• kirstensmom

    I can see where it get’s it’s name from, b ut sounds yummy. I will have to try this recipe for sure!Not sure that we have Chex up here in Canada, I know we always get it when we go to Idho on summer holiday, so may have to substitute for something else, but it should still be yummmmmmy!! TFS!!!


  • Rachel Hope

    Ha HA….I have that recipe!! We call it Muddy Buddies….although I personally think of it as Reindeer Poop :S

  • Stamper Gail

    I tried it Taylor, but as soon as I saw your first post the other day I went online and got the recipe. I didn’t read it carefull enough though and used the entire bag of Choc. bits. It still came out great, but I can’t leave it in my house or my blood sugars will score to high hevens. Brought some over to my grand nephews and they were crazy snacking them! Didn’t want to even try them because of the name, but once I told them what was in the stuff, well they had no problem giving it a taste. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Stamper Gail

  • Michelle Nadraszky

    Taylor…this is awesome…I bet it’s addictive like Crack!!!! not that I have ever tried Crack…but, anyways back to the Puppy Chow…it rocks…I personally have never heard of this or tried it before & it only takes like 5 mins to make. I can’t wait to get everyone addicted! I really make these type of receipes for my family as I can only try a “sample” & than that’s it…otherwise I’ll be on the elliptical an extra 1/2 hr tomorrow!

  • Leeanna Fatovic

    Ahhhh…..so now your blog is costing me money (buying all the supplies to recreate your cards) AND CALORIES! Love puppy chow – hadn’t made it since my college days! But now my boys will enjoy it – thanks to you! Your post had me scrambling in the kitchen for the ingredients – my lucky day – I had the Rice Chex cereal! Thanks and have a great day!

  • Karen (taiterbug)

    Sounds yummy – we will have to try this – however, for me it will probably be a migrane waiting to happen, however, I know that my husband will really love it – last week he had to take a dessert to a men’s meeting at our church and he made chocolate peanut butter pie and the men have been raving about it ever since.

    Have a great stamping weekend.


  • Karen

    can’t say I’ve heard of Puppy Chow, but seeing how it is soooo easy to make…I am going to try it out!

  • Michele

    One of my friends reminded me about the other name of Puppy Chow. It’s been called MUDDY BUDDIES. I almost forgot about that name, because it’s second nature for this midwestern gal to just call it puppy chow. That might strike a reminder with some of you guys…. a lot of times it comes on the Chex box side panel (the recipe). YUMMM YUMMM Taylor.

  • Emily

    *DROOOOOOOOL* this stuff is SO GOOD!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, Taylor!!

  • Denier

    yummy! thanks for the recipe 🙂 i hope you ate some for me……

  • Pam-I-Am

    Still not working…here is my email


  • Anonymous

    I got this recipe from another SCS last year and it was a huge hit at Christmas. My nephews went crazy nibbling on it!! Kauai17

  • diane

    Yum! I make this for my college Freshman and his pals all the time…they love it! Mine is quite a bit “richer” than yours, but all of it is great! We first heard of it in Manhattan, KS when we had “Clifford the Big Red Dog” night for Kindergarten. I’ve been making it ever since!!

  • Nancy

    The puppy chow recipe I got from someone elses’ blog recently (and decided to try) didn’t have the butter, had less peanut butter and less powdered sugar. I didn’t think it was all that great. Perhaps I’ll have to give it another shot with your recipe!

  • Michelle (MilwMommy)

    Hi Taylor!! I LOVE Puppy Chow, sorry I missed your original post about this. I’ve never made it, but have had it –thanks for your recipe, I will definitely have to make some now!!!

    I also received the ribbon today —yay!!! Hopefully I’ll get some stamping time soon so I can use it!! Thanks so much!!


  • Taylor

    Try this email address:


    If that still doesn’t work then leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll email you. I’m not sure why you’re having problems, but every so often I do have people tell me that they can’t get an email through. All my boxes are cleaned out so I dunno. Hope the other email address works!


  • Pam-I-Am

    If I am lucky enough when I go back to Iowa to visit all my family I will get this treat. I now have the recipe and can chow down at home! Thanks!!!
    P.S. I am having problems with your email. Is anyone else having this problem? It keeps sending mine back. HELP Taylor!! I want some of your ribbon!!

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