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    […] blend with the Mini Slim Candy Cane Stripes stencil on the cards that I created for the video on yesterday’s post, I did that technique again to use with the letter die cuts. I was able to create two cards by […]

  • Lana Lepinski

    The little critters are my favorite! They are perfect for the mini slims! I love making the mini slims cards! So many possibilities! I adore this release!

  • Marisela Delgado

    I love your mini slimline dies!

  • Debi Braswell

    The first time I saw these was at Stamp Joy…such a great size for cards! I think the Slim Diagonal Strips is going to be my favorite. I can’t wait to see what your designers come up with using that one!

  • Rebecca

    I have made mini slim cards with the Hex Card Kit I ordered….I love them! I love that Little Critters stamp set, so cute!

  • jean marmo

    I have not made any cards like this but would live t9 try. Simply darling inspiration.

  • Linda Brown

    This promotion is amazing!!! Breaking out the mini slims…Love them!! You have amazing products . and an awesome design team. Cannot wait for Stamp Joy (my second)!!! I am truly obssesed!!! so glad I found Taylored Expressions a year ago…..

  • Shelly Cosens

    Yes I have made mini slim size cards at Christmas. As for my favorite item…..oh boy, all of them! Hahaha! Either the mini slim diagonal cutting plate or the mini slim tri-fold templates. I know I will be shopping tomorrow!!!❤️

  • Amy Cooley

    These slimline products are definitely on my wishlist. I especially love the alphabet die set.

  • Tina Knapp

    I made my first mini slim at Stamp Joy and I loved it! I’m a sucker for rainbows so the new cards and envelopes are on my wishlist!!

  • Becky Jones

    I have made some mini slim cards. It is fun because it is a different landscape.


    I made 70 Seasonal Spray Christmas cards. So many of my friends wrote to be expressing how much they loved the card…thanks, Taylor! I love the leafy vine die and all the new die choices for slim cards. It’s impossible to just choose one thing. They are all super!!!

  • Chris DuBois

    Yes I love making the mimi slim cards. I like the diagonal mimi.plate. I have the original diagonal cutting plate and love it.


  • Brian Saville

    I love the mini slim, and there are so many great items in this release.

  • Laraine

    I have not made a mini slim card yes! I have the dies but life has been very very crazy here!! I love the new Mini slim dies, new alphabet & the new mini slim cards!! I want it all!!

  • Joyce G

    This did it! Now I have to make mini slim cards! So cute!!

  • Gina Kozuch

    Love all your Mini Slim products, I have been making all kinds of cards and am looking forward to the new products.

  • Michele Slater

    I received your MINI SLIM TRIFOLD TEMPLATE + DIES – SQUARE for Christmas and made several cards the same day. I love the size and interactive feature of this style of cards. I love the cute animals especially the penguin! I also love the new alphabet with the outline so many great possibilities. What a great variety of products in this release!

  • Aimee

    I haven’t made one yet but I have lots of supplies to make some. I just got the Happy Hex kit and can’t wait to make some gifts for friends. Love the window die cuts and templates. Such a great release!

  • Sue D

    Yes I have made mini slimline cards. I like the window cutting plates.

  • Megan N

    I made my first mini slim during the Fall Stamp Joy! I just ordered the hexagon kit, so I’ll be diving in further. I love the diagonal stripe die!

  • Susanne Nash

    I have made multiple mini slims since Stamp Joy, in fact I just made the rainbow hexagon ones last week. So much fun.

  • Sheri Minamide

    I am so torn! I love them all…but do I need another alphabet set…definitely!!!! And those critters….sooooo cute!!!!!

  • Kathy T.

    I can see so many uses for the Cap It Off Alpha Dies. I love the idea of creating any words I need, especially names.

  • Janice M

    I have not made a slim card yet, but I love that you have so many products to make them. Noriko’s card is stunning & the baby dragon is absolutely adorable! Thank you!

  • Karen W

    I have not made a mini slim card yet, but I’m still gathering the supplies! I love the alphabet, the cutting plates, and the fact that there are pre-cut cards ready to go. The tri-fold is a fun option for birthday cards.

  • Meghan Kennihan

    I think the square window cutting plate would be a lot of fun with the new critters!!!!. I’m looking forward to this awesome release. Thank you TE!

