• Rosie

    Thanks. These verses have actually been making me smile. And all of you have actually developed much better compared to anything I attempted to think up. Many thanks.

  • Kiersten

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  • Amy Steimel

    My best valentine memory was during a sleet storm. Everything that could go wrong did, and I even fell on the ice. My husband was right there beside me, his love helping me get through it all. We still talk about that night almost 30 years later, though now we laugh about it. It's still one of the days in my life I'll always remember the love I felt!

  • Grace

    My favorite Valentine memory is spending time with my baby at the park and having a picnic.

  • Alexandra Madison

    Beautiful card! My favorite Valentine memory is making cards with my daughters! Fortunately we relive this special time each year 🙂

  • Barb T

    My very favorite flowers are red roses but the last valentine day I shared with my husband he gave me a 4 foot teddy bear. My pet name for him was teddy bear.

  • Devy Collins

    My favorite Valentine memory was the year our sixth child was born. Who has money or time for dinner and a movie?? We made a big meal of everyone's favorite dishes and watched a children's movie in the living room! It was fantastic!

  • D K Keels

    My mother and I would bake and decorate Valentine's Snickerdoodles for my father.

  • Melanie MacKenzie

    My DH is not a fan of what he calls "Hallmark" holidays but one year on Valentines Day he really surprised me with a stunning card that he left me in my car… along with an amazing box of chocolates. Thanks so much for a chance to win. That stamp set is just gorgeous. Cheers.

  • Robin B.

    Your card is so beautiful! I love the roses. My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day but I love helping my kids make their Valentine's cards for school, they have so much fun making them.

  • Larissa Heskett

    WOWOWOWOWOOWOW!! Simply BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of those AMAZING Rose Images Stamped and Layered together!! Makes me think of that Movie a "Bed of Roses"!! =) Anyway, my FAVORITE Valentine's Day Memory: Around the Farm Valentine's Day is ALWAYS A BUSY time of Year!! Between Field Work and Calving there's hardly enough hours in a day to get things done let alone trying to even think about doing something SPECIAL for Valentine's Day!! We had been up ALL night as a Cow had Twins and with -0 temps. we brought them in the house to keep them warm and to get the Colostrum in them with a Bottle!! Finally by lunch time we decided it was safe to take them back to the Barn with their mom!! We were headed back to the house and Adam reached over as there was a Tulip that had started to come up, but with the Fresh Snow wasn't going to make it!! He picked it and said for my ONE and ONLY!! I LOVE YOU!! =) That night we were able to go out for a Nice sit down Meal and a Movie!! When we arrived home another calf had arrived and it was back to our AMAZING Farm Life!! =) It's NICE to have a FAIRY TALE Date every once in awhile, but when you already LIVE a FAIRY Tale Life, it ONLY just ADDS to the Magic of Valentine's Day!! =) THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  • Glo

    Being in Cabo with my family for Valentines Day! We had an amazing dinner on the beach!

  • D.Ann C

    Those roses are beautiful! Best day ever was sunrise breakfast at the beach!

  • Debbie Vasel

    My best Valentine memory is when my little children made me their best valentines and said I love you, Mom. Sigh, they are all grown now, all in their 30s. Where does the time go?

  • Leanne

    My best Valentin'e memory was a surprise birthday my husband had for me. It was on a Sunday & my birthday was the next day. I'm in love with this stamp set. It's so beautiful & I really want to win it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Sherry Butcher

    after my divorce I had little money so I had my kids make nice Valentines for class and family. They loved it and for several years we continued to make our own.

  • Julie Ann

    My favorite Valentine's Day is the first one I spent with my Husband the love of my life. I treasure every day with him.

  • Helen Gullett

    Wow! This one gorgeous Valentine's card. The colors for the roses are fantastic and perfect. Love it.
    My beat Valentine's Day memory ever is that my husband and my daughter made me a card, they used my supplies to make it. So sweet! Also, every year he always writes me a letter 🙂 I trrasure all my memory.

  • Gregsgirl's crafty corner

    this is such a beautiful card! Those roses are stunning. My best memory is my first Valentines with my hubby he bought me a teddy bear who has become part of our family he even travels with us and has his own passport : ), he is so special to both of us!

