• Terri (Blindstamper)

    Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz…I’d love to own/wear those shoes!

  • Jessica Robertson

    Lovely Cards! Last year I was 7 months pregnant and I went as a deviled egg! This year I am not sure but it will be something with baby tied to me some how…

  • Sally K

    I work in an elementary school and the children dress up as favorite book characters. I think dressing up like Madeline would be darling. Loving all the sneak peeks!

  • Super Stick Chick

    Love these dies, especially the fireplace! I like to dress up as a black cat.

  • Chris Steller

    We have an annual Halloween party- which is great! Every year I get to brainstorm to be something else.
    I’ve been many things from -Amy (The Big Bang Theory) toKatniss Everdeen. My favorite is always the iconic Halloween witch! Who knows what I’ll be this year- but the skies the limit!

  • Laurie B

    I love little bits!! I used to dress up as a pioneer woman but today I would probabaly dress up as a witch.

  • ionabunny

    A witch. Oooh, was going to name some things but you got me loving everything you have shown today. I need to shop me some halloween treats. Hugz

  • R. Hill

    We dress up at work for Halloween, and this year I’m planning to dress up as a scarecrow. Easy costume that doesn’t interfere with my work. Super cute sets you’ve come up with!

  • LC

    What awesome new products! I especially love the patterned paper pad and the new ink colors! I’d probably choose to dress up as a cat…I have a cute cat headband and a fun fur skirt:)

  • stampnk

    What fun to see all these cute Halloween projects! If I dressed up it would be a black cat. I love cats….and what is better for Halloween than a black one?!

  • Christy Q

    Aww, super adorable scenes!!

    If I dressed up, I would probably be a queen as my husband always teases me that I’m the queen. 🙂

  • Julia L

    My favorite to dress up as is one of the characters in Harry Potter. I’ve got the wand, a robe, a scarf and patch for my robe to make it look authentic!

  • michele yost

    My favorite holiday is Halloween! I LOVE to dress up! Probably my favorite costume is Carmen Miranda!! With the fruit all piled on my head!! Love the products, they would make great costume party invite!!!

  • LIZ D

    Spookiness all around. I would dress up as pumpkin. I love the different faces that can be made on pumpkins, plus I just love orange.

  • Gina

    Loving these new Halloween release peeks! We dress up at work and give out candy to preschoolers for Halloween. Last year I was a scarecrow. Haven’t made a decision about this year yet.

  • Deb Davis

    a pirate! or maybe a princess

  • Susan Lang

    I would dress up as a dog. They have a great life and it would be fun!

  • Sharon Gullikson

    I’d be a cute doggy!

  • Gale Kish

    I love all the Halloween goodies, the stamps, dies, colors… I think I would dress up as a witch because it brings back thoughts as a kid when my mom made me a witch costume… good memories.

  • Annette

    I would dress up as a witch or mad scientist.

  • Jen W.

    So much fun stuff!! The fireplace scene is so cute – love the details on the mantle. The clouds on the second card are amazing!
    My favourite Halloween costume as a kid was a Rubik’s Cube costume my dad made for me – I’d love to recreate that!

  • Sheila Advani

    The new releases are spectacular! I am a Disney kid at heart – so I would dress up as Minnie Mouse.

  • Barbara T

    Last year I dressed up as a Black Widow. I had so much fun would love to do that costume again. I got to have your Haunted cutting plate.

  • Michele K. Henderson

    I would love to dress up in something very exotic and mysterious, like a fortune teller gypsy in a long velvet cape and a long wig! I’d wear lots of bracelets and big earrings and all that embellishment! I’d love to be dark and mysterious sometime!

  • carol

    I’m completely smitten with your Halloween-themed set, especially since I LOVE making Halloween cards/tags for my niece, nephew, their classmates and teachers (last year, my grand total was 60!). Your images are delightfully spooktacular! My costume of choice: a fairy princess, complete with a poufy ball-gown! Thank you for the giveaway and for sharing the DT’s creativity!

  • Wahnita Hammond

    Love the spooky designs!!! Halloween costume I would pick…….Lily Munster. She has a spooky yet gorgeous demeanor 🙂

  • Sherry

    I love making Halloween cards and love what I see in the sneak peaks! We have a Halloween party at work every year and my favorite costume so far was as a roly poly witch (using an inflatable costume). I love using cats and witches in my cards.

