• Barb T

    My favorite teacher was Mr Bush. I thought he was nice and sweet.

  • Helen Gullett

    My favorite teacher was my middle school English teacher who was also the principle of the middle school. She passed away last year in her 90ish.

  • ionabunny

    Love crafty grumplings. My chemistry teacher. Hugz

  • Larissa Heskett

    SQUEAL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the New Release and ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration being shared!! MyFAVORITE Teacher was Mr. Helberge!! He was my Science Teacher 7-12 Grade!! =) THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and have a FABULOUS RELEASE WEEK!! =)

  • ErikaS

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Panko. I remember she set up a real tepee in our classroom during an American history unit.

  • sarah

    My favorite teacher was my mom. She home-schooled me for six years and she was amazing. Always coming up with new ways to make subjects interesting and also building off of my interests to stretch my learning. Maybe that’s why I became a teacher, because she made learning amazing.

    The “crafty grumplings” are so cute and I love the creative gift ideas and strokes of genius. I would love any of those cute teacher gifts from one of my students.

    Sarah- MN

  • karenladd

    These teacher gifts are just adorable!! I have a lot of friends who are teachers, and these would make cute gifts for them anytime of year! My favorite teacher was actually my college biology professor. He made a fairly dry subject, epidemiology, seem exciting…and that’s the sign of a great teacher!

  • Janet Ingraham

    Without a doubt my favorite at our little rural school was my father. He taught 8th grade and then History again in High School. Actually he taught everything at one time or another over three generations of kids.

  • Lisa

    I would have to say one of my favorite teachers was Sister Rosenda. I am left handed and she worked with me on handwriting( slanting the paper the correct way). She never let me wrap my arm around the paper to write or turn my fist in to write( something many left handlers do). Because of this, it is easier to write and I have great handwriting. Thank you Sista Rose????

  • sherry butcher

    Love the tag boxes. I loved my kindergarten teacher Ms. Massie.

  • shartl

    Those little tag favor boxes are adorable and would so fun for teacher gifts or party favors. My favorite teacher was my 1st grade teacher, who helped me adjust to a new school after I switched to another district. She was always so sweet and encouraging.+

  • Bonnie Sharp

    Oh how I loved school…from elementary to college! My best memory is of my Grade 6 teacher, Mr. Broughton. He was my first male teacher and we girls would just giggle all through class. I’m sure every day he rolled his eyes all the way home!

  • Lynn T.

    LOVE the Crafty Grumplings; so cute! And, of course, the Tagging Along die is wonderful, too. I’d have to say my favorite teacher was Mr. Landolt, my PE teacher from my Elementary school days. A very close second would be my photography teacher from High School…gone are the days of developing our own film in a dark room…lol!

  • Lucy E.

    What an amazing tag/box die!!!
    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Le Duc in 4th grade. She was such a positive person, knew how to gain our interest and kept us interested by learning through projects, like a pen pal program with a school across town. At the end of the year, we got to meet our pen pals face to face at a picnic.

  • Lagene

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Brookshire, my first grade teacher, thank goodness she was a sweet, loving teacher because I was a painfully shy little girl!

  • Linsey

    LOVE this die!!! Endless projects to be made with it, oh my!!!

    My favorite teacher of all time was my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Price! He was so nice and encouraging and made learning fun! He won the CA State lottery and continued to teach for many years after. He truly loved teaching and enjoyed kids.

  • Lin Brandyberry

    My Trig teacher, Mr. M! Because of him, I majored in Math in college!

  • AJ Bodine

    What an absolutely beautiful tag set, so many neat things you can do with a set that includes so many pieces. That little chocolate chip cookie is a must have too! My favorite teacher was Miss Kleist in 2nd grade. Sadly, she got married and that mean guy took her away from our class, lol. She was so pretty and always had kind things to say.

  • Mary Holshouser

    Sister Theresa Marie. She taught the Office Occupations class – we did shorthand and manual typewriters at that time.
    I loved shorthand and she was a great help.
    You’ve posted a fun release.

  • Jean Bullock

    The cards and gift bags and tags are darling. My favorite teacher was my 6th grade teacher, Sister Eleanor. She was so kind and patient. She was elderly and fell asleep in the afternoons. She was so well respected by our class that if anyone started to make trouble during Sister’s nap, the whole (all girls) class would turn on the trouble maker and make her behave. We loved her.

