• Wahnita Hammond

    I’m loving the “Get Well” dies! Super adorable!!! No pranks on me this year, but my sister in-law was pranked by her boyfriend. 🙂 Thank goodness my husband wasn’t pranking me when he said I could have the day off to go to a craft sale!!!!

  • Lisascreativeniche

    None! I didn’t even hear of any this year, bummer!

  • Janet Sisk

    Actually, no pranks were done this year. Everyone was pretty boring. We were traveling so it was hard to plan anything elaborate. 😀

  • LizD

    The get well card and dies are certainly very cute. The grandkids tried to get with a pranks all day. Silly ones somebody’s hurt, come fast grandma; Charles just spilled his milk, etc. They were having a good time I guess that’s all that mattered.

  • Terri Orr

    Was home sick this year, so no pranks around me, thankfully! Really like this ‘get well’ set–the sentiments are very cute. But absolutely love that vase.

  • Colleen Howell

    NO thank goodness this year no pranks. Love the release today

  • JuliaP

    No pranks this year, although I did enjoy your Grumplings video!! Enjoying the sneak peeks.

  • Tamara

    I was one of a hundred who fell for the “look for the special tag under your chair” for a door prize at the Scrapbook expo in Grapevine! Argh….

  • Shannon Baker

    I didn’t have a single prank played on me which is surprising because I’m so gullible. But I’m not complaining! Love the water pitcher and mini bloomers! Adorable!

  • Juliana

    Loving the new flower dies! I didn’t fall one for…at least not that I know of anyway! 😉

  • Tosha

    No, I did not fall for any pranks this year. I took my girls on a quilt shop hop across two states and had lunch at a nice tea room… so the prank was on my dear husband, he footed the bill. Smiles!

  • Shannon Baker

    Not a single prank got played on me, which is surprising because I’m so gullible.

  • D.Ann C

    The only prank I saw (and thoroughly enjoyed) were the life-sized grumplings – want one! (actually I think I AM one. lol!)
    What a fabulous release! Those blooms are delightful and that pitcher shaker… I want to make one for each of my friends! Love the boo-boo bandaid, too!

  • Shuang Qi

    Wonderful release! Can’t wait to get them.

  • Sherry

    I almost fell for a friend’s April Fool’s joke but figured it out before it was too late. Love your new release items – as always!

  • Michelle S

    Super cute for all my Dr. /nurse friends! No, but our 8 yr old son asked if school would be cancelled Monday since Saturday was a holiday!

  • Glorianne Lopez

    This new release is so adorable!! I love it!

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    Loved the video! Did I fall for it, NO, but thought it was too cute and was a great way to start April Fools!

  • Angela W

    There were no pranks at our house which was fine by me! I love the new pitcher and vase die in today’s release! It was genius to make the vase the same shape as the pitcher so it could cut out the inside for a shaker card!

  • Kirsty Vittetoe

    OH pretty bloom, excited for April release!
    Oh yes, I received an email from IKEA, that they added new features – the bar and massage, of course I can’t wait to have a massage at IKEA, and guess what, it is April Fools day joke! : 0

  • Chris L

    No pranks at all this year–but we loved your video :). Looks like a great release, I love the shaker water pitcher dies!

  • Linda Carson

    No pranks this year!! Beautiful artwork by your Design Team!

  • Rebecca Ednie

    I found lots of fun April Fools jokes and pranks but no, I didn’t fall for any of them.

  • Karen Nalley

    Love the flowers! No pranks for me!

  • Margery C

    The only April Fools Prank was your video but it only took a few seconds to figure out it was all in fun. I think I want that life size Grumping stamp so I can flash it to those crazy drivers on the road.

  • Michel Espey

    I did fall for an April Fool’s prank. Great release sneak peek.

  • Beverly Perdue

    Wow! Looks like there are a lot of fun goodies in this new release. Can’t wait to see more. I didn’t have any pranks on April Fool’s Day.

  • Sue LD

    The get well theme is perfect for our church card ministry. No pranks this year.

  • Ruth Dupchen

    Only your prank which I loved!

