• shartl

    LOL! That cow being beamed up is just hilarious!! The weather here is really hot, and I’m so thankful for our A/C. Nothing like sitting here with a nice iced tea and putting my feet up.

  • karenladd

    Ugh, today is a hot hot day and it’s still hot, even at 11:00 pm. I am not a fan of hot weather so I prefer to stay indoors, with the a/c…..and make cards!

  • Tosha

    Rain, rain…go away!
    Cute cards, lots of POW!

  • Nancy M.

    Right now it’s cool, dark and cloudy.

  • Jen K

    I should have told you yesterday that it was absolutely fabulously sunny! Now it is a little cloudy & I am REALLY craving a nap! Love the super heroes! Especially in the pink/purple color mix!

  • Chris L

    The weather outside today was super warm–I think it was in the 90s!

    So looking forward to this release!

  • Stampfoldandrepeat

    Rain, rain, and more rain!!

    Love the superhero theme – it’s super trendy!

  • Julia D.

    I’m in the same state as you so we’ve been having the same miserable weather. But today was warmer and dry (!) on this side of the state – hope it was nice where you are, too! This release looks awesome! I LOVE the stars background stamp. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • Becca Yahrling

    It just started raining! But it’s So. Florida, so it could stop in 5 minutes and that’s that. lol
    I love the Twinkle, Twinkle BG stamp – so awesome!

  • Kim

    At least it is dry after a lot of rain this past weekend…….but still cloudy and windy windy windy!!

  • Janet Sisk

    Cold and rainy with only 40 degree temps. UGH! Thanks for a chance to win. 😀

  • Ruth Dupchen

    It is a beautiful day but very windy. It is windy here a lot. Chicago is the windy city but Delmarva is a very windy peninsula.

  • Amante del Papel

    beautiful new launch!!! I love the new sets!

  • Laurie Dunham

    Cold and rainy out today but that means its a great day to stay inside and make cards!! I love the Twinkle Twinkle Background.

  • Arianna Barbara

    It’s a windy but sunny spring day here in Florence, Italy!
    Adorable release and creations!!! Absolutely cute!!!

  • Debby

    I’ve been traveling through Nevada, Utah, Arizona & California the past 2 weeks so the weather has been nice & warm!

  • karenajo

    Today in Colorado it is overcast – at least it is not snowing like last week ! Love all the barn scene elements !

  • Susan Lang

    Finally, a day without wind. Living in the desert, that is our culprit, not to mention 115 temperatures in the summer. Love the grass dies, they are on my wish list.

  • Julieann

    Rain, YUCK, more rain, YUCK, YUCK it has rained here for a week straight, everyday.

  • Barbara F

    In New York this morning it is cloudy and humid. Sun coming out this afternoon, high of 70…..

  • Carol Walker

    Here in middle Tennessee we have lovely sunshine. However, the extreme winds of yesterday blew in a cold front and right now at 7:00 am it’s 48 chilly degrees outside, but we’re looking forward to the promised 70 degree afternoon.

  • Sherrie

    Sunny and warm in North Carolina!! I love the twinkle background stamp.

  • SimplyAJ

    It’s sunny and a nice 54° degrees this Spring morning. Great preview of your new release. I’m​ loving the new background stamps!

  • Milene Tiberius

    Wow, these are so much fun!!! I specially love the Space Cadet stamp and set and the Downtown border!! So super fun! ❤

    The weather in Indiana this morning is what I would call wet and yucky. It has been raining for a few days now, but that makes for bright green trees! A little bit of sunlight and rain was all nature needed to bloom ????

  • Sherri Thacker

    It’s dark and 58 degrees in Concord, NC. Love all these new sets.

  • Lizzie

    Here in Austria it is a cloudy morning with only 10 degrees celcius / 50 degrees fahrenheit. I hope the temperature will raise as there is the maypole celebration at my daughters kindergarden this afternoon.

  • Margery C

    Love all the new stamp sets and dies. It’s in the 80’s-90’s here in Northern California for the next 3 days. Sunny and warm and then back to the normal 70’s. They call it sunny California for a reason.

  • Joni S

    What a fun release this is going to be! Love the first card shown, with the cow being lifted into the space capsule…how funny!

    The weather outside today has been mid-fifties and cloudy. Right now, high forties, and calm, still cloudy.

  • Angela W

    Right now, very late at night, it’s calm, cool and quiet. It had been very rainy and gray out all day today, though.

