• Rosellyn Cowley

    I love the stary background and the full circle stamp plus the Uncle Sam it’s really hard to pick just one there are so many in this collection. You did good once again Taylor.

  • Janet Sabo

    I love the fireworks stamp and stencil and will make fourth of july cards and maybe new years cards next year!!!

  • Beverly Perdue

    Love the Patriotic stamps, dies, and stencils. I don’t have any Patriotic products and would love to have the fireworks stamp and stencil set. We always have a big family get together on Fourth of July and I would love to make some fun invitations and treat boxes.

  • Sue D

    I like the fireworks stamp and stencil. I would make a birthday card for my son–he was born on the 4th of July.

  • Terrie D. (StarSpry)

    These cards are wonderful, and I love Heather’s treat boxes. 🙂 One of my favorites from this release is the Pennant Parade set. The first thing I would use it for is a birthday card.

  • Scraporcraft

    I like the starry background. Would love to make a night sky with it.

  • Nancy Eastaugh

    I can’t decide! I have any patriotic stamp I can get my hands on! Love that I can add the red, white and blue for the fireworks!! Can hardly wait to order!!

  • Ria Lou

    My favorite is the starry collection. I knew what I would make right away when I first saw it.
    My husband is a lieutenant for Houston PD. His unit handles crimes and gangs. In the last few months him and his men have been working long hours trying to keep our community safe. Due to the pandemic, crime has gone up and because of another sad event, he has now been on a 12-18 hour shift for the past week trying to stop riots and looting in downtown Houston. Him and his men and many others put theirs lives on the line so that we call all sleep at night. Not me….I don’t sleep till he is home with us. ????

    I would use the starry collection make thank you cards to all his men and other HPD’s that have been working so hard these past few months.

    If I don’t win I will make the purchase and get the starry collection. I’ll just hold off on the other stuff that I’ve been wanting. Thank you for making this collection! I’m glad I waiting for the June release before making my purchase. This is wonderful and I’m all teary eyed with the idea. Happy tears!

  • Sally Tanner

    I’m a sucker for red, white and blue so I love everything. Because you asked for our favorite I have to say the star background stencil bundle with the new star stencils coming in right behind them. The possibilities are endless for using them. And we all need a dose of patriotism right now.

  • Christine McCallister

    Yet another great release! I’m especially excited for the stars masking stencils! I’m envisioning not only fun 4th of July cards, but also military appreciation (my son is a US Marine) and fun cards for my grandkids- I want to do a unicorn card for my granddaughter and some flying dragons for my grandsons… the stars on the background would be fun! ⭐️

  • Heather Mills

    Wow, it’s so hard to choose, but I have to go with the “Penent Parade” products. Those little banners are so adorable! They would be perfect for birthday, Christmas, or anything, really.

  • Elizabeth De Falcon

    The stars! I love it! So many possibilities but a birthday card is the first think I would create!

  • Candi Sue Van Der Werf

    I am in love with so much of this. I will be getting the starry background, cutting plate and stencil. I want to make some graduation cards with it for sure. I love this whole release. Great Job!!!!

  • Miriam Prantner

    I love the fireworks stamp/stencil set! The samples look amazing

  • Mary-Anne V

    Fabulous release. Love the stamp and stencil combo …I can see using this for any happy celebration!


    The fire works stamp and stencil and the banners are my favorite. The fireworks would be great for a layout of one of our 4th of July celebrations at the lake.

  • Chris L

    I think my favorite would be Starry Collection–that birthday card that Melody Rupple made is amazing! The first thing I would make would be a card of encouragement for someone who I think is a “Super Star!” The clear and cling Pennant Parade stamp is a close second!

  • Kathy Kabat

    The Stars and Stripes bundle and I would make my almost son a birthday card for his July 3rd birthday. My husband to be passed before he was able to become my son.

  • Karen

    I love the starry bundle!

  • Karen Kemplin

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the Fireworks stamp & stencil! I love how everything works together and the dual layered stencil makes it so easy! Thanks for the wonderful creations with this combo.

  • Lisa

    I love the Starry collection! So many possibilities with that set (all of the sets, really). The Starry collection will be perfect for those cards I’ll be making for celebrating the last day of school.

  • Angie DiMeglio

    I love this entire release!! I love 4th of July stamps and dies and am looking forward to adding the new release to my collection. Thank you for another amazing release!!

  • Dyana Papenfus

    If you are going to make me choose….knowing that the entire release is fabulous!!!…I would have to pick the fireworks stencil. I love fireworks, so I see not only making 4th of July cards, but also birthday celebrations, and weddings (using whites with sparkly pastes). So many uses! Cant wait to get my hands on it!

