To avoid confusion, I’m posting a list of the people who ordered tape yesterday before the rolls were gone. I have continued to receive emails from people who must not have gotten the update. The rolls were all spoken for by about 12pm (noon) yesterday. So if you don’t see your name below then I didn’t get your order in time. I am still checking to see if I can get more tape. Hopefully I will find out by the end of the day and you guys will be the first to know!

If your name is highlighted in green, that means I have received your payment. If your name is highlighted in red, that means I have received your payment and shipped your tape. If you sent an Echeck through PayPal, I will highlight your name in 3-4 days when the funds clear your bank account. If your name is listed below and you haven’t received payment instructions, please send me another email. Thanks!

Your names are now located in the link at the bottom of this post titled “Read More” These are the people who got in on the first 100 rolls of tape and should already have payment instructions.

Amanda Angert – 2 rolls
Amber Binsfield – 1 roll
Amber Hillman – 1 roll
Amy Kopetzky – 5 rolls
Catherine Martinez – 3 rolls
Christina Denman – 2 rolls
Dale Anne Potter – 3 rolls
Dawn Chau – 3 rolls
Deb Saaranen – 5 rolls
Debbie Cunningham – 10 rolls
Debi Calandrelle – 4 rolls
Emily Giovanni – 1 roll
Holly Wagner – 2 rolls
Jennifer Collins – 2 rolls
Jessica Luther – 1 roll
Julie Wagner – 2 rolls
Kelly Schelske – 3 rolls
Kim Moran – 3 rolls
Kirsten Kim – 2 rolls
Lezlye Lauterbach – 2 rolls
Mary Brown – 3 rolls
Melissa Dimmitt – 1 roll
Melodie Klein – 2 rolls
Mendi McMahan – 2 rolls
Meredith Socha – 3 rolls
Novell Eckstrom – 1 roll
Pat Dillman – 3 rolls
Patricia Comstock – 3 rolls
Sandy Dayhoff – 3 rolls
Shelley Cantrell – 3 rolls
Susan Schenkenberg – 2 rolls
Susan Spears – 2 rolls
Tina Sturdivant – 6 rolls
Trisha Lim – 2 rolls
Vera Matson – 5 rolls
Virginia Burke – 2 rolls