• Denise Bryant

    I love all the summer treats! Sweet Scoops is my favorite!

  • Debi Lowery

    Such a wonderful release as usual. I absolutely adore the sunglasses with the different lenses and the fact that the Glitter Grab works with foil too, but I will be glittering the Sweet Scoop stamp and stencil combo first because this is our grandson’s favorite summer weekly treat. Can’t wait to add these items to my cart. TFS

  • Kathie Powell

    I love the ice cream layering stencils and stamp!

  • Marisela Delgado

    Glitter, glitter, glitter, and more glitter! I absolutely love glitter! Beautiful colors!

  • Heather Mills

    Oh! What a tough choice between the yummy ice cream cones and the sunglasses!

  • Kathy T.

    I love, love, love it all! You have made my day as I have been hoping to see layering stencils for different images and here they are. I especially love the Sweet Scoops Stamp & Stencil Combo as my family loves ice cream.

  • Lisascreativeniche

    Yay for glitters!!! I always love some good shine! I really can’t get over the fact that these are done with multi-stencils!

  • Christina A Nelson

    Very much in love with all things both Ice Cream and Glitter! And those glasses, wow! I will be on here tomorrow morning waiting for this new release. Just one more sleep.

  • Debbie Nelson

    I like the Clearly Crafty Shades of Summer, although that was a truly tough choice! I would glitter up those shades!

  • Sandra Peterson

    The COOL die looks cool:))

  • Lynn Tague

    I love the ice cream cone combo, that’ll be first for sure!

  • Kim Becicka

    Love love love the stencils

  • Penni Larson

    My favorite is the sweet scoops stencil set. It’s such a fresh and fun look and has many possibilities. I would love to win it.

  • Penni Larson

    My favorite is the sweet scoops stencil set. It’s such a fresh and fun look and had many possibilities.

  • Dawn Kuhn

    I love those glittered sunglasses, so that would be the first thing that I would glitter.

  • Mercedes Perez

    I am a total sucker for ice cream cones, in edible and stamp form alike but to be honest, the sunglass set may actually beat them because I’ve never seen a set like it and I have boys and I can just see so many applications… even for Father’s day… love them.

  • Michele Slater

    I love the interchangeable lens for the sunglasses! so my favorite stamp set is The Clearly Crafty Shades of Summer stamp set and my other favorite is the ice cream stamp and stencil. combo I love the glitter, awesome colors! I guess I love it all!

  • Joanne B

    I am in love with the summer stamp and die set. I really like the beach chairs as well. I love using Stella sparkles on my card but the new glitter and glue is going to replace that, I might get carried away and glitter every card for awhile.

  • Debi Braswell

    How can you NOT want to glitter up those ice-cream cones! Thank you for putting out a set of the new glitters!

  • jean marmo

    An amazing release! Love the glitter!

  • Theresa Grdina

    I am CRAZY for those sunglasses!!! So adorable! That’s what I would be glittering FIRST!!!

  • Cheri Nugent

    I can’t wait to use the Sweet Scoops ice cream stamps and stencil combo! With all the heat we’re having it’s definitely an ice cream summer in Iowa! BUT, those popsicles taste awfully good on a hot day as well! AND, oh my, glitter everything!!! My poor budget!!! I’m so far behind using new products, plus I still need to get everything organized with the new sleeves and magnet card!!! Fingers crossed for a win and help for my budget! ????????????????

  • Katherine Hanline

    The All That Glitters Glamour Box is a must for my Summer crafting collection! Can’t wait for its release!

  • Beth Madison

    Its got to be the sunglasses stamps, dies and stencils for me! How cuuuuuuute!!

  • Linda Stewart

    Love the ice cream cones and popsicles!!

  • Vivian K

    The anything’s popsicle stamp & stencil is my favorite. It definitely screams summer to me no puns intended

  • Debra Davis

    Sweet scoops cling and clear combo! Ice cream just screams for glitter!

  • Scraporcraft

    I like the glitter grab. The idea to use with foil looks great on the shades.

  • Kyra Sanders

    Wow! I love everything! You know how I hate glitter. But this collection will change my mind. I can’t wait to mix it up with my July 4th products! I’ll glitter the sunglasses first, but the rest will be right behind. What fun!

  • Charmaine McCrary

    It is really hard to pick one thing… but first I will order the ice cream stencil & die set & the COOL die. But I equally love the sunglasses!!! Too ???? cute … and the popcicles….all look like summer ????

