• Blue Kube

    Our family makes homemade gifts for Christmas. As for my part I stamped sets of cards for everyone.

  • Debbie

    I send out all handmade Christmas cards to family and friends. The gifts under our tree are wrapped with ribbon and bows. I rarely use bags. I enjoy seeing everyone unwrap their gift. I have a count down calendar that I cross stitched many years ago that has a Christmas Tree and each day an ornament also cross stitched goes on the tree with the last one being the star. Everyone loves it.

  • Candy Clay

    I used to give calendars every year and put pictures of my granddaughters on the months. Then they got older and I don’t get good pictures of them enough to fill the calendar!

  • Lin

    What fun products for the holidays, Taylor – something for everyone!

    My tradition since we’ve been married is to make a Christmas ornament each year. These reflect whatever craft I’m doing at the time, and range from little angels made of lots of lace to paper-cut (Scherenschnitte) ornaments to (waaaaaaay back) hand-painted ceramic ones and silhouetttes cut from thin metal. Lately I try to do something with my dies and paper. I love unboxing our ornaments each year! Sadly, neither of our boys seem to care about the art of decorating a tree; perhaps my granddaughter will do something with these when we’re gone…..

  • Jane T

    I think my favorite crafty Christmas tradition is that a couple friends and I will get together and make ornaments. We each prep a Christmas ornament or decoration for all of us to make.

  • Mindy H

    I always make my Christmas cards so that’s a constant. In addition to the cards, seems like most years I end up making some kind of crafty items, just because it’s fun. I’ve done personalized ornaments, etched wine glasses, personalized cosmetic bags, made labels for bottles filled with homemade vanilla and more.

  • Beverly Perdue

    You are awesome! I absolutely love the new adhesives — just brilliant! Thank you for all of your inspiration and for creating the best products. I have a huge wishlist now! My crafty Christmas tradition is that I make all of my gift tags. I make them to match my wrapping paper. I’m a very matchy matchy kind of gal. I also love to make themed gift baskets.

  • Stacy T.

    I like to make homemade ornaments to give to my girls. I also like to make my own Christmas cards and want to make gift tags this year.

  • Laurie Brown

    Love the new ink colors and can’t wait to try the new cling and clear stamps!! A fun crafty tradition we have is to make our own wrapping paper. We use big rolls of butcher and kraft paper and sit on the floor and stamp away!!!

  • Tracy Moloney

    It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas … and that makes me HAPPY, no, I mean MERRY 🙂
    Sadly as the family grows, getting everyone together becomes more of a challenge. When we do get together, handmade Christmas crackers and place cards are made for everyone. The place cards used to get re-used each year until everyone started collecting them, so now it’s new ones each year, which is more creative fun 🙂

    • Tracy Moloney

      PS – I do make and give/send handmade Christmas cards to all our family and friends too … it has started a new tradition, as some try really hard to find unusual cards to send us in return, which makes them even more special and treasured 🙂

  • Wendy

    I’ve only been crafty for the last year so I don’t have a lot of traditions. Last year my friend and I each gave each other homemade gifts and we will be doing that again this year. As well, I will be making all of my cards for family and friends.

  • Sharon Schutjer

    Making different Xmas cards for the family!

  • Ann Z

    Love the Christmas lights! I love to make gift tags, gift card holders and Christmas cards for family an friends.

  • Anna

    I make holiday cards. Since my whole family are throughout the states, I make gift card holder cards to send my gifts to my grandkids, nieces & nephews.
    In the past when we were all living in the same state, we gathered to make holiday cookies & ornaments.

  • Angela Myhre

    Last year I made ornaments for the first time. Some years I send out hand made cards but in the last year or two, I’ve only sent hand made cards to other crafters because I know they appreciate the work that goes into it.

  • Jean Denney

    We host a gingerbread house night every year for our family and friends. We have dinner together then We spend the night building our houses. We post a video of our houses and all our Facebook family and friends have 24 hours to vote and then we announce our Gingerbread House Master for the year. It’s so fun fun!

  • Patricia Baker

    This is amazing product. Growing up never really had any crafty traditions other than getting together and baking cookies. But I sure do love paper crafting.

  • Dana M

    Oh what fun, whimsical and festive new products! Fabulous inspiration projects – so much talent! Oh we have many holiday traditions but I think my favorite is cookie day. My Mom hosts and my aunt, cousins, SIL and niece all gather to make our favorite cookies. Oh we just have so much fun!

  • Camille Pimentel

    In our family, we have a few holiday traditions. We hang handmade stockings with needlepoint names for each member of the family. It started 32 years ago, for our 1st Christmas as newlyweds. When our children arrived a few years later, they also were given handmade stockings to hang by the fireplace. We use handmade tags for our children, so the holiday spirit remains strong in their hearts. On Christmas Eve, after we attend Mass, we open one gift from their grandmother. For us, the holidays are more about traditions and togetherness and less about amassing gifts.

  • Marisela Delgado

    I make a handful of Christmas cards for only a select group of friends, but I do love tags!

  • linda s

    oh my goodness, the fluff friends holiday set is too cute! my crafty tradition is to thank all my doctors and staff every year with a chocolate christmas treat in a handmade box, bag or envelope.

  • shartl

    With three little kiddos, we have a lot of holiday traditions. My two girls look forward to the arrival of our Elf on a Shelf each December, and my husband and I have fun coming up with creative ways to hide her each day. We also have an advent calendar, and always love decorating the tree. I use a wood burning kit to make ornaments from wood slices that my father in law cuts from trimmed tree branches, and give them to friends and family too. Christmas is my favorite time of year!