  • Marian Guay

    I think the square window cutting plate would be a lot of fun with Easter cards. I’m looking forward to purchasing from the new release. Thank you TE!

  • Kerry Hooks

    i love them all what do you mean only one. Your designers are amazing and I want to make them all.

  • Jeannine Moehle

    I love making mini slim line cards – made my first card at Stamp Joy 2020, then made some cards at Christmas and currently using my Hexagon kit. I will definitely be ordering the bundle tomorrow(see so many cute cards in my future). Also love this new alphabet die set and all the new colored envelopes. Oh, what the heck – it’s all going on my wish list.

  • Jean U

    I love the mini-slim size and am excited to see some new products for this size! And bring on all the fun envelope colors! Whohoo! Options are fabulous!

  • Patricia Bowman

    My first (and only) mini slim card was made during Stamp Joy when we did the mini slim trifold card. This size card is growing on me and I am looking forward to this new release. I think I will make a shaker card like was shown in the video!

  • Gina Nichols

    Made my 1st mini slim card @ Halloween! And “oh heck”…the 3 new cutting plates, alpha die,side fold mini slim, new colors of envelopes(mini slim), LITTLE CRITTERS BUNDLE!!

  • Laurel kosman

    I have not tried a slim line card yet and this would be the perfect time since I am cooped up at home! It would be nice to try something new and the critters it the bundle are adorable and could be used in so many other cards as well. I recently got the snow globe goodies and could see the critters in there as well! Hope your Canadian customers are eligible as well!!!

  • Lon K

    These cards look so cute!! I love shaker cards and this die is a playful idea!

  • Lisa C

    I haven’t made a mini-slimline card yet. I adore the inspiration though and will need to give these types of cards a try. I need of that alphabet die set. I love how it cuts the solid letter plus the outline. Endless possibilities for words/names/etc. My first project would be using the alphabet with Valentine’s cards – it would be fun to swap out all different shades if red.

  • Julie Learned

    The new critters from this release are SO cute!! I can’t really pick a favorite, but know that I will definitely be using many products from this release! Can’t wait!

  • Monika Davis

    Fantastic release! I love the mini slim window dies… the tri-fold templates are awesome! I am in love with the alphabet dies! SWEET! I’ve made my own slim cards by cutting an A2 down to 3-1/2 x 5-1/4. Thank you for the inspirations!

  • Carol Scheevel

    You’re killing me! With 3 young grandbabies age 3 and under, of course I will have to have those adorable CRITTERS! Along with SO MUCH MORE! Great release!!

  • Linda Alleman

    I haven’t made any mini-slim cards, other than what we did in Stamp Joy, but I just bought the Happy Hex card kit and will be making those cards soon. I’ve decided now is the time to do more mini-slim cards, so I’m excited about this new release. My favorites are the diagonal cutting plate and the alphabet dies. I will likely be stocking up on some other mini slim products.

  • Linda Meunier

    I have not made a mini slimline card yet, but I love the diagonal stripes and would definitely make cards out of that! The little critters are precious too!!!

  • karenajo

    I have not made a slim line card yet but after seeing all this inspiration I probably will! I love the adorable ‘critters’ in this release and how they are sized to fit the windows in the card! These would make such wonderful cards especially for children!

  • D. Suzanne Cox

    I made mini slim Valentine cards this year. The critters are so cute. I also like the different “window” dies.

  • Dawn S

    So hard to choose just one! My favorite is the new window dies. Love the new shapes especially the circles. I can see using these with a lot of my smaller stamps to peek through the windows for birthdays or any occasion.

  • Amy McCue

    I made my first mini slim last night! My hex stamp set arrived yesterday, so I got it out to play! So much fun! I love the die with the three openings. I love the stitch detail and the scallops. The alphabet die looks amazing!

  • Colleen J Hagge

    I have made Xmas and Valentine’s slim cards. My favorite of this new release is the Little Critters Mini Slim bundle. That way I would get the stamp sets AND the windows cutting plate!

  • Suzy Girl

    Yes I have made some mini slim cards and I absolutely love the size. The critter stamps are so adorable.

  • Cindy Noesen

    What a great release!!
    I love making slim line cards and will need the new products to make more!!:)
    I love everything but the cap it off alpha us wonderful!! Lots of great uses

  • Jeannine Woodland

    I have made a few. I love the bright colours! Makes me happy.

