• D.Ann C

    Too stinkin' cute! I love the fade-out and the adorable pup!

  • Michelle Sullivan

    Looking forward to your designs Jean! Book I'm reading , John Irvings A Prayer For Owen Meany

  • JanetB

    Congratulations Jean, on joining the TE design team! What fun:) I am reading "The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild", a page turner.

  • Sherry Butcher

    Congratulations, Jean! Reading The Witch of Napoli – 1899 Italy not Halloween.

  • Sherry Heier

    Congratulations Jean! LOVE the card;-)

    I'm addicted to reading! Currently re-reading Dean Koonze Strange Highways.

  • Betty Neville

    Beautiful card! Congrats to Jean! I am currently reading Stephen King's "Bag of Bones". Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Karen Oliver

    Congratulations Jean. Beautiful card….look forward to seeing more. I have just finished reading The Brave by Nicholas Evans. I am now reading Finding Fraser by KC Dyer.

  • Parker

    Welcome Jean, and love how you made the Santa & deer in red. My read is The Quiet American by Graham Greene.

  • Betty

    Congrats! Love the card! Just finished reading Agents of Babylon by David Jeremiah…so good!!

  • Just Crafts and More

    Congratulations on joining the design team! I like your card & these cute dies! I am looking forward to more items as you post them!

  • Waka Zakka

    Congratulations on joining the team, Jean! Looking forward to see fabulous creations from you. Love the whimsical houses in this card. Currently I'm reading The Witness by Nora Roberts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Eva Van Buuren

    I love your beautiful Christmas scene card.
    I have seen your work already before and I like your style very much. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!!
    Jean, I cannot recommend you a book to read, because I read the books in Dutch ๐Ÿ™‚
    Greetings from the overseas, Eva.

  • Debby

    A fun book I recently read was The Royal We by Heather Cocks. It's about an American girl who goes to Oxford and may end up marrying the heir to the British throne.
    I love these dies, I hope I win!

  • Laurie Brown

    Welcome to the team! Beautiful card!! I enjoy Nora Robert's books!!

  • Paulette S

    I love Jean's card art, she does amazing things with die cuts! I love all of her scenes.
    These Christmas die cuts are wonderful! I'm not reading anything, but other crafter's
    blogs. I'm day care for my grand babies and don't have much free time. LOL I do love
    a good Mary Higgins Clark or John Grisham book tho! Thanks, Paulette S.
    craftqueen417 at yahoo
    https://paulettesprettypapercrafts dot wordpress dot com
    since Google and Blogger are not user friendly enough to edit or remove my Blogger profile for a blog moved to WP in 2012!
    And there are no supervisors who can do this for me??

  • Shannon Baker

    I'm not reading anything at the moment, but the next one on my list is actually a new one that is out by Drew Barrymore called Wildflower. I think she will be inspiring.

  • Rebecca

    Ooh, what a great addition to your team. I already follow Right as Rain and regularly find great inspiration!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    Welcome Jean!
    I am reading "What She Left Behind" by Ellen Marie Wiseman.
    It is a very haunting story about the nature of love, loyalty and the lengths that a person is willing to go to in order to protect those who need us the most.

  • Shari

    Congratulations!! Just love this card, and these dies. So beautiful.

  • Sandy Griffin

    Love this card. Can't wait to see what comes next.

  • Jary Riolo

    Jean is a girl after my own heart! Loves creating AND loves to read mysteries!!

  • Late Blooming

    Loving this night before town die. Thanks for such cute art work.

  • Purrfect Paper Creations

    What a beautiful card, welcome to TE Jean! I am currently reading Robert Galbraith's Cuckoo's Calling, although I haven't had much time to read lately! Will probably have to start over again!

    Chris L.

