• Winnie

    I am horrified for you! That is just plain mean and nasty. Clearly that person has no sense of what is decent and kind. I found my way to your blog from a great friend of mine who got me into stamping recently. I am the mother of 2 small children so I have a tiny amount of free time to do any hobbying. I only wish to have a blog as creative and inspiring some day! I feel for your pain with this incident. I had a similar thing happen to me in college. I had done a project on corduroy for a textiles class using some great vintage pieces I had. They were on display with my project and someone came and stole my clothes right off of the display board! It was infuriating.

    I wish you continued luck, success and creativity with your beautiful creations!

    Thanks so much for sharing them and inspiring others!

  • Karen (taiterbug)

    Taylor, was very sorry to hear that someone had stolen your samples. Makes me wonder what our world is coming to. Good luck on your class and keep making those samples to share. Hopefully the store can do something better to protect them, however, I guess if people want something bad enough, nothing will deter them.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness…that is crazy!!

  • Anonymous

    Yikes. That is brazen! I’m so sorry someone would do that to you….I agree that you should keep your eye on ebay. Someone stupid enough to steal right in front of the shopkeeper probably isn’t smart enough to know you’ll be looking for it!

  • diane mcvey

    It is beyond me how people…women, no doubt…can do such a thing! Where has integrity and respect gone??? I am so sorry for you, the store owner, and the thief. Sometimes I get so frustrated at how our world has become. It’s too sad when a person resorts to crime to fulfill their own desires…~~~~~HUGS~~~~~ to you.

  • Natalie

    How pathetic! The least they could have done was offer to buy them.

  • Dale Anne

    Really SAD that someone would resort to stealing samples…gosh why NOT take the classes and make YOUR own!!!
    And, the gull – while someone was in the store too!!!

  • Joan

    That’s pitiful and sad. I’m so sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be discouraged, Taylor…it is really her loss, not yours…

  • Bella Rose Creations

    Okay that is really, really sad…and just a bit pathetic. Especially as you are already so generous with your work. Admire the samples yes, if your that desparate take a picture…but walking out the door…ridiculous. Check a local Art store and see if they are “teaching” a class with your samples.

  • Karen

    OMGoodness Taylor! Sorry to hear this!! Not that this does good now – but maybe the store could put class samples in a plexi-glass type box. People definitely have some nerve!!

  • love2Bcreative

    The nerve of some people…how can they sleep at night??? I am sorry Taylor (((HUGGS)))

  • Jan Scholl

    A local scrap store had a vintage album taken over Christmas-it was all the owner had of her grandparents and she had it on display under glass. Reward has brought nothing. People will steal your soul if its not latched down.

  • Connie

    That is crazy. I just don’t understand people.

  • Jennifer aka refinnej2 on scs

    Gosh Taylor…sad!! However I can see why someone would want to steal your beautiful work!! So in a backhanded way consider it a compliment. I called the shop today and left a message to sign myself and a friend up for a class…I’m crossing my fingers that there are still 2 openings!!

  • ipkstampshappy

    Taylor, I understand how you feel as that same thing happened to me once when I was doing a class at a local scrapbook store. – It never ceases to amaze me what people will steal. One year we had someone steal the little live Christmas tree that we had put on my dad’s grave – Yes they stole it out of the cemetery! Anyway I hope you feel better by now about it. Ida

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sorry! People will steal… But when they show up on Ebay! Press charges.

  • Kelli

    Wow! That’s rude. I have had people take my samples apart, rip them and act like nothing has happened when I saw them do it, but to actually steal the samples…that’s sad.

  • Jenny

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe someone would do that! What a meanie! (((hugs))) Has this happened a lot before? I just don’t understand how you could steal someone else’s creative work! I’m so sorry!
    Jenny (jfstamps on SCS)

  • Anonymous

    What a great way to show someone you care. Happy Valentines Day, I stole this for you because I love you. Pretty sad!
    Aunt Linnie

  • Anonymous

    Pretty gutsy of someone to do that – unbelievable! Hope the store displays samples in a more secure area (behind the cash desk maybe ?!) Hope this doesn’t deter you from teaching at this store – I look forward to seeing your wonderful work on your blog – I check daily. Take care!

  • Rochelle Wick

    OMG! That is so crazy. People are so rude.

  • Melissa - PrincessMSK

    Wow! Someone must have been really desperate to do something like that!

  • asela

    Wow that’s terrible. I’m so sorry to hear that people will actually do something like that.

  • Alora Sweetser

    Oh, Taylor – so sorry to hear that!! I can’t believe someone would do that!

  • tracyf

    Sample stealers are the worst! Boo! I’m sure that won’t deter you from getting signups though as your work is wonderful. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Too bad that somebody would even do that. I guess on the brighter side, you can look at it this way, somebody must of really loved your samples to steal them and not worrying about getting caught! Sorry to hear about your unpleasant situation! Cant believe that nobody in the store even noticed somebody walking out with your samples! Unfortunate!

  • Lauren V.

    So sorry to hear that!! I don’t understand how people do not have a conscience, either. Better check the bay to see if they “show up” there – I wouldn’t be surprised! Hang in there!

  • kirstensmom

    Oh my gosh Taylor, for someone to steal something like that, I can’t believe it. Like you said the class doesn’t break the bank, so why not sign up for it along with the chance to have a great night out, meet wonderful gals and have fun making great projects!!


  • Laura

    That’s really sad that someone would do that. I know it’s not about the loss expense, but the whole point. I can’t believe that people would steal, period.

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