  • Emily Henry

    I went to a parochial school and my favorite teacher was Sister Monica Marie. She was very young and assigned to the 7th grade. I was amazed at her patience with all of us as the hormones were kicking in. We had to put on a St. Patrick’s Day program for the entire school and she managed to get the boys and girls singing and dancing together! Her method of discipline was to keep us after school and give us a math problem to complete before we could leave-e.g. 234000-234. You continued subtracting 234 until it came out to zero. A mistake could make for a long afternoon (that was way before calculators). She always had a smile on her face and when any of us see each other, her name always comes up. She did indeed make an impression. I wish I could give her a treat box!

  • Julie

    My favorite teacher is my husband. He has been teaching history for 39 years. He is a very passionate teacher and his students love him. I love the new release especially the grumblings.

  • Julieann

    Love the tag box it is amazing. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Miller. She was the nicest & sweetest teacher ever.

  • lisascreativeniche

    yay for the new grumblings! I have had several favorite teachers in my life… my first grade teacher Mrs. Evans was great, kind, and understanding when I tended to cry a lot in school, my second grade Mrs. Bartame was so much fun and helped me when I was having tough times with classmates ( I had giant goggles for glasses, enough said hehehe! ), then in high school I had an English teacher who read every journal entry i wrote, always responded and even sent a card to my house telling me she believed in me, and finally I had two great professors in college one was my Religion and Justice teacher who was also a nun and she was so passionate and loved everything about religion and justice, and the other was my child psychology teacher who taught more than just child psychology he also gave amazing parenting advice that I use today! 🙂

  • Kathy D

    My favorite teacher was Miss Hardman, a high school Math teacher that I had for Algebra II and Calculus. And we got along so well, I was her aide my senior year.

  • Kathleen

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Lacey.


  • Arianna Barbara

    Wow! Really awesome projects!!!! Love the colours!!! They make me happy! My favourite and most memorable teacher was Mr. Mazza, he was my university professor and he teached me how is important to be able to listen to others that need your help and how is beautiful my work, I’m a social worker.

  • Beverly Perdue

    My favorite teacher was my vocational office teacher, Mrs. Harrison. She taught several business-related subjects. I just loved her. I am an executive assistant now and I still recall several of the “old school” things that she taught me. I am excited about the Tagging Along box! So many possibilities!

  • Rubina Pantoja

    My all time best teacher ever is my first grade teacher, Ms. Angelita Garza! I learned so much with this wonderful woman. What made knowing her even more special is that she was also my daughter’s first grade teacher. 🙂 I sure do miss her.

  • kirsty vittetoe

    My favorite teacher was my history teacher Mr. Gillman, he is the best teacher I ever had.
    What lovely creation with those fun products!

  • CraftedBySteph

    My favourite teacher was and still is my mum! She has been a primary scool teacher for over 35 years now and it’s amazing to see when adult former students still speak in the most positive words about her and her work! Truly inspiring! I wish I was as patient and as giving as her! Great release MFT! Yours, Steph

  • Wahnita Hammond

    My favorite teacher was my daughter’s teacher…..Miss Harkins…..I have never met a teacher so devoted to making each child feel special & loved. An amazing teacher & an amazing lady!!! 🙂

  • LizD

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Young. He was always such an energetic person. Still is today. I think he still substitute teaches and the kids love him. I have several others that were also great teachers too. I love your ideas for the teacher gift bags.

  • Erica Brusca

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Gardner. He was my high school photography teacher and he introduced me to my love of photography which later led to my love of scrapbooking and stamping. It’s where it all began. He fired up my creativity .

  • Janet Sisk

    My favorite teacher was my 10th English teacher. She went out of her way to help me write my speech for running for 10th grade class secretary. I was a shy student and she took me under her wing. I didn’t win the office, but I still remember her kindness. Thanks so much for the chance to win. 😀

  • Rebecca Ednie

    I have a bad memory so I don’t remember her name but I had a teacher for 2 high school classes that I loved. She wa amazing.

  • Chris L

    I love today’s projects!

    My favorite teacher was my high school algebra and calculus teacher–he taught me that I could be successful!

    Chris L.

  • Miriam Prantner

    Lots of favorite teachers, but Mr. Terwilliger and Mrs. Clifton from middle school were a couple of my favorites. We still exchange Christmas cards/letters!