  • Larissa Heskett

    CONGRATS Jean!! Such a BEAUTIFUL Card!! I LOVE the Colors and I'm looking forward to seeing your other Creations!! =) I've NEVER really been much of a "Novel" Reader!! I LOVE to read to my Boys and my Oldest has been Loving the "Junie Bee" Series!! They ALWAYS make us LAUGH!! =) I'm more of the Magazine type and I ENJOY the Scrapbooking and Cards Magazine along with others and I EALRY LOVE the Rachel Ray Magazine as I LOVE to cook!! Her MEALS each Month are SO Easy and my BOYS ALWAYS LOVE them too which in my mind is a DOUBLE BONUS!! =) THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  • Anna S.

    Welcome to Jean! I wish you much success and happy creating with the TE team. I too love to read, 8 books this month. "A Man Called Ove" by Fredrik Backman was my favorite this month. Also, if you've not yet read "Cutting For Stone" by Abraham Verghese it is a wonderful book.

  • Lynn

    Love the new dies and card by Jean. I normally read mystery suspense books by Patterson, Grisham, & Lee Child, but this week I am on to something different by Michael Hicks. I just finished the 1st book in the "In Her Name" series.

  • Janice

    Give A Man Called Ove a try. It's by Frederik Backman. It's great to listen to on audiobook, so well read.

  • Susan Moll

    Congratulations, Jean! Right now I'm reading The Shack.

  • loulou

    Welcome Jean, stunning card. At the moment I'm reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, but I pretty much read all genres (except maybe Mills and boon love stories).

  • Kate Pape

    Congratulations, Jean, on joining the team. Love the card on this blog. When I am not re-reading my personal collection of the Harry Potter series (somehow it seems like JK Rowling adds something between readings, because I always catch something new – magic?), I check books out of the library. Currently I am reading "The Perfect Letter" by Chris Harrison of The Bachelor/Bacholorette. If anyone knows romance and fiction, it has to be him, right?

  • Cynthia Clark

    I just finished reading The Children Of Henry VIII (I too love all things British) I'm about to start The Lady In The Tower. I LOVE mystery books, especially those set in Great Britain and I'm always looking for new authors. I got hooked as a young teenager reading Agatha Christie.

  • Bonnie McGill

    I'm the PS above. I'd love to win the gift package, the houses would be used for many holidays. Welcome Jean
    Bonnie McGill

  • Anonymous

    P.S. I'm too busy making holiday cards to read anything right now.

  • Karenladd

    It just so happens that I have been going through shelves and shelves of books in our home in an attempt to corral them into some sort of order! Between my husband and myself we have way too many books and it's time to pare down. My tastes tend to run to mysteries and suspense and I have a lot of Patricia Cornwall, Michael Connelly, Iris Johanson, and on and on. Getting lost in a book is my favorite way to spend a lazy day and I read every single night before falling asleep! Crafting and books are my joys in life!

  • Sue D

    I am reading an old book by Catherine Marshall.

  • smplantenberg

    Just finished reading "Blueprints" by Barbara Delinsky. Have to take back to the library and resist getting a new batch to read – time to get into the craft room and get going on Holiday cards!

  • Lura

    From Jean's bio above, we could be twins. I, too, live in the Pacific NW and totally love mysteries. As it happens, you caught me between books for maybe the first time in my life. Decided to put down the books so I could gear up for the holiday card making season. Love your cute red Santa riding the clouds above Woodinville, maybe? Maybe Leavenworth… Look forward to seeing more of your talented cards from TE!

  • TracyM #6773

    LOVE your STYLE and look forward to BEING INSPIRED by YOU!!!
    … dare I confess that I have no books on the go at the moment? I am currently reading the latest issue of my latest issue of Australian Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft Magazine, seeing lots of Taylored Expressions products getting a workout in the Designing With Clouds feature, yes, it's a great read ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kris B

    What a great card! Love the little scene and Santa and is reindeer in red really pops! I am waiting on my copy of Everyday Mercies to arrive so I can start reading!

  • Gloria

    I like to read my bible. It is a life long read that is always expanding in meaning. I also read things about health and of course, craft books.

  • Mel

    I'm currently reading The Hidden White House by Robert Klara.

  • Foodista88

    Welcome, Jean! I am currently reading the book "Quitter" by Jon Acuff.