  • Cynthia Clark

    I once received roses from a secret admirer. SWEET!

  • Katie

    My best valentines memory was probably from years ago when the National Zoo had there first baby pandas to be born there in years and years, and I got early tickets to see him. I think I went with my boyfriend at the time. This card is beautiful, I love the framing and sentiment. Love the rose background. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  • Lydia Boode

    My best valentine day, was last year. My husband and little daughter, she was 6 years old, were baking a big valentine cake, in a heart.
    They were baking the day before, when I was working. When I came home, there was a bomb in the kitchen, the had a lot of fun and giggle.
    At valentine morning I get the heart cake at my bed, with lots of big hugs.
    The told me the story of the cake, i took the first bite, my daughter was full of excitment.
    It was the best cake ever, even was the taste not so good ;), and so my valentines day.
    Hugs Lydia

  • Aartje

    I love the simply stamped images. Your card is awesome in those deep red colors.
    My favorite valentines memorie is the day that my husband bought me flowers. He never did that before. He said: i couldn't be late home and tell you my carpool mate have bought flowers for his wife and I did not. He is not so romantic, but we still can laugh about it.
    Hugs Aartje

  • My Kraft Kloset

    My best Valentine memory is our first Valentines dinner, before we got married, and my boyfriend included my 5yr old daughter with us, and got us matching heart necklaces. I knew then, he was a keeper and that was 20yrs ago.

  • Margery C

    The multi-stamp roses and the whole card are beautiful. It really showcases the beauty of the stamp set and you have to love the dies too! My best Valentines memory is when my son was young and gave me a valentine. He was so excited like a puppy and had to blurt out "It's a Valentine!" as he gave me the envelope.

  • kittykat3308

    This is just beautiful


  • Dorina D

    As I've not received a Valentines card or flowers, etc. since I was a child, It's not a holiday I celebrate. However, I do send Valentine cards to all my nieces,nephews and young cousins for Valentines. Last year was the best response to a card I've ever had. Rowan was so excited that he as soon as his mother handed him the card, he sat down on the grass in the yard and proceeded to open his card. She snapped his picture through the process. His excitement is so much fun to see. Made it the best card I ever sent.

  • Flo

    My favorite memory was when we were first married, my husband brought me home one of those big beautiful heart shaped box of chocolates with the big flower decorations that Sees candy use to have.

  • Paulette S

    Beautiful card by Sharon! I love getting candy for Valentine's! Thanks TE! Paulette S.

  • Carol Scheevel

    My favorite valentine's Day memory was making cute homemade valentines goodies for my kids to take to school with them… showing not only my kids how much i love them, but also their friends.

  • cindybearj

    My best Valentine's Day was when my husband sent me a dozen pink roses (my favorite) to my workplace. Each rose had a tiny pink bow tied on it and they had baby's breath. They were the most gorgeous flowers I had ever seen. When I got home he had a double-heart cake from the bakery with "I Love You" piped on it. We went out to eat and came back and ate cake and ice cream until we couldn't move. Best day ever!

  • Kris B

    Beautiful roses! Gorgeous card! We don't really celebrate Valentines day any more. When we were younger, my hubby would sent me roses or some other special gift.

  • Debbie Br

    One Valentine's Day my husband of fourty years gave me a painted rock that had a cute punny statement saying on it. He has given me many fabulous gifts of the years, but this rock still holds a special place in my heart! One year I gave our daughters some very fancy chocolates from Bernard Callebut. The next year I didn't get them, and they were kinda put out! I have gotten them said chocolates every year since!

  • Mary-Anne V

    Wow beautiful card. Favourite memory was making my kids individual valentines that matched their personality.

  • Michele r

    My best Valentines memory was finding out I was pregnant for the first time! What excitement! … 32 years ago.

    Love these samples!

  • Bunny

    We spent one of our Valentine's night dining at a place called Krystal's because we were purchasing a truck that day and it was the only place to go since it was so late. My husband said his father used to like to say if you can't take a girl to an inexpensive place she's not worth having. We love this story. There's a little more to but it's family personal.

    Thanks for opportunity of winning a prize.

