• Bella Rose Creations

    I just wanted to say I just recieved my “prize”. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! They are awesome…and espeical thank for the square coasters…I can’t convince my husband to steal them (he eats lunch there) ;-). But now I have my own.

  • Anonymous

    Sonia (cjf&cjfsmommy)
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Lots of shopping and early Christmas presents, fun for you!
    All the reading I’ve done and I’ve never picked up a Karen Kingsbury book?! I’ll have to check her out. I’m a big fan of both Lynn Austin and Beverly Lewis. I will happily share the Pumpkin roll recipe as soon as I can get it from DH’s grandma!

  • Alyce

    Hold out hope for a Hobby Lobby. We just got one in the Phoenix area. I am sooooooooooo very happy. My credit card isn’t, but I sure am.

    Can’t wait to see all your great creations.


  • Anonymous

    wow! Great shopping trip- looks like we’ll be in for a treat once you get time to play with all your new stuff. Those Green Grass stamp sentiments are adorable! Adelle-mnhyrkas

  • Kate :)

    HOBBY LOBBY???!! I am so jealous! I went last year on my trip back home to visit my family in the Quad Cities for Christmas. I often fantisize about a kid-free trip for just me back there so I can SHOP!!

    Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving and found the super deals. >was up at 3:30 waiting for the local scrapbook store sale at 5am<

  • vikki

    I just love reading your blog!! and your cards are awesome. I was wondering if you went to Southern hills mall in Iowa?? I live in Omaha and that is a nice area for Shopping…I have to check this Karen Kingsbury out, i love to read ,but haven’t gotten any of her books!!!
    So happy you had a blessed thanksgiving.

  • debbiedee

    I LOVE Karen Kingsbury!! What is the latest you got? Was it Ever After? I am waiting for that to hit the shelves here, so I can get it. I have read everyone of her books. Also can’t wait until spring to read the last in the first born series. Is she an amazing author or what?? Have you read her red glove series? So wonderful at Christmas to read.

    Anyway, sounds like you have a better HL to shop at than we do. I also hit HL, but no cosmo cricket. Did pick up some wonderful SEI, We R Memory Keepers with some fun pinks and reds to do something for Val day.


  • Karen (taiterbug)

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and then Christmas. For many years before she passed away my mom was our church librarian and she bought many of those books for the church library and also for herself as she loved to read. Sounds like you had a great time shopping – here in my part of Southern Ontario we have Michaels and specialized scrapbook stores (expensive) but no Joannes, no Hobby Lobby so I am very envious

  • Joan

    See, some of us comment when u are NOT doing a giveaway! Love your blog and am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving (and Christmas!!).

  • Penny

    Just wanted to say I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan, as well. Love her books!

  • Anonymous

    Ack..you found FAMILY by K. Kingsbury. Soooo jealous. My mom and I hunted for that over the weekend. Love her. Sounds like you got some great loot. Can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  • Janet

    Hi Taylor..welcome home. Sounds like your shopping trip was too much fun. Can’t wait to see all your new papers..I have paper envy 😉

  • Denise

    Welcome home! Sounds like you had a fabulous time in Iowa – can’t wait to see all the new creations you make with your new goodies!
    I am also a HUGE Karen Kingsbury fan! She’s my favorite and I’m reading the same book right now! Just started it (on chapter two). I think there’s one more in this series and it comes out soon (won’t have to wait as long this time!).

  • Regina

    I’m glad to hear that you had a nice Thanksgiving. I’m reading that same Christian series. Isn’t it great? A friend is reading the book you just got and will pass it down to me when she’s done. I can’t wait!

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