  • Sue McRae

    I've always loved Jean's fabulous card designs, what a great addition to the team! I'm an avid reader and read murder mystery serials. Right now I going through the Maggie O'Dell Series by Alex Kava.

  • BeckyJ

    Congrats Jean!! I love to read a variety of things. Romance, mysteries, historical fiction, and book that are in series are my favorite reading materials. I just like to read!

  • Nancy Sue

    Congrats, loving the cards. Read whenever possible.

  • Marlyn Rojas

    Gorgeous card! Congratulations to Jean! At the moment I'm not reading any book, but surely soon I will choose one of mistery which are my favorites!

  • StampNK

    I'm sure that Jean will be a great addition to your DT and am looking forward to her projects! As for favorite books…I read just about any mystery novel I can find, and have been known to even read cereal boxes if that's all there is around! I read everything from light mysteries involving food and crafts to John Grisham novels. I recently read a novel called The Reading Group, that my sister gave me and although it's not a mystery it was a good read!

  • Sabrina

    Such a beautiful card!! I have been reading the Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun. They are mystery books about a cat that solves crimes.

  • Connie G

    Congratulations to Jean! We are in for a treat I can see from this card! I really like Richard L. Evans books and he has a new one coming out that I can't wait to get my hands on!

  • Bobbkat

    I'm reading God-Breathed by Josh McDowell. Love the Santa and Village dies!! Thanks for having such a great give away!

  • SHartl

    I have two little girls who keep me really busy so I don't have time to read very often but I love books by Jodi Picoult! She often writes about family and her novels always draw me in. Welcome to Jean! I am looking forward to seeing her share her projects with us.

  • Kristie Goulet

    Congratulations to Jean! Love her work.
    I am currently reading The Bible! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mary Beth Krakowski

    I love these cards – the dies are wonderful. I am a voracious reader. I am just finishing Jennifer Chiaverini's The Christmas Quilt/ The New Year's Quilt. Earlier this week I read J.D. Robb's Big Jack.

  • Gramma Dee

    Welcome to the team! Love how you used those die cuts for a fun card!

    Right now I am reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo". I have the first two books on Kobo, and I bought the 3rd in the trilogy at WalMart last week.

  • An'Jenic G.

    Congrats Jean!! Your work is amazing. I'm reading Joyce Myers Battle Field of the Mind. It talks about how to battle the things that goes on in your mind.

  • KarenR

    I really love your card. I love mysteries and have just finished "The Haunted Season " by G M Malliet. It's the 5th in a series about a former MI5 agent who is now an Anglican minister.

  • Michelle W

    Congrats Jean! Love your card. Will definitely have to check out your blog. I haven't ready a mystery in a while, but I just finished War Brides by Helen Bryan. It's about the women in a small village in England during WWII.

  • ScrapaDiddle

    Congrats to Jean! I have loved her work for a long time! I'm reading Nor Roberts LIAR book. Really great!

  • Laraine R

    Congrats! Love your card! Currently not reading any books but a V.C. Andrews book is waiting.

  • Rebecca Yahrling

    Hi Jean and welcome to TE! I am so looking forward to being inspired by your awesome work.
    I am reading John Grisham's "The Broker" right now. I love to read, too, but have to admit, I don't stay current.

  • jonim52

    I'm reading The Boys in the Boat. It's about the crew team that made it to the. Olympics

  • J LYK

    Welcome to the team Jean! Love your beautiful xmas card! I'm reading one of Nora Robert's book.

  • mary

    I Love your Christmas scene on your card. I am reading Gods word. It is the best book ever. You never tire of it and teaches you how to live each day.

  • Pat McCleary

    Jean is a great addition to the team; looking forward to seeing her creations. I just got "The Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins, which has been on my list for months. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Phyllis

    Beautiful work, Jean, and looking forward to seeing more of your creations. I'm currently reading "Broken Bonds", which has a bit of mystery in it.

  • ionabunny

    Hi Jean, love the fun bright colours. I love reading. Currently reading Harlan Coben The Woods. Love it. Hugz

  • Debra Else

    Welcome Jean! I am currently reading a Tom Clancy spy novel, after finishing Brad Thor's current book as well.