  • Julie L

    Didn’t fall for any prank last April Fool’s, but I thought the giant grumpling was adorable!!! 🙂

    P.S. The fonts of the sentiments for this release look beautiful and classy!

  • Donna Daso

    The only prank this year was that, not once all day did I hear anyone even say “April’s Fool” or hear about any pranks at all.
    You wouldn’t even have known it was “April Fool’s Day”.

  • Crafty Math Chick

    NO, thank goodness, no pranks this year, I hate them. But I LOVE all of the get well supplies! Especially all those little bits and the coordinating sentiments!

  • Pat McCleary

    No, but I did get a chuckle out of yours. I see I’m going to need the In & Out- get well set & mini-blooms 2.

  • Susan Weida

    No pranks here. I did love yours though!! Very excited about the new flower dies.

  • Evelyn

    No pranks this year. I loved yours, though!

  • Nancy Penaskovic

    My friend says she was going skiing with her kids and she hoped she did not break a leg. We went to a stamp club few days later and she came in a boot people wear after surgery. All way in car to club she was telling me she could not believe it happened. She needs surgery on her leg and has to wear the boot tell then. She had me feeling sorry for her till we got to the house and then tells me it is all a joke! Nancy

  • Janet Ingraham

    Not one trick this year. Maybe there are too many crazy things going on, wouldn’t know if it was a trick or true. lol

  • Christy Q

    April has sprung for sure, with your awesome flowers!! Love the get well set too. As for April Fool’s, I didn’t fall for any pranks.

  • Stampfoldandrepeat

    The flowers are so cute! I love die-cutting 🙂

    I attended a wedding on April 1st – it was not a joke!

  • Michele Slater

    I did not fall for any pranks but I did prank my kids. I told them they could have Kool-Aid for dinner since we ere out of milk. We were not out of milk but I made orange jello in their cups which looked just like Kool-Aid. They thought it was funny.

  • Iris Esther López

    I enjoyed the pranks I received on email but didn’t fall for any.

  • Connie G

    No pranks on my end! Thankfully

  • Chris D.

    Well, I did get one prank, thanks to your talented team. Grumplings are cute, but I was wondering what I would do with a life size one. Very Creative Team.

  • Romi

    Love all your products! The new ones…I can hardly wait to get some! You never disappoint my needs for crafting!
    Smiles Romi

  • Gilda McCain (McStamper)

    Not a one. I love the pitcher shaker card.

  • Suzy

    Yes,the pregnant giraffe on FB !!!! Love the Little Bits !!!!! Great for get well cards. Love the flowers too !!!!

  • Carey Nusbaum

    No pranks! Sorry! But I need to contact customer service because I am still waiting for my life size grumpling! I have a full tank of gas in the van to mass produce cards and everything!!!! Lol! Looks like another wonderful release Taylor!!! Thank you!!

  • Terry Wasson

    I can’t wait for the new get well dies! I hope the nurses hat will fit the grumplings.

  • Bette M

    Yes I fell for yours, I’m reading about the life size grumblings thinking what would anyone do with a die that large
    till I got to the end UGH you got me.

  • Sharon D.

    Nope. No pranks at our house. It couldn’t top your cute prank so what was the point? Still chuckling about it! Loving the sneak peaks & projects already!!!!!

  • Billie A

    Nope.. Just me and hubby and I didn’t think of it. I love the new release. I really like the get well ones. I need stamps/dies re this.

  • Gail Shurbutt

    No pranks this year, though thoroughly enjoyed yours! Looking forward to the April dies – love the get well products! Having lots of fun making Easter cards with all my Taylored Expressions dies, stamps, etc! Thank you!

  • Larissa Heskett

    No pranks this year!! So glad too!! LOVE the Release so far and the AMAZING Inspiration and I look forward to seeing MORE!! Have a FABULOUS Release Week!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Carla Hundley

    No pranks at all
    came my way!
    Happy Monday.
    Carla from Utah

  • Sabrina Fioretti

    Love the band aid, stethoscope, and nurses cap dies! I’m a nurse so they will be perfect! No falling for any April fools jokes for me!

