• Wahnita Hammond

    When I started gardening, my daughter’s friend (around 8 years old at the time), came over and was watching me. Her words to me that day were…….”You have a black thumb. My mom has a green thumb and her gardens are beautiful”. After a couple years of constantly replanting my gardens, she came back over while I was once again gardening and said….”I’m impressed! You have a green thumb finally!! Your gardens are more beautiful than my mom’s now.”

    That was the turning point to my gardening and my love for my flowers. I now have around 40 varieties of daylilies, 6 varieties of siberian iris’s, 4 varieties of asiatic lilies & 4 varieties of roses (one has been in my yard for over 50 years and the fence tension line was through the heart of it……this one was removed and replanted & still thrives today). My gardens attract people walking and driving……all stopping to admire the sea of bright colors and compliment the added beauty to the neighborhood. I must say the best compliment is the neighbors that have been inspired to plant their own gardens to beautify our neighborhood. All the long hours of taking care of my flowers has paid off! I not only have a green thumb now, but most of all, a neighborhood that now has pride in how their community looks. 🙂

  • Bev Karolak

    Only plants I have luck with are natives, as they don’t like a lot of water, as I tend to forget to water plants! ☹️ Great products!

  • Jen

    The only flowers I “grow” are gold or glitter covered! I’m obsessed w the full bloom die! And who doesn’t love a good flower filled embossing folder!!!! I can’t wait to see it all in person!!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    My plants grow like crazy. I touch them and I tell them that I love them and I call them my little babies. My plants love to be touched. They leave a sent on my hands. I grow all kinds of herbs, lettuces and a few vegetables in my house. Right now I am growing 18 different plants. I grow them in water gardens. I feed them every two weeks but I give them water every day. I even say good night to my plants just before their lights go off at night. My husband loves to hear me talk to my plants.

  • Sheri D

    My thumb is brown but that doesn’t stop me from trying!

  • Teresa Doyle

    Oh my goodness what great projects and a awesome group of stamps & dies!
    As much as I love gardening and flowers/plants, I have to be totally here…. In short, I have learned I DO NOT have a green thumb!!! I used to have pretty flower beds each spring but by July I would forget to water them and… well.. you all know what happens to un-watered flowers in the sun???? After a few years I even gave up on house plants. They too rarely got watered and died. My friend gave me a plant and she painted on the front in big bold letters: “Teresa….WATER ME!”
    I wish I could show you a picture of it! LOL

  • Mary Webster

    Love, love , love! Taylored Expressions!! The new release is fantastic! I am excited to use the flower die on felt! I wish I had a geen thumb. But I do love makng flower cards ! ????

  • Natalie Godfrey

    Awesome new release. Love how you can pop up the flower. I do not have a green thumb. I even talk to my plants and it still does not help!

  • Sandy M

    My prettiest flowers are paper ones now. When I was more able-bodied I grew loads of tomatoes, okra and zinnias in my flowerbed. Thank you for the beautiful flowers in this release.

  • Debbi Vasel

    Love the blooms. My plants outside and in the garden do excellent. Inside the house, well, that’s another story 🙂

  • ionabunny

    Hi. Loved the video. Your messy desk gave me hope. That is a cool flower die. I am not so good with house plants but I am a bit of a wizz in the garden. Planning a big year filled with fruit, veggies and flowers. Hugz

  • Sue G.

    Actually, I used to have a green thumb and flowers throughout my backyard! Sadly, life got in the way and today I have 2 potted plants inside that are in dire need of attention. Maybe I can create some of these gorgeous paper flowers and liven up the house!

  • Jan Elmore

    New product releases are so much fun!
    Springtime is so much fun; prowling nurseries for new plants and ideas is great therapy!
    The conflict between gardening or paper crafting never ends!

  • Julieann

    I have a green thumb and have plants all over my house. I love the look of the fresh green leaves.

  • Helen Gullett

    That is what everyone in my family says that I have a green thumb 🙂 I always plant seasonal flowers in pots every Spring together with my daughters. Loving it!