  • Radha Thijm

    Wow, Dearest Sharon And T.
    The way you picked the colors is a cool idea, great taste!
    O, Do I love those Roses-Stamps, and those Roses- dies, those Frame dies, and aww those inks!!!
    Can't believe some one will win just by commenting….sigh

    Anyways Stay Warm

  • Beverly Perdue

    My favorite Valentine memory is my first Valentine's day with my hubby before we got married. He left a valentine's card on my car window. It was so sweet! I still have that Valentine's card and that was 37 years ago. I love him so much!

  • Evelyn

    When my sons were in high school, they surprised me by dirty sending beautiful roses to my work (I am sure my husband helped them out with that) and when I came home from work, they had a wonderful dinner prepared for me. I was not allowed in the kitchen, as they made quite a mess. It wasn't perfect, but they put so much love into that meal. This has always been one of my favorite Valentine's Day memories!


    When I first met my husband 42 yrs ago, were were so young and broke. He came home from work with a gift box beautifully wrapped for me. I sat on the basement stairs and cried because he was upstairs in the bathroom ready to shower. I did NOT pay the water bill and there was just a trickle. When he yelled for me I again burst into tears, he got dressed and made some calls to the water company. Went down and paid the bill. On his way home he ran out of gas. Oh sweet Jesus, it was a night for all things wrong. He made me open my gift….I didn't want to, I felt I didn't deserve it. It was pretty lingerie. I didn't wear it that night..I was a mess. Oh so long ago and so young.

  • TracyM #6773

    DELIGHTFUL roses and GORGEOUS card – SO MUCH to LOVE!!!
    My best memory was getting a handmade Valentine's Day card from my nephew, who was four at the time – it was SO PRECIOUS and is still treasured!!!
    PS – I can totally relate to many of the memories shared – LOVE the LOVE here today 🙂

  • deborah j.t.m.

    Very lovely card, the stamping is wonderful… great colors too, some I haven't found around here. Love them and your card!

    There are so many Valentine memories.. but the best are those that came as an absolute surprise, just when you think he forgot, then there's a beautiful card and purple flowers or roses, or that latest crafting item I've been wishing for…. then above you the absolutely best memory is being told how much he loves you, even after many years together, it never gets old.

  • Carey Nusbaum

    My favorite Valentine's Day memory is a Valentine's Dance 26 years ago. It was the first date for me and my husband. We were both nervous, but we had a nice time. We had our picture taken. My husband still has that framed picture on his dresser. What a wonderful memory!

  • ScrapaDiddle

    Truly a beautiful card and so easy to make! Best memory was the first year I received a handmade valentine from my kids!

  • Rebecca Ednie

    My favourite memory is of my husband giving me chocolates and a ceramic heart.

  • craftymom205

    My favorite Valentine's memory is of my husband giving me a card every year and the loving note that he writes inside. Thanks for the chance to win.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  • Christine Kosmak

    Unfortunately I don't have any good valentine's day memories, or any valentine's day memories at all! I'm hoping this year will be different, but not holding my breath. This card is just gorgeous though, and I LOVE roses!!

  • KT Fit Kitty

    Your card is gorgeous! I would love to make one just like this – I've not tried stamping images in distress inks but will try it! As for best Valentine's Day memory, it would be when I was given flowers and taken out to dinner – that was a long time ago! Now Valentine's Day seems to be a non-event for us. I don't even think I received a card last year – we'll see what happens this year!

  • Laura Turcotte

    That card is so beautiful! My fave memory of Valentine's Day was many years ago. Our twin boys were still in diapers and money was super tight. We didn't have extra money for anything extra, and I was pretty sad about that as not only was it Valentine's Day, it was our anniversary. Hubby surprised me with a beautiful picture he ended up creating withe help of our toddlers, with the words I love you. It was so beautiful!! And thoughtful! Brought tears to my eyes! I still have it, after 16 years. A little faded, but still visible. It will always have a spot in my heart! Thank you for the chance!

  • vicd

    i have 2 favorites on Valentines. First , I will be celebrating my 46th wedding anniversary this year. Second, my first grandchild was born on Valentines 25 years ago.

  • Crystal Thompson

    BEAUTIFUL!!! My favorite valentines day was going on a mom and son date. He was 3!!

  • Lisa's Creative Niche

    Ohhhh how pretty! My favorite memory is when my then fiancé put teddy bears in each seat of my car before work and they each had a different gift for me. Still the sweetest!