  • Karen Martens

    I love the bandaid die, and the get well messages best. Did hear a trick, but wasn’t fooled. It was political but was too far out to believe. Or maybe it was fake news?

  • Tammy Arndt

    No, not this year. Gorgeous new release, I love all of the flowers and that fun shaker vase!

  • Brenda C.

    I just watched your Life Size Grumplings video for the second time, and I still laughed out loud!

  • Linda W. (ScrappinBari)

    Gorgeous cards – especially love all the mini blooms!! Nope – no April fool pranks enjoyed here.

  • Phyllis Freese

    The only one who tried an April Fool’s prank was you. A friend sent me an April fool card with a Christmas image and a Thanksgiving verse on the front of the card.

  • Mary-Anne V

    No I did not fall for any April fools jokes. Gorgeous flower dies.

  • Connie Wine

    Actually I fell for YOURS! I listened all the way through and never guessed once that it was all a prank until you cut the die with the car tires!!! Ha ha ha!!!

  • Isabel Z

    I did not. I was waiting for my daughter to try but she forgot it was April Fool’s Day and I didn’t remind her.

  • Angie VC

    Only prank this year was yours…Too busy with prom stuff! This is my favorite release!! So cute!!!

  • Monika/buzsy

    Oh, those mini bloomers are so pretty and sweet! The pitcher is a nice addition! Love it! I was home all day sitting out a snowstorm! That was not a funny prank from Mother Nature!

  • Mutzy Mia

    No pranks this year but I enjoyed your video…I still remember your “dog” from last year. What a hoot.

  • Lynn W.

    My children are both in college, so no pranks at our house.

  • Vivian C.

    I didn’t fall for any April Fools pranks this year. I did get a chuckle out of your life size Grumpling video. You guys must have had fun making it.

  • Julia D.

    Looks like another great release! Great inspiration from the DT. I didn’t fall for any pranks this year. Yay! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Bunny

    Nice release. If you don’t have good health you don’t have much.

    I didn’t fall for any April Fool’s jokes.

  • Barbara Tennigkeit

    I love your TE prank. What awesome mini bloomer projects.

  • Noreen

    I didn’t get caught this year! Love the blooms – so you can design your own flowers!

  • Deb Wagner

    I logged into the TE video and thought it was hilarious!! Just loved the full size stamp, you know sometimes you may need one that size, it was cute! Thank you for putting it together!

  • Carol

    Yes I got pranked by a Grumpling!!!

  • Lynn Gauthier

    I just adore the pitcher with the flowers and shaker. Gorgeous!
    Normally, my Brother In Law gets me every year. This year though, he had cancer removed from his kidney so he didn’t feel up to pranking me. Last year he got me by saying he bowled a 300 game and you guys got me with your April Fools Cards that you all made.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Jen W.

    That little stethoscope is ADORABLE and I love the get well sentiments! And new Bloomers? Yes please! The first one is especially funky cool!
    And no. No April’s Fools pranks for me this year. Whew!

  • EnigmaArtist

    Nope…didn’t fall for a prank; loved yours though!! That was a great video and this release is looking great too. I can’t wait for the sets and dies to be released.

  • Debbie

    My daughter that lives in Colorado usually gets me good but this year it was pretty quiet for any “Gotchas”!

  • Karen T

    These look great! No pranks here – I’m always very suspicious on April 1!

  • Erika

    No not this year.

  • carol

    Fabulous releases to brighten and lift spirits; they’ve certainly done so with mine! Yes, I fell hook, line and sinker with an April Fool’s joke, from none other than one of my DT “bosses”. She wrote a post saying that, due to unexpected turns of events, the challenges would be closing immediately. After picking myself up off the floor from the shock and nearly bursting into tears, I noticed the ‘new post’ button…where she confessed to her shenanigans! She had us going….really going…As a result, I had to dive into the ice cream bucket to relieve the stress she caused *grin* and to celebrate that she was only joking1

  • annheidel

    No pranks, but I enjoyed your life-size grumplings video on April Fool’s Day. Too funny! Those mini flower dies are darling! I must have the little bandaid die for sure.