  • Janice M

    The Fireworks Stamp & Stencil set is my favorite. My best friend is crazy for anything Americana & her birthday is in July, so this set would make a great birthday card!! Thank you!

  • Carol

    WOW!!! Love it all – the bundle looks amazing! I think I would choose the pennant parade as it would be so versatile. I would use it first for a 4th of July card as i seem to still be having spare time from working reduced hours.

  • Debi Lowery

    I love the whole release…..but if I have choose then I will go with the Fireworks stamp and stencil set with the Patriotic mini strips. I think that I will be sending LOTS of cards out this year for the 4th of July because we all need to reminded what a great country we have and to support the red,white and blue.

  • storymusicgirl

    Ooh….the starry collection would be great for all of the graduation cards I need to be making!

  • Chris R. From Pella

    Love all I f the bundle. The star stamp really caught my eye with the Kraft paper. I am thinking fun snow maybe? Oh Taylor it is going to be hot here in Iowa and I think I need to stay cool. I am thinking it will be great for Veteran cards and military stuff as well as just a fun birthday background.

  • Meghan Kennihan

    This release is FABULOUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fireworks stencil and the sentiments are amazing too! Great job by the DTs! The first card I would make with the fireworks stencil is of course a Fourth of July card!

  • Ashley McGrann

    I love the Starry Collection. I could use it in so many ways. I would love to make some fun 4th of July cards and birthday cards with it. I would also find ways to use it in my mini albums that I make.

  • Kathy Schmidt

    I really love all things patriotic, so this whole release is very appealing! I would love to have the masking stencils for the star/scattered stars. I also would love the fireworks stamp & stencil set. I see many uses for each of these. Definitely 4th of July/Veterans’ Day cards for family members & former students who are Veterans; also either set would work well in a wedding scrapbook as well as a couple of children’s scrapbooks on which I’m working!
    You & your team always have such creative ideas & projects! Thank you!!

  • DeAnn O

    I love everything in this release!! Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I have two favorite products that I can’t choose one over the other – the firework stencils and the patriotic mini strips. All these cards made with these new products look amazing!

  • Michelle Tedrow

    Good afternoon TE family,
    Once again you have made it hard to choose. I am most excited about the stars and strips set primarily the stars and the firework stencil. First I want to try that out onBlue corn paper. Making multicolored fireworks with a glitter paste hoping to make them very lifelike. If it works out as planned I would send them to my grandchildren with a note about the Fourth of July. I then would like to bake a very sophisticated card and send it to my nephew who is stationed in Texas and has been serving for 18 years with four tours since 9-11.

    I would like to thank you for your kind words at your beginning Taylor regarding the chaos we have been experiencing and the idea of prayer. So many people in your position of the company often tiptoe around that subject.

    I would like to thank you for your kind words at your beginning Taylor regarding the chaos we have been experiencing and the idea of prayer. So many people in your position of the company often tiptoe around that subject.

    Thank you enjoy the beautiful weather we are having and God willing I will be able to stop tomorrow at the studio.

    Peace, love and prayer.


  • Denise

    Really like the fireworks burst stencil. It has so many applications.

  • krrobu

    This is such a great release. I love all of the items, but my favorite is probably the Stars and Strips bundle. Not only can the fireworks stencils and stars stamp be used for 4th of July, but they can be used for many celebrations such as birthdays, graduations, New Years and other holidays as well as party invitations for summer gatherings (once we’re over the stay home home restrictions).

  • Cathey Day

    I love it all and want each item! Love patriotic stuff and love all of these samples!

  • Avra N Williams

    I love the Pennant Parade set – perfect for birthday cards!

  • Janet

    These mini reveals are so fun! If I can only pick one…it would have to be Pennant Parade. It could be used for so many types of cards. As July 4 is approaching, I would start with that.

  • April Zderad

    I’m really loving all the new products!! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’d have to go with the Stars and Stripes bundle.

  • Debbie Bragg

    I love being patriotic. The starry collection is speaking to me along with the new star stencils and mini strips. I already have the fireworks stencil and love it. I’ll be ready to make some great 4th of July cards for sure. My TE collection is growing fast with all these new releases. You all have been busy.

  • Lynn

    I love everything shown today but I think my favorite is the God Bless America. I’ll be getting that for my 4th of July cards for sure. Thanks for the great offer.

  • Debra S Davis

    i love all of them but my favorite is the ministrips and the bundle with fireworks!