  • Julieann

    Love all of the cards they are amazing. I would be Glinda as I love the Wizard Of Oz.

  • Arianna Barbara

    Oh wow! All these cards are so fun and cute!!! Beautiful!!! If I dressed up for Halloween it would be as Hermione!!! <3

  • karenladd

    These cute dies are making me look forward to Halloween, even though we never get any kids trick or treating anymore. I would dress up as my 3 year old granddaughter and see if she recognized herself! Love love love that fireplace die!

  • MargeryC

    I would dress up as a cat. Gone Batty is so cute.

  • Kathleen Reillt

    If I dressed up for Halloween it would be as a cat since my nickname is Kitty


  • shartl

    Wow, I am just in love with these fun Halloween stamps and dies! My daughter was born on Halloween so we celebrate BIG! As for costumes, I recently went to a costume birthday party for a friend’s 30th and I went as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. That’s what I’ll be for Halloween too…since I have the costume and even a long braided wig!

  • Lynn Coates

    I would dress up as a clown for Halloween. Great new release.

  • Eva Wierzbinski

    Love the cards! I would go very halloweenish….a WITCH!

  • Tona

    Fabulous dies & papers!
    I would be Elmo because my grandson would get such a kick out of that.

  • Debby

    I would be Wonder Woman, I loved that tv show when I was a kid!

  • Pat McCleary

    I would dress up as Florence Nightingale. Love the diagonal stripes cover plate & the plum ink is yummy.

  • Teresa Doyle

    Super cute cards and your sneak peek is “peaking” my interest.
    If I was dressing up for Halloween, I’d dress up like a ‘mummer’! ( Google Mummers for explanation, it’s common in NFLD.) ‘ just because they look like they’re always having good clean fun!

  • Taunya Butler

    Awesomely cool post!! I would dress up as Belle from Beauty & the Beast OR Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice!!

  • Rebecca Ednie

    If I could be anything is be a mermaid or a medieval princess!

  • Nancy Deffner

    Love all the new products! I’d dress up as Glinda the good witch.

  • Beverly Perdue

    I would dress up in something fun instead of scary — maybe an 80’s costume — I love the bright neon colors and who doesn’t love the music of the 70’s and 80’s. Love the fun scenes you can create with the Fireside die.

  • Becca Yahrling

    I’m not sure which card I like best – they’re both just adorable!
    If I were to dress up for Halloween, I would probably go as a hippie from the late 60’s early 70’s. I still have the long hair and I’m a very laid back person, so it kinda suits my personality. 🙂 What would YOU dress as???

  • sarah iller

    HALLOWEEN…..I LOVE IT! The new dies are just to “die for!” Love them all!
    My 2 sisters and I dressed up as 3 blind mice and took first place at a costume contest! So much fun!
    Husband makes a awesome pirate and I his treasure chest!

  • KathyJH

    Little red riding hood! I have a cape pattern to crochet. Need to convince the hubby to be a wolf ????. Just when I think I don’t need anymore Halloween stamps – but have to get the Batty stamp! And I love the spooky clouds.

  • Charlene

    I would dress up as a witch, since all my friends tell me I am one. Love all the new releases.

  • Charlene

    I would dress up as a witch, since all my friends tell me I am one! Love all the new releases.

  • Cynthia Clark

    I was always a witch, I guess I relate. LOL I dressed up every year until my kids were grown.

  • Kathy

    I like the haunted house shown today…if I could I’d dress up as a beautiful cat!

  • Denise Bryant

    Darling cards with all those awesome, spooky details! Halloween is my favorite card making occasion, so I am head over heels about these stamps, dies and embossing folders!
    I would recreate a costume I wore about 28 years ago where I was Peter Pan! I dressed up my daughter, in preschool at the time, as Tinkerbell!

  • Karen

    Oh my Goodness! Halloween and fall are my absolute favs to craft for. I can see right now that I’m going to be broke. Sorry kiddies – no candy (just kidding). Hmmm. I think I would dress up as a fine lady from the medieval period. Love the brocades and hatwear.

  • Patricia Ladd

    I love the fireside die. It will be perfect for Christmas too with the addition of some cute stockings. If I dressed up for Halloween, I’d dress up as a baker–hair pulled up into a bun, powdered white and wear a hair net, have a full apron, and carry a rolling pin.

