• love2Bcreative

    Good ole’ puppy chow right here in Iowa—I love it with ‘chunky peanut butter’ rather than just the ‘creamy’ but I love nuts too—maybe that is because I am one! LOL

    Super cute cupcake Friday card here Taylor—you do awesome work–day in and day out!

  • Karen (taiterbug)

    Another cute card – great idea for a party – we are all kids at heart. Here in Ontario, Canada – no idea what “Puppy Chow” is except the kind that my 3 year old puppy eats and that certainly doesn’t look inviting. Have a great day. Karen

  • Shelley ~ photocropper

    Yummy Puppy Chow!
    I love the turtle with the cupcake!! very cute card!

  • Donna (Rubber Stamp Nut)

    I just love your cupcake cards! Actually, I love all of your cards. What a wonderful talent you have. I just found your blog and will be checking in every day (I also subscribed). Thanks for sharing!!

  • Sherri (sherristampsalot)

    I believe your Puppy Chow is what we call Muddy Buddies… Scrumptablulous! Hmmm…I just might have to go make some now! Adorbale cupcake card, too!

  • Inky 1 Jenny K

    Puppy Chow is the Bomb! I’m an Iowa girl too so I think it’s a requirement for all of us to know how to make it.
    My guess is that all those smells in Cedar Rapids got some people goofy one day and they thought it would be funny to make cereal into something that looks like dog food. (for Non-Iowa people, They make Purina Puppy chow in one factory in Cedar Rapids and in a total other they also make Cereal)


  • Sarah Vrolyk

    An IL girlie and I LOVE Puppy Chow! Such a delicious chocolately snack! (And LOVE the card, too, Taylor!)

    Have a wonderful time this weekend meeting up with all those SCS girls. What a fun time that will be! Can’t wait to see pics of your get-together!

  • Trish D

    I *Looooooove* Puppy Chow!! My friends and I would always make big batches of it on our movie nights back in junior high. We just had a church get together over the weekend, and someone from the area (Pennsylvania) actually brought a big bowl. YUM! People were oohing and ahhing over it. BTW, she called it “Muddy Buddies.”

  • Cindy Keery

    I have made puppy chow before… but am curious to see if your recipe is the same as mine.

  • lorrietori

    this is adorable! I have heard of Puppy Chow but don’t remember what’s in it. Can’t wait for the recipe!

  • MiMi's Place

    How can anyone live without Puppy Chow? When I get on a PC binge I keep making it for weeks. I like to say I make it for our family, but my husband can take it or leave it and the cat and bird do not want any part of it!

    In hot, humid southern Illinois we have to make it in the cooler months or keep it somewhere very cool Otherwise it is a mess. It is a must have over the holidays!

    It is no wonder your stamping friends love it… it is irresistible!


  • Marie - mariemc

    I grew up in Kentucky and I don’t have any idea what Puppy Chow is. I’ve lived all over since going to college (the AF) and haven’t heard of it in Colorado, Wyoming, Georgia or Texas either!! Can’t wait to find out what it is! 🙂

  • JenMarie

    Hey Taylor – I’m from Louisiana but have lived in Illinois for 6 years. We had puppy chow down there and here in central IL.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor-I live in West Texas and we love puppy chow, especially during the holidays. Better watch out though it is addictive. I love all your cards and look forward to each of them.KS

  • Laura

    I love puppy chow, but then again, I am from the midwest, don’t we all love it here!

  • Janet

    I’m from the East Coast and have no idea what Puppy Chow is…but am very much looking forward to the recipe and picture! How fun!

  • Laura

    LOL Don’t let my DH see this! He’s been begging me to make some Puppy Chow for weeks! LOL (We’re in Illinois.)

    Great card BTW 🙂 I keep looking for cupcake stamps so I can send you some images LOL!

  • Tracy.H

    Love the card!

    I am up in Calgary, AB, Canada and have no idea what Puppy Chow is, but if it has Chocolate I am sure I would love the recipe!

  • Pam-I-Am

    I was born in Iowa, but live in CO and love the sweet sweet love of puppy chow!

  • Lois H

    From Wisconsin–yes, we know Puppy Chow. (Haven’t made it in a long time–thanks for the reminder!)

  • Lauri

    I love Puppy Chow being from Ohio. I love to make it for gatherings and get the weird faces from people who don’t know what it is. Adults and kids love this addicting snack. I usually have to make this for my BIL for his birthdays.
    This is worth making! Oh, and the cupcake card rocks!

  • JennyMick

    Adorable card as always!! and I LOVE puppy chow (although I live in Kansas…and had never heard of it prior to moving here)!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes, we LOVE Puppy Chow – yum, yum!!! (Toto knows what Puppy Chow is too) LOL!

    Michele G.
    Benton, KS

  • Petals

    Born in Iowa, raised in Wisconsin, how could I not know what Puppy Chow is? I couldn’t give you a recipe, but I can certainly vouch for the yummy factor.