  • Mutzy Mia

    What a cute release. I have never made a mini slim card. I think my favorite item from the release is the Mini Slim Diagonal Stripes Cutting Plate. I can see other creatures besides the little ones peeking out so will have lots of versatility.

  • Sandie Obrin

    Holy cow i love these bright colors!! I’ve never made a card like this but I’m going to order the rainbow pack of cards/envelopes and coordinate with the patterned paper – called bold! So looking forward to creating fun projects with these products!!

  • Rosellyn Cowley

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that alphabet. I love the way I can change borders or go without them. And I want those dies. They will be perfect.

  • Michelle Woodrum

    I haven’t made any mini-slim cards yet. I do have the envelopes in assorted colors. The adorable little critters set is great and having nine means that you can have almost any word to pair them up with. Oh the creative ideas are flowing.

  • Deb Wagner

    Loving the details on the slimline dies with the stitched and scalloped edges. Soooooo many ideas for these to be used to make awesome cards with.

  • sandra l reeder

    Love, love, love it all!!! Cant wait to crate with all of it!!!

  • Susan Engblom

    Little Critters stamp set is darling, and I would use it to make cards for my 3 granddaughters. Also, love the alphabet set which I would use to personalize cards for the grandchildren as well. Always want “everything “ in your releases!

  • karenladd

    I’ve made a mini slimline card in the past, but not since these adorable products have come out. I love the mini sunray stencil and would use it for just about everything! A little bit of sunshine always makes things better, right?!

  • Susan Weida

    I have made several mini slim cards and love having the other card size option. I’m most excited for the window dies and diagonal cutting plate. I can’t wait to have all of the new products. The possibilities are endless!

  • Claire Wooten

    I have made a mini slimline during stamp Joy. I love everything in the new release. I picturing many pic a boo cards.

  • Dianne Lorento

    I have made mini-slim cards—I’m addicted! I love the square window cutting plate – can’t wait to make shaker cards with it! But I’m totally buying the bundle, lol!

  • Darcey

    I have not made a slim like card yet! I’m really looking forward to it and the new products!

  • Claire Wooten

    I have made a mini slimline during stamp Joy. I love everything in the release. I picturing many pic a boo cards.

  • Evelyn

    I have not made a mini slim card yet, but it is my plan to do that this year. I am not a big fan of the traditional slim cards, but this size I think is perfect! Very cute new release!

  • Jessica Bavier

    These products are so much fun!! I’m actually making mini slim card sets today as valentines gifts for my sisters-in-law, grandmas, and aunts. So excited about these new fun products!

  • Lauryne Cunningham

    I have never made a mini slim card! I love the Diagonal stripe die- it would make for a pretty background, either all white or with colors!

  • Diane B

    I have not made a slim card yet – hopefully soon though – I love the size and new supplies
    I spent the weekend cleaning/straightening up my craft space so I can get back to crafting

  • Chris L

    So cute! I am really liking the mini-slim size, and think it is a nice change up from our regular size card. I think my favorite from this release has to be either the square, circle, or diagonal cutting plate. I think they make adorable cards and love the possibilities for shakers! (Kavya’s rainbow shaker is adorable!)

  • Carolyn Marsh

    I absolutely LOVE the hexagon die cut and coordinating masking stencils. Excited for this new release!


  • LeaAnn Carlson

    Those little critters are so adorable! And that alphabet has so many possibilities! I have made a few of the mini slim cards, but really need to use that size more often! What a feel good release! I love it!

  • Jen Petersen

    I have never made a mini slim before (do I dare admit I hadn’t even heard of it! . . ) They look super fun and this new set is wonderful! My favorite from this release are those adorable critters! I would use them to create cards for my nieces and nephews. The would be so perfect them!

  • Bev Frideres

    Yes, I sent one to our grandson and he was so impresssed. He tells me my cards are getting better all the time. Love this new release.

  • Sharon D.

    Wow! So much great inspiration! I keep going back to look some more. I have not made a mini slim card yet. I really like the Cap It Off Alpha dies. The Trifold Templates & Dies look amazing as this looks like it makes centering a breeze!

  • Jeanie L

    I love this type of mid-size card! The all caps die looks fantastic.