  • jcobb

    Welcome to the team, Jean! Wonderful card! I just finished reading the new Nicholas Sparks book…See Me…highly recommend it, especially for suspense lovers who like a little romance included! We both live in the same area of NC and I started reading his books with the first-The Notebook.

  • Noreen

    I'm reading Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years. It's a very enjoyable series, well written and entertaining. I'm looking forward to seeing Jean's creations!

  • Stephanie

    Congratulations on joining the team. Love your creativity and am looking forward to see your next creations. I,also, am an avid reader. Currently am in between books because I am involved is several papercrafting swaps.

  • lisa808

    LOVE those dies!!!

    I am currently reading, Winter in the Heart. I piked it up for 69 cents!

    Welcome, Jean, and thanks for the prize chance.

  • Carla Hogan

    Congrats Jean! I love all of John Grisham's books! Just need to get caught up!

  • jan metcalf

    Recently read The Girl on the Train which was very good! Great holiday dies! Have always loved the image of Santa and the reindeer! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Sue McW

    Beautiful card! Congratulations on joining the TE team. I just finished reading the Book Thief for my book club. I wasn't a fan of the book, but others in my book club enjoyed it.

  • Bev Flora

    Love that card. Scenery dies are some of my favorites. But my all time favorite is Taylor's little fox. I'm always stamping scenes to add him into.
    Right now I am reading Harlan Coben's "Promise Me" he does intrigue very well:)

  • Melynn

    Fabulous card! Currently not reading anything-all my free time right now is devoted to making cards and gift packages. Just finished 135 candy bags & pillow boxes for my husband in sales.

  • cghundley

    Welcome to the team!
    Love your cute card.
    I'm readying, "Dreaming
    of You" right now!
    Carla from Utah

  • Marsha J Reed

    Lovely card, Jean. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful projects. I'm currently reading Dee Henderson's Full Disclosure. She is my all time favorite author.

  • McStamper

    Beautiful card, Jean. I am just getting around to Gone Girl by Jillian Flynn.

  • Lisa Harrolle

    Hi Jean, congratulations!! I am so loving this card! I've been looking for the perfect santa/sleigh die. My absolute favorite book that I've read about 5 times is Ten Sisters: A True Story. It's a book written by 10 sisters who were separated in the 1940s and placed in different homes. Each sister writes a chapter that tells what she remembers and how it affected her. Very interesting.

  • sharon g

    Congrats!! I am in a book club, and read a lot. My most recent book was Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. It was a quick, yet interesting read. You might want to check it out. I used to read mysteries almost exclusively, so I feel like I would really like you if I knew you. I like your crafting style, too!!!!

  • Mary-Anne V

    So nice to see Jean here…love her creations and this one is beautiful too! I starting to read The Life changing magic of tidying up.

  • Lynne in NI

    Congratulations Jean!
    I read on the bus to work, so usually get through about a book a week. At the minute I'm reading Life After You by Lucie Brownlee but I've only just started it so can't say if it's any good or not!


    Many many years ago in grade school (I'm age 70 now) my favorite book was The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner. This book is still my favorite. I have it still and read it to my grandchildren. Another wonderful thing…my husband told me when he was a child, his family lived in a boxcar train, his Dad was transferred to Nebraska by the railroad and gave them the boxcar to live in. Mom curtained it off to create rooms. They lived in it for several years before buying or renting a house. I love his stories of his childhood…it wasn't so normal but it was good and they had a happy life. My grands…love this book as much as I do. I recently went on Amazon to buy each of them their own copies of the book. I look forward to TE newest release and all the inspiration.

  • Chris

    Welcome Jean to the team, love your clean lines. I'm currently reading John Sanford's Mortal Prey. He's a Minnesota author (my home state)

  • Lissa

    Lovely card. I am now inspired to make something similar. I am reading Mike Revell's Stonebird. Interesting. It beats reading all the post apocalypse books…

  • Aartje

    Welcome to the team. You have created a beautfyull Christmas scene.
    Hugs Aartje

  • Geertje

    Welcome to Taylored Expressions. I like the clean design of your card. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. I am currently reading "All the light we cannot see" a beautiful book by Anthony Doerr that is is keeping me reading beyond the time I should go to sleep as it is very gripping.