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Our weather is stormy! But I would rather be me than that cow that’s about to get abducted by the aliens…lol! Really cute cards!

  • Kirsty Vittetoe

    Sunny all day in Las Vegas!

  • MerMer

    Rain and thunderstorms 🙁

  • Liz

    I live on Lake Superior and it has been a nasty mix of rain and snow and very windy. The waves are crashing into the shore. At least we didn’t get the 8 inches of snow they had predicted!

  • Michel Espey

    The weather is cool and clear. Great sets and cards.

  • Gilda McCain (McStamper)

    Night time here and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80s. So strange to hear about the snow for us Texans. Love the release. The cards are so cute.

  • Carol

    As always, it’s Ohio eclectic, never dull, never boring!

  • Carol Scheevel

    IT IS HOT HOT HOT here in Bakersfield (Central California) already – not looking forward to the fact that it’s already going to be close to 100 this weekend! All of our snow pack is melting!

  • Lindar C

    82 degrees, with Santa Ana winds, not a cloud in site. I prefer cold weather :(. I love that cow!!

  • Vivian C.

    I can definitely commiserate. Out my window, it is cold and rainy. Still hoping spring will arrive soon. The sneak peaks are off to a great start. Love everything shown today. Have started my wish list.

  • Natalie Godfrey

    I am in Manteca, Sunny California and it is 94 degrees. We had been in the 70’s with wind and rain.

  • Deb F

    It was a sunny and warm day. It was still light outside when I got home shortly after 8pm. But, we are expecting rain tonight.

  • Janet Ingraham

    BOOM WOW POW It’s after 8:00 PM here and was just raining which we need because of fires and draught.

  • Cindy Kaiser

    Let’s put it this way, we’ve had so many days of rain that I saw 2 ducks swimming in our neighbors front yard! Looking forward to a bit warmer coming this May 1st! Keeps me inside with my card making and Taylor supplies, not too bad! Everything new looks adorable, can’t wait to order!
    Thanks, Taylor and Staff

  • Billie A

    Our weather is wet.. WET… Wetter!!!! Washington state is living up to it’s reputation and cold in high 40’s.
    What darling stamps and creative cards. Love the hill grassy die.. love everything.

  • Bev

    Our weather is coolerish, and has been raining on and off all day. : ( I think we’ll be warming up slowly all through the week, and hopefully, we’ll be done with the rain for a bit. Your DT has come up with some fabulous cards, and I’m loving the background stamps and those grassy hills especially! Thanks for sharing these fun sneak peeks! : )

  • susan.w

    A beautiful autumnal 74 day here DownUnder. I’ve been missing Summer for two months now and so that means cooler weather on the way. How lucky am I that the most favourite of my favourite stamps happens to be Twinkle, Twinkle followed extremely closely by Dizzy Dots. Excellent work DT and a juicy sneak peeks. Cheers!

  • Beverly Perdue

    The weather here in North Carolina was nice today — a little breezy but warm. We’re having some rain now, but it’s not supposed to last long. I usually retreat to my craft room when its raining. Love the twinkle background and the cute superheros!

  • Queen Mary

    Dusk, sprinkling, cooling, should be nice tomorrow, was nice today, but nicer tomorrow — 80 today so a little warm. CUTE release! Love the space cadets.

  • Mary-Anne V.

    What a fun day of space themed and superheros products! Right now we are experiencing heavy strong thunderstorms.

  • Barbara Tennigkeit

    Sunshine here but it was rainy until today

  • Rita

    It is windy, cold and rainy! Not a very nice May Day!

  • Chris Gosik

    ????Cold, wet and wild! Glad to be indoors and in MI. Family and friends in St Louis are dealing with major flooding

  • Karen

    Love the Superhero and companion sets! I have 2 grandsons to craft for and do they ever love their superheros! Here in southeastern Kentucky the weather is in the mid 60’s, sunny and breezy, but a lovely day for working outside

  • Barbara Happe

    It was a cold wet and windy start to the day and now the sun has finally come out! Yea! I got to visit your store for the first time on Saturday. Thanks for the make and take!

  • Teresa Mikalouski

    A little cloudy today with sprinkles!

  • Denise Bryant

    What fun cards! I love the Twinkle Twinkle Background stamp!
    It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in the 70’s!

  • Laraine Randall

    Fabulous release & samples! Love this Twinkle Twinkle background stamp! It is raining & cool!!