    Today’s projects are amazing, love every single flower! The stamp sets, dies and embossing plate arw my favorites… Well… All of them are! 😀

  • Arianna Barbara

    Wow! Amazing release! I love gardens and flowers but I I don’t have a green thumb at all! : (

  • Cynthia Clark

    I have a green thumb for outdoor plants and flowers. However, I’ve been sending mom my sick house plants for years to nurse back to health. LOL

  • kirsty vittetoe

    Me? Green Thumb? Mine can even kill a cactus! : 0

  • Angela W

    I don’t garden outside. However, I have houseplants and I can keep them alive. Maybe I have a mint green thumb? 🙂

  • Lisa Michael

    I have a green thumb in my mind but not in reality. It’s probably why I like to craft cards with flowers and trees as I know that is as close as I will ever get to a green thumb! I loved the Rosy Posey line – made me want to watercolor and create in paper what I can’t create in the earth.

  • sandra carter

    I do have a green thumb and do manage to keep my plants alive. Having said that due to work and looking after my late husband while he was seriously ill meant that hardier plants have had to live in my garden so they would survive when I was unable to give them much TLC as I would have liked.

    Love the floral theme in the new release. Love, love, love the water colouring on the rose embossed card. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Julie Pike

    I’m an avid gardener and think I’m fairly knowledgable. I’ve even started my own bedding put plants from seed. I love this release! My wish list is getting longer every day!

  • Patt H.

    I have a real black thumb but, luckily, my hubby is a whiz at keeping plants alive. He has rescued many of my plant victims & brought them back to life. Love all the beautiful examples today. Really awesome design work!

  • LC

    So many wonderful products and projects featured in today’s sneak peek! You’ve really captured the beauty of spring with this collection! I wish that I had a green thumb, but unfortunately I do not. Luckily, my Mom is amazing with plants and keeps the ones I have alive and thriving.

  • Linda C

    Love, love, love the Rosey Posey embossng folder! I do have a green thumb. You just have to know what plants are hardy and can stand abuse!!

  • Carol

    I am lucky if I can keep my potted plants on my porch and deck to last the summer. And I grew up on a farm!!! It’s just not right…

  • Mary Beth Krakowski

    My thumb is black, but I do love working in the garden and canning and/or freezing the produce. My husband grew up gardening and has always had a huge garden (about 1/2 an acre). I really love the items previewed so far for this release! Really nice.

  • Christine Kosmak

    I do have a reasonable “green thumb”, although I’ve lost a few plants like some standard roses and other plants that I rescue from the marked down/neglected section of my local Bunnings. Which is usually my first “port of call” when I go there. Unless I’m after something in particular! I LOVE the Full Bloom die set as well as the Rosy Posy embossing folder and what you’ve done with it!

  • MargeryC

    I love how you added the extra petals to the Full Bloom die. I don’t do too well with plants. I have a “black” thumb.

  • D.Ann C

    There are so many cool things in this release, including the layered flower stamps! Neat!!
    My thumb is partially green… Orchids and succulents do fairly well for me, but I’ve killed my fair share of other plants. Guess you’ve got a50/50 chance of getting good advise from me. Ha.

  • Sharon D.

    I especially looove your Rosey Posey watercolor! So pretty! My thumb is medium green. As long as the plants are not too fussy they do pretty good.

  • Jan Tinklenberg

    No green thumb here. All my plants went into the horticultural protection program long ago.

  • Sarah W

    I have a green thumb outdoors but a black thumb indoors. Not sure why! I love all of the flowers in this release. Spring indeed.

  • deborah j.t.m.

    The Full Bloom die is a gorgeous idea and loved how the purple card looks, I want to MAKE IT RIGHT NOW!!! 😀

  • michelle sullivan

    Oh goodness, everyone’s creations are stunning and this release is AWESOME! ! ….I want everything you’ve shown us so far!!!… I love gardens and have many flowers and bushes. Orchids are my favorite but I can only grow them inside here in NY. But my peonies and rhodedendrium are quite showy and so pretty. I also gave dwarf iris and Japanese iris offspring from my husband’s great grandfather, his grandmother who gave them to me is almost 90.

  • Mary-Anne V.

    Stunning projects. Iwish i had a green thumb. Sadly no but i love plants of all kinds.

  • Lisascreativeniche

    These are so pretty! And yes I do have a green thumb I’m happy to say!