  • Paulette Still

    Super cute Tag Box and projects! My fav. Teacher was Mrs. Sample, God rest her soul. She was my 7th grade home room and math teacher. She loved teaching and I’m sure she made each student feel accomplished, accepted and wonderful, just like she did Me.

  • Michel E

    My favorite teacher was my French teacher. She made French fun to learn.

  • Amy Cooley

    My first grade teacher was my favorite! She brought out the best in me!

  • Laraine R

    Looks like a great release! My fav teacher was Mrs Wolf.

  • Lori

    My favorite teacher is my mom–she’s the one who inspired me to become a teacher myself! Love the peeks of the teacher and school themed stamps and dies!

  • Cynthia Clark

    My 9th grade English teacher, Miss Robinson. She was funny, the only year I didn’t hate English class. lol

  • Jen W.

    So much awesomeness and I am especially excited about the new Grumplings!
    My favourite teacher was one of my university professors. I wasn’t considered an artistically talented kid but he said that anything could be learned and encouraged me to play and explore with different mediums. I’m no Picasso but I don’t know if I’d ever have even been brave enough to try card making without him. He’s still a good friend today.

  • Janis in ID

    My favorite teacher was my BF who took over teaching the Spanish classes when the regular prof was gone for a few weeks with a broken jaw! 🙂

    Love the stitched frames and the adorable Grumplings!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Lyn Wallan-Smith

    My favourite teacher was Mrs Austin, I used to catch tadpoles for her fishpond and in exchange she gave me fruit from her trees.

  • Connie G

    Favorite teacher was Mr. Roop – my HS geometry teacher – still keep in touch with him today – he was so patient with me!!!

  • Gina

    Love all your great projects! So creative!
    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Pratt. Senior English teacher. She was so caring and inspired us to be the best that we could be. So many good memories from her class.

  • sano

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Behr. She loved her pupils as if they were her own. Very special and caring.

  • Michelle Sabata

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Chancelor in 3rd grade. He helped guide me out of my shyness and opened the beautiful world of poetry to me. He was so kind during a hard time for me, my parents had just divorced. I’ll never forget him.

  • Iris Esther López

    When I was in High School my favorite teacher was my math teacher. She was great. Right now I would have to say that my favorite teacher is my oldest daughter. She is a kindergarten teacher and she loves what she does. Her students love her and want her as their teacher the next year. Hard to say goodbye.

  • Joan Stoneking

    My all time favorite teacher was Cathy Cowan. She was my major advisor in college and professor in many of my classes. She helped me develop the ability to question the facts before me to determine substance and depth of what they purported. That in turn developed my self confidence in my fields of study. She was an amazing teacher, mentor and later, friend. I miss her to this day.

  • D.Ann C

    Oh these are some of the BEST sentiments! Love the TOEtally gift pack and the dream world!!
    My favorite teacher taught CompSci, Accounting, Typing & Business Ed. She was old school, but I became the comptroller for a major publishing company thanks to her classes. You rock, Mrs. H!!

  • Connie Wine

    my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Ciblich! He was such a good teacher!

  • chris g.

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Witte who in fact motivated me to go to study computer science.

  • Ty's Mom

    Oh my gosh – that cookie tag favor treat box is SO CUTE! Who wouldn’t love getting cookies or nail polish wrapped up so pretty like that?!! And I NEED that globe die! My favorite teacher was Ms. Cox, who taught me math for three of my four high school years, great lady!

  • Linda Good,an

    Mr. Butler my and Mr. Stringen, senior class contemporary problem teachers whose doors were always open to there students. Such a way of inspiring and making everyone feel special! The best teachers ever!

  • Tona

    I have so many fond memories of some teachers growing up but I gave to say that when I went to college at the ripe old age of 40 my favorite professor/ mentor was Mrs. Kent. She gave me both guidance & confidence. When I graduated I became a preschool teacher.

  • LC

    I was very fortunate to have many inspiring and wonderful teachers throughout my academic career. I would have to say though that my Mom was my favorite teacher. Parents are always a child’s first and markedly important teacher, but it was also my mother’s profession. I would skip class in high school to help out in her classroom and I know that she motivated and encouraged many students with her kind and caring ways.