  • carol

    Smitten with the super heroes; something for my nephew! Weather is gloomy, windy and, in the distance, I see thunderclouds gathering….in fact, a flash of lightning just appeared! We’ve gone from the snows of winter (pretty typical to last well in April in Alberta) to..well, not ‘winter’ but not exactly spring. As the saying goes: if you don’t like the weather in Alberta, just wait 5 minutes. So true!

  • Marilyn giebel

    It is cold and rainy at times. I use your stamps and dies usually weekly.

  • Paula D.

    It is very chilly and grey here in the Boston area today 🙁
    Hoping for more warm weather soon.

  • Jennifer snellen

    Wind chill 34 some rain it’s may 1st I don’t like this weather, I need sun and warmth

  • Donna Spilker

    It is a very windy, cold, rainy day. Great day to check out new products!

  • Shari

    80 degrees and sunny here in northern California — a nice change from all the rain we’ve had this winter!

  • Michelle

    Oh love that twinkle twinkle background stamp. Great wirk D.T! Lake Onario decided to come up for a visit here in Western NY. Severe thunderstorms with 70 mph winds, tornado watch until 10pm. Who would’ve ever thought in NY!

  • Isabel Z

    It’s cloudy and it feels like cooler weather is on it’s way to Northern VA.

  • Carissa Brownlee

    So generous of you! Especially since its the twinkle twinkle background stamp that is my favorite (so far) of the new releases! I love doing galaxy & night sky backgrounds so this would be perfect. Hope the weather gets better for you there, its been cold and rainy and icky for like the whole weekend, but right now its kinda nice. But who knows how long that will last.

  • Carla Hundley

    These cards are all
    so fun! It is 61 degrees
    and mostly sunny today!
    Been outback sitting in
    the swing enjoying it.
    Carla from Utah

  • Amy

    It’s cold, wet, and windy here today. Great day for staying inside to craft!

  • Teresa Godines

    Sweet projects. The weather outside my window is sunny with a small breeze. It is in the mid 80’s here in Northern California. We have had so much rain this year I keep telling everyone we will be going from Winter to Summer. It is suppose to be 90 by mid week.

  • Linda C

    The weather today is picture perfect! Such fun cards by your design team! Love the grassy hills die!

  • Pami Ballington

    Sunny & warm in East TN! Love both of these cards!

  • Jessica Bavier

    Super fun sneaks! ???? It’s rainy, cold, miserable. We’re supposed to get snow here in MN tonight too. No fun!

  • Colleen Howell

    Pure sunshine and about 80 degrees, it is gorgeous here in Alabama! These are some cute stamps and dies in the release today loved all the cards.

  • JuliaP

    Love the cards. Today it started out cloudy with some sprinkles of rain and later we had a severe thunderstorm.

  • Karen Weingartner

    Sun thats is melting the snow we got here in Denver over the weekend!

  • Sabrina Radican

    Oh what fabulous cards!!!! I just love super hero type cards!!!
    Today outside my window is bright, sunny and very hot!!!!

  • Lori

    Today’s peeks are adorable! Right now, the weather is warm and overcast. The clouds are getting darker by the minute, so it won’t be long before it’s stormy.

  • Kim Szurnicki

    Shockingly it’s actually really nice out today, temperature was 18C the last time I checked, which is amazing considering it was snowy and freezing still just last week!

  • Amy Vitriani

    Super adorable new releases!!! The super heros are so cute!! And the space set is awesome! And the color block cutting plate looks just amazing ???? The weather outside my window is rainy today.

  • Louise W.

    Cold, wet and windy. But the sunshine and warmth will be here this week! Yay!! I’m glad you came out with the Downtown Border Underlay! Saves me from pieceing all those little windows in! Really cute cards!! Love the superhero ones!

  • LC

    Today’s cards make me smile! You always have such fun and creative design ideas. I love your unique products! Unfortunately, it is pouring rain here and we have a thunderstorm watch on the way for later this afternoon and into the evening. Sure do miss the sunshine!

  • Laura Holt

    It’s cloudy right now – raining off and on, but we’re not getting the severe thunder storms that areas near us are having – and there is no WHITE STUFF – so all is well!
    Would love to win the Sparkle Background!

  • Leanne S

    It’s warm & windy. Great sneak peek

  • Mary

    It is dark, and raining. and our temperature is 45 degrees. Brrr. I wish the sun were out. But I do live in New England so the weather could change at any moment. Smile BIG! 🙂

    Mary from NH

  • Traci Runkle

    Seriously I love the new twinkle background. All off your new releases are great so far. The super hero’s ????