  • Shannon

    OMGoodness I am soooo Loving the new colors and your innovative Cling and Clear sets!! Super Great for making up Christmas cards in Bulk!! Which I NEED, lol .. 😉 My biggest holiday tradition is that I make A LOT of handmade Christmas cards each year, and now that my crafty room is all set up, I’ll be dong the same this year too! And I can See I’ll be incorporating Lots of TE’s Christmas Release items for sure! Just LOVE everything! <3 😎

  • Gilda

    Love the Backstory Christmas and the new colors are beautiful. Since my grandchildren have outgrown those adorable toys, I always make gift card holders for their “gifts”. Most of the adult children also prefer this choice.

  • Cyndi Morris

    I can’t explain why, but I have a soft spot for sloths and that one is adorable. I give lots of gift cards for the holidays and I try to make a special gift card holder for each recipient. When I was younger (and my eyes were better) I made crochet scarves for everyone, but I think they like the gift cards better!

  • Tracey

    I am in love with all these new Christmas products! I just adore the Christmas lights and the Jolly background. Every year the women in my family have a handmade holiday exchange, it was previously a cookie exchange some of us are crafty girls and so for the handmade exchange you can make something for everyone or you can bake cookies. It is so fun you’re the year to decide what I’m going to make for everyone.

  • karenladd

    I have several crafty traditions but my main favorite is that I make all of my Christmas cards and gift tags. Christmas is one of the few holidays and occasions where I make everything myself. I also make my grandchildren an ornament each year, and make gift boxes and goodie bags for my friends and family. My large stash of Christmas stamps get a real workout at this time of year.

  • Michele

    I love the new Simple Strips and the new paper colors. I just started doing card maiing, so my tradition is maiing personal cards for my family

  • Ashley

    I usually tend to make something wooden each year…sign, shelf, etc. I also like to make my own tags but never seem to make near enough!

  • SherryG

    I’m addicted to your All Tucked In boxes. I fill them with treats for our family, friends and staff not only at Christmas, but for birthdays and other occasions. They are so easy and fun to make!

  • Heather

    Fabulous release!! I LOVE Christmas so I love to see see Christmas products coming out. My only Christmas tradition is an Advent activity calendar that we do for our kids each year. We have something special for each day, whether it is a treat, or an activity or a craft. We don’t do the same crafts each year, but we do a couple different ones, usually something involving papercrafting.

  • Ashley L

    Every year I create a 12 days of Christmas project for my hubby.

  • Loretta Neighbors

    A tradition taken from childhood is to set up the Nativity under the Christmas tree. I inherited the original set, over 70 years old, from my parents. It is worn, but loved, cherished, and will be passed on. For over a decade now, I’ve handmade all the cards we send and give out. In the past few years I have created a paper treat holder that I fill with candies for the annual ladies’ Christmas pot-luck luncheon in my community, as well as for my husband to give in his office.

  • KathleenA

    The inky fingers set is so cute! I would love to get a card with that set! And I love the beautiful background stamps!

  • Dee Earnshaw

    awesome products – makes me itch to get started on my Holiday cards!!
    I make handmade tags for all my gifts – so rewarding when you see the recipients face light up 🙂

  • Noreen

    I love the Inky Fingers! We have an Advent Calender that we put up on December 1st. There is a felt tree at the top with red and white buttons sewn all over it, and a calendar at the bottom with a tiny ornament hung on each day. As that day arrives, the ornament is removed from the calendar and hung on a button on the tree. Everyone tries to guess which button the ornament will be hung on.

  • Suzanne Harkinson

    I am a newbie to paper crafting and each year I make more hand made Christmas cards. However, my tradition is to cross stitch an ornament for my daughter and for each of my great nieces and nephews.

  • Beth KS

    I make calendars for my sisters every year. They love them. One of my sisters has also made it her tradition to give my calendars to two of her friends, too 🙂

    Thanks for all the great new Christmas stuff. The sloth is my favorite!

  • Lisa Petrella

    Oh my! I love those lights and the gorgeous sentiments that fit inside!!! I love crafting for the holidays 🙂 I enjoy making holiday cards and creating tags, gift card holders and little gift bags for friends and family! I also love making little sacks of homemade dog treats for my pup’s neighborhood friends and decorating the sacks with doggie-themed holiday tags!!! So much fun!

  • Gramma Dee

    Loving that cute little sloth! And there are definitely a couple of new products I might NEED… So loving your greeting strips. I have the die and the general stamp. Might need to grab up the holiday greeting and the Birthday ones from last month.

    I make all my own Christmas cards, and all year I work on the Family Calendar. Each month I create a new page with this year’s photos, trying to balance it out so that each of our four kids’ families get equitable representation and to make sure the SAME family doesn’t always end up with the same months. I purchase a preprinted 12×12 NEXT year’s calendar for each family. Then in December I go to a printer and copy my monthly pages. I glue in the printed pages and hand write in the birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates. It is a labour of love and the kids’ families all really enjoy getting their calendars. I LOVE seeing those calendars hanging on their walls when I go to visit them.

  • Jennifer R

    Even though I love doing crafts I don’t really have time at Christmas other than making cards and baking. I do however LOVE to shop for gifts at craft markets/shows to support those little businesses as much as I can!

  • Renee

    I love the innovation of the Cling and Clear stamp combo products and fluffy friends are so adorable! I am obsessed with kraft paper, black paper or gingham so I pretty much always wrap all presents in one of those wrappings. That’s the only consistent-crafty-type-Christmas-tradition with me 🙂

  • Lagene

    My yearly Christmas tradition for all my grandkids is to make them a Christmas ornament, some years they are see through shakers, sometimes scenes on both sides, etc etc. I love your swinging sloth, love those slider track discs!

  • sherry storjohann

    Usually cards are always made for the holidays and then we try to do ornaments for each member of the family

  • Michelle H.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any craft I do consistently every year. Sometimes I send out handmade cards, or make some gifts for people. This year, I plan to make all the tags for the presents. Taylored Expressions is by far my favorite supplier of all!