  • Annheidel

    Welcome to Jean! I love the card you showcased and look forward to more. I'm currently reading "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

  • Donna Whitten

    Such a pretty Christmas card! Congrats on joining TE! I am reading Inferno by Dan Brown, and it's definitely keeping me up at night.

  • Tona

    Welcome Jean! Fabulous card.
    I am currently reading Stephen King's Finders Keepers.

  • Mary Holshouser

    I usually have several books going at one time. I don't like to have some free time and nothing close-by to read.
    right now I'm reading the Adventuress by Tasha Alexander and
    Dashing thru the Snow by Debbie Macomber. Love when the Christmas books come out – only time I read romance.
    I also love this sleigh with the reindeers. I think seeing them fly through the sky on a card is so wonderful.

  • Crafty Math Chick

    Welcome Jean! Your card is lovely – I will have to buy those supplies sometime to be able to recreate your card myself! Right now the only thing I have time to read are the manuals for my potential new job I am being considered for – I need to get it so I can afford to purchase some items from my loooong TE wishlist! But if I had to recommend a book to others, it would be A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (I love dystopias! They really make you appreciate all the freedoms and blessings we have in today's society) Thanks for the chance to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vivian C.

    Welcome Jean. Lovely Christmas card. I'm reading Tragic Magic A Scrapbooking Mystery by Laura Childs.

  • Candy B

    I am reading Make Me by Lee Child. This card is so amazing! It captures the essence of Christmas perfectly! and is so well crafted. But these dies are to die for (pun intended). I gasped when I saw these dies. They are an absolute must. Thanks so much! (cbee at inbox dot com)

  • reeree62

    Love the card & the new dies!!!
    Believe it or not at the age of 57, just now reading "To Kill A Mockingbird"! I am in love with the story… only halfway through.
    Have a great day, everyone!!!

  • Anonymous

    Welcome Jean what a beautiful Christmas Card. The die cut is so darn cute. Since Christmas is around the corner we love to read the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I can read it over and over and some how I always feel as though its all new. Such a beautiful story and so touching. Thank you for sharing. Raquel

  • LeaAnn Carlson

    Welcome to you Jean! Love the Christmas card! I read any fiction I can get my hands on! Love the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich!

  • Janet

    A beautiful card. I am reading 1776 by David McCullough, I love history.

  • Colleen

    I like a little suspense, mystery and legal thrillers! Love Catherine Coulter esp, with Dillon Savage and Lacey Sherlock and now her newest ones are an ex British turned FBI agent! A friend bought the Eventful Night Before Christmas die and I fell in love with it…It is so unique and awesome!!

  • Pam

    Love your card…so darn cute. I enjoy a scene that tells a story and this hits the nail on the head!
    I really enjoy mystery type books and trying to figure out who-dun-it. I just completed The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke and have started The Hidden by Heather Graham. I'm thinking about a light hearted Christmas story after this……

  • Unknown

    Congratulation's to Jean. Loving these beautiful cards and I love the design. TE is such a favorite of mine and I just love this giveaway, what a beautiful set for the holidays. Currently reading Thunderstruck.

  • Susan Shrader

    Welcome to Jean. I love your card. Perfect design. Re-reading "The Mirror" by Marlys Millhiser. Have read it over five times. The story is very intriguing and yet quirky. Not science fiction, and yet….go ahead, YOU try to figure out the switch.

  • Jayne Warren

    you at Taylored Expressions are all so talented. Glad to see a new member added. i just finished reading the last, out of 24, Donna Leon Commissario Guido Brunetti mysteries set in Italy. once i find a writer i like that does the book in a series i like to start at the beginning!! always so hard to start the last though. thanks

  • Jean Bullock

    Welcome, Jean! i have seen your work before and I know you will be an excellent addition to the team. I don't read novels anymore. Mostly technical manuals and do it yourself books.

