• Anonymous

    No hurry for me either. It will be here by the end of the week tho, right? Just kidding. I’m just glad I was included before it all ran out. Thanks–Elissa

  • tbreanna

    Hi Taylor… no worries. I’ll be patient like others. But, I do hope to hear from you..again, no worries at all =). Thanks again for everything.

  • The Nordgren Family

    Oh, Taylor, I hope you don’t get too stressed about this! As for me, I’m in no real rush so you can take your time with mine. I’ll wait to get an e-mail from you with a total before I send you money. Thanks again for going to all of the trouble! :o) Shannon

  • diane mcvey

    I sent you money! (paypal)…thanks so much! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Well, this is what I was afraid of when I first saw the post…I couldn’t order immediately and I was afraid I would “lose out”. Thx for all the trouble you are going to for everyone!! Susan

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