  • Angelica Chambers

    Love that card and the color combos! I have the inks so now I need the roses stamps! My favorite Valentine's memory is when my sweet little toddler showed up with a small 4pc box of chocolates. His Papa had helped him because he wanted to buy Mommy some Valentine's Day chocolates. He is my sweet little angel who's now about to get married on June 4th(sniffle). He'll always be my sweet little toddler with the big proud grin, though. <3

  • Betty Sue

    Love these beautiful roses!! I received flowers last Valentines Day from my son!! Very unexpected!!! Love!

  • ionabunny

    That card is so pretty. Love the tricolour roses and the embossed hearts add lovely texture. The stitched frame is lovely and I really like how the background goes outside of the frame. Valentines memory, my first valentines with my partner when he bought me a single red rose. So sweet. Hugz

  • Phyllis

    Beautiful card. My favorite Valentine memory was coming home from the hospital with our new baby daughter and seeing her brothers reaction, since children were not allowed to visit hospitals at that time.

  • Melissa Friedrich

    one of my favorite Valentine's Day memories is when my daughter traced her hands across a long paper banner so it was like an instant "hug" with her hands at each end!

  • Michelle Laulu

    My favorite Valentine memory is when my kids and I made love bug cards and delivered them to all the Uncles and Aunts in the family. Spending time together is always my favorite.

  • Foodista88

    What a beautiful card! My best valentine memory was when my son made me a handmade card and included a lollipop in it! 🙂

  • Ruth Dupchen

    My best Valentines Day was when I was in the second grade and a little boy in my class had a small bunch of flowers and the teacher thought that the flowers were for her. He said really loud in the class that the flowers were for Ruth and not for her. He told the teacher that he loved me and when he gets big he will marry me. I got really sick shortly after that and I was out of school for a few weeks when I came back to school the boy was not there any more. The teacher said that he moved. I don't remember his name but I can still see his face.

  • Jean Bullock

    Wonderful card. Excellent stamping! My favorite Valentine's memory was when I was given a large card by a boy in my First Grade class. Everyone else got small cards. I was surprised. I didn't even know he liked me.

  • Teresa Doyle

    Sharon your card is SO beautiful. I love the floral "background" you created.
    My favourite Valentines Day was the year I was going through menopause! (I KNOW! Although in 40 years of being together, my husband has never missed a year!) I was having a very difficult time for months and I know it was NOT pleasant for him! He STILL remembered me with red rose's and dinner (in) as I could NOT leave the house. It really pulled me back to reality and made me truly thankful for what I have!

  • cghundley

    My husband hand carved
    me a Valentine's Day
    card out of wood. He
    painted it also. I
    put it into a pocket
    protector and tied
    it with colored
    Carla from Utah

  • Liz Davis

    My best valentine memory is card that my husband gave me when we were 14 and soooo in love. It was so silly and I still have it.

  • Nancy

    My favorite Valentine's memory was years ago when my now husband of 25 years were dating and out to dinner for Valentine's and he presented me with a diamond heart pendant. It wasn't time to be engaged just yet but that let me know things were pretty serious!

  • Selene

    Tahnk you for this great idea of using distress inks. I just use them for backgrounds and things like that, never tried to stamp with them 🙂

  • Renee M

    Such a gorgeous stamp set and card! Re: a favorite Valentine's Day memory, my hubby and I like punny things/cards, so one year he found a cute little canvas with Yoda on it and he got a wooden "1" and attached it to the canvas with the note "Yoda 1 for me." Corny and I love it 🙂

  • Lori

    Such a beautiful card!
    One Valentines day I will never forget is not having one that year. I just had gotten a divorce and all the ladies were receiving gifts from their Valentines.
    So, I said I really hate this day.
    I was working retail and a customer heard me, and he personally delivered me a dozen red roses.
    Shut me right up. He was so kind , and wanted me to feel cared for that day.

  • "glow"

    wow.. thanks so much for sharing with us! absolutely gorgeous roses and super artistic talent!!! behind this project and Taylored expressions!!! 3 cheers!!! My favorite memory is a gals supper with confetti and heart candy sprinkled all over table:)
    Especially sending heart-felt hugs and prayers to those whose valentine is not by their side this Valentines because of tragic or traumatic seperation.. "whatever" the reason for sorrowing may be..! my heart aches along with yours.. With Love to ALL valentines!