  • Judy Palmer

    I had several teachers I would consider favorites. Mrs. E in 3rd grade who made me feel special and instilled a love a school in me. Mrs. Kolbe (English) my senior year of high school who taught me there’s a whole world out there waiting for you. I don’t remember his name but the developmental education teacher who taught me remedial math in summer school was the bomb. He made me and everyone else realize that learning could be fun and that college wasn’t nearly as scary as we all thought. I wish teachers were paid more. They are so important to shaping the future generations!

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    My favorite teacher was my high school math teacher. He prepared me well for college.

  • Lynne Jardine

    Great projects today!
    My favourite teacher was Mr Moore who taught (or should that be tried to teach!) me French for 5 years!

  • Kathi Silvia

    Oh I just love this die!!! My favorite teacher was my wood shop teacher in high school. He was so cool. 🙂

  • Annette

    My favorite teacher was Mr Jarman.

  • Isabel Z

    I just LOVE today’s creations!!! My favorite teacher was Mr. Daniels who was my middle school history teacher. He had a way of making each class day fun by making history come alive.

  • lisa808

    My favorite teacher was Miss Crowley – fifth grade.

  • Barbara Limone

    I have too many favorite teachers to mention. So instead, I’ll pick a teacher that has been my kids favorite in High School. Mr. Jensen. Love your new stuff. It’s all very spectacular!!

  • MargeryC

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Martin, my first grade teacher. She made me feel important and that I could learn. I love all the new stamps and dies. Crafty Grumblings are adorable and I have so many friends who would love it too.

  • Wagner Louise

    My favorite teacher was my high school art teacher, Mrs. Burwell. She taught me to see things in a different perspective, and I have ever since! This release is fantastic! Can’t wait to see the next two days! 🙂

  • Lisa Michael

    I LOVE the teacher gift ideas with the Taylored Expression stamps and dies – you are always so creative. I was just sitting down to begin my teacher gifts and decided to check in to see what was coming on Release Day and am glad I did….I can procrastinate a bit longer. My favorite teacher was in High School, his name was Mr. Campbell. He was hip, irreverent and an unbelievably good teacher. He understood our age, interests, and sensibilities and taught accordingly. I learned to love history from him and went on to major in that subject in college.

  • Kristina CraftyPaws

    Awesome teacher appreciation projects! My favorite teacher was from 5th grade. Mr Muckey was strict, but gave wonderful arts and crafts rewards for good work. My love of crafting was fed and nurtured by him, and his wife who volunteered to be a teachers aid every day! Amazing couple!

  • Oh You Made Me Ink

    I am in love with the new grumplings! They are terrific! My favorite teacher was in 5th grade, Mrs. Joyce Hiser. She must have been important to me because I remembered her whole name over 40 years later!!

  • KathyJH

    My favorite teacher was my kids’ 4th grade teacher. She taught my 3 older children. I credit her with instilling in them a love of reading! She was simply fabulous and had a way of making reading exciting. I was so sad that she retired before my 2 younger kids went to 4th grade.
    LOVE that tag box!

  • Denise Bryant

    Love the new stamps and dies! Awesome tag ideas!
    Roy Lyon was my favorite teacher. He was my Creative Writing teacher in junior college. I loved his class and his teaching style.

  • Michele

    I had several favorites. My 1st grade Ms. Cruz, 3rd Mrs. Adams and 5th Mrs. Hall.

  • Sandra Warthen

    Charlotte Amos was my favorite teacher. She taught 2nd grade and was one of the kindest people I have ever met. She made every student feel like they were her favorite. I don’t think any of us ever left her classroom without a hug (unfortunately not something that you can do in this day and age) A dear, beautiful lady.

  • Shelly Heuton

    I had several favorite teachers growing up, but Mrs. Howard really stands out for me. She was my 3rd grade teacher and she was so kind. She was so patient with all of us crazy kids! I still run into her sometimes and always make sure to chat with her 🙂

  • Sharon D.

    Miss Anderson was one of my favorite teachers. She was my homeroom teacher and I had her for 2 or 3 other classes as well in high school. She was kind, encouraging and just what I needed at that time. I love the tagging along die. So many possibilities!

  • Noreen

    My favorite teacher was Miss Brown, my 7th grade teacher. I love the tag boxes – really cute idea for favors!

  • Julie L

    Cute release!!!

    My favorite teacher is Ms. Shirley. She helped me understand Math and was the first teacher who truly saw my potential. I will never forget her.