  • Jo-Anne

    Overcast in rural Alberta. Oh my, my wish list is growing! Love the Build-a-scene and Twinkly Background! Have a great day!

  • Mutzy Mia

    It’s 41, grey and in between rain showers right now. But this is Minnesota and wait 24 hours and you could get a completely different day.

  • Patti Grogan

    Currently sunny outside my window. But fairly windy and more rain to come. Love that Space Cadet set!!

  • Evelyn

    cool, windy, rainy. Not a nice day outside!

  • Sandie Obrin

    Looking at the remnants of an 8″ snow storm that wreck havoc in our city. Tore down trees, power lines and just plain miserable. Hopefully the sun comes out later today. Love the super heroes stamps and dies, might make some cards for the firefighters and police officers who are helping clear the neighborhoods.

  • Mary Beth

    I’m afraid my view is very much like yours…..pretty ugly for May Day 🙁

  • Connie G

    Rain in Maine!!!! We are definitely on a rut

  • kathy k

    sun is shining, it’s windy and 76 degrees here today…beautiful and balmy now, but more rain is coming.

  • Phyllis Freese

    It’s cloudy & cool here, but flooding is the main story. I’m glad my home is not endangered by the water, but I can’t really get out due to a major road closure. Good time to stamp! Love the starry background stamp, but there are so many new products to love.

  • Cindy G

    Right now my window is showing typical Oregon weather — overcast, very gray, and mild (60 degrees). My favorite kind of day!

  • BunnyD

    You are quickly becoming one of my very favourite Stamp companies! Love the cow being sucked up by the aliens! Today’s whole release is calling my name. Such whimsy and humour! Love it!
    Rainy, dark and 7C here in Ontario Canada. Not at all May like. Supposed to be like this all week.

  • Bette M

    Overcast and drizzly, a little raw.

  • Jan

    Weather here in southern Utah is beautiful today…hi of 80. Sunshine and 70 right now. Finally a day without gusty wind!
    Love the twinkle background! Love Taylored Expressions!

  • Lisa B

    I’m from Colorado–so after a snowy weekend we have sunshine and a nice breeze outside today :-). Cute sets!!

  • Kristina "CraftyPaws"

    This release is super duper cute! It’s cloudy and grey and humid here today. It’s been sprinkling off and on all morning.

  • Elise S.

    The weather is crazy, as usual, here in Texas! Last week it was very warm and then we had storms/tornadoes over the weekend. Yesterday and today have been pretty chilly, but it’s going to warm up again.

  • Crafty Math Chick

    I love the twinkle twinkle background! So pretty and versatile! Nothing exciting out my window right now, grey & overcast here. Hope it is sunny where you are. 🙂

  • Michelle Laulu

    It’s a beautiful day here in Utah. We had our share of rainy days last week, but the high today is going to be close to 70 degrees. Beautiful!

  • Sharon D.

    So cute! Loving this release already! Your projects are adorable & I especially like that twinkle, twinkle background. It’s been so cold & rainy here in Nebraska. Another day or two & things should be looking brighter & warmer.

  • Anne Sturgeon

    Wet and windy here in Michigan. But, I am not going to whine about it. Many states are being hit with huge storms these past several days. Just hoping Mother Nature will soon deliver some sunny days. This new release will delight so many card recipients. Love it!

  • Diane

    Sunny right now but there are dark clouds in the area and rain is in the forcast

  • Cindy Johnson

    Almost noon on May 1 in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley..weather is cloudy with a moderate temp, and severe storms are forecast for this afternoon. However, the birds are singing and the trees are sprouting as they all know spring is finally here!

  • Susan Weida

    Cloudy, damp and breezy. Ready for the sun to come out and dry things up a little. Loving the new dies especially the grassy hills.

  • Tamara

    Cloudy with a chance of rain but enough sunshine to appreciate the tulips!

  • Noreen

    Outside our window today it’s sunny and warm, but 2 days ago we had snow (which, unfortunately, didn’t last long). Love the Super Hero and Pow! Boom! Wow! stamps – for comic book fun!

  • Erika

    Also cold and rainy. I’m not too far from TE .

  • Melanie R

    The weather outside my window at 9 am… sunny, 72 degrees, humidity 10%… my cacti are blooming… can you tell that I live in Arizona?

  • Nancy R.