  • Marcia

    Love your sloth card!! What a great idea to add color to a background with smooshing and then adding a few details. I always make Christmas cards. Last year I made wooden ornaments after Junkie Fest and seeing what Kitchen Sink Stamps had us create. I even had my husband cut all the wood pieces for the ornaments.

  • Denise

    We have 2 things we do each year at Christmas. The first so we open our gifts one at a time., like a round robin. That way everyone can see each gift. The second is, I bake pies. Italy 4 or 5. One pumpkin, peanut butter, buttermilk, coconut cream, and chocolate. It’s a lot of work but I love the was my family start asking about end of October to make sure I’m going to bake.

  • Becky Jones

    I make my own Christmas cards and I make gift tags also!

  • Tiffany Huang

    I love it all! In our family we make homemade cards, gifts for teachers and friends, bake cookies and record all the memories with a December Daily! Can’t wait for the release!

  • Kylie Z

    I like to make holiday gift boxes and fill them with little gifts for my friends.

  • Cindy M

    Handmade Christmas cards for close family and friends, my list gets bigger every year. I also gift a pack of handmade cards to a couple special people that I know love sending snail mail to others.

  • Cynthia Cole

    Every year I make my grandson a pysanky egg ornament for Christmas. It’s been our tradition for ten years now and he loves it.

    • Joni Stoneking

      Wow! I just looked that up and I am SOOOOOO impressed – what a gift of love! And he will have those for all of his life – that is just amazing. Good for you!

  • Ethan

    I enjoy making Christmas tags for all the gifts I wrap.

  • Evan

    I like making Christmas cards for close friends and family.

  • Iggy

    Every year I make holiday treat boxes for my kids’ teachers.

  • Maria C F

    I try to make all my Christmas cards each year but have to start early b/c there are a lot to make!

  • Kim

    I love baking cookies and I spend time with my mother-in-law making Christmas cards. I’m looking forward to showing my grand-daughter how to make cards and making that a tradition for us.

  • Heather I

    I make my sisters a bookmark each year for Christmas.

  • Christine

    I love to add homemade gift tags to my gifts! I don’t do it for every gift, but I’d really like to! I need to get started on some for this Christmas!

  • Diane B

    I cross stitch a small ornament with the year on it – that way the kids will have a complete set when they move out

  • LizD

    Every year my girls and grandkids make gifts for their teachers at school and sunday school. They can be anything from TE calendars to decorated tins for gift cards. The best part is getting together to do all of them as a family. We love it. Even the 2 grandsons.

  • Kathy Mc

    Traditionally, I bake lots of different cookie, candy and bread recipes to share with friends. For the past 10 years or so I’ve been making about 120 Christmas cards to mail out. I also decorate inside and out with lots of lights and years of holiday collectibles. Another tradition is Christmas Eve Mass!

  • Annette

    I love these new releases!!! I enjoy making our family’s Christmas cards and gift tags.

  • Linda Bolhofner

    My newest tradition is making my grandchildren’s handprint with them. We sketch around their fingers and hand on their favorite color card stock and then cut out the hand shape. They can write their name on one side with the year and their age. Then we add some ribbon to hang the hand on the tree. We make one for their parents and I get one too! (after Christmas mine go on a cork board with their plaster baby hand print) ages this year are 7, 5, and 3. They love it and it’s fun for me and a special keepsake for myself and mom and dad!!! ????????????

  • Toni

    I love doing all kinds of crafts! Usually, my gift list is made up of homemade gifts. It’s just fun giving something original.

  • Tricia Ehart

    It’s just been a couple years that I’ve done it, but I make all the gift tags. Anything from just stamping paper labels and coloring them to paper tags. Got tired of buying tags. This way I like and use all the tags I make.

  • Ruth Dupchen

    I really enjoy making my Christmas cards and tags.

  • Colleen Dixon

    I like to make cute little cards to give with homemade cookies. I love the new products!

  • Jennifer Smith

    I don’t have any crafting traditions, but I would like to start making my own gift tags.

  • Mary Holshouser

    No small ones in the family anymore so I don’t make
    anything (dollss, etc). The “kids” have all of the
    decorations they need so I can’t embroider anything
    for them to display. They don’t want home-made
    clothes (and I don’t really feel like making them)
    so I don’t do much original gifts. I will make a
    tag for a present or a gift card holder for the
    few presents I do give. Miss those days of
    Barbie clothes. thanks for asking.

  • Martha

    I’ve always loved making my Christmas tree garland from scratch. I also really like making tiny Christmas tags with my siblings to hang on the Christmas tree.

  • Joan Bolt

    I love all the ideas. I love to decorate and put up lights for anyone who drives by to enjoy. I bake cookies and we make wine to share with neighbors, our mail carrier, and sanitation crew.

  • Sara B

    I made Christmas cards many years ago and would like to start again. Two more recent traditions: gingerbread houses with my grands(or any of the “kids”) and pillowcases. It’s been fun seeing the fabric print themes change as the kids get older – alphabet, cars, license plates (?), and Star Wars!

  • Jen Petersen

    I make digital calendars each year for the Grandparents and most years we also create some type of handprint dish towel for the grandma’s each year (One year was a Christmas Tree, one year the hands were butterflies etc)
    Love these creative new sets you have designed!

  • Dawn S

    I take my 3 nieces to a Santa’s breakfast at the community center where we make fun Christmas crafts and then we go home and decorate (and eat) cookies.

  • Susan Hopkins

    My husband and I have a rural mailman contract and some of our boxholders order their daily newspapers from us. Each Christmas for the past 7 years I have made each customer a special Christmas card. I know they all appreciate receiving a beautiful handmade card from us.I make about 15 now but that number used to be in the 20’s. I love Taylored Expressions and can’t wait to see the rest of the sneak peeks.

  • Linda Shirley

    My mom saved Christmas Cards from one year to the next, and at Christmas time she would let me have paper, glue to repurpose the cards into gift tags for presents. I still do that and have had my grandkids help.

