! I love all the unique flavors available……….
    Laura Holt
    [Google will list me as "unknown."]

  • Peg

    How darn cute is this card. I think I'll go call a friend and ask her to tea!

  • cghundley

    Can't remember the last
    time I had tea. And I
    don't drink coffee, but
    I love hot chocolate and
    had some at Barnes & Noble
    last Saturday! Beautiful
    card, lovely coloring.
    Carla from Utah

  • Debbie Lou

    What a beautiful card !
    I enjoyed reading the comments about becoming more like your mother. Seems that way for me as well 🙂
    Just recently shared coffee with our son and his wife visiting from across the country.
    Great memories!

  • Brandi R

    Beautiful card! I don't usually share tea, but share coffee time everyday with my family ♥

  • Tamara Dees

    Omg. That tea set is awesome.

  • Tona

    I'm usually a loan drinker 😉 but the last time I went to visit my mom we would have a morning chat over out cups of tea.

  • slbela59

    I love drinking tea from beautiful china tea cups! So I purchased a beautiful flowered set that I and my two young daughters sit and have a tea party. The girls love our tea parties and it is a great way to relax and just listen to them! Thank for the chance to win.

  • Liz Davis

    I'm not much of a tea drinker but my husband is. I love to collect tiny tea cup sets. I have several sets from my grandmothers.

  • vinita jain

    My morning always start with a cup of tea and never miss it! In India, all the people are tea lovers and cannot live without it! I love to drink a special homemade masala tea or ginger flavor! And your colorfully ensembled creation with that perfect sentiment looks beautiful and mouth watering!!! I have yet to try lemon tea though!!
    Thanks for the chance to win the goodies!

  • Carey Nusbaum

    I had tea with my best friend, Susan. Love the card! Adorable stamp set!

  • Amy C.

    My mom and I enjoy flavored iced teas and we hunted some down on our road trip to Ohio!

  • Karen McAlpine

    Really sweet new set. Love that sentiment! I have coffee with my friend, Jan. We bring all our current projects and share ideas and tips while we sip our cuppa joe.

  • OhYouMadeMeInk

    Just yesterday I shared a cup of coffee with my son as we shopped for dorm bedding! We had a great time and I thought that Target might kick us out for laughing so much! So blessed to be able to spend some time with him before he goes off to college!

  • windycindy

    What a gorgeous tea time card! I usually drink Chamomile tea, with my husband , during the evening. We talk about our day and it helps both of us, get a better night's sleep! Many thanks, Cindi

  • Ellen F.

    My hubby and I share a cup of tea in the evening after our boys go to bed. It's our quiet, catch up time.

  • Sharbogast

    It's been quite a while since I shared a cup of tea, but the last time would be with my husband. It's rare we get times like that, so I cherish every single one of them. Beautiful card. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • ionabunny

    I share a cup of coffee with my man at 12.00 every day. Love this stamp. I am a tea drinker mostly so this stamp really appeals. Hugz

  • StampinJessica

    In the morning i like my cup of coffee, but the rest of the day i´m drink´ tea.
    But the best time is tea-time with my friend and earl grey ♥

  • Mary-Anne V

    Very pretty card…love the images and the wonderful colouring. Last time I shared a cup of coffee was with my friend who I taught with.

  • Gramma Dee

    Tea is a comfort drink, often shared in the evenings to help wind down. My daughter and I enjoyed tea together on Saturday.

    I love this card with all it's home style touches.

  • Taunya Butler

    Gorgeous card and love those patterned papers!!! So pretty and perfect with this image!!! I am not much of a coffee OR tea drinker but I was in Arizona in February and I met up for coffee with a bloggy friend -So fun and such a treat to meet her!!! Thanks for refreshing such an awesome memory in my mind!!!

  • Lynn Gauthier

    Love your card. Such an adorable setting!
    The last time I shared a cup was with my Husband over the weekend. He bought me flowers for my beds. He even helped me plant them!!! Such a sweetheart!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Jean

    I am a coffee person but in the afternoon I love a cup of tea. It goes well with a book!

  • Melissa Friedrich

    Just back from vacation and shared some tea with a few friends to catch up on summer happenings with them. In my experience no one has ever said no to "would you like to join me for a cup of tea?" Love this tea stamp set and Julia's card – love the watercoloring and patterned paper backgrounds.

  • Jen W.

    I'm not much of a tea drinker but I recently went to visit a friend who'd just had her first baby. She asked me to fix her a cup of tea while she was feeding the little one. According to her I make a good cuppa! 🙂

  • KT Fit Kitty

    I drink my chocolate chai tea almost every day, and I just had a cup with my parents yesterday while they were here! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love the tea stamps and the gorgeous paper! I have lots of your dies but have never tried your stamps – would love to have these stamps!

  • Julie K

    My husband and I share a cup of coffee bef

  • Noreen

    My sister loves to go to Tea Shoppes, and we always enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Julie K

    My husband and I always share a cup of

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