  • Carol Kawakami

    Love the Little Critters! They look easy to color and can be used on both mini slim and A2 cards. Greatest,

  • Cynthia C.

    I have, it was great to see in person at Stamp Joy! Love the new alphabet dies in particular!!

  • Laura Ann Thompson

    I have made a few Mini-Slim tri-fold Birthday cards. I haven’t had time to play with my new hexagon purchase yet and now there is more!! I love the new additions, especially the new tri-fold templates and the diagonal cutting plate, which has gotten a lot of use in my standard card creation!

  • Tina Bos

    Yes I have made mini slim cards and have a lot of the TE products already. They are a perfect size. I love the bundle and can’t wait to add these items to my stash. I will make cards to send to friends and family to brighten their day and share joy.

  • Kim Kooyer

    I love the window die cutting plates. I made mini slim size cards for Christmas this year, love them!

  • Denise Spruill

    Absolutely LOVE The Little Critters stamp set. They would be so cute in my granddaughter`s (14 mo) scrapbook

  • KathyJH

    I have made many many mini slim cards! I love the size off them. And to be honest – I ❤️ This entire release! Gonna be hard to choose what to start with.

  • Julia D.

    I love the little critters! Llamas are my obsession so I’m excited there’s one in the set. I also love that three window die – so perfect with the critters! I have not had a chance to make a mini slimline card YET but am super excited to get started. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • Linda Hilbert

    Love the mini slim size. Have made many mini slim cards. So happy to be adding more products to the mini slim collection. Love all the new products in the new release but my favorite is the Square Window Cutting Plate.

  • Chanda Mullen

    This release is out of this world! I love the new Trifold Template + Dies: Hexagon and the Critters!

  • Emily Henry

    WOW, choose one. Hmmmm I think it is a tie between the mini slim diagonal cutting plate and the alphabet. I’ve been obsessed with using the strip scraps on cards and having an alphabet outline will allow me to add a name or a large sentiment on the card without hiding the strips! Great release for us mini slim junkies!

  • Megan McGarr

    I was holding off from investing in the Mini slim collection until the Hex kit came out. And then I folded immediately. I will definitely be adding more mini slim envelopes to my collection from the sneak peeks seen today. Thanks for doing a rainbow collection

  • Teresa Godines

    Super cute projects. Love all of the rainbow of color. I have not made a mini slimline card yet. I guess that is going on my to do list.

  • Megan McGarr

    I was holding off from investing in the mini slim collection but then the Hex kit came out and I folded right away. These sneek peaks look great and definitely be adding some more mini slim envelopes to my collection

  • Sam Olden

    I have made mini slim lines, but not attempted a trifold version. Think the new mini slimline trifold templates would be a really fun way to create a mini slimline.

  • Cynthia Evanoff

    Where have I been…oh, isolated…the mini-slim is a great idea! Regular slims are overwhelming to me. I am sure these minis will be fun and boost up my creative activity…YEAH !

  • Kathy Kabat

    I fell in love with the mini slims and I’m excited to see the square and circle cutting plates. Actually been a little jealous of the ones I see for the regular size slimline cards. Now I will have the opportunity to use them. Can’t wait.

  • Debra Davis

    I love the little critters and their sayings! I would love to make those with the triple square for my grandkids! They have loved the previous slim lines I have made them especially the triple fold! This is an adorable release can’t wait to get some of it! Sure I will have to prioritize!!

  • Daisy

    Great job TE!
    Love this release. Have not yet tried the slimline – trying to get basic card making skills down & build my inventory! So the Just Saying sentiment set would help me with that!

  • Janis in ID

    Soooooooooooooooo cute!!! I love the mini slim window plates. So much fun to use with the sweet critters. I have not made any of this size card yet, but I want to!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Jenrescuemama

    No mini slimline cards yet for me, but I plan to get some of yours to try it. Like your other critters, I am smitten with them all and love this little critters set! Oh my! They’ll work with so many sentiment strips, and I can’t wait to put them with the new snarky set.

  • Eden L

    I made my first mini slimline card at Stamp Joy 2020 and I love the size – the “standard” slimline that is popular now is just too big in my opinion. My favorite is probably the Mini Slim Trifold Template + Dies – Hexagon set ( I have a thing for hexagons!) Great release!