  • Ev Ching

    I’d dress up a a Pokemon trainer, so I could search for all the Poke monsters’ candy!

  • Crafty Math Chick

    You always sell the best Halloween products I swear! If I were dressing up for Halloween I think I would go as Linda Belcher from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ – it would be a funny costume! LOL!

  • Colleen

    I love the haunted cutting plate. I have been looking for Halloween card ideas. Thank you for bringing them out. I have never been good at dressing up for Halloween. I suppose I would dress up as a punk rocker, minus the piercings.

  • Laura Holt

    With my current wardrobe, my 76-year-old body and my gray hair, I’d dress up as an old lady – hey, I’m dressed for Halloween every day!

  • Amy McCue

    I would dress up as an m&m because it would be easy and comfortable.

  • Patt H.

    Wow! This release is chock full of awesomeness! My wish list is going on overload! If I dressed up for Halloween I would be a black cat! They always look so sleek & elegant, the total opposite of me!

  • Lynne Jardine

    Love these Halloween goodies!
    I’ve never dressed up for Halloween in my life (it just wasn’t done in Northern Ireland when I was a kid!) I’d probably go for something fun like a daft witch or maybe ghostbusters … I really don’t like the zombie or the ‘lots-of-blood’ looks, they’re way too scary!

  • Mary-Anne V.

    Great way to use this die. I would dress up as a butterfly for halloween!

  • Shona Chambers

    These are all so fantastic, love all the dies!! If I didn’t have to look in the mirror and had a make up artist on hand, I would dress up at the girl from The Exorcist. I still can’t watch that movie without my hands across my face and can imagine it would scare a few kids too!!

  • Amy M. C.

    I think I would dress up as a frazzled mom! It wouldn’t be much of a stretch!

  • Julie L

    So excited for this release! If I dress up for Halloween, I would probably be something funny… like maybe pair with my husband and we could be ketchup and mustard lol.

  • Carla Hundley

    Fabulous job on
    both cards, love
    the by the fireside
    set. I’d dress up as
    a pirate!
    Carla from Utah

  • Carla Hogan

    I would want to be a ghost! As always TE RoCkS!

  • Chris L

    This looks like a great release! I love the new fireplace dies and inks especially! If I dressed up for Halloween, I would go as someone from the Roaring 20’s!

    Chris L.

  • karenajo

    Great new release items – love the fireplace ! If I were to dress up, I would go as ET – I have costume I made years ago for my kids and it adapts to adults also !

  • Sharon D.

    Such cute release. So many fun choices! I think I might dress up as Anne of Green Gables. Just love the story & movies!!!!

  • Louise W

    WOW! I just read some great costume ideas! I love the fireplace dies! They will get a lot of use at Christmas too. So many awesome new products, it’s hard to decide and it’s only sneak peek day 1. I’m in trouble! Ha Ha!! For Halloween I’ll probably be the Chick-fil-A cow. I bought a full cow costume a few years back to wear on Cow Appreciation Day, so I thought since I already had it, i would wear it this year! And a sign that says, “Eat Mor Chik’n” Too funny!

  • Laraine R

    Love these new stamps & dies! The roly poly witch is at the top! If I was to dress up for Halloween it would probably be a witch!

  • vicki stuckwisch

    Love all of the new stamps and especially the dies. I like to decorate wooden boxes and birdhouses–these would be great for halloween. I would be a ghostbuster I think.

  • Linda

    Love the fireside Halloween card. I’m traditional, I would dress up as a witch.

  • Julie Pike

    Love the Haunted House cutting plate! Adorable! I would dress up as a Queen. I love long gowns…haha!

  • Linsey

    Everything looks so festive and fun! By The Fireside die set is super fabulous and I’d love to own it!!!
    If I were to dress up for Halloween, I would be a lumberjack! hehe!! 😀

  • Joan

    Love the new products. I would dress up as Mickey Mouse.

  • Phyllis Freese

    Great new products in this release. If I were to dress up for Halloween, I’d like to be a character found in a childrens’ book, such as Miss Nelson.