  • Jennifer Story

    My favorite teacher was my Senior High Girls’ Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Steiner.
    Love the tag bags and the owl card! Great projects!

  • Marlyn Rojas

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. González in 6th grade. She was my Math teacher. A very nice person.

  • renee milner

    Y’all absolutely nailed it with this release! I love the crafty grumplings, and I needed the chuckle I got reading those sentiments 🙂 I’m also so glad to see the teacher appreciation set, and the little treat box set will be so useful. So many cute projects!

    My favorite teacher was a jr. high English teacher, Mr. Allen. He put his heart into teaching and made learning fun; for example, he would reinforce our lessons via a Wiffle-ball game. He made us write journals, and he actually replied to each of us when he graded them. I can’t imagine how much time that took!

    Thanks for such a great release of fun, new crafting goodies!

  • Lisa Reber

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Brownstein my HS English teacher. I still think about her often, I hope she knows what an impact she had on me and so many others!

  • Judith Strausbaugh

    My favorite teacher was sister Hildegarde in sewing. She made me rip out so much and it wasn’t until later that I appreciated how important that was in making a garment to wear or anything else I was making. She also had a lot of patience with her students.

  • Phyllis Freese

    My favorite teacher was Miss Olson, my creative writing teacher. I learned so much from her and these skills have helped me throughout my life.

  • Jessica Bavier

    These are all so fun!!! Love the treat box, I can see that used for so many occasions! And the nail polish die, is sooooo cute! Love the paint stroke stamps too! 🙂

  • betty lou

    As a retired school teacher, I had many favorites inspiring me to be a teacher! My favorite would be my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Lowery (which was my favorite grade to teach for 23 years!). My favorite now is my older son, a 9th grade Social Studies teacher and lead teacher at his school. So proud of him!

  • Carrie W

    Ms. Rowley was my favorite teacher… She helped me through a very difficult time in my life! Love the new release!! Can’t wait to spend Saturday with you at Busy Scrapping in Omaha!!

  • Janet

    My favorite teacher is my sister. Of course, she was never my teacher but what a great example she is to her profession. She always puts in the extra effort to give her students the best learning environment. She’s still going strong after 30+ years of teaching K-3! She could have used the tagging along die for the etiquette tea she had with her students/parents. What fun!

  • Taunya Butler

    My ALL-TIME favorite teacher was Mrs. Robyn Thiot!! She inspired me in so many ways – I think my creative juices started flowing when I was in her class!! She encouraged me to be creative in all my assignments and WOW – she was the most fun ever!! Oh, how I love her and wish I could talk to her again and tell her how much she meant to me!!

  • sharla~

    Fun release!! I love the treat box! My favorite teacher was Mr Adams from 3rd grade, he was super nice and cute too!! 😉

  • Carla Hundley

    This question goes back
    quite aways as I’ve been
    out of school for 38 years!
    But fave was Mrs. Pena,
    music teacher in Junior
    Carla from Utah

  • Carolyn C.

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Cook. I went to a little county school house with a total of 12 students of all ages. I was in 3rd grade at the time. She was so interesting and such a good teacher that I loved the lessons she taught for the kids that were 3-4 grades ahead of me. I loved that experience, but it only lasted for one school year and thence moved.

  • Lisa K

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Huggins. She taught math at school, helped me understand a college class, and taught me at church. She is in heaven now, but I think of her often at times. Love the stamps.

  • Jean Marmo

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Taylor in 6th grade. She was almost blind and used a very large magnifying glass. We used to fight over who would take her arm and walk her around outside at recess. I loved her!!

  • Angie

    Mrs. Burda was my favorite teacher! Heart of gold!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    My favorite teacher was Doctor Dorso because he make everything so interesting. He made me want to investigate things more. Doctor Dorso was my business law teacher.

  • KT Fit Kitty

    So cute! I especially love the little tag treat boxes! I had so many favourite teachers – I loved school! But I’ll just pick one favourite – Mr. Dauphinee – I had him for two years – Grades 5 and 6 – we went on a lot of fun field trips and even a camping trip in the woods behind his farm. I have many fond memories of those two school years!

  • Ann D.

    Love your new release items! … My favorite was a college professor who “answered” our questions during class by asking us questions that would lead us to the correct answers. It was terrifying when happening, but we remembered the answers!

  • Brenda T.