  • Sharon Gullikson

    I spend a lot of time making sure my plants look good, so I’m not sure if I have a green thumb–I just make sure I give them the care they require. I SO love beautiful gardens!

  • Janet Ingraham

    I grew up and lived in the northwest for 32 years and had a wonderful green thumb. After moving to Florida where I mistakenly thought anything would grow, am now a brown thumb. Tropical weather with sand doesn’t mean it grows.

  • Barb

    Never had a green thumb, but I have been known to set out fake flowers in a planter in front of my house.

  • Carey Nusbaum

    No green thumb here! Thank goodness for your stamps so I can make beautiful flowers! Beautiful card today!

  • Ann D.

    My plants wilt at the thought of my planting them! … unless I’ve stamped them. 🙂

  • Laraine R

    No green thumb here! Gorgeous creations today!

  • Christy Q

    While I have a soil science background, I certainly do not have a green thumb…

  • B MacNutt

    I wish I had a green thumb but sadly I do not.

  • Marsha S.

    I do have a green thumb. I love to start my tomato plants from seed for my garden every year. Great cards today! I love your felt! It’s so soft and wonderful to work with.

  • Janet Sisk

    My green thumb is kind of “greenish”. I’ve killed a few indoor plants that were fussy to care for, but manage to keep most alive. As for outdoor plants, I do best with certain varieties of annuals and perenials. Most of that is due to things beyond my control such as the crazy weather here in Michigan. : ) Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Isabel Z

    As much as a enjoy the beauty of flowers, I have a black thumb. I kill every plant that I come in contact with.

  • Kathy

    The stargazer bouquet is out of this world! I loved Jean’s card today. Yes, I do have a pretty green thumb, I work on gardening to keep flowers and bushes looking good outside our home. 🙂

  • Lori

    Today’s samples are fabulous! I most definitely do not have a green thumb. I have only one real plant in my house and most of the time, it’s teetering on the edge of death.

  • Vivian C.

    I love flowers and plants and enjoy gardening. As to whether I have a green thumb, well, I would say a very light green thumb. LOL I have a live or die philosophy when it comes to plants. LOL It’s good that there are paper flowers that we can create with, we never have to worry about them dying.

  • Bernadette

    Hi Taylor! I love the rosy posy embossing folder and how you watercolored it! It’s beautiful! In answer to your question: my neighbors, family and friends say I have a green thumb, but I really don’t admit to that because I have a hard time catching up to the weeding, pruning, and watering. If I don’t do any of these to the plants that need the care, well…..you can guess what happens. Living in the tropics with rains every day does help me. But, the sun is hot right now, so I have to shade some plants intentionally or they will die. Thanks so much for this great giveaway. The new release looks fantastic.

  • Tona

    Wonderful cards!
    I do have a green thumb. I have flower gardens, berry gardens, veggie gardens and fruit trees.

  • Mary

    I arrange the flowers to plant in our garden, and my husband does a great job keeping them alive and happy! I prefer to play with paper and felt!! I love felt.

  • Paulette Still

    All kinds of lovely floral things going on here, Taylor! I couldn’t get sound to the video, but it looks very interesting. Yes, I have several green thumbs from my wonderful grandmas on both sides. My paternal grandma had beautiful flowering shrubs in her yard and always did a vegetable garden too. She loved Hydrangeas, House Leak and Forsythia. I have House Leak and Forsythia and hope to get Hydrangea this year for the first time. My maternal grandma had her own curio shop and put annuals in the clay flower pots she sold. My favorites tend to be her favorites as I cared for those plants each Summer and got to water them with her fabulous big metal watering can. Geraniums, Coleus and Begonias. She always had Devils’ Whiskars growing on the ground next to the shop. And at home we had a window full of African Violets, which I duplicate in my own home now! And propagate them all year because it’s natural. I watched her do it from the time I was born until I was 9. Thanks Taylor!

  • Claire Murray

    No, flowers seem to die in my presence. Maybe that’s a flattering thing?? My husband got me some mini rose plants for Valentine’s day and they were dying two days later! I’ll stick to paper and felt…

  • shartl

    Argh, I do NOT have a green thumb, which is why the only plants I have inside my house are fake ones!