  • Denise P

    Fantastic sneak peek today!!!! Great designs both in product and cards, can’t wait to get my hands on them!!
    Dressing up, always loved being a witch. As a child and having longer hair and back combing and teasing it for that natural witchy look, and the complete outfit that my mom sewed, yep, nothing like being a witch on Halloween!
    Looking forward to seeing what else you have to show this week, thanks for sharing!

  • LeaAnn

    I love, love, love the new Halloween dies! The bat is adorable! I haven’t dressed up for Halloween as an adult, but as a kid I was an amazing Raggedy Ann, and my sister was Raggedy Andy in handmade costumes made by my mom!

  • Amy Y

    Loving the new release…looking forward to seeing more. I think I would want to dress up as a female vampire. They can be scary and be a little sexy ????!

  • Sheri D

    Charlie Brown and then take my little grandchild to be the pumpkin!

  • Jean Marmo

    So much fun!! Love the new dies! I would dress up as a fairy godmother to make everyone’s wishes come true!

  • Katherine K

    Cool die sets! I will be dressing as the sparkly pink glam lady with some other gals at school!

  • KirstenNB

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the sneak peeks! So fun!
    I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years… I know this has been said so many times already, but I think it would be really fun to dress up as a witch… green skin, warts, and everything!

  • Angela Walters

    I have a terrible back injury and have said since I started watching The Walking Dead that I should be an extra, because I walk like a zombie all the time already! So, for Halloween, even though that’s the only gory show I’ve ever watched in my life, I’d be a zombie from TWD. 🙂

    Great release today, too!

  • Oh You Made Me Ink

    Cute release! I would dress up as Flo from the insurance company commercials!

  • Christine Dring

    OMGee! Halloween is my favorite holiday! Your cards are absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to get some of these new goodies! I would dress up as a Minion! LOL! I love those guys! Thanks for the chance!

  • Tracy

    Love the sneak peaks and the DT projects, you asked a hard one, I have never been good at Halloween costume ideas, I am always amazed at the clever things other people come up with. I would probably be predictable like a witch, but would like her to be fun and colorful with bright orange and greens in the costume.

  • Iris Esther López

    Great new products. I love Halloween. I would dress up as a witch, classical Halloween.

  • Nicci

    Wonder Woman! I am so inspired by the look of the new film – the costumes are incredible!

  • Larissa Heskett

    This Year I think we are going to Dress up as Characters from the Little Mermaid!! SQUEAL!! I’m SO EXCITED!! THANKS for sharing!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the New Release and CAN’T WAIT to see MORE!! Have a FABULOUS Release WEEK!! =)

  • Traci Davis

    Ohhhhh, love all the new Halloween goodies. I love love the bat Embossing folder and the By the Fireside dies.

    I think I would dress as a witch, lol!

  • Sue McRae

    Love the festive Halloween cards and the fireplace dies are perfect for so many occasions! I think I’d like to go as a witch. One with a really big ugly nose and a few hairy warts. Now that would be fun!

  • sharla~

    Cute dies, and stamps!! If I dressed up, and I really don’t ever dress up, I would dress up something Lord of the Ring-ish as an elf princess!

  • Mikel Adkins

    I would dress up like a crazy old cat lady! That wouldn’t be too far of a stretch! haha…. I love the Halloween products, especially the dies. But that Roly Poly Witch has got to be my favorite! I have to have her!

  • Jean Bullock

    I love the fireplace set. I would love to use it for Christmas cards. Not very much into Halloween costumes, but I would probably like to dress in a historical period costume.

  • Bunny

    I’d dress up as the invisible woman.

  • Anita Young

    I think I would like to be a great big jack-o-lantern! Such cute new products and the cards are adorable!!

  • Noreen

    I love the Haunted Accessories and the bat embossing folder! I would probably be a pirate – not the pirate’s moll. lol

  • Angie VC

    Love Halloween and all the new stuff to use! Might be the new holiday for cards! My kids are older so not much for Halloween unless it will embarrass them! Like football player…

  • Jen

    A cat…..a black cat 🙂 BTW….SUPER pumped for the plum punch ink pad!!!

  • Sue D

    Since I am a gardener I would dress up as a scarecrow.

  • Andrea1702

    Love the new dies and paper! I’d probably dress up as Wonder Woman because she was my favorite super hero growing up

  • Vivian C.