  • Julia D.

    Looks like another GREAT release! Can’t wait to see all the rest of the new stuff. I make all my Christmas cards and also make tags for all the gifts I give. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • Buffy

    Okay, now at Christmas I have been making our Christmas cards for many years now but that’s not really our “family” crafty tradition. It’s sugar cookies! Not crafty? Well to see your grown kids decorating sugar cookies is definitely crafty at our house. My 3 kids are 27, 25 and 21 but EVERY year I make sugar cookies and every year I think I’m going to be decorating them, assuming the kids won’t be interested. Wrong! They always want to know when I’m baking them and make a big production out of it. Bringing their own candies for decorating and having contests for best decorating. It’s my favorite part of the holidays, seeing my kids, grown but still my babies! Can’t wait for this years cookie decorating event!

  • Deb Bridgewater

    I make home made tags and cards every year and easel calenders

  • Nicki T

    My girls and I always make a new ornament for the tree.

  • Sandhya Iyer

    I used to make handmade wall art for my friends every Christmas! Now I just make cards 🙂

  • Terrie D.

    Wow! So many great products and such wonderful cards! I love the adorable Fluffy Friends – Holiday set. 🙂 I really like making different cards for each member in my family, as well as fun envelopes or little boxes for gift cards.

  • Ellen Fisher

    I select several names from my church’s holiday giving tree and go shopping for them.

  • Sue

    I make homemade pillow cases for the grandchildren–I have seven now. I also make tags.

  • Susan Weida

    There are Christmas cards of course. I also create some type of packaging/money holders for Christmas gifts. Also if I see an ornament idea and I have time I make them for my family. The new releases are wonderful so far. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!!!

  • amanda Rutter

    My nana always painted old world ceramic Santa’s for each family member we all cherish them like crazy I now try to paint some as a gift for people to keep her tradition alive I miss her dearly all the time

  • Jana Gutsch

    Love this release favorites are Fluffy Friends and Bright Lights

  • Kelly marshall

    One of my favorite traditions is 25 books for my grandkids to open from dec 1 to the 25 . Also I buy Christmas Eve boxes which include Christmas pjs. And we also decorate cookies together.
    I believe inky fingers are going to be another favorite for Christmas cards

  • Denise Bryant

    Wow… so many awesome new things! I don’t know which to single out…. I’m in love with the adorable fingerprint set! I’m a kid at heart! Love the reindeer and penguin too!
    My crafty Christmas tradition: I bake about 4 or 5 kinds of Christmas cookies and package them up to share with friends and neighbors! I love to add a tag (handmade, of course!) and a pretty bow to make each package look pretty!

  • SANDEE Ihlenfeldt

    Taylored Expressions make my card creations so easy. I can always find fantastic ideas. I make cards for myself plus send a bundle to our Veterans during the holidays.

  • Ellie Wilkins

    Besides making Christmas cards, I make Chex mix! I have made it for over 30 years! Even though we use 8 boxes of cereal, bags of pretzels and cans and cans of nuts it goes away quickly!!!

  • Nancy

    Besides making my Christmas cards, I always have a craft day with my grandsons.
    It’s always a blast with two boys ages nine and six. And a big mess!

  • Christina Hemeyer

    I make our homemade Christmas cards to mail to everyone. Same card – usually about 100 cards. I put a family picture inside. I love sending homemade cards to everyone. Makes me happy!!!

  • Dawn Y.

    I just love making special gift tags, place cards for the table, and Christmas cards. It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!!????

  • Jean Marmo

    We love making gingerbread houses. It started when my daughter was little and has been carried on ever since. It is always a huge mess of fun.

  • Janet

    Hmmm, a crafty Christmas tradition–yes, I make cards, but I really like to decorate–I arrange greenery and berries, I put nativities around, and embellish everything I can I deck the halls.

  • Linda Longfellow

    along with making Christmas cards for everyone in my family and friends, I always make a special item. Last year I made purses with all different colors of cardstock. I had a gift card inside. This year I’m doing diamond paintings for each family member. It has taken all year and I’m on my last one. I’ll seal them and find frames.

  • Maria C F

    I really enjoy making Christmas cards for all my friends and family. I usually make about 80–8 designs and 10 per design.

  • Tara Lanzo

    I always make ornaments for everyone. Every year is a different theme. It also has to match my wrapping paper which I coordinate to a crazy level. It only means I have lots of mismatched wrapping paper at this point! Any suggestions with what i should do with it?

  • Carrie W

    Oh my goodness – that sloth!! I love crafting – it’s a huge stress reliever for me… I make all of my Christmas cards, as well as the ones my mother sends. I also make as many of my gifts as I can – I actually have 2 baby quilts ready for the quilting stage right now! Thanks for helping with my “therapy”!!

  • Kat B

    I have been making my own Christmas cards for the last five years. It makes me remember always being a kid and being excited to get a new card each day. We used to hang them up by the door and over the doorframe.

  • Allison Nesbitt

    I always make my gift tags. I choose a different theme every year. I also make special cards for the gift cards/ money that is given to the older nieces and nephews. It is some sort of a “Zip Open” card to reveal a fun message and gift. They look forward to them every year. I am an avid crafter, sewer, quilter and card maker. I interchange my supplies from ALL my hobbies and enjoy the journey and creativity.

  • Stephanie Gibson

    I make all of our Christmas cards which ends up being around 70. Of course, I will take tons of pictures to scrapbook from decorating, outdoor scenery, opening packages, snow if we have any. Now that my children are in their twenties it isn’t quite as exciting as it once was. Waiting for their spouses and grandchildren in the future. A huge part of our traditions are baking of Christmas goodies.

  • Terri A.

    I wish I had more time to make handmade gifts each year, but I don’t always get them done. I do, however, make fabric gift bags to help reduce the amount of paper we use in wrapping gifts. This year I’m hoping to make something special for my mom & my aunt.