  • Beverly Perdue

    That’s an interesting question! And it’s funny that my sister and I were just talking about that. My mom does have a green thumb and all of her plants and flowers are always beautiful inside and out. Unfortunately, I did not inherit her green thumb gene. I’m so bad with plants and flowers. Sometimes I can get them to live a little while depending on the type of flower, but they never survive. I love flowers and I wish I could do better.

  • Emily Henry

    Yes, I do have a green thumb. I don’t play by the rules and the plants grow. A comment about your felt. It is the absolute greatest. I taught a class on the rolled flowers and by using your felt which clings to itself, the crafters were able to grasp the principle of the rolling and eventually were able to do the paper ones. Thanks for the great products!

  • Nora

    I can keep outside plants alive but alas, all my inside plants died long ago. They got mites and I tried to kill them but it was not meant to be. I do a veggie garden every year though and plant seasonal flowers.

    LOVE this new release. Amazing!!

  • Leigh Penner

    I definitely do not have a green thumb. I don’t have any plants inside of my house. And in my garden, I have perennials, which need to be hardy and not need babying. Otherwise, they won’t survive…. 😉

  • Teresa Godines

    My answer to the question is sometimes. There are some plant that thrive no matter how I neglect them and others…. well…. they die no matter how much care I give them. So… A little of both.

  • Blue Kube

    Well, I have kept a few plants alive and have also killed a few so I’m not sure what’s going on! One thing for sure is the flowers in this new release would get lots of attention at my house. I love the Full Bloom die and how the Rosy Posey embossing folder looks watercolored…a fabulous idea!

  • Becca Yahrling

    No green thumb here – totally black! lol (Hubby, on the other hand, totally green! He does the art of Bonsai).
    So I just added Rosy Posey embossing folder to the top of my wish list! Your card & the coloring is just beautiful! I also love the mosaic look to the Full Bloom set. And I am looking forward to using 100% wool felt in the future … looks like fun!

  • ErikaS

    I want to think I have a green thumb. Plants do well in our house because we have a lot of natural light. However, I don’t know one plant from another. Love the new products!

  • Lisa K

    I have three plants that I have kept alive. I watered them today. Anything else is too much, so they will not survive. I love these flowers on the embossing folder, the dies, and any kind of flower. I am getting a Big Shot very soon, as it is a birthday present which is rapidly approaching. I can cut felt when it gets here! I am excited and love your felt colors and ideas.

  • Laura Holt

    I contend that I have a green[ish] thumb, but my plants keep trying to prove me wrong! The ones I’m really fond of bite the dust and the ones I really don’t care about thrive ………….

  • Judy Palmer

    Gorgeous projects! I used to have a green thumb but then I allowed these destructive creatures called ‘cats’ into my life. Now I no longer know the status of my thumb, but green or not it opens cans real well.

  • Michele

    Some plants I do good with and others just don’t make it. Love the cards that were made. 🙂

  • Sabrina Radican

    It kind a depends on the plants. My husbands definitely has more of green thumb than I do! If it is out in the garden then I do ok but if it has to do with house plants my green thumb is completely broken! LOL!!

  • susan hatfield

    When it comes to planting I don’t even have thumbs! I love the rosey Posey card and embossing folder!

  • Gilda (McStamper)

    Love the flowers today. I can usually keep ivy alive. That’s about it for me.

  • Carla Hundley

    Beautiful cards and
    love the felt. I have
    a green thumb with
    my houseplants. I
    have lost plants but
    mostly keep what
    I have alive.
    Carla from Utah

  • Kristina CraftyPaws

    Oh I have a black thumb. Seriously, I don’t even have to look at plants for them to whither and die. LOL

  • Jenny

    Unfortunately, I have a brown thumb but am appreciative and a boy envious of those who have green thumbs. Love all the cute spring projects with the beautiful blooms.

  • Audrey

    I am a good silk plant gardener because I have brown thumbs! Thanks for adding the dies to the flower bouquet sets.

  • Sue D

    I like to garden–even though not everything does well under my care! Beautiful floral creations and love the wool felt.

  • Elise S.