  • Stephanie

    I got so carried away by the beautiful roses I forgot to tell you my story.. Valentine is actually not a very big thing here in Europe and came about more & more only in recent years. So my boyfriend and I don't actually celebrate this day, but last year, completely out of the blue, he surprised me with a HANDMADE card!!! (And yes, my stash was all upside down afterwards 😀 but I didn't mind cause I thought it was so cute of him secretly making me a card!!)

  • Stephanie

    Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE these roses!! I've always admired those layered stamp sets but so far haven't got the chance to try them out myself! TE I think the set you've created here looks absolutely stunning!! Yours, Steph

  • Phyllis Rodriguez

    What beautiful card . Love how you framed it. you do such great work love it all.
    thank you for the chance to win

  • tampatha

    I love your card! I just love simple stamping – it has such a gorgeous effect on cards and the different shades with the roses is so perfect!

    OMG! Is it bad that I can't think of a single Valentine's day memory….my husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's day so it really doesn't stand out for us and I when I was younger I never celebrated it either. I think I'm missing out! ….:(

  • Denise Bryant

    Gorgeous card! Love the layered roses and the pretty colors!
    Special Valentine memory… a sweet card my daughter made for me when she was little!

  • Gloria

    Valentines Day is special to me because 6 years ago, my favorite cat Teddy was born. He is part dog and part human, and all cat. He scoops things off my table when I make greeting cards to get my attention. He does several tricks, but he can not make cards at this point! I love the roses!,

  • Louise Wagner

    My favorite memory is being my daughter's room mom at her school. She was in 4th grade and I planned the Valentine's Day party. The smiles on the kiddos faces when they saw the treats and decorations was priceless! She has kids of her own now but still remembers what a special day that was. Mom scored big points on that day! 🙂

  • Nancy Woolever

    I loved all of my kids handmade Valentine cards they made me when they were little.

  • Yvonne C.

    Gorgeous card!! My favorite Valentine memory is always my mom because Valentine's Day is her birthday. Always a special day!!

  • Jill

    What a beautiful card. I always enjoyed making Valentine cards with my family–such fun and good memories!!!!!!

  • J L

    This card is gorgeous!

    My favorite Valentine's day memory is every time my boyfriend makes me a Valentine's day card. They are hand-drawn, usually with an inside joke from the past few months 🙂

  • Elise Smith

    This is such a beautiful card! I love the heart embossing. It's barely noticeable but it's such a sweet detail! My favorite valentine's day memory is probably from when my husband and I were still dating. We were in San Antonio, TX with my family to watch my brother perform in a concert. We had a lot of fun!

  • Sabrina

    My favorite Valentine memory would have to be the one right after my husband and I were married. He took to to Cattlemen's for Dinner ( Were he worked at at night), He had a very nice romantic evening. Good meal. He gave me the sweetest card he has ever given me and then we continued the evening once we got home! Wink wink!!

  • Unknown

    My favorite Valentine's memories have been since I started card-making …….. of creating Val. cards specifically for the interests and personalities each of my recipients.

  • slbela59

    Well actually a couple days after, but my oldest daughter, who is now 13 was born 17 Feb. Best day ever!!

  • Brandi R

    Beautiful card! Fabulous colors!

    My best Valentines memory…..my husband and I were dating and I was with my mom on Valentines day. We were down visiting with my grandmother in the boonies of Georgia. I received the sweetest bear hugging a vase full of roses. Definitely unexpected, especially considering where I was ♥

  • Tona

    Such a pretty card. I loved the way it was framed.
    My favorite memory is when my husband & 2 year old son ran to the store to pick up a few groceries & they each brought me back a rose.

  • Lisa K

    Valentine's memories…My favorite years were taking my girls to parties when they were young. Making Valentines with them was a fantastic time and creating the cookies or cupcakes for the parties.

  • sansuey

    Wow–hmm. I guess one of my best Valentine's Day memories is of the time I returned to my car while in college and found my car filled with red, white, and pink balloons and notes from my boyfriend. We've been married over 30 years!