  • Carolyn Mendoza

    Wow!! Love all the glitter! So pretty and such fun colors. The first thing I would glitter would definitely be everything! The glitter and special glitter glue are my favorite items. LOVE!!

  • Ashley Baker

    I love the summer items…but my favorite are the cool and ice cream cone items!

  • Sandie Obrin

    I’m loving the sunglasses! I would jazz them up for my 4th of July cards!! Fun for the entire summer creativity!

  • Deb Schuster

    Those ice cream cones need glittered!!!! Love anything glitter though!

  • Allison Gipes

    Everything is fantastic! But definitely the popsicles!

  • D. Suzanne Cox

    How can one possibly choose? I love it all. The ice cream cones look good enough to eat!

  • Shelly Cosens

    I love the sweet scoops and the anything popsicles stencil and stamp combos! So cute!! As for what would I glitter? EVERYTHING!!!!????

  • Gail Beggs

    Loving it all but definitely will be glittering popsicles!

  • Marie Abernathy

    I love the ice cream cones and popsicles with the glitter.

  • daisy

    Cool release TE! Love all the inspiration especially the sweet card by Jill Hawkins! So…I’m loving the ice cream & the Cool Additions stamp!

  • Christine McCallister

    I’m SO excited about the entire release, but my favorite is the Sweet Scoops stencil & clear combo! It reminds me of a sticker set I bought as a little girl… I remember ‘stacking’ scoop after scoop of ice cream onto the cone, and wishing I could get a real life cone with that many yummy flavors!! What a perfect theme for a summer card! I’ll be glittering all the ice creams and popsicles for my grandkids!

  • Kelle Nolan

    Always so hard to pick! Scoop stencil and stamps! Can’t wait to sparkle those lovelies!

  • Beverly Perdue

    I love the fun shades! I also love the ice cream with the glitter!

  • Tracy Ross

    It is almost impossible to pick a favourite from this release. It is just so much fun! I guess if I could only choose one, it has to be the sunglasses. Love them!

  • Laurie Brown

    Of course anything ice cream gets my attention!!!! Absolutely love the glitter!!!

  • Annabeth Robin

    Gotta have the ice cream stamps and stencil!! And the glitters too!!

  • Rita Meek

    I love the glitter grab. I love to glitter but sometimes it is so messy and comes off the card. Everything in this release looks great — and now I think I will have to add the ministrips to the full size ones I have

  • Martha Acord

    Loving the Glitter! I think the first thing I will glitter will be cupcake frosting.

  • Deb Glover

    Ooh La La! The sunglasses are the cream of the crop, so many different ways to use them and adding the glitter will present a WOW factor! Thanks so much!

  • Malinda Price

    I love the glitter and the ice cream cones! Looks like a lot of fun! Love your new release!

  • Linda Brown

    This release is SOOOOOOO fun!!!! Of course, I will have to have IT ALL!!! Love, love, love the glitter!!! Great color choices!!! Best Company EVER!!!

  • Gail Shurbutt

    Oh My!!!! The Sweet Scoops Stencil & Clear Combo are a MUST for me. . .my last name is Shurbutt. . .and ice cream is our summer favorite treat! These are such cool products. I’m not a glitter girl, but with your Glitter Grab paste, you can bet there will be an All That Glitters Glamour Box in my order!!

  • Julie Learned

    So hard to pick just one! I love the ice cream cones and the sunglasses! Great summer products…can’t wait to get them!

  • Gina Kozuch

    Love the glitter grab and all the new glitters, really looking forward to using these and love the ice cream cones

  • Karen Spaiches

    How do I choose! I love the ice cream cones!

  • Lisa Swiderski

    I love it all! It’s so hard to choose a favorite! Sweet scoops and anything is popsicle are probably my favorites. But I’ll probably get it all because it’s all amazing! I probably won’t be glittering anything, although it is all adorable. Most of the cards I make, I donate to Cards for Soldiers, and glitter on cards is a no-no because it easily falls off and can put troops in danger.

  • Nancy Dempsey

    Love, love, love the sunglasses! Can be used for everybody!

  • Carol Sharp

    The glitter! I love that there is now glitter in all the beautiful favorite colors to match the ink and cardstock!

  • Joan Washburn

    This release makes me feel like summer is finally here! Love the new stencils and glitter. So much fun.