    These are such cute, colorful projects! Unfortunately I don’t seem to have a green thumb. I can never keep plants very long 🙁

  • Karen B.

    Such fabulous products and projects! I *think* I have a greenish thumb. At work my plants are prospering and outside my plants prosper!

  • Ty's Mom

    I do NOT have a thumb that is any shade of green- seriously, I killed a cactus once (I think I watered it too much, poor thing)

  • Lynne in NI

    Oooh I LOVE the flower embossing folder!
    I love pottering in my garden, but the plants need to be hardy to survive there 😉

  • Lisaerica

    No green thumb here. I baby every plant I buy or receive and no matter what they wilt and die on me I swear. My mom had a green thumb, her garden looked like Martha Stewart’s. You would think it would’ve been passed down, no such luck:( Love the new release, flower cards are my favorite to make. Thanks for inspiring and the chance to win.

  • Jean Marmo

    No – I have the black thumb. Houseplants survive on their own or die. DH has a veggie garden which flourishes because i stay away:)

    Loving the flwoers!!

  • Lynn Gauthier

    Awesome flower cards! Awesome stamp and die set!
    I have a HUGE Green Thumb. You just need to give them time! People are in too much of a hurry now-a-days and don’t give their plants time; water, drainage, ligthing, tlc!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  • LizD

    I love flowers. My garden is filled with them. I can’t wait to get started planting in the spring. These flower dies are gorgeous.

  • Denise Bryant

    Gorgeous cards! Love that Rosy Posey embossing folder!
    I have a green thumb for the most part. A couple of plants I just cannot grow are Rex Begonias (I have tried so many times as they are just beautiful…) and most ferns. I think I overwater!

  • Louise Wagner

    When I lived in Florida I had rose bushes that bloomed all year long. Now that Im up in “cold” country, I pretty much stick to silk florals. I LOVE the Rosy Posey embossing folder and the Full Blooms dies. So many ideas come to mind for those two! Beautiful release!

  • Lin Brandyberry

    I do have a green thumb! But lately it’s being thwarted by all the wildlife that visit our gardens each summer……if it’s not bunnies, it’s deer! I keep trying though……

    Taylor, I ADORE the new embossing folder – thank you so much, it’s exactly what I need! Love your card!

  • Carla

    One of the best places to find info about gardening is on Pintrest!!! My green thumb is only good for perennials!!!

  • Iris Esther López

    I wish I had a green thumb but all my plants die eventually. My daughter, however, does have a green thumb. She must have inherited it from her grandmother. My mother always has beautiful plants.

  • Mary Holshouser

    When I was younger I had flowers and always did well with them.
    Now that I’m older and creakier (it’s hard to get up and down) I don’t
    have many flowers. the one’s that are in the beds have to fend for themselves.
    I water and try to keep the weeds out but they don’t get a lot of loving
    attention. Never really had much luck with inside plants.
    Love the roses on your card. Have to get my ZIG pens out and work
    with them.
    thanks for sharing.

  • Rhonda

    I can pick awesome looking flower plants that all look great together BUT keeping them alive is another matter. Luckily my husband waters, fertilizes and does whatever other magic is necessary to get rave reviews from the neighbors.

  • karen briguglio

    I do ok with growing vegetables, and we even grew a bumper cotton crop in PA 2 years ago…. but with flowers, for whatever reason, I definitely make things wilt and die. :0(

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    I do not have a green thumb, but I do live in an area where practically anything can grow. So if I happen to plant something, it does seem to grow. So lucky!

  • Terri Orr

    Flowers, pretty flowers!! Love that Rosey-Posey Embossing Folder so much!
    I have a GREEN thumb for anything I grow outdoors–flowers, veggies, bushes, trees, anything. INDOORS, I can kill a plant of any kind just by looking at it! So I stick with dried, silks, and now PAPER!

  • Juanita

    Oh my gosh, I love the rosy posy folder and the watercolors you used to make that card!! They are absolutely beautiful, I have been collecting more and more flower stamp and dies. They are so amazing unfortunately I have a black thumb. The only flowers I can grow are the ones outside that the rain tends too. But I keep trying. Thanks for the opportunity to win such great items.

