• julie z

    i would do pretty much the same thing with the exception of learning more about investing at a young age so i could retire earlier and make more cards.

  • Karen Briguglio

    Lol, I’m perfectly happy and content right where I am, so I don’t think I’d change my path if I were to graduate today! That’s a good thing, and I’m grateful.

  • Linda Carson

    If I could go back I would go on to college and fulfill my dreams of helping others.

  • Wahnita Hammond

    I would be off to live my dream of year round sun, palm trees and the sand between my toes!!! I could still have my bicycle shop…….it would just be a year round business, instead of a seasonal one. Ohhhhhh living the life! 🙂

  • Kirsty Vittetoe

    This release is so fun!
    If I graduate today, I want to travel around the world and make music!

  • Janet Ingraham

    Being many years wiser than when I did graduate I would not get married immediately as I did. I would take my best friend and travel staying in hostels, hopefully having saved some money and getting some for graduating.

  • Rebecca Ednie

    When I graduated I went straight into working and post grad classes. If I was graduating today I’d take some time to volunteer in a foreign country. I think it would have been good for me.

  • Heidi H

    I’d take a break and travel – I have always regretted that I didn’t take the opportunity to study abroad or make the time to do something totally different before getting a job and settling down. Of course that would have required money, which I didn’t have! Anyway, I would loved to have done some hiking or backpacking and visited some of our country’s national parks. See the Grand Canyon, etc.

  • Kelli M

    I would go as many interesting places as I possibly could. Always embrace the adventure!

  • Michel Espey

    I would get an office degree rather than a teaching degree. I would also travel abroad. I would start crafting earlier than I did. Great release.

  • Lisascreativeniche

    I would still go where I went for college but I should have taken a semester over seas

  • Margery C

    I would go to Europe with a backpack and travel around going to youth hostels. Adventures awaits.

  • Terri Orr

    Ah, the whole world awaits me? The thought of having all that time and opportunity ahead of me is both quite scary and appealing! I’d take off around the world to see what I could see and maybe help some along the way, maybe starting with the Peace Corps.
    Love all the items in the release this time…my fave is the sentiments set, “wonderful world”. But also really love the suitcase accessories for the matchbox–very cute!

  • Evelyn

    I would probably finish my degree and do something that I loved. I don’t regret anything, but would do some things different.

  • Angela W

    If I got to start over, I’d do my best to follow God and His plans for my life just like I did this time- I’d just know some pitfalls to avoid in hindsight!!

  • Monika/buzsy

    Can’t believe it’s that time of the year again… almost end of school year, graduation… super cute and fun images… I love the cute owl and that globe! Super! I think I’d like to start with Alaska… then Australia… possible South Africa… if my body could take it! LOL!

  • Crafty Math Chick

    Wow, would I love to be graduating from college and have my entire life ahead of me again… I would take a different direction and study zoology and try to work in a zoo because I love animals so much. I also love that Earth die (gotta have it!) and those graduation themed supplies. everyone made such BEAUTIFUL cards with them!!

  • Stampfoldandrepeat

    Wow, wonderful sentiments in this release! I would travel and learn some new languages!

  • Julie L

    I love these!!!

    Where would I go? Hmmm… probably somewhere tropical… to enjoy some fresh coconuts and celebrate graduating! 🙂

  • Janet Sisk

    Wow! I haven’t thought of that in years. I am going to change it a little because I will be retiring in a few years and that’s kinda the same thing. I want to go to Norway and see where my ancestors lived. I would share my love of cardmaking with them and become pen pals. 😀

  • Erika

    Home is the best place to be so I would stay where I’m at. If I could do college again I would study nutrition and be a registered dietitian.

  • Mary-Anne V.

    Wow wow wow! I just love these grad themed products and that little owl die is ADORABLE. If I had no issues with money or time I would travel to different parts of the world to be immersed in their culture and food (like South America, Australia, Greece, Italy, Thailand…the list goes on and on!)

  • Laraine R

    Fabulous new stamps & dies! Love them all! Want them all!! Fabulous samples by all!! If I had to do it all over again, I would go to school in the medical field, not sure where.

  • Iris Esther López

    I would do exactly the same thing I did when I graduated. Go into engineering school. As to where I would go I would stay right here in Puerto Rico. We have a very good engineering school.

  • Joan

    I would stay right where I am & love on the people in my life. “There’s no place like home!” It’s my favorite place!

  • Nancy M.

    I’d go to Europe and tour for a year!

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    I would go to England! What a great experience!

  • Michelle Laulu

    I would definitely go into the medical field. There are so many job opportunities there. I love the world stamps and dies!

  • Denise Bryant

    Awesome stamps and dies! Love all the beautiful cards!
    I wanted to become a teacher, but got sidetracked and became a bookkeeper instead! So I think I would have stuck with teaching. I love being a native Californian…. so I’d stay put!