  • Tina Bell

    Oh my this is a great collection, I love it. Love the ice cream cones. That will be great TI add to my birthday collection and the glitters I love them all.
    Can’t wait to see everything live tomorrow. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jessica Yoder-Jones

    I just love love love the sunglasses and the cool background stamp!!

  • Pat C.

    I have no favorite, I LOVE IT ALL!
    First up for glitter? The ice cream cones, so cute!

  • Laura Corkill

    I’m totally stoked, this is the best summertime release ever! I love ALL OF IT but to pick one, I have to say the Anythings Popsicle Set b/c I call my dad popsicle all the time and I would have loved to have this set for his father’s day card.


    So hard to choose one when you love them all! But I think I would choose the popsicles as my favorite and would glitter them up because they look so cute all frosty and cold!

  • Pattie Berg

    I love the Clearly Crafty Shades of Summer stamp set. Very cool!

  • Cynthia Evanoff

    I am now the proud owner of Butterfly Wishes and you can bet that my butterflies WILL SPARKLE1

  • Colleen Hagge

    Loving the bright summer colors especially the Cool Popsicles!

  • Donnalee Boisseau

    Oh def the ice cream cones! Loving them!!! ❤️❤️

  • Carla Hundley

    How sparkly these
    all are! Love the ice
    cream cones. The
    beautiful glitters
    are fabulous.
    Carla from Arizona

  • Denise Evans

    I love the crafty shades of summer bundle! Love that you can stencil a design inside the lens!! So cool!!!!

  • Sandra Hobson

    Always so hard to choose but I LOVE the ice cream cones!!!

  • Laura Thompson

    I think I am going to have to go with the Sweet Scoops as my favorite on this release. Ice cream always needs a little glitter!

  • Avra Williams

    I much prefer eating ice cream to popsicles, but the glittered popsicles are so COOL!

  • Heather Reese

    That ice cream cone looks tasty! The sweet scoops stencil and stamp will be my first frozen treat! ❤️

  • Jessica Yarbrough

    The Clearly Crafty Shades of Summer stamp set and coordinating products are my favorite, you know I will have to have them all.

  • Dawn S

    Love the crafty shades stamps and dies. Can’t wait to use the glitters and foil to decorate them!

  • Emily Henry

    Oh my gosh, how can I choose just 1? I still use my popsicle stacklets and the border ones. I am loving all the new glitter colors and that paste sure makes it look easy to use. The ice cream cones made my mouth water and with the weather here in FL in the 90’s every day, I try to do something to keep COOL. Now you see my dilemma. Eventually I will need them all, but I’m saying ice cream first!!

  • Amy Cooley

    Oh my goodness, I’m in love with everything in this new release! The ice cream cones and sunglasses really caught my eye and I’m so excited to try the glitter grab with all these amazing colors of glitter.

  • Linda Alleman

    I love the ice cream cones as I can’t resist a scoop (or more). But the sunglasses are “cool” too!!

  • Sally Tanner

    Good Grief-I love them all, but think the Shades of Summer is my favorite, but the Glitter is a close 2nd. I’m wondering if I ve enough Craftypoints??? Hmm-m-m

  • Bonnie Saxton

    All this sweetness is making me hungry! I’ll have a cherry chip ice cream cone please! Love all the summer choices and really interested in the glitter grab. I would love to add some sparkle to stars, hearts, and many of the stencils I have.

  • Sue D

    I like the Sweet Scoops –they would look fab with glitter.

  • Lynn Hill

    I love the sunglasses and think they would look really cute with glitter on them. Glitter Grab sounds interesting and I will probably have to try it too. It looks like the sunglasses are going to be a “thing” so I had better shop early so I don’t miss out on the first batch! Thanks for the great ideas and fantastic new summer stamps and goodies.

  • Nancy Y

    Gosh, what a fun release. I think the Sweet Scoops is super fun, and how great will that Glitter Grab be? Woo hoo.

  • Mary Holshouser

    I love the sunglasses with the fillers
    for the lenses. The sparkly frames
    will be fun. thanks for sharing

  • Deb Kalker

    So much to chose from! I love the new glitter and glitter grab. Then the popsicles and ice cream cones looked like a lot of fun. And the sunglasses! I have lots of ideas to use them. I am so excited about this release!

  • Tricia Wittenberg

    You have out done yourselves again with this upcoming release! So COOL, pun intended! The ice cream cones give me chills of excitement! I love ALL of it!!!