    I’m curious though, as this does not seem to be as widely known about on the coasts, is there something yummy they have that us in the midwest are in the dark about?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know as I’ve ever heard of Puppy chow, but I’m guessing it’s some kind of cereal snack mix. Love the cupcake today! As always your card is wonderful, fun and just a whole bunch of yummy!

  • Susan L.

    What a totally adorable card! I’m in southern California (is that the problem?)and have never heard of Puppy Chow…can’t wait to see the recipe and the pix!

  • Vicki M

    I’m a long time lurker… I love your blog! I live in Oklahoma and I know what puppy chow is. I make it for parties frequently!

  • Anonymous

    Puppy chow lover here in MN! Super adorable cupcake card, too 🙂
    Adelle- mnhyrkas

  • Susan (susiestampalot)

    Taylor, Puppy Chow is something my kids “BEG” for!!! haha!! We love it here in Texas. The first time I made it, the container I mixed it in broke–what a MESS!!!
    But the taste was well worth it!!

  • Anonymous

    Puppy Chow yyuuuummmmyyyy, what a great snack. Love your cupcake card:0 TFS

    Erica T

  • AmyR

    Puppy Chow???? I don’t have a clue WHAT that is – but can’t wait to find out!! :o)

  • stampinkk

    Taylor I have lived in Washington State my whole life and I know what puppy chow is, but we call it muddy buddies! LOL! It is the best. Everytime I make it, it’s gone! People love it! Thanks for the cute card you posted today! Love the cupcake! Have a great weekend stamping with all those talented ladies. Very jealous!

  • calbear

    i’m a californian transplanted in nyc and i had NO idea what puppy chow is, but i cheated and googled it. it sounds yummmy.

    sounds like you’re in for a weekend of FUN!

  • Denise

    I know about Puppy Chow since I’m from Indiana! It’s YUMMMY!
    And, just so you know… I always look forward to Fridays so I can see your latest cupcake creation! So fun!

  • Anonymous

    Puppy Chow ROCKS!!! I have lived in Wa. State my whole life and actually discovered something similar about 8 years ago,but the box of cereal called it muddy buddies or something…NOT as good as Puppy Chow!! My kids are already bugging me to make it. We usually make it to have around the Holidays.
    P.S. I have enjoyed your blog.
    Beverly Boelter

  • Michele

    I know what is it… but I am also from the midwest (Chicagoland). LOVE IT!!! I wish you could pass some through the computer screen. *munch munch*

    Nice card today! Perfect for the birthday!

  • jodie

    I have had Puppy Chow Snack many times. Learned to make it long ago at Girl Scout Camp in VIRGINIA.

    Also received it in a goodie bag once during a trip to TEXAS for a wedding.

    And, I have a school fundraiser cookbook from PENNSYLVANIA with the recipe.

    Enjoy your snck and day with other stampers!


  • Laura

    I’m from Chicago and my Sister makes Puppy Chow all the time. As Rachael Ray would say, “YUM-O”.

  • kim

    Hi Taylor,

    Yep! I know what Puppy Chow is. 🙂 My kids LOVE it. It’s totally delish! I am an Iowa girl living in Wisconsin.

    THe kids have the day off of school…we’re going to make some right now!

  • KarrieLyne

    I am in Illinois and Puppy Chow is sooooooooooooo good!! Chocolate!! Yummmmmmmmmmm! If you have never tried it, you gotta!! Love the card to and the turtle themed party is awesome!!!

  • kelly

    I am originally from WI and love Puppy Chow. Noone knows about it here in Florida!

  • vicki

    I am from Missouri and we sure love our Puppy chow here, It is Yummy!!!

    I love that card too and it is great that you are getting so many stamps and images, I look forward to “cupcake Friday” all week!!! Sounds like you have a busy and fun weekend planned!!!! ENJOY!!!

  • Emily

    I love this card! And I think it’s hilarious that it’s a turtle themed party for a co-worker! I bet they are going to LOVE this card!!

    Yummy! Yummy! Puppy Chow!! Tastes MUCH better than kibble and bits! :oP

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!

  • Dawn

    I want to make some puppy chow Please share your chow recipe with us girlie …. To bad I wont have it for my event tonight .. will be looking forward to your post on the puppy chow … Love your cupcake card sooo cute .

  • Jane r

    I’ve never made Puppy Chow but I’ve munched on it at work (deep in the heart of Texas). Won’t give away the recipe, but it has chocolate as one of the ingredients. Yummy! (think I’m going to have to make some!)

  • DeeDee

    I’m in New England and have no cluewhat this is!!!!!

  • thwagner

    An Iowa Girl here!!

    We love Puppy Chow!

  • kirstensmom

    Hi Taylor,

    I have no clue what Puppy Chow is but would love the recipe!


  • Melissa SCS:PrincessMSK

    Taylor – I’ve lived on the west coast all of my life and have no idea what Puppy Chow is! Bring on the recipe!

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