Katherine is a retired RN who loved and served her patients for 30 years. While she no longer walks the halls of a medical facility on a daily basis Katherine continues to love and care for others in her community. Multiple times a year Katherine sets out to create an encouragement card for each resident of her local convalescent home – 110 residents currently, which will soon increase to over 150!

On top of that, Katherine regularly visits a local mobile home park where she offers her supplies for free to anyone who wants to join her in making cards. And not only are the supplies free, so are her hugs! 

Over time, one little boy named Gilli has grown fond of Katherine and has become her “little buddy” as she likes to call him. He, like Katherine, is a hugger, which comes in handy when they walk their neighborhood together and hand out cards to those who are elderly and alone. Gilli’s joy brings sunshine to everyone he meets, including Katherine!

So what drives Katherine to invest so much of her time, energy, and card-making supplies in her neighborhood? “The simple pleasures of bringing joy to those who think they are forgotten and alone.” Keep it up Katherine and Gilli! May your cards and free hugs continue to share joy!