    Spooktacular! Got a chuckle out of the fact that you have already bought Halloween candy. LOL It has been a long time since I have dressed up for Halloween. I’d dress up as an alien, “Take Me To Your Candy!” LOL

  • Christine Kiehl

    Yippie! It’s scary in July….August. That is one cool tree/house die! ! ! I AM going to dress up this year and WE are all going to be Zombies of some sort in my building/dept. (Social and Community services) The walking dead. I can’t wait to dress up for the day! Love the new dies! They are fantastic!

  • Sandy Griffin

    Such cute products. I love Halloween. It’s a chance for me to dress like a zombie and pretend I’m in the Walking Dead show. Thanks for all you do and keep the great products and inspiration coming.

  • Sandy Griffin

    Love Halloween. Such cute products. I would have to be a zombie. I’m so addicted to the Walking Dead.

  • Susie

    I would dress up as a witch. No glamour involved! Lots of possibilities…
    Love these products. Can’t decide which I want more!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    I would dress up as a little Dutch girl.

  • Donna Whitten

    Love all the new products! Super cute! I always dress up as a witch to give out treats to the little goblins at Halloween.

  • Carrie W

    Love, love, love it all!! As a group of teachers we have fun coming up with costumes that are plays on words… One year we were Rock stars (rocks with stars hanging from them), another was smarty pants (we glued smartie candies to our pants and made shirts with sayings- duh, whatever, etc.). It’s fun to watch the kids try and figure out what we are!! We’ve done that for so many years that the kids start asking what we are going to be on October 1, of course we never tell!

  • Kristina CraftyPaws

    WOW fabulous dies! I would love to dress up as Princess Leia and have my Havanese dressed up as an Ewok and hubby as Han Solo. I’m not sure how I would work in my apricot poodle as a Star Wars character, but maybe she could be a Wampa since they are so fuzzy and she does attack (she’s 15 1/2 so it’s not much of an attack) when she’s annoyed with someone. LOL Thanks for a chance to win! Big hugs, Kristina

  • KT Fit Kitty

    Gorgeous cards! I love the fireplace die and the kitty! The haunted house scene looks amazing too! I would dress up as a cat!

  • Susan Engblom

    Halloween is so much fun! Since I didn’t have dress up clothes as a child, I would be Cinderella for one night.

  • Janet Sisk

    I work at a school and there are 3 staff in my classroom. We always do something fun for our costumes for Halloween at school. One year we were rock, paper, scissors. Another year we dressed as the icons for FB, Pinterest and Twitter. Last year we did the 3 little kittens who lost their mittens. I have also dressed up as a “Blind Referee” complete with a ref jersey, sunglasses and a vision cane. (UGH! Bad, but I do work at a special education school so we take it very lightly.) This year we will have to come up with a new idea for 3 people such as “hear no evil, see no evil and do no evil” or 3 little pigs. 😀 Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Lynn Gauthier

    I would dress up as that darling little black cat with the yellow eyes!!! =)
    LOVE by the fireside and that adorable black cat!!!

  • Isabel Z

    What a spooktacular post-love the new products. I would dress up as a book character because my preschool students would love it.

  • Sherry

    Love the new releases and I’m in same boat u are-wish I had my own mantel to decorate! Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun and this year my plans are to be a hippy 60’s chick as going thru moms house we came across the perfect jumpsuit she had made we never knew she had and it fits!!!

  • Evelyn

    I would dress up as Scarlet O’Hara. Love those big, beautiful gowns!

  • Linda F.

    No doubt about it… I would go as a witch… because I’m pretty much a witch all year!!!

  • lisa808

    Halloween is my favorite time for crafting! I would dress up as Minnie Mouse.

  • Diane

    Love the cards and dies. I would be dressed as a witch.

  • Lynn T

    Wow, awesome new Halloween products!!! I would dress up as a Panda bear. Why you ask? A couple years back I made a Panda Costume to use in raising funds for Amanda the Panda (and still have it). And, just over two weeks ago we adopted a little black Yorkie Poo named Panda from a local shelter. In her honor, I would dress up as a Panda. 😉

  • Gloria

    Love the die sets. I would dress up as a Crazy cat lady.

  • Jackie Adair

    So many pretty new dies!!! I would go as a scary witch for Halloween!

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