  • Claudia Gassett

    Hard to decide my favorite but I love the star stencils and the pennants! I would definitely use those often for my cards! Great release!

  • Alanna M Bilben

    Oh my gosh, that starry background, and the way she made it for a birthday as well, wow! Amazing, I love it! I like to get multiple purposes out of my stamps so this would be perfect, Stars can be for anything – Birthday, Graduation, Great Job, etc. So Cute!

  • Kathy j in Ellicott City

    I couldn’t find the name, it is the clearly crafty sentiment set. I also love the firework stencil.

  • Traci Davis

    Oh my goodness, can I say the entire patriotic products are my favorite? Ok, I’ll narrow it down to the firework stencils and the mini strips. And thank your for these products. Coming from a military family (and my nephew still serves) I greatly appreciate such a wonderFul group of products.

  • Dawn S

    I love the starry background collection and would use it for graduation cards that I’m making this month.

  • Janet Sisk

    I love the Mini Strips – Patriotic stamp set. My uncle’s birthday is the Fourth of July and I would include some of the sentiments on his card. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win!

  • Jean Marmo

    Love the fireworks! I would make a layout of the fireworks at the lake! we watch them every year!

  • Jan Farnworth

    I love the fireworks stencil I would make some fu fireworks explosion cards. Maybe use it to highlight as scrapbook pages.

  • Pat C.

    I love the Fireworks Stamp and Stencil Combo! It will be great for making cards for not only 4th of July but also cards for our military.

  • Carrie W

    Really, just one?!? This Army Mom loves all things patriotic!! I could narrow it down to the Fireworks stencil, the star stencils and the Mini Strips – I guess that’s 3, but really, I love it all!! I would start by making cards for my soldier – I love to send them to him to remind him that I’m loud and proud!! Thanks for the awesome release!

  • daisy

    Love this country, the 4th of July & fireworks! Patriotic parades, music and fireworks always make me tear up. Thanks for the release! My favorite is the fireworks stamp & stencil – love the cards it makes.

  • Mary Smyth

    I like the fireworks stencil the best of the new set. I can’t wait to create some colorful, sparkly displays.

  • Leanne Powers

    I love the Patriotic Bundle. The first thing I think of are place cards on the picnic table during the 4th. I could make placards saying what each dish was and the ingredients and peoples names for seating.I really like your new 3 step stencils

  • Carolyn Marsh

    I love the fireworks stencil and can’t wait to play with it!!

  • Stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie)

    I love that so many products are versatile. Favourite is the pendant parade – I need to make some birthday cards!


    Ugh! How do you pick only one item???? I love them all but I’ll say the sentiments. All my family lives in other states and I’d love to send each of them a patriotic card this year. Since my mom passed away in February this year I feel I have to stay in touch now and hand made greetings are the best way for me.

  • Phyllis Freese

    My favorite is the Stars & Strips bundle. I love the background of the tiny stars with the bold fireworks stencil added to the top. It feels so festive & patriotic.

  • Vicki Parson

    Wow! I just love all of the wonderful creations from the DT! I absolutely LOVE those star masking stencils along with the new simple strip Patriotic stamp! That one would be my first choice for sure because I’m a huge fan of stars anyway and I think you could create some cool backgrounds with that in particular and not only make some patriotic style projects, but some fun birthday or celebratory type ones too! I would start by making a cool patriotic background and maybe a Father’s Day card for dad with it and make them into plaid stars! FUN! TFS

  • Linda Alleman

    I have to pick one? My two favorites are the Stars and Strips Bundle and the Starry collection. I’ve never really made cards for the 4th of July before, but I would with these. And I see other occasions as possibilities. I think the fireworks are so gorgeous and I’d love to get them for free!! ????

  • Dee Earnshaw

    your video was so inspiring – LOVE how the components of this new combo set work perfectly together or separately – the starry background and the over top stencil are my favorite products – definitely create my first July 4th card with them:)

  • Anne Sturgeon

    I love the fire works stencils. I know I would definitely use it for the 4th but I think this set has endless possibilities to celebrate lots of occasions! The treat boxes are my second choice. My granddaughters always love Grandma to give them treats for every holiday. Great release Taylor!

  • Eden Lowry

    It’s really hard to pick a favorite because I love it all and can see so many fun ways to use everything. But I guess I would pick the Starry collection – I think the stamp/stencil/die combo is SO ingenious! And the first thing I would do is a batch of cards for the veteran’s hospital.

  • karenajo

    Love the Fireworks stamp and stencil set – would use it to make a birthday card for a friend whose birthday is July 4th !!!!