  • Raquel T

    I would love to to go to Mexico and visit all the beautiful places

  • BunnyD

    I would go into marine biology and travel the world studying the vast underwater realm like Jacques Cousteau.

  • Chris D.

    A very serious question today! Options for graduates today are so different than when I graduated I’m afraid I would be totally out of place in today’s graduating class. I guess the only difference I would want to do, is to make the world (hence your cute globe) a better place.

  • Vivian C.

    I would go to Bastyr and study naturopathic medicine. I think the key is to learn something new every day, embrace where you are and shoot for the stars.

  • Tammy Arndt

    Fantastic new release, I love that adorable owl. I was in the travel industry for 20 years and my husband and I traveled a lot. One of our favorite places was St. John in the Virgin Islands, so I would like to have a vacation home there with a craft room facing the ocean 🙂

  • Carol

    First thought, somewhere warm!!

  • LizD

    Love all the graduation releases. Sometimes I think that I would want to travel more but home always seems to be the best. We started our family in high school believe it or not and have been married for 39 years. I love being young enough to play with my grandkids. I see my siblings who don’t even have any married children or grandchildren and think I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Billie A

    Awesome new release. I love the globe, the critter and the grad cards are awesome. Great talented inspiration.
    I don’t know what I would do if I could change it. I think not getting married so soon and create a life with out dominance. I guess we learn from experience. Now that I am retired I look back and know I have grown from past experiences and love my life. I love seeing my grandchildren experience life and grow and learn. My children are very independent and have wonderful lives.

  • Stacy T

    I wish I would have done an exchange program in college. I could have gone to Fairbanks, Alaska for my senior year, I wish I would have done it.

  • Larissa Heskett

    I would change my health so that I could have went on to become a Doctor!! I got in to School. But had to quite due to my Health!! Although changing just that one thing would change my whole life and I LOVE my life all except for the Health part, still would change that!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a Fabulous Release week!!

  • Sue Ld

    Fabulous graduation ideas. I am pretty happy with where I am and where I’ve been. I don’t think I would change.

  • Louise W.

    I would’ve gone to Pratt Art Institute in NYC instead of the local art school I graduated from and worked my way up to Art Director on Madison Ave. I did become an Art Director though, just not to that magnitude. God had other plans for me, including my 2 wonderful daughters, so for that I’m grateful. ❤️

  • Arianna Barbara

    I would travel and learning lots and new languages!!!
    Awesome release!!!

  • Mary

    I would have gone to the University here in NH and have gotten my bachelor’s degree in nursing and after that my master’s degree. Alas, it was not meant to be due to other choices that I made and do not regret. Smile BIG! 🙂

    Mary from NH

  • JuliaP

    Really don’t think I’d change anything. Love the new release stamps and dies.

  • Angie VC

    I would have travelled the world a little more…but still gone into human services to feel like I am making the world a better place!

  • Tamara

    I would have become a scientist rather than an accountant! Science is so much more artistic!

  • Isabel Z

    I would love to make my way through Europe something I have never done.

  • snazzy jj

    Right back here (via New Zealand and Korea). Love my family, love my home, love my life. (But I wouldn’t mind being a few decades younger!) Great new release and fabulous work by the designer!

  • Jean marmo

    At this point, I have no idea what I would do. Maybe go to school for art. I enjoy it but have had no training.

  • karenb

    I would love to visit Alaska and then figure out how to make a crafting buisness.

  • Chris L

    If I were graduating, I’m pretty sure I would still have gone to the same university (I had a great experience) but what I see with today’s seniors is that they have so many more opportunities for research and for putting together multiple disciplines, and I would definitely take advantage of that!

    What a great release, love the grad stuff!

  • Elise S.

    Awesome projects again today! I love the new wonderful world sentiments and the cute little owl die set! I just graduated from college 5 years ago and I love the way my life is now, but I wish I could travel more.

  • Carla Hundley

    I’d go to some tropical
    island and enjoy the
    sun and congratulate
    myself on graduating
    and plan my next
    steps in life.
    Carla from Utah

  • Brian Poteraj

    I’d like to become a pilot—if I could do things over 🙂

  • Sharon Gullikson

    I would try to find a job that includes travel–with free time to sight see, too. I’m a dreamer, I guess!

  • Julia D.

    What a great release and wonderful inspiration from the DT! They really hit it out of the park! If I was just graduating I would move to New York and try to make it on Broadway. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Susan Weida

    Knowing what I know now I would propably go to college and become a pastry chef and study horticulture.

    I’m loving all of the new releases. Can’t wait to get the!

  • Amy C.

    I think I would take the time to travel first, because life gets in the way after that!

  • Sharon D.

    Wow! I just love this whole release! So many great products! Honestly, I don’t think I would do anything much different if I could go back.

  • D.Ann C

    Those flowers are so sweet. I’m really loving that suitcase additions for the matchbox!!
    If I were just graduating I’d spend some time doing missionary work and travelling… Africa, South America and China.