  • Victoria

    I love to make paper craft item that will hold a gift or certificate and a piece of two of candy. I’ve used several dies from taylored for Christmas and several other holidays.

  • Jayme

    About 7 years ago I started sending Christmas cards to the troops. I make some myself but most are store bought. I also ask all of my Thanksgiving guests to write out as many cards as they wish and include them. This year I will also be volunteering to stuff Christmas stockings for the troops.

  • Carri

    I always have plans to make gifts for people, but I always run out of time!
    Maybe I should start now!

  • Kimberly Cook

    The tradition that is most dear to my heart is our family Christmas Eve church service. Because of my faith and church family, I have been able to make it through a lot of health issues. I started giving my church my craft talent some years back for their annual craft sale. So during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, I need to feel grounded to the most important thing.

  • Donna D.

    The past couple years, I have been crocheting ornaments and also making ornaments with fabric. I would love to have an entire Christmas tree filled with only handmade ornaments! Someday!!!

  • Karen W.

    I make cards for co-workers and students. My daughter and I make cards for her teachers- inky fingers will be perfect for that!

  • Kinda Abel

    I like to make my tags. I make a Christmas cards for special family and friends.

  • Mary in Wausau WI

    I’ve fallen in love with making easel-style calendars, and the TE Mini Tear-off calendars are the perfect size for this holiday bit o’ craftiness ❤️

  • Karen Ro

    I have a few holiday traditions but only a few are crafty. Every year for Christmas since my daughter was little I would hunt for special Christmas pjs. The tradition continues now that she has an almost grown child of her own. Several years we were all able to wear matching pjs. For the last few years I made matching flannel pj bottoms for the three of us even though we live in different places.

    I use my mom’s sugar cookie recipe to bake cookies every year. Something my mom had to do no matter how busy she was working full time and taking care of the family. It’s not Christmas without them.

    Another tradition is making handmade Christmas cards every year to send.

    Looking forward to the TE holiday release.

  • Meghan Kennihan

    I LOVE THE little critters in this release and the lights!!! I always make all my family members personalized ornaments each year…paper mache, wood, or paper.

  • kathleen dumpert

    Love holiday releases! For Christmas I enjoy making my stepdad a calendar using a bunch of family photos and crafty touches!

  • Gail Shurbutt

    It has been so much fun reading everyone’s comments!! I have begun making Christmas cards – not for everyone, but for the very special people on our list. I always make gift tags. My family looks forward to seeing the tags and they give them back to me, in case they can be reused!!:) TE has really been my inspiration for making special cards and tags and I am very excited about the product release! Thanks Taylor and Gang!!

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    I make home made cards for family and my stamp club.

  • KathyJh

    What a great day of new releases! I love that sloth! I have a granddaughter who loves sloths and so I will put that to good use. I always make Christmas cards and tags. I also do some kind of paper craft with the grandkids. I’m thinking those thumbprint reindeers will be this years craft.

  • Nancy M.

    I love the holidays fo crafting and baking! I always give myself a day to create gift tags, and I purposely try to use all of the cardstock and ribbon scraps lying around my craft room that I can’t just throw away! Any color can be a Christmas color if you had some sparkle and snowflakes to it! I toss the tags into a pretty basket for all the family to use as they wrap their gifts.

  • Laraine R

    I make cards to send. I make the gift tags & I make Christmas ornaments for gifts! Depending on If I have time, I make card sets for gifts.

  • Janet Sisk

    I make all my Christmas cards each year. That is usually around 150. I always say that I will get started earlier in the year, but, alas, I am just now getting myself in the mood to start them. LOL Your new stamps/dies are really getting me in the mood though. Thanks for the inspiration. 😀

  • Karen R

    My favorite handmade Christmas item is an ornament I made in kindergarten many, many years ago. It is made of milk bottle caps. I painted them red, sprinkled glitter on them and then strung them on a strand of red yarn. Although the glitter is nearly gone, it is in great shape.

  • Anne Sturgeon

    We always give our daughter’s and their families money for Christmas. I try to make some kind of container for the cash. Decorated envelopes or boxes. For my holiday table I make goodie containers for place cards. The girls always love them and very much appreciate my creativity, which I very much appreciate! Great peeks can’t wait for tomorrow…

  • Kari S

    I love making cards to send and my kids and I bake lots of goodies and then put on tags we make as a family. Loads of fun!

  • Chris L.

    Every year, I always make handmade card sets for my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law. They can be sets of 4, 6, or 8 cards, and they are usually like birthday, get well, thank you, etc. One year for my sister-in-law (her kids are younger) I did a set of kid’s birthday cards. I think they always appreciate getting something handmade (at least I hope so!)

  • Linda Gorman

    I love everything!!! Thanks for sharing early. I make all my Christmas cards, but every year I make handmade calendars for everyone! It is a great tradition and it’s already done for this year!

  • Brian Poteraj

    I make my own Christmas cards each year. I get bored if I make too many alike, so I make a lot of different varieties.

  • Sharon Gullikson

    I always make decorated bags for the cookies I give to friends and neighbors. Each year they are different. I love to make them really cutesy.

  • April Zbrzeski

    I like to give handmade gift tags on all my gifts.

  • Gloralee Dixon

    I make Christmas cards for family and friend. For family gifts I add personalized gift tags. ❤️

  • Stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie)

    I’ve been taking part in a few holiday card drives in the last few years. It’s my new tradition!

    And yes!! Christmas strips!!!

  • Nicole S.

    A handmade ornament or holiday decoration for the teachers!

  • Chris DuBois

    I do make my Christmas cards and since we have lived in several states and relatives live all over the country, my cards are dispersed in many states.

    I always try to sew something crafty every year – better get busy.

  • Deb Wagner

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love decorating the house from top to bottom with many of the things I have made through the years, but my most treasured things are the ornaments I have made with my nephews when they were young and now with my grandkids. I think some of the best gifts we share are the ones that show the love we have for each other. Hand-made is always the best and we have a fun day to remember!