  • Dianne Lorento

    Oh wow, I love the Pennant Parade stamp!! I have wished for one just like that forever! I would make birthday cards & some Happy Summer cards!

  • Linda A Rathaus

    Honestly, I can’t name just one favorite! You keep coming out with such great products and I keep TRYING to be practical but you make it so HARD!

  • Carla Hundley

    Fun! I love the
    All Tuked In dies.
    Super cute boxes.
    Carla from Utah

  • Chris DuLBois

    I just love the all tucked in boxes, so now I have a new design for them. I will send them to my grandchildren who live in another state as a way to keep in touch since I can’t visit them with the pandemic still raging! Also love the fireworks stencil.

  • laraine

    Amazing creations by all! I want/love it all! The stars & stripes bundle is at the top of my list!

  • Stephanie Gibson

    I would love to use the Starry Background to make some graduation cards. I love the entire release!!

  • annheidel

    Definitely the Fireworks stamp and stencil combo. It would make quick and easy cards to send for the 4th of July.

  • Patti Nienberg

    Do I really have to pick just one?! Everything in it’s great! But the first thing I’d want to buy is the mini strips. I just completed my collection of simple strips and the mini are my next! I will use them on the cards that I make using the rest of the collection! What a great set to make someone smile in such troubling times.

  • Julia D.

    Ooh! Aah! I love fireworks and stars and red, white, and blue! It’s hard to pick just one but I would probably say the Pennant Parade stamp set is my favorite. It’s just so versatile and makes a card, a party! The first thing I would do with it is make a birthday card for my sister-in-law. I like the different patterned stamps but I also see this working well with paper piecing. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • Isabel Z

    I love the fireworks stamp and stencil set and would use it to create goodie bags for our annual neighborhood 4th of July potluck party. Not sure if it will take place this year, but if not, I will leave the goodies on each neighbor’s doorstep to brighten their day.

  • Michelle Noonan

    This is a great release! So much to love, so much to create, no where to go wrong! I love the bundle—my favorite by far! The fireworks stencil is perfect for birthdays, new year’s eve, anniversary celebrations and so much more!! I can’t wait!

  • Debbie Elliott

    The first thing I would make with this new set is a card for a new American citizen and a card for service members returning from their overseas deployment. Then …lot’s of Patriotic cards for all my friends! Happy 4th!!!

  • Emma Sleppy

    I love the combo! I make cards for every occasion, so these would start my Fourth of July cards. Especially in these crazy times! Great release!

  • Juleen Henderson

    I love the Fireworks Stamp & Stencil combo! I would use it to make cards for our Veterans that go to Washington DC on Honor Flight.

  • Sharon Williamson

    I LOVE the fireworks stamp and stencils! My grandson, who is a Marine in pilot school in Pensacola, FL, is always up in Northern NY at the lake with us for the 4th of July. This year is the first year he won’t be able to be with us in his life, and we’re going to be missing him something fierce! I’d make a bunch of cards with a patriotic flair for him to show him how much we’re missing him but are so very proud of his service. ♥️

  • Debbie Carter

    I really like the versatility of the fireworks bundle. I tend to think of using it one way, but I loved how it was shown with different colors to make birthday cards!

  • Michelle Orsborn

    I love the star cutting plate, it can be useful for the 4th of July, as well as Birthday’s. I also love the pennant stamp and die set, so fun, I can see a lot of uses for this also. I really love everything, you always have such a nice selection!

  • Joan Bolt

    Since our local fireworks have been canceled this year, I am all about the fireworks stencil!!

  • Kimberly Cook

    I love ???? everything!!! But my first love would have to be the Pennant Parade and I have some birthday cards planned for it!

  • Susan Engblom

    I am a big fan of the word strips and dies, so especially like the Patriotic mini strips stamp. The fact that you have it in a bundle makes that my top pick.

  • Carol Doggett

    I love the stars masking stencil…I have a lot of lil boys in my world and I can see lots of colorful birthday cards with primary colors!!!

  • Nicole S.

    The firework stamp and stencil! Would make a birthday card for my son who is missing the fireworks this year. His birthday is right around July 4th.

  • Kari S

    What a fun release! My favorite is the Starry collection. I love how easy these sets are to make great cards over and over!

  • Greta H

    The layering fireworks stencils are my favorite! I love making 4th of July cards, especially with fireworks as watching them is something I’ve enjoyed since being a kid. Would be great to make multi-colored ones!

  • Rachelle O.

    I LOVE the new pennant parade stamp set! I’ve got tons of summer birthdays coming up and this would be a great addition to any card!