  • Michelle Hruska

    I love these little critters! I have not made a slim-line card yet, but would love to. I think the Alpha dies are my favorite though because they can be used with anything, including scrapbooking. They are VERY versatile!

  • Susan Streppone

    I made my first mini slim tri-fold card during Stamp Joy. I LOVE this size and I’m so excited that TE is now selling the top and side folded cards too. I can’t wait to add the cutting plates and the critters to my collection. I haven’t made cards in a while because I moved and my craft room is still in boxes, but this new release is inspiring me to finally unpack and get my craft room set up!!!!

  • Cindyann Whitney

    Wow! I really can see using every single thing you’ve shown – such fun and happiness. If choosing just one, I’d have to choose the Cap It Off Alpha Die. It fits everywhere, can spell anything (that will fit on a card), and can be outlines, filled, and each letter can be made multi-colored, too. It’s a really nice size, too: large enough to “show” but still share space nicely.
    The samples are amazing – can’t wait till tomorrow – another wonderful release!

  • Nancy Y

    I’ve made several mini slimline cards, they are my new favorite! I like them so much better than the big slimline cards that are popular now. There are so many great products in this release! I like the bundle, but the Little Critter stamps on their own would be super to use with things I already have!

  • Anne Sturgeon

    I am so into the slimline style… I have not made a mini slimline YET… I love the Capped Off Alphabet in this release. I think wonderful things could happen with this set. I also am very interested in the new top fold cards. Such amazing colors and with Easter on the way, these happy critters could send a very cheerful message. Great Job everyone!

  • Kelly Marshall

    I love the alphabet and the dies the most!!!

  • Linda Mazzola

    I made my first mini slim line at Stamp Joy 2020 and just love the size. My favorite products for this size are the mask and die sets that make it so easy to line up for a perfect placement. And they can be used for so many other projects. Those little critters are pretty adorable also. They may have to jump into my cart.

  • Natalie

    I had fun designing Christmas cards using the Seasonal Sprigs set on the Toffee trifold cards. They turned out great! I love those Alpha dies and the circle and square window cutting plates!

  • Elisabeth Haase

    I love the new alphabet! I love alphabets in general, but right now I’m working on a COVID ABC book (scrapbook) so I’m really playing with alphabet dies. Very timely release for me.

  • Yvonne M

    I have not made any mini-slims, yet, but they are on my “to try” next! I am always looking for classic all-purpose sentiments and I think the “Just Saying” stamp set is perfect.

  • Christina Hemeyer

    I have made a few mini slim cards. I absolutely love the mini slim square window cutting plate. I love how the critters peak through the window. I love TE – y’all are the best company with the best products.

  • Mary Jo Hendrickson

    Slimline cards are fun to make. Love the inspiration and product that TE has released in the past. The Slimline stencils have made it easy to create. This new release looks like hours of fun can be had!

  • Deborah Cartwright

    Love the Little Critters stamp set!

  • Candy Romeo

    I love the new die cuts for the slim cards-square, circle, & diagonal! I have visions of making cards of all occasions with them! I love the new slim card size!

  • Linda

    I LOVE the mini slim card size. The Little Critter stamps are perfect for little boy cards, which I always have trouble with.
    The mini slim dies are great too. I have only used the mini slim tri-fold and I love it!

  • Titus Debbie

    I am loving the mini slims diagonal diecut. Could have an awful lot of fun with that.

  • Alanna M Bilben

    I have made a few cards using slimline – especially the Giraffe card from Stamp Joy! I am looking forward to the Alphabet, it could be used on Anything! Love the versatility!

  • Kristen Johnson

    I haven’t actually made any slim line cards, I have stuck to A2. I am looking forward to using the Little Critters on an A2 card size.. Also may try the mini slim line card with the rainbow card bases..

  • Mercedes Perez

    Oh my goodness, what an awesome release? I can do soooo much with these. I especially love the Mini Slim Trifold Templates. It makes trifold cards so much easier, and always come out perfectly spaced. Can’t wait to try these and everything from the release. The cuteness and possibilities are just endless. 😀

  • Phyllis Freese

    I have made a slim-line card and find the size can be difficult to fill the front of the card, so I think I’d like the mini slim-lines easier. I really like the square, circle, & diagonal dies as the perfect way to accent these Little Critter stamps

  • Avra Williams

    I’ve only made one mini slim card – during Stamp Joy 2020! I love the new mini slim cover plates!