  • Rhonda

    I started a tradition when I was 12 years old. I became St. Valentine. Like Santa, I left Valentines goodies out for my brothers and sisters secretly signed "love St. Valentine." I continued the tradition when I had my own family, and still do it to this day. :o)

  • Laurie Brown

    Simply gorgeous!!! Love to make our own valentines- so favorite memories are making and decorating with my boys!!!

  • reeree62

    My favorite Valentine memory isn't just one. My Dad used to get my Mom & I each a valentine card & heart-shaped box of chocolates every year. He was a simple man, and his simple gifts will forever be remembered in my heart! <3

  • Sandy Griffin

    This card makes me think of my Dad. He loved to send my Mom roses on Valentine's Day. Can't wait to try some step stamping.

  • Marsha J Reed

    Gorgeous card, Sharon! I love those roses. My favorite Valentine's Day memory is the year my husband made my card. He was a technical illustrator. It was a funny but sweet card. He drew an image of Uncle Sam that was used for recruiting for the armed services but had it on a heart background. It was the only card he made for me and it was very precious.

  • cropmom66

    My favorite Valentine's memory is when I flew in a little 19-seat airplane to visit my boyfriend (and husband of 25 years!). I lived near Chicago and he lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was a great weekend.

  • Iris Esther Lopez

    What a lovely card. One of my favorite Valentine's memories are the flowers my husband sent me to the office. Every year he would send some beautiful flower arrangements. Now I'm retired but I remember all those years receiving flowers in the middle of the day.

  • Sherry

    My favorite Valentine's memory is getting married to my best friend (and he still is)! I'm partial to roses, which I carried in our wedding, so I love the rose stamps!

  • Sharon D.

    What a beautiful card! Last year my husband surprised me with a framed "Anne of Green Gables" print to commemorate our visit to Prince Edward Island for our 30th anniversary. I was totally surprised!

  • Cece Cole

    I loved Valentine's Day in grade school. Getting those packets of valentines and signing and giving them to friends and the little parties we had were so much fun. I wish I had saved them. They're vintage now. Sigh…

  • Marlene (cards4u)

    Love your color combos! Most memorable Valentine's Day – not hard to think about this one!! Our first born arrived on Valentine's Day and it has been a joy to celebrate her arrival every year since then! Thanks for the chance to play : )

  • Sally Keagle

    My favorite Valentines memories are of my two boys when they were young, making me valentines. They were so proud of their work and showed such love.

  • Purrfect Paper Creations

    Your card is beautiful! My favorite recent Valentine memory is when my hubby surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries!

    Chris L.

  • Amy C.

    I love crafting and baking at Valentine's. I always have fond memories of surprising others on this fun day!

  • Sue D

    What a beautiful Valentine's day card. I like the framing.
    My best Valentine's day memory is the day my first grandchild was born.

  • Michelle Sullivan

    I love the look of multi layered stamping! Just love the colors for V. D. My favorite memory was going to dinner at our favorite resteraunt. When we ordered our fave. dessert ( cheesecake) when the,waitress brought it out the words " will you marry me? " were written in rasberry chocolate sauce along the edge of the plate. It wasn't expected! Now, 12 yrs. later we go to the same restaurant with our son to celebrate!

  • Monika/Buzsy

    Beautiful card Sharon. Love the multicolored roses. Wonderful stamp set. My favorite Valentine's Day memory is the day my second son was born. Yep… he is a VD boy. Sweet as can be! 🙂 We barely made it to the hospital he came so fast.

  • Mel

    My son said I luv you for the first time on Valentine's Day when he was two!

  • Liz Gessner McAllister

    My favorite memory was not a romantic one. I used little notes with drawings that sent my three year old on a scavenger hunt through out the house. Such sweet times!

  • Connie Walsh

    My favorite valentine memory was probably the first year I met my husband. We were young and broke and he brought me a dozen roses. They were red and vibrant and lovely. Now I am not a flower girl but I felt so special with those roses I must have taken 50 photos of them.

  • Shari

    Congratulations! ♥♥♥

  • Janis

    Congrats to Teresa!!! Yay!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Teresa Doyle

    Oh my goodness, I am SO EXCITED! Thank you SO MUCH! I will email you right now!

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