  • Mary M

    I love the Stamp & Stencil combo! I decorate my entire house is stars and stripes for the summer months to celebrate all the great American holidays. I will use these stamps and the patriotic sentiment strips to celebrate birthdays for the entire summer. I also make cards to send to veterans so they will come in useful for that too. Thanks, Taylor.

  • Martha Acord

    I totally love the Red, White and Blue bundle. I send 35 4th of July cards, plus I make extra for my granddaughter’s residents at the Iowa Veterans Home. This set is perfect for those cards!

    • Martha Acord

      Guess I really blew this one! I should have said Stars and Stripes Bundle. Guess my thinking was way off!! This is an amazing release. So many products to use so many ways!!

  • Shelley Brown

    I’m so in LOVE!!! I love 4th of July!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can purchase these. This is a must have for my stash.

  • Cyndi Morris

    Love this patriotic release — July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays! I think my favorite is the Fireworks Stamp & Stencil combo, and the first thing I would do with it is make fun cards for my four grandchildren who I haven’t seen in three months. While cards won’t replace a hug, at least they’d know I’m thinking about them.

  • Linda Shirley

    Another great release. I like the masking Star Stencils.

  • Emily Olson

    I’m normally not a patriotic print kind of girl, so I wasn’t sure about this collection, but now seeing it in use I’m in love! Over all, I think the products I would use the most is the Starry Collection, but I will be adding the stamp and stencil set to my wishlist.

  • Lisa Swiderski

    Oh my goodness! Take all my money now! I want it all! My favorite is hard to choose. It’s a close call. It has to be the stars and strips bundle. I can mass produce many cards quickly to send to the Cards for Soldiers program.

  • Linda Shirley

    Another great release! I love the masking Star stencils.

  • Sherry

    I love the masking stencils – although the whole release is awesome. I would love to use those for some cute patriotic cards.

  • Melissa Leftrick

    It’s so hard to choose because the 4th of July is my Anniversary so I love it all!! But, I think the Pennant Parade is my favorite! ????

  • Amy Cooley

    The Starry Cutting Plate is my favorite! I think it has a lot of versatility. Great for guy cards, birthdays, congrats cards and of course patriotic.

  • Daria Zender

    I love the Masking Stencils – Stars and the Starry collection!! Stars can be used for so many types of cards; however, the first thing I would do with them is make cards for a charity that wants to collect 8,000 Red, White & Blue cards for a 9/11 event.

  • Mary Holshouser

    I love the stars. they are useful all year long – for
    any occasion. the stencils are great for
    arranging in any configuration. The stamps
    have such cute interior designs. These
    would make lots of greeting cards and
    embellishing multi-media projects for decorations
    around the house. thanks for asking

  • Candy Romeo

    I love all the Patriotic Stamps! I love the Stencils & the strip set especially! Looking forward to making some cute cards for 4th of July!

  • Noreen

    I love the fireworks stamp and stencil. It would be fun to make a banner with that set. I also love the treat boxes – so appealingly patriotic!

  • Deb Bridgewater

    I love the stars and stripes bundle. I love patriotic themes and red, white and blue anything! If I won I would start making my 4th of July cards to celebrate freedom and share joy with my friends and family that I send cards too! I love what you do Taylor and have thoroughly enjoyed catching your T time with Taylor on instagram. I have learned so many things from you that I was wondering about how to do!

  • Lisa B Reber

    I love it all but especially the Stars and Stripes Bundle. I make cards for our local Honor Flight organization and have cards for every member of the flight during “mail call”. Unfortunately this springs flight swere postponed until fall, hopefully they will be able to go by then. (but that gives me more time to get them all done!)

  • Mary

    ✨ how do I choose??!! LOVE it all!! But probably would use the “all tucked in” sentiments to make those cute treat boxes! So excited for tomorrow!

  • Cathy Wolff

    I’m a sucker for patriotic and red, white and blue, but I especially love the Stars and Strips bundle! It has everything you need to make beautiful cards and that is definitely where I’d start – cards for Veterans including my father-in-law who is a Navy veteran and will turn 94 on July 2nd. What a fun way to help celebrate his birthday and him!! So yep – I’d be making cards right out of the gate.

    Love the whole release and all of the great samples you and your design team created. Another win!!

  • Karen Weingartner

    I like the Stars and Strips bundle! I would definitely use it for 4th of July cards! The star masking stencils are great too!

  • Kathleen Thompson

    I like the Fireworks Stamp & Stencil set the best. Not only would it be great for 4th of July cards, but also for those special Disneyland moments when we are watching the fireworks as a family. That is the scrapbook page I would like to make first.

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