  • Deana P

    Congratulations Jean!! Really like this card!! I just finished a harlequin desire, am getting ready to grab another. I read anything harlequin romance.

  • Karen L K

    Congrats Jean! What a pretty scene on your card! I am currently reading Thyme of Death by Susan Wittig Albert. This series is light reading & fun with the herb shop as part of it.

  • Vicki

    I also love mysteries. The latest one I read is Sue Grafton's new book, X. She has an entire series based on the letters of the alphabet. Thanks!

  • RedGem

    Congrats Jean… follow your blog so I'm glad to see you also on the TE Blog! I'm in the middle of starting the Sue Grafton alphabet mysteries… I'm at 'C' for Corpse. So far love them!

  • Amante del Papel

    it's a beautiful scene! I love your card and welcome!
    Now i'm reading For The Love by Jen Hatmaker.

  • Amy C.

    I'm more of a magazine reading girl. I would recommend Midwest Living and Guidepost.

  • Pam

    Welcome Jean! I love your card! I am almost done reading Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto….it is a great read.

  • Yvonne C.

    Beautiful card, love the background. Congrats. Currently I'm not reading right now but I do want to read girl on the train.

  • crschaf

    Love this fun card! Read Outlander- you will not regret it!

  • Liz Davis

    Beautiful card, Jean. I reading the American Sniper.

  • StampinJessica

    Wonderful card, Jean ! And concrats on being in the TE Team.

  • Lisa K

    Excited to see Jean's work. I love reading. Right now I am reading Murder at the Book Fair by Steve Damaree. This is the second book of his that I have read.

  • Denise Bryant

    Welcome to Jean! I have visited her blog often and am a fan of her beautiful creations too! Gorgeous card with beautiful details featured today!
    Not reading anything at the moment,but I do love a good mystery also. The series A Cat Who… is a favorite!

  • suzystamps@yahoo.com

    Love, love, love your newest posting. I read constantly. I just read The Legend of Lady MacLaoch by Becky Banks. Scottish Highlands, castles, legends. Great!

  • Sally Keagle

    I also live in the Pacific NW. Welcome to the team Jean! I am reading a great book titled What Keeps You Up at Night by Pastor and author Pete Wilson. It's a wonderful book.

  • KayM

    Congratulations Jean!! You will be a wonderful addition to the TE team!! Can't wait to see what all you do! I'm a fan! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Liz Gessner McAllister

    Congrats Jean! I love these die sets!

  • Renee M

    Lovely card–using the pop of red for Santa is fun! I'm in the middle of Sue Grafton's latest ("X").

  • Miriam Prantner

    Jean is such a perfect fit for your team! Congrats!

    I recently finished book three of the Mill River series by Darcie Chan. I've really enjoyed it!

  • Melissa Friedrich

    Love your beautiful Christmas scene card Jean! I love mysteries too, and I'm currently reading "How the Ligh Gets In" by Louise Penny, one of the Inspector Gamache novels in the series.

  • Helen Gullett

    Congrats on being in the team, Jean! I admire all your works on your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Cannot wait to see yours here!
    Books, should my hubby for good ones ๐Ÿ™‚ but I like Love Does by Bob Goff, great book! Now I am reading Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman, next on my list is For The Love by Jen Hatmaker.

  • KT Fit Kitty

    Congrats to Jean for your new DT! Your card is beautiful! I love scene cards! I am currently reading the most popular book of all time: The Bible. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  • Jean

    This is gorgeous! Congrats Jean. I just finished the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. An interesting read. I loved her other book The Swan Thieves!

  • lifesabeach32940

    LOL ~ I thought Jean was already a member of your team … I've bought TE dies after being inspired by a project on her blog!! Congratulations, Jean … I look forward to lots more inspiration for some of my favorite dies and stamps!!

    I too am an avid reader … so much so that I've read the library. I'm currently re-reading an older book by Nora Roberts entitled Private Scandals.

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