    Love the dizzy dots and twinkle twinkle backgrounds! How adorable!
    The weather here here in Michigan, visiting family right now, is rainy and dark clouds moving back in. I am
    from Illinois, and all we’ve had is rain, rain, rain!! Hopefully we’ll see sunny days soon!

  • Julia Lesicko

    It is cloudy and gray here near St. Louis. We really need the sun but maybe tomorrow!!! Love the sneak peeks!

  • Tammy Arndt

    Adorable new release, everything is so fun! It’s sunny with snow on the ground here in Colorado.

  • Chris D.

    The weather is perfect today – postcard sunny, mild and not humid in the Houston area. We have to enjoy it now as it will be HOT, HOT, HOT for the next several months.

    The new stamps are SUPER cute.

  • Nancy Penaskovic

    We have had wind and rain ever since October 2016- rain almost everyday. Finally a glorious day with rain maybe tonight! sigh. Twice precipitation from Oct -April than normal. Nancy

  • Nancy Deffner

    Cold and rainy here. I need to see the sun soon! Loving so many things from the release – the twinkle background, space cadets, grassy hills, and dizzy dots.

  • Amy Cooley

    We’ve had so much rain and lots of storms the past several days. I’m ready to see the sun again!

  • LizD

    Sorry to say weather is no better 45 miles south of you. But what’s the saying be careful what you wish for in a month we will be praying for a shower. I love the super heroes. So will my grandkids

  • Marsha Reed

    My weather is your weather and I am so ready for sunshine, blue skies and warm! It’s coming. We just have to be patient.
    Love that Grassy Hills die.

  • Diane Morris

    It’s still pretty chilly here, but the sun is trying to recover from the cold wet day we had yesterday. I appreciate the sets with boy AND girl heroes. Yeah!

  • chris g.

    Today the weather is absolutely nice here in Brazil : ) sunny and not to hot!

  • Ellen Nieminen

    Overcast, chilly,breezy at times..showers off and on. The forecast says sunny and warm for later in the week, but that has been the talk since over a week ago, and nothing yet. Love the farm card with the cow abduction super cute.

  • Sue LD

    Cute projects. It is rainy and in the 50s today.

  • Kelli M

    It’s overcast and ready to rain yet again today in Ohio, but as the saying goes, “Hang around the weather will change shortly.” These superheroes are so stinkin’ cute. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  • Carrie W

    Uggg!!! Still so rainy and cold! But at least it’s not snow ????! I ❤️ The new release, as a huge super hero fan, I’m super excited!!!

  • Bunny

    It is sunny and hot here in Northeast Florida. Definitely sunscreen weather. However, we are suppose to be getting some rain tonight and we are praying for it. We haven’t had any for a while and everything is parched. We’ve got wildfires all over the state of Florida. Please rain!

    I love the Twinkle Twinkle. We have a new little one on the way (we= our daughter and son in law). It was a long wait and God really blessed us with the news.

    The stamp also reminds me of a song by Don McLean called Vincent but better known as Starry Starry Night.

  • Dee Earnshaw

    Gloriously BRIGHT & sunny here in Wisconsin – at the moment lol. Though will rain later:(

  • Sherry

    At the moment its cloudy and we’ve had rain and more expected later. I’m not sure what happened to Spring – it had been here last week. This week we’re getting below average temps with lots of rain. At least lawns are very lush and green. Love the super heros!

  • Mary Holshouser

    The sun is out right now but it’s been raining all weekend. There was between 6 and 8 inches of rain that fell.
    Lots of flooding and highway closures. I’m lucky that my area isn’t near any major bodies of water so I don’t have
    to worry about that. We will be getting more rain Wednesday, which will increase the flooding. The temperature
    is in the 50s today. In the past few weeks we’ve had temps in the 80s. It’s also very windy. Crazy weather.
    It could be worse – this could have been snow.
    Love the card with the kid getting ready to take off and the sentiment is “we’ll miss you”.

  • Sharon Mattingly

    Windy and in the 60s. Some dark clouds here and there – so more rain on the way.
    But everything is getting really green and pretty!

  • Lisa Reber

    Sunny and HOT today in SW Florida!
    Love the Twinkle Background and the grassy hills!

  • Isabel

    There is a strange bright light in the sky…We are not sure what it is but some say it’s the sun. Yippee!!

  • Gramma Dee

    It is a sunny spring day out there today. The snow is [almost] gone, and the mud is starting to dry up. Maybe winter is over????

    Love the cute super character pieces! And those grassy hills may need to find a home with my other build a scene stash. Great start to what looks like an excite sneak peek week.

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