  • Von Marie

    I am loving this release!! I love making tags for my presents and like making my own wrapping paper too.

  • Georgia Henson

    I like to bake and decorate Christmas cookies. For the past 5 years, I have been a Cub Scout den leader. Every December I bring some of my crafty goodies to a meeting and the boys hand make Christmas cards to hand out when our Scout group goes to sing Christmas carols at a local nursing home. 10-year-old boys can be quite creative and really enjoy making cards.

  • Phyllis

    I love tuning into a favorite Christmas movie while making my Christmas cards each year. I also make the tags for my packages.

  • SueinMtVernon

    When my mother was still with us, every Christmas I would give her a new linen towel calendar. She looked forward to opening that present every year. It would hang on the kitchen wall and when the new year arrived, she would take down the old and put up the new. It would go in the laundry and became the newest member of our dish-drying towel linen calendar collection. I still have some that date back to the late 1960’s!

  • Tara Salladay

    I’m fairly new to card making but last year I did a 30 days of Christmas cards challenge and loved creating a new and different card each day. I’ll be doing it again this year!! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  • Deb Schuster

    I love baking cookies and making candy. I also enjoy making table place settings for my family Christmas.

  • Linda

    I have made Christmas cards for almost 25 years. Not as many as I once did. When I taught I didn’t always get them sent out on time. One year it was a Christmas card with a Valentine card on the back and another year when the card was green and I was late it had a St. Patrick cars on the back. I try to get them in the mail before Christmas Day now that I’m retired.
    My other tradition is to make a donation to a charity in my step son’s name who passed away when he was a freshman in high school. My Christmas present to him.

  • Stacy H.

    One of my holiday traditions is going to a nearby small town and walking around their beautifully decorated buildings.

  • Isabel Z

    I love making tags for all my Christmas gifts. Such a fun first sneak peek!

  • Amy McCue

    I make holiday food gifts like English toffee and Irish cream and I love to have nice labels

  • Susan Lewis

    I love snowmen, maybe a little obsessed? ! Lol. I love making snowmen cards.

  • Tamera Gullett

    I’ve been making Christmas cards for years (been so long ago that I started that I don’t remember) to mail out to relatives.

  • Cheri

    M a n y years ago I made “yarn babies” as they became known in the small community where we lived. A neighbor and I figured out an initial pattern from a yarn ornament we purchased from a Hallmark store, and it grew from one to a set of 12 with some special requests adapted from the original. I probably made 500-600 of them over the course of several years. The set of 12 included Santa and Mrs. Claus, Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, an angel, choir boy, elf, little pink girl and little blue boy, tin soldier, an old lady with a big hat, and Raggety Ann complete with striped stockings because our daughter’s name is Ann. Also, I used to be the one in our family who made all the decorated Christmas sugar cookies, about 15-20 dozen, for our large family gatherings. I do still make Christmas cookies with my grandson. And I still make from scratch peanut brittle for my husband. Now, in the past couple of years my new crafting is greeting cards.

  • teresa mikalouski

    Every year it is big decision to what my Christmas cards are going to be that year! Everyone looks forward to my cards each year. A gift in itself!

  • Cindy Holmes

    I love to make my own Christmas cards to give out to my friends and family for the holiday! Those cards are absolutely gorgeous and precious at the same time! Love the new line of goodies too!

  • Lyn

    I now make my own Christmas crackers with my daughter and it is fun to go out for the morning shop for little goodies and have lunch together. Time with my kids is so precious and I love this little tradition

  • Kristi

    I always make our Christmas cards; in 25 years I’ve only missed one year. I feel like I’m making each loved one a gift.

  • Charmaine

    I try to make all of my Christmas cards every year. I also make treats to give away to family and friends and package them cute and add homemade gift tags as well!

  • Sheralyn Bartels

    I own a retail business and every year for our Christmas party I make the table decorations.

  • Billie Abalos

    I almost always make stamped gift tags. My daughter loves the homemade details and even helps with the coloring.

  • Denise

    Holiday tradition is decorating TE calendars to give as gifts

  • Connie Thingstad

    When I worked at Central College here in Pella, I used to make seasonal gifts including chocolate usually and put them in the mailboxes of about 40-50 students. I miss doing that as both of my kids have graduated and I no longer work there.

  • Pamela

    Every year I have my preschoolers make calendar easels to give as their parent present. I just placed my order yesterday for the 2020 calendars?

  • Deb Pauley.

    For Halloween we create handmade Halloween bags and fill with candy to exchange at school. For the holidays, we bake cookies and create handmade cards to deliver with gifts to kids that have wash lists.

  • Julie B

    I make and send over 100 cards at Christmas. I send my daughters and Mom one a week like an Advent celebration. My friends get an early greeting that includes some form of an ugly sweater. I’m excited about more simple strips and lots of other things I see here!!

  • Paula Bowie

    I make Christmas Cards with my grandkids! We also bake Christmas cookies & candy together with their moms…it is an all day affair with the cookie decorating at the 3nd!

  • Michelle R

    Simple Strips Christmas is a fabulous addition to the previous released sets. Super excited to see the new absolutely beautiful paper and ink colors, eeeeek!

  • Melanie Ayers

    My crafty girlfriend and I always exchange a handmade gift with each other. She does totally different crafts than I do so we love receiving each other’s gifts as it’s always something that we can’t make for ourselves.

  • Jana Moulton

    I make homemade cards or tags depending on the gift but last I started a new tradition with my kids. We made Christmas trees out of Reese’s cups and Hersey kisses. Each kid’s tree turned out just as unique as they are

  • Linda

    While I don’t celebrate Christmas, I do LOVE using winter themed stamp sets for holiday cards! I LOVE the new lights set!