  • karenajo

    Great new items in this release – thanks for the inspiration. No pranks on me ! I did view your cute video but was sure from the start it was an “April Fools” joke – I knew exactly what day it was !

  • Denise Bryant

    Such awesome cards! Love them all! Great flowers and get well set!
    No pranks this year… I didn’t fall for one or play one!

  • Brian Poteraj

    I didn’t have anyone prank me. We went to the zoo that day, so I think we all forgot.

  • Diane Morris

    No pranks on me, but I did enjoy your video!! What a fun release this month! It inspires all kinds of possibilities!

  • Sharon Gullikson

    No, I didn’t. And I FORGOT to do any pranks–the first time in my life, as far as I know. Next year I will have to do some great ones to make up for it.

  • BunnyD

    We don’t seem to take the April Fools Day thing as such a big deal as far as I’ve noticed here in Canada. Some businesses do as another way to advertise themselves. Or perhaps I have just never lived around pranksters? Fabulous release! Love all the new bloom pieces.

  • Carrie W

    No pranks for me this year, however you prank had me laughing out loud! Loved it! I also love the new release, seeing lots of goodies I’ll need to add to my collection!!

  • Christine Dring

    What a fabulous new release! Love all the get well dies! Didn’t fall for any pranks this year.

  • Arianna Barbara

    No pranks on me!
    Wow! Great sneak peek!!! Adorable creations!!!

  • Louise W.

    I didn’t get pranked but I got my best friend! Our boys had their senior prom that night in a really nice barn. I told her part of the barn burned the night before and they were moving it to the school gym. She totally fell for it! I did get punched when I told her “April Fools”! (Not hard though. Heehee!)

  • Nancy Deffner

    No pranks this year, but LOVED your video. Seriously, running over the life-size die cute in the parking lot was hilarious!

  • Becca Yahrling

    No pranks this year – not sure how my hubby missed the opp, but he did! lol
    Awesome sneak peeks!! L*O*V*E that pitcher vase die and put it to the top of my wish list.
    Beautiful inspiration by all.

  • Sally K

    No pranks on me this year, but I did get a good one over on my husband! Cute new ideas for us, thanks.

  • Jackie Adair

    No pranks this year, but yours was creative and cute! Just like your new release!

  • Sharla Laursen

    Love the flowers, they are so pretty! I didn’t pay attention to anything on April Fools day….so nope, didn’t fall for anything!! 🙂

  • Janis in ID

    Had to check out one book that was a suspected April Fool’s joke….it was. 🙂
    Loving the wonderful Get Well products. Thanks for the chance to win the sweet die set!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Laraine R

    Nope! Not this year! It is going to be a fabulous release! Love it all!!

  • Diane

    There were a couple on facebook that started to get my attention then I realized what day it was – loved the lifesize grumpling !!!

  • Elise S.

    No pranks on me, but I did catch your video 😛 I love the new products, as always!

  • Paula Hymel

    Yea I did! That is, up until it got to the storage issue. I thought to myself, who would want a stamp that huge and how would we use it! LOL.. yea… you got me!

  • Marsha Reed

    No one played a prank on me this year. Love this new release and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Amy C.

    No April Fool’s jokes were played on me, thank goodness!

  • Nancy M.

    I was super suspicious this year, so I did not fall for one prank. Most were on Facebook.

  • Jen K

    I stayed inside as much as possible…I’m too gullible to survive April Fool’s day 🙂 A friend of mine was telling me how she read this story all about bringing Kangaroos over to AZ to breed them & then eventually use them for hunting. She was SO into whether they would survive in AZ…then she realized it was an April Fool’s day article….I thought it was fabulous.

  • Jean marmo

    Our only prank was my granddaughter making her way into the world. The last thing my daughter wanted was an April fools baby but that is what she got.

  • Mary Nielson

    No pranks on me! Was at home all day, hubby probably forgot what day it was…..thank goodness!

  • Susan Lang

    No pranks on me! Love the get well dies, so cute.

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