  • Shelley Brown

    OM cuteness overload!!!! The mini slim dies are AWESOME!!!! I make alot of birthday cards and this is a MUST for me!!!!

  • Jessica Moyer

    I have played around with using some of the mini slim stencils but haven’t actually made any cards yet. I am most looking forward to the circle and hexagon stencil and die sets – but I love all of them!

  • Kelly Ethridge

    yes, of course I have made many mini-slim cards! I love the size…it’s just perfect…and ever so slightly different that it is challenging. I can’t decide which I like better on this release, I love the critters, but also all the dies are to DIE for! can’t wait to get them…

  • Cyndi Morris

    I haven’t made any slimline cards yet, but these wonderful products have me excited to give them a try. I love those adorable Little Critters, but I think my favorite product is the Mini Slimline Circle Window Cutting Plate — just what I need to get me started!

  • Kim

    I love the idea of mini slim lines. I have yet to make any. I have some supplies and it is definitely on the list! Love the set with the sloth…my favorite! Thanks again for a great bunch of products!


  • Sharon Dryer

    Yes, I’ve made several mini slim cards. The size of your mini slims are perfect. I always put off making mini slims until you came out with your products, the others were just too long and intimidating. I love the Little Critters and that card by Noriko Fairchild is so sweet, can’t wait to make cards with the new products!

  • Heather Mills

    I have not made a mini slim card yet; though they do look really fun and adorable! My fav product from this release is that Little Critters set; so cute!

  • Jessica Yoder-Jones

    No not yet! But I plan to. I love the little critters!

  • Tena Hughes

    The only mini slim I have made is from Stamp Joy. I kept putting it off to buy slim line product, but I am getting more and more tempted. They are very cute cards. I love the little critters and would like to make cards for my grandkids with this stamp set. Looking forward to the sale!

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    No I have not made a mini slim line card yet, I haven’t even made a slim line card, I need to get on the ball. I love the dies for the mini slim line cards. I am thinking doing a mini slim line might be a good start to slimline cards.

  • Marcy Schneider

    I have not yet made a mini slim card but I can hardly wait! My favorite product is the Cap It Off Alpha die set! Love it! It it fabulous! So many wonderful uses, I can’t pick just one!

  • Cathy Wolff

    Another cute and fun collection! At first I was going to say the Little Critters Stamp set OR the Mini Slim Square Window Cutting Plate, but then I realized they are both a part of the bundle and you just can’t have one without the other (Tuesday, January 26th here I come) so I then gravitated to the Mini Slim Trifold Template + Dies – Circle Set. I have the square and would love to add this one to my growing TE collection!! Thank you Taylor and your amazing team of designers!!

  • Kim Walker

    I have made a few mini slim cards and love the size. I can’t wait to get the new dies! I am a sucker for stripes and can’t wait to get my hands on the new diagonal stripes die! The alpha die is fabulous too! I love alpha dies and the outline plus solid alpha will be perfect! I can see making a lot of personalized cards for friends and my preschool kiddos!

  • Karen R

    The only mini slim I have made was during the last Stamp Joy. Love this size and your dies.

  • Ashley S.

    Loving all the sneak peeks today! I have made the mini slim card in the Fall Stamp Joy..but need to make more! Love the little critters and cutting plates they can peek out of!

  • Carol Harrison

    I am as always so excited with the new release . Just starting on the slimline. Love the whole mini slim bundle! Been wanting a round window plate. Thanks!

  • Denell

    I actually made a few of the slim line cards!! Love the size! It’s not a size the recipient expects to get!! Also can fill it up w stencils and critters!!! Cannot wait for the new critters, alphabet and the beautiful colors for the envelope!!! BABAM!!! ????????????????

  • Denise Cooley

    I love the idea of the mini slim. I have Many of the products. Somehow when I go to make them I feel a little lost, and have to start watching the original videos to step me through the process. I guess the “newness” of them all still gets me! However, that didn’t stop me at Christmas. I did make some beautiful “Merry” cards and the stencil ornament cards. Anyway, as for tomorrow everything is tempting, but really liking those ABC dies. Looks like a great release, Guys!