  • Emily

    One tradition is to get out handmade ornaments from when the kids were in school and put them on our little tree. If one of them happens to be here, they always look for theirs. I also make all of our Christmas Cards. I add a typed message on the inside, sign them and then turn them upside down. I address all the envelopes and place the 2 piles side by side and stuff them without looking. I love when someone comments on my card and I have to say, “what does it look like?”

  • Debbie Carter

    Every year my grandkids and I decorate gingerbread houses and gingerbread boys and girls. I also make all my Christmas cards. I have not bought one greeting card at the store in 15 years! Immediate family receive their own Christmas card, and they are all different.

  • Candi VDW

    I make my Christmas Cards of course and I bake goodies for the local teachers.

  • Michelle Nicholas

    So excited for all the new Christmas products, my favorite time of the year! I don’t really have an annual crafty tradition. The past few years my kids and I have been selling our cards at some local holiday markets. So we are busy making cards now through December and get burned out by Christmastime. I would like to make my close family handmade cards this year and I like the idea of making a handmade ornament each year.

  • Kris Dodds

    I have made individual boxes in different styles for all of the kids I give money to for Christmas. One year it was a “cracker” with cash and candy, another it was a pocket box with a candy bar and cash. I try to make something different every year and I enjoy it so much. I really like what TE has coming out! Love it!

  • Debra

    I make all my holiday cards for family and friends but I also make an ornament for the tree each year.

  • Lindarub

    I do Christmas card drives, make cards for Christmas presents and make my own Christmas cards to send to friends.

  • Sherry

    I make my greeting cards but also make card sets for friends and co-workers. I have also been making special gift tags for the grandkids. I like to give them something special to have after they’ve ripped open their gifts.

  • Jalayne Salzman

    Oh my such memories!!! My sweet mom who is in Heaven now, found a creamy and delicious praline recipe on a box of brown sugar. This was back in 1940. Every year at Christmas she made several batches of these pralines and gave them to friends and family. Through the years she also begin to sell them at Craft Fairs and she could easily sell 100 pralines in 2 days. When both of my kids, her grandkids got married, they asked her to make pralines to hand out at the reception!!!!! We had an assembly line going in her kitchen to make and assemble 300 pralines for each wedding!!!!????. Now I make them each year so the praline tradition continues, joyfully!!!! Thank you mom for this sweet and tasty tradition you started in your kitchen so many years ago!!!!????

  • Tina Butler

    I invite my friends and family we make Christmas cards together one weekend

  • Elise

    I just started making my own Christmas cards last year and am excited about starting this year’s batch! I love the TE holiday line that has already been released and love what I have seen so far of this year’s release. I am particularly fond of the Grumpies line.

    Our family tradition with Christmas is to reuse gift bags year after year. This includes using the same tag and just scratching off the old recipient’s name. For some reason, the rattier bags and the fuller tags ( with all the scratch outs) are considered the best wraps to give and receive.

    After Christmas I want to make a couple calendars to give to close friends. It seems like a fun project to help while away the dreary month after Christmas!

  • Jan Mancini

    I like to put 5-6 of my home made cards in a pretty wrapped package and hand made tag and give them to friends for Christmas. I also do a much larger package for my elderly mom but include extra paper for notes, postage stamps, pen etc. since it is hard for her to get to the store any more.

  • Katy Jessup

    I work with my daughter to create calendars each year for my husband’s side of the family. We select pictures of those who have birthdays in that month to use as the photo above the calendar. And everyone’s birthday is listed on the calendar! Everyone loves them! ❤️

  • becca yahrling

    I make an original handmade card for each of my co-workers – maybe 15 or so, and they love to receive them! And I also make a handmade ornament for some of my nieces & nephews (most are getting older now so I only make for the youngest three now). That sloth is adorable, but the ‘Fluffy Friends’ set is THE cutest and I just love it. Great release!

  • Stephanie Haley

    In addition to making & sending handmade Christmas cards, I also like to make ornaments out of my leftover patterned paper to attach to gift bags or include as part of a larger gift!

  • Cynthia C.

    We don’t celebrate Christmas but I organize a Santa letter project for 2 grade school classes worth of children who would otherwise not receive a gift where my group of around 55 people answers letters written to Santa asking for gifts (not necessarily toys, we get a mix including shoes, underwear, outerwear, etc.). So we have a Christmassy vibe mixed with our Hanukkah decorations, especially when the dining room is full of gifts to get to the school!!

  • Tammy B

    I make all my Christmas cards every year. The number is quite a bit less than when I first started, but people still appreciate receiving a handmade card. If I ever sent a store bought card, I’d be on Santa’s naughty list for a long time! ????????????

  • Christie

    I make our Christmas cards and gift tags. My 3 grandkids, ages 22,20 and 14 and I make gingerbread houses and ask the rest of the family to judge them. Every year the oldest makes his patriotic, he tells the family a vote for his is a vote for America. I guess that’s one way to win.

  • Linda

    I try to make both Christmas and Hanukkah cards followed closely by New Years cards—both traditional January 1st AND Chinese New Year. I will admit I never get enough accomplished but what I have mentioned is my goal.

  • Miriam

    We celebrate advent every year. Both my girls have an advent calendar with a sweet treat inside and we read through a couple of advent books as well. It’s a really sweet time.

  • Emma sleppy

    I always make some kind of papercraft ornament besides homemade caramels my dad always made!!!

  • Kelly Lauterbach

    I have been making hand made cards for Christmas the past 20 years. I tried to stop one year but I had people asking me what my card would be this year? I can’t stop now. They really enjoy the time put in to these special cards.

  • Connie

    I make about 60-75 cards at Christmas and when I send them out I stick in one of my favorite recipes in each. Most of the recipients tell me they enjoy the recipe as much as the handmade card.

  • Brian

    Handmade cards, along with a sweet treat. Everyone enjoys receiving the package.