  • Linda Mazzola

    What a “refreshing” release. TE you continue to excite and impress me with your products. Although it is hard to pick a favorite since they all work so well together, I am going to have to pick Glitter Grab. This may be a life changer for me. I avoid glitter because it seems to go everywhere no matter how it is adhered. And of course every creation looks good with a little sparkle. Thank for a fun release.

  • Lonya Mathys

    I’ve surprised myself by falling for the sunglasses! I thought the ice cream cones were my favorite but then I saw those sunglasses and I’m hooked! Love em.

  • Debbie Bragg

    Ice cream, Ice cream, we all scream for Ice cream!!! Just love the ice cream stencils and stamps. Your creative team keeps knocking it out of the park with all their creative juices flowing. My wish list keeps growing and growing.

  • Kelly Ethridge

    OMG, all the glitter items including hte glitter grab~ – and sunglasses, and ice cream cones!! oh, and the COOL block stamp/die – I guess I love it ALL!!

  • Kari S

    I love the ice cream cones and popsicles! I want to glitter the popsicles!

  • Phyllis Freese

    What’s not to love? My favorite is the sunglasses card, but the ice cream cones & popsicles are not far behind. Great work by the designers.

  • Melissa Leftrick

    What a “sweet” release!! I am loving the ice cream cones the best!! So many yummy things to create and glitter!!!!

  • Kathleen Dumpert

    My favorite new item from your release is the sweet scoops ice cream stencil/stamp combo! I will be adding glitter to my ice cream for sure!!

  • Hollie V

    What fun! The Sweet Scoops Stencil & Clear Combo is my favorite, because ice cream is my favorite! 🙂 However, those popsicles are just fabulous as well!

  • Janice Olsen-Curran

    Great release! Very colorful and summer like. I would love to try the TE Glitter Grab. I envision glitter on the ice cream cones and would love to use Glitter on the TE layered cupcake. That would look terrific!

  • Chris Loritsch

    I don’t know if I’m more excited for the glitter/glitter grab or the ice cream stamp and stencil combo–I love them both!

  • Carol

    Glitter grab is the best idea!

  • Yvonne Hill

    What a bright and cheerful release! The ease of adding the glitter using the new Glitter Grab product is amazing. I can’t wait to glitter up my ice cream cones and popsicles. Thanks for always brightening my day with you awesome products!

  • Lisa Domke

    The Glamor box is my favorite thing. The colors of the glitter are amazing.

  • Claudia Gassett

    Love them all! But for sunny Florida, where I live, the sunglasses are perfect year long! Thank you!


    I love, love the Cool Sunglasses !

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    I love all the cards made, your design team is fabulous! My favorite item is the sweet scoop stamp and stencil combo, but a close second is the glitter grad, what a fabulous product.

  • Susan Engblom

    Love the adorable sunglasses with the different insert lenses. Glitter would certainly add a special touch to these stamps.

  • Kim W

    Everything screams summer! Love this release. I love everything but if I had to pick one thing to get, it would be the Shades of Summer line. Those sunglasses are awesome and I don’t have anything like them in my collection.

    • Kim W

      Nothing says summer like a pair of glittery sunglasses!!! I can’t wait to get the glitter and make some sparkly sunglasses to add to cards for my summer loving teacher friends!!!

  • Lauryne Cunningham

    Gosh, do I only get to pick one? I love the glitter and the sunglasses!

  • Julia D.

    Ooh, it’s so hard to pick just one favorite but I would have to go with the sunglasses stamps/dies. Nothing says summer more than a glittery pair of sunglasses! The first thing I would glitter? I like to add glitter to shaker cards along with little beads and baubles so that’s the first thing I would do with that gorgeous glitter. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • Cass Wagener

    I love the ice cream scoops and glitter.

  • Anne Sturgeon

    As much as I love an ice cream cone or popsicle in the summer… I have to say the glittery sunglasses are so awesome!! It would have to be the sunglasses for sure!

  • Linda Peabody

    Wow what a cool release. I love the stencil and clear combos.

  • Sherry

    All of the new release is fabulous! However, as a favorite, I’m leaning toward the sunglasses. Such cute ideas!

  • Deborah Cartwright

    I love the glitter and appreciate how they go with some of the existing TE colors!

  • Alanna M Bilben

    Totally the sunglasses! They are awesome! Love the different lenses and the stamps. So Fun!