  • Tracy

    I am in love with the mini slim size. So excited for the new card bases and that kit is definitely going in my cart❤️

  • Debbie Bragg

    I have to be honest and say I have not made a mini slim card yet even though I have the square trifold template. But I’m sure they will become a new favorite when I do. I’m loving the cutting plates for them and the critter stamp set is so cute too.

  • Sandy Hobson

    I like to make the mini slim cards to make them “stand out” from other card sizes people receive. One of my favorite things to use with the mini slim cards is the windows stencil so it is difficult to choose just ONE of the new items I am looking forward to using! The window dies and the critters bring a plethora of possibilities! If I have to pick one, I would say the Little Critters! I can’t wait to have them peeking out of my cards!

  • Sally Tanner

    Love the new Alphabet and the Window cutting plates!

  • Debi Lowery

    I have used the mini slim before and I absolutely love your size of slim card. The new options for precut and scored cards and envelopes in more colors will be fantastic. Love to be able to just grab a card and go…..Shazam!!! I love all of the new release…especially the dies. TFS Hugs

  • Mary Holshouser

    I’ve not made a slimline card yet.
    I think they are a welcome break
    from the old square size we always
    make. I love the Little Critters.
    Having them looking out of their
    scalloped windows makes a fun
    card. The dies are fantastic.
    thanks for sharing

  • Peggy F

    Yes, I have made the mini slim cards. Love the size. In this release I really like the new trifold templates & alphabet.

  • Mary

    I have used some of the mini slim products to make cards in a card class and also during the Fall Stamp Joy! I love all the premade card bases and the colorful envelopes- so excited for the new colors and styles! I can’t pick just one favorite from the release- love it ALL!

  • Debbie Wegman

    Love the little critters and the peeking thru their individual windows. Love the look of the mini slimlines

  • Nicki Baird

    I have made a few of the mini slim and I love this size! I am looking forward to the trifold templates the most, but the alphabet is a real close second!

  • Sherry Storjohann

    This line is so cute and I have not tired slimline cards yet but love the look of the mini aspect and would be fun to give a new look to my card making!

  • Allison

    Love this new release. Have become quite a fan of the mini slim cards. Favorite is the diagonal cutting plate, or the alphabet dies

  • Isabel Z

    I have not made any slim line cards but I do like the look of them. I like the square, circle, and diagonal dies and would use them to make shaker cards.

  • Emma Sleppy

    SO cute. Those little critters! Yes, I have made the mini slim cards. I used them with the matching orange envelopes for Halloween Cards!! Love the mini size!

  • Dee Earnshaw

    oh loe these new products – the little critters are delightful – love the large alphabet die – so many uses for these products – thinking graduation -hats on the critters!

  • Barbara Deichl

    I have made a mini-slim and I love the size. I would use the window die as I think it is so sweet. Love all of the little critters peaking out of the frames. Great Release!

  • Jennifer

    I love the mini slim size! The new hexagon kit is so much fun!! I love the new critters and alphabet sets! Can’t wait until tomorrow!! ❤️????????

  • Cathy K

    I have not made any mini slim cards yet.
    I do like the all of it and would be interested in the cutting plates.

  • Valerie Stapleton

    I like the diagonal stripes cutting plate.

  • Kari S

    I made a mini-slim during Stamp Joy in the fall! It was a super fun card! I am really looking forward to the alphabet and the adorable critters!

  • Carrie W

    The only Mini-Slim I’ve made was at Stamp Joy. But, oh my goodness, those Little Critters could pull me into making a bunch more!! I would love to make them for my granddaughters and send them monthly!!

  • Connie Johanns

    I love the leafy vine cutting plate. I want to use if using a tone on tone color theme.

  • Martha Acord

    I love Little Critters. They made me smile as soon as I saw them. I have made several mini-slim cards. Birthday, Get Well, and 40 Valentines have been made as mini-slim cards.

  • Laurie D

    I love the entire release! The little critters are super adorable and the new cutting plates look awesome.

  • Lee Ann Messer

    I love the Little Critter stamps and the new square Androcles dies. I’m going to use the, to make cards to encourage teachers at the school I retired from as they & their students return to the building in February.


    I love the square, circle and diagonal stripe dies the best. I love the alphabet too! I see myself making a bunch of birthday cards with them! Another great release and I can’t wait to play with them in my craft room!

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