    Mrs. Scales my accounting teacher in high school.

  • Teresa Doyle

    These are all fantastic projects. Another great release. (I have to have those tag dies! LOL)
    Mrs. Reeves was my fav teacher. A lovely kind and caring woman!

  • Liz McAllister

    Mrs Miriam Carter, 6th grade. She let me make all the bulletin boards for the class and she is about 90 now, but still volunteers at the local hospital. She was a real gem of a teacher.

  • Teresa Mikalouski

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Betz. She was from Alaska and brought us whale blubber to play with and yo yo’s. Good times!

  • Annette Snyder

    Mrs. Sullivan was my favortie. She made learning so much fun!

  • Elise S.

    First of all, I love teachers! I come from a teaching family, I’m a teacher, and I have lots of fabulous teacher friends! My favorite teachers were my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade teachers… Mrs. Beck, Mrs. Winstead, and Mrs. Trail. Sadly Mrs. Trail passed away recently, but I still keep in touch with the other two. Another amazing teacher is my former mentor teacher, Mrs. Alway, from when I was student teaching a few years ago. We still see each other often and are friends. I love the new products and samples today!

  • Ellen

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Tartar – my first grade teacher! 🙂 My daughter and sister are both teachers and I cant wait to use some of these new release sets for their room moms and kids! 🙂

  • Sue D

    Top of my list for favorite teachers was Dr. Miller. He really pushed and challenged me to be the best that I could be.

  • Angelique Vela

    I don’t have one favorite teacher. There are several teachers that had positive and remembered impact on my life, that includes university professors. I don’t remember the names of all of them but I do remember their impact.

  • Karla Yungwirth

    My fav teacher would be Mrs Maddock- grade 1. She taught me the importance of colouring inside the lines and used to play hide and seek with the bus students who had to wait around later before going home!

  • Becca Yahrling

    I’m torn between two teachers: Mr. Walker (biology) for making a class I was loathe to take SO fun! And Ms. Pisano (business) for preparing me to get out in the working world. AND she was just THE sweetest woman. I really LOVE the tg box. So cute and SO versatile! Love your projects.

  • Brandi R

    Fabulous release! Always love seeing new grumplings; and that tag box die is a must!

    My favorite teacher…..though I hated history in high school, Mr. Miles was my favorite teacher. He also was my drivers ed instructor and my coach, so I could have been a little biased 😀

  • Sherry

    I love the taggling along die. I can see all kinds of projects out of this. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Batzer (Kindergarten). She was such a kind, caring teacher. She made learning fun and almost 50 years later, I still think of her.

  • Gilda (McStamper)

    Coach Pirtle who taught biology along with his coaching duties. It was sophomore year and he was so understanding and kind to everyone. Made that year a lot easier.

  • Stacy Petersen

    Mrs. Cruickshank was my favorite teacher and we’re still friends today, 20 years after I graduated from High School. She taught me so much and gave me such confidence to go out and become a success.

  • Lynn Gauthier

    Sister Carlanita was my FAVE teacher. She always spent extra time with those that needed and was always there for us when we needed assurance.
    Love the box die. I especially love to make 3D projects!

  • Cindy C

    Such cute peaks! Any teacher would love this! My favorite teacher was Mrs. Holzhausen in 3rd grade. She took over our class when our original teacher, Mrs. McCoy, had surgery. She literally saved my 3rd grade, Mrs. McCoy was such a witch….and then along came Mrs. Holzhausen to save the day! She was my favorite & most memorable teacher!

  • Kriss

    My favorite and most memorable teacher was Mrs. Marling from the 5th grade. On our weekly spelling test, I missed the word “bouquet”, my lesson was to create a bulletin board for the word. It was engraved into my memory forever, along with cutting out all those flowers : )!

  • Leanne S

    Love your tagging along die. My favorite was my girl guide teacher.

  • Debby

    My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher Mrs. Gould. She had a “Treasure Box” for when we finished our school work filled with…more work sheets! What do 2nd graders know? We love her with everything we had in us.

  • Jackie Adair

    Mr. Waljasper, my spanish teacher!

  • Rita

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Peterson. He had a way of teaching science that really made sense to me. He inspired my love for looking at the world and how things worked together. His wife was also among my favorite for teachers. She taught third grade and made me feel safe when my family life was a bit stressed! This release is going to hurt my wallet…..lol!

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