  • Amy moore

    Love your stamps and dies

  • Marisha

    We love to decorate for the holidays, starting with halloween and going through Christmas. I love finding things and repurposing them for holiday decor and making custom decorations.

  • Amy Cooley

    I combine my love of baking and crafting and make quite a few treats for family, friends and teachers. I make lots of
    Christmas tags and cards. I usually make a mix of cookies and candies.

  • Allison

    I always make all of my Christmas cards, but I also like to make cake batter cookies from chocolate cake mix with andes mints baked inside. I will hand make my tags for a few select gifts as well and sometimes give original, mixed media art as a present!

  • Robin Poupard

    Since I have started card making and have SO many supplies…punches, stamps and dies…that I now love to make all the tags that we use for gifts. I also make my Christmas cards but if I ever got so busy or sick that I couldn’t make cards, I would still do the tags. They are quick and fun!

  • Carolyn M

    Christmas is the time of traditions, is it not? I love Christmas and everything involved. I make Christmas cards for everyone, cookies for all my local loved ones (plus my son and daughter in law who live in Utah) and of course gifts (if/when I can) and gift tags and sometimes we decorate gift wrap or make ornaments for the tree, there’s always something new & fun to do at Christmas time and I enjoy trying to do it all. This year I am planning on making a Christmas Countdown with my little one. She’s 5 and is obsessed with numbers and her Calendar so I thought this would be great because it incorporates both!

  • Tracy

    I love making Christmas cards as well as “Christmas Crack” which is the recipe that uses saltine crackers, a layer of caramel and melted chocolate on top.
    So good!

  • Linda Horky

    Every year I make Christmas cards to send to family and friends.

  • Carla

    Such fun Christmas goodies!
    I like to make tote bags to put
    our gifts into for family.
    Carla from Utah

  • Katie D

    My holiday craft tradition is two-fold.
    I make cards for all the major holidays, but at thanksgiving, I make 4 additional cards for each person (about 250 cards) and have them mail the cards to those they are thankful for that year. I’ve had so many people say they look forward to my Thanksgiving package so they can send out thanks too.
    For Christmas I always add a set of 4 similar cards in each gift I give. The recipient immediately has 4 easy thank you notes to write

  • Joan Goodrich

    I always try to give all the women that I gift a few new kitchen towels – that way you always have something perky when you have company. Of course, they come with homemade tags.

    Love all of your stamps & folders.

  • Heidi

    When I send out my handmade Christmas cards each year, I put my greeting on a separate insert, leaving the actual card unsigned. I add in an extra envelope, then the recipient gets to use the card for a special someone else. It’s been a great tradition and people have loved it.

  • Chanda M

    I’m starting a new tradition of sending homemade holiday cards this year, and am making family members personalized notecards as gifts, too!

  • Christine

    Such a great kick off to your October release! I can’t wait to see all the new goodies coming this week! I don’t have a lot of holiday traditions, but do I make cards for coworkers, friends, and family and I always try to also get crafty with my inky peeps during the holidays!

  • Rachel Russell

    One year I crafted calendars for my kids grandparents. I do manage to make Christmas cards every year. This year I have decided I’m going to make tags as a gift for my family members to give at Thanksgiving. I have done other crafty things in the past, photo frames, door hangers, etc. I am a classic “overcommiter” so sometimes my well-intentioned gifts become gifts for a later date. This release is absolutely adorable. I am so excited about the rubber/clear combos. I love the background mistletoe and Christmas lights. So very awesome for quick cards! I just need one of everything!

  • Ashley Simmer

    I make Christmas cards and scramble to mail them out and the really great gifts get neat tags 🙂

  • Cindi

    I am usually so crazy at Christmas I don’t make much. I can have the best intentions but never seem to find the time. I would love to make handmade tags if I had the time though.

  • Kim

    I always make my Christmas cards every year. I try to make my gift tags and some gifts for friends and family. And we have an annual cookie baking day with my family, and a second one with my husband’s family.

  • Evelyn

    Of course, I make all my Christmas cards, but I bake pound cakes as gifts for many friends and family. Have been doing that for many, many years now. Both are big hits. I also started gifting calendars last year.

  • Heidi

    Love the peeks today – can hardly wait for the sentiment strips! And those sloths! I make card gift sets, and I do a lot of knitting. In fact, I refer to football season as “knitting season,” because my husband will watch football, as I knit. Every year, I try to do one pattern as a gift – I think this year it will be felted mittens. And I also have a felted stocking to make – I knit those for each niece/nephew, and I have a new one who will be needing one this year. Can hardly wait for tomorrow!

  • Martha Herrera

    At our home, after having Christmas dinner, it’s a tradition that we play games, and I give out various gift cards to each winner. I enjoy making little boxes with a die that I’ve had for many years. I insert the gift card in each box. I truly enjoy making them!

  • Carol B

    WOW, love the rubber/clear combos. Great idea! I make gift tags every year, love using the roly poly designs. And I also make bookmarks. Easy to include in a card, or in a gifted book.

  • Martha Acord

    I make all my holiday cards and money holders. My family is always excited to see what the money holders are like. I try to make the extra special every year. In the past, I’ve crocheted stockings and made clothing to give as gifts. I make homemade dinner rolls and divinity to give as a gift to a friend and her husband.

  • Janice

    Excited to see the new release products this week! I have been creating at least a dozen calendars for several years using the TE 3×4 calendar sheets, adding unique die cuts to reflect each month of the year. They make lovely gifts for family and friends.

  • Avra

    Cards are the only thing I’ve done every year. Occasionally I try something new – like ornaments or tags.

  • Kim K.

    I love making little place card gifts for the Christmas table (or any other time we have family & friends over for dinner.) They are just the touch for a great looking tablescape. Love that little sloth – so fun and so different for any event.

  • Angie VC

    I love making cards to send…no two alike! Time consuming but fun to mail them! I also like to make cute tags for my presents!

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