  • lisa808

    I guess I have half a green thumb! Some things flourish and some don’t.

  • Tricia T

    I’m pretty sure that gardening is a form of punishment for little children who talk too much… at least that is always the way it appeared to me as a child!! 🙂 I’m afraid I don’t have a green thumb at all. I have trouble keeping silk flowers alive!! 😉

  • Janet

    I think I lost my green thumb! A house plant that we’ve had for the past 30 years has only four leaves left on it:( Don’t know what happened…Love the felt flowers! Reminds me of craft projects when I was young.

  • Amy Cooley

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb. I enjoy a few flowers in pots on my front porch, but that’s about all I can handle!

  • KathyJH

    Haha – I definitely have a black thumb. My kids have learned not to give me any living plants!
    Great release! Love that Rosey Posey embossing folder.

  • Melodie

    I love to plant flowers and tend to my rose bushes. However, I would not describe myself as having a green thumb. In fact, in doors I have no success at all with plants. Really LOVE today’s sneak peeks! Can’t want to try the 100% wool felt and the watercolor technique using the new Rosy Posy embossing folder!!

  • karenajo

    Yes, I love to garden- it is a challenge at our high altitude, but I still love doing it and have many beautiful flowers ! Love the flowers in this new release!

  • Marilyn

    The only time I have a green thumb is when there is ink on it! Loving the new release, especially the new rose embossing folder.

  • Sally K

    I LOVE gardening, working in the yard and tending to my flower beds. So happy that Spring is here and everything is in bloom. Great post today, so many beautiful designs. Thanks!

  • Brenda T.

    Yes, I do have a green thumb. Most successful when I have time to dedicate to my garden. Love the new flower inspired products.

  • Yvonne C.

    Beautiful projects!! I do not have a green thumb I wish I did because I love flowers!! Just give me cactus 🙂

  • Evelyn

    I am somewhere in-between. I absolutely LOVE plants and flowers but I am not always successful in keeping them alive.

  • Connie Wine

    I love flowers, plants, all things living! I love working in the dirt and seeing it come to life. I do pretty well in the garden. Still have plenty to learn!! But I admit I love paper creations too.

  • Jean Bullock

    I LOVE that rosy posy embossing folder! Yes, although it’s been a while since I used my gardening super powers, my thumb is usually green. I am hoping to have a nice vegetable garden when I retire next year!

  • Nancy M.

    Plants come to my yard to die! LOL

  • Heather Ince

    My thumb is more if the paper variety than green. ???? Gardening is not my thing but I love making cards with flowers.

  • Denise

    My thumb had become a “retired green” thumb. When my children were young, & I was a semi-stay at home mom, showing them how to grow veggies was important to me. Once FT employment took over & the children left so did my gardening days. I’m proud to say both my adult children do veggie gardens & now that I’m retired I hope to follow in their foot steps.

  • juanita

    Really like the new release. I am not much of a gardener, don’t know alot about different flowering plants, etc. My husband was born on a farm and I am a city girl converted. We do farm but even the vegetable garden needs his supervision when it’s time to plant. After that I take over with weeding and harvesting. The house plants do ok, but nothing spectacular. The flowers I flourish with are always on a card! LOL Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Kim Klinkovsky-My Kraft Kloset

    Stunning projects! My husband would say I have a black thumb. I say I have a light green thumb, but I haven’t killed anything I currently have planted, but I haven’t planted anything new. But I”m getting inspire to plant daisies or tulips.

  • Brandi R

    Beautiful projects!

    As for having a green thumb…..sometimes LOL. I can start plants from seed like a boss 😀 Garden plants, I do well. Anything inside, no bueno! If I could keep my cats and my hubby away, I think I’d stand at least a fighting chance 😉

  • Phyllis Freese

    Beautiful new release. My husband is more the gardener than I am, although I do like to plant flowers in my planter boxes. I’d much rather be inside stamping!

  • Rebecca

    I do not have a green thumb at all! Actually, my husband is the gardener in the family.

  • Melissa

    I am a novice gardner. I decided about three years ago to really try to grow something and not kill it! So far so good. Roses are actually easy! I researched a few plants I wanted to grow and threw myself into it. I love it! Good luck!

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