  • Sherry

    If I had to do it over again, I would like the opportunity to travel or taken jobs in other states or countries. As always, I love the new releases. The owl is very cute!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    If I had to do it all over again, I would do everything the same.

  • Julie B

    The only change I would make is instead of pursuing work that was sensible, I would pursue something that was a passion – work at the art institute or something like that. I wouldn’t have the family I have if I had gone elsewhere and wouldn’t trade them for the world! I love the new release, as always 🙂

  • Carrie W

    I love being a teacher, so I wouldn’t change that part. But, I think I would have liked to teach overseas before settling down… hindsight is always 20/20 as they say! I ❤ the world sentiments, so many possibilities!!

  • Jackie Adair

    Love the new release! I would stay in the USA and become a nurse!

  • Noreen

    I love the cute owl! I think the only thing I would do differently would be to slow down and smell the flowers. I did do that before, but I would spend more time enjoying and less time worrying.

  • karenajo

    Would loved to have traveled more in my younger days, but would not change much else. Love this release and Michele’s world card is super. The sentiment is spectacular – should be everyone’s goal!

  • Sally K

    Such great graduation ideas today. I would probably finish up my degree, graduate and be an english teacher abroad.

  • Barbara Tennigkeit

    If I had to start over again I would not change anything. You can not know love without grief

  • Diane Morris

    Hard question. I think I would slow down and not be in such a hurry to do things I thought I OUGHT to do before doing things I WANTED to do. Enjoyed release samples!!!

  • Carol Scheevel

    If I were graduating from college again, I would have pushed on to finish my Master’s degree right away instead of thinking that i would have time later to go back and finish it. 🙁 Love all the new graduation products and the brushed star background! I think that’s going to be very versatile! Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf Taylor!

  • Brenda C.

    This release just gets better and better! If I could go back, I would go to college and pursue my love of language. Then I would travel the world and learn other languages!

  • Jen K

    LOVE the world die!!! I would like to think I’d do something SUPER wild like traveling through Europe, but I’m sure I’d just stick close to home and the fabulous niece of mine!!!

  • Jen W.

    Loving all the fabulous grad supplies! Definitely must haves for my stash!

    I always regretted not taking advantage of Australia’s working visa when I was younger. I would definitely do that if I could go back in time!

  • sharla~

    LOVE these, that owl is so cute and I Adore the World Globe! If I were graduating..hmmm, well back in the day, a long time ago…I was going to school to be a travel agent. So, had life not given me a big surprise and a different path, I would have done my share of world travel! 🙂

  • Erica loscalzo

    I see lot thing I’m going to order

  • Deanna Morgan

    I’d have given myself a little more time to mature a bit before I got married (was married at 19 to a wonderful man whom I sure God brought into my life, but I WAS immature). I would have seen a Christian counselor to help heal some childhood wounds and that would have made a real difference in my life, my marriage, and my work/ministry. THEN I would not change the path my life had taken except to have finished my advanced degrees instead of letting that slide.

  • Colleen Howell

    Love the sentiments in a Wonderful World set, great cards. Well I could do so many different things, this time around go to college and try to get a better paying job this time, but my desires to start a family and be home with my kids would probably over ride that again.

  • Karen T

    This is an awesome release – I love all the graduation cards! I’m happy with how my career turned out – I don’t think I’d change a thing!

  • Gilda McCain (McStamper)

    Love the wonderful release and ideas. I definitely would not rush into marriage and would appreciate the opportunity to attend college and apply myself. I would hope to work in research and forensics.

  • Phyllis Freese

    I’m a homebody, so I think I don’t think I would change a thing. Great new release.

  • Becca Yahrling

    If I was to have the chance to do it again, I would have finished college and
    went for a degree in criminology. The world of forensics intrigues me. I know, so
    not crafty at all. lol
    Awesome release and beautiful inspiration – always love it all!

  • Christine Dring

    Such fantastic projects! What a great new release. Tough questions. I think I’d travel all over the globe for at least a year first, learning about new (to me) cultures, and probably picking one of those places and put down roots. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lynn Gauthier

    Awesome new release…Love the owls and all the Grad cards. The little suitcase is adorable.
    Yah…I definitely would have chosen a different career. I was a Plant Rat for 26 years in the office and also worked on the production floor if needed. If I just graduated, I would have chosen a career in Arts and in a much warmer climate than Michigan. Maybe in Corpus Christi.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Susan Lang

    I would travel! Learning life from other people and countries. Love the Grad die and Jean Manis rocked it!

  • Tosha

    If knowing then what I know now, the only thing I would change is that I would have continued in music study. After multiple decades I’ve taken up the violin. A dream come true would be to play one time in a symphony. But alas I’m just not skilled enough for that. Dream On! Play On!

  • Marsha Reed

    So many possibilities! I’d build me a tiny house, put it in the mountains (close to a town, of course) and write until my fingers fell off.
    Great new release! Great projects! As usual, I want it all! 🙂

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