  • Jennifer

    I will definitely be glittering #allthethings but especially that stencil and clear ice cream set ????????????

  • Candy Romeo

    I love them all! Very cute cards. With the popsicles & ice cream cones! My favorite is the Shades! All those sun glasses are Adorable!????

  • Chanda Mullen

    I love the Sweet Scoops Stencil and Clear Stamps combo! So cute, with a million possibilities!!

  • Susan Weida

    I’m so excited about the glitter and Glitter Grab!! Who doesn’t love a little colorful bling? I will probably be glittering 4th of July cards with it.

  • Dee Earnshaw

    LOVE this summer release – My favorite is definitely the Clearly Crafty Shades of Summer – so cool

  • Beth Smith

    OMG! I’m looking forward to glitter ice cream scoops!

  • Cathy Wolff

    Cute! It really feels like Summer with all these fun products???? I especially love the Clearly Crafty Shades of Summer Stamp set and die. Imagining the possibilities. Thank you Taylor!

  • Mila Ayers

    I love the “cool” and the shades of summer line!! So exciting!!

  • Jennifer Smith

    I love the ice cream stencil and stamp set. Adorable!

  • Gina Nichols

    The Shades of Summer! Super cute! Happy Summer to all!

  • Cathy K

    Can’t wait for the mini strips Hello Summer

  • Anne Marie Blumenthal

    Wow! Glitter in our favorite TE colors on the popsicles and ice cream cones are amazing! I love the ice cream cones the best and the Simple Strips Hello Summer are perfect!

  • Michelle Orsborn

    I love the ice cream cones, the stencils make them look so realistic, they are so cute. What fun cards! You always come out with such fun things!

  • PeggyF

    Love the Shades of Summer! I am also very interested in the Glitter grab. May be a good way to use up my glitter stash.

  • Laraine

    This is a COOL release! Hard decision on what is my fav but the popsicles & ice cream cones are a toss up for my fav! Love the glitter-I am a glitter freak!

  • Becky Shirley

    I am all about glitter that stays where you put it! The release is so cute and perfect for summer. I think I would put glitter on the ice cream first.

  • Marian Guay

    Well, how cool is this release? ❤️ Can’t wait to try the glitter grab!

  • Liz Johnson

    You and your design team are always coming up with such ‘COOL’ ideas! I love the Sweet Scoops Stencil & Clear Combo and all the new glitter. You make it so hard to choose just one, but I’d go for the Sweet Scoops combo as my first choice.

  • Lisa B Harvey-Reber

    Love the shades of summer collection! A must have for thei FLorida girl!

  • Janet Lamkin

    I love them all but I would choose The Clearly Crafty Shades of Summer stamp set! Those sunglasses are so cute!

  • Sarah Clark

    Sweet scoops bundle is my favorite!!

  • Melissa Miller

    This is super hard to pick just one…I love it all but especially love all the sunglass items! Way to go!

  • Jane B.

    Wow! It is tough to pick a favorite from this amazing Summertime release! The ice cream cones with the glitter looks like the perfect summer card to me. But, I’m loving the shades, the popsicles, and the COOL. So many great ideas! I’ve not ventured into the glitter department…it may be time!

  • Meghan

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glitter! SOOOOO FUN! The sunglasses are the COOLEST! This release is fabulous! I love the idea of glittering the tops of the ice cream cones… that will be my first go to!

  • Kim Kooyer

    I LOVE it all! If I had to pick just one, it would be the ice cream cones.

  • Ann

    Oh my word, everything just screams SUMMER! Love them all but I love the ice cream cone, especially since I don’t have any ice cream cones in my stash.????

  • Emma Sleppy

    WOW. This is hard to pick a favorite. I scream Ice Cream, so I’d say the Ice Cream stamp and stencil set. But those sunglasses are really cool too. Great release!

  • Janet Hindman

    Love the popsicles and new glitter! That’s what I’ll be making first!

  • Carol Harrison

    Cannot wait to get my hands in the new glitter! Love all of it

  • Eden

    Oh my word, I love the ice cream stamp & stencil combo!!

  • Karen W.

    I’m loving the glitter and the ice cream set! Can’t wait to purchase!

  • Jessica Moyer

    I love, love, love the Sweet Scoops Stamp & Stencil Combo! I cannot wait to try the Glitter Grab.

  • Paula Hymel

    Definitely glittering up the ice cream cones and glasses!!! Love this release!

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