• Jenstampz

    Hi ! Hope you have a wonderful trip! Let us know if you find any fun goodies while your in Vegas.

  • Anonymous

    Hope you are having a great time.
    I must say I wish I was on a little getaway. Let’s trade. LOL

  • svandyke

    Our favorite vacation spot is Silver Lake, Michigan. My husband and I were married there over 10 years ago on the beach. It was beautiful. Hope your vacation is fulfilling!

  • hjclemlap

    Disney World!!!


  • Anonymous

    For me, it’s home! I love to be home with no agenda or to-do lists! Hope you had a great one!

  • Cindy

    Hilton Head Island, SC-love it, love it, love it. i love the Carolinas. Unfortunately HHI is getting too big and commercial but once you get back on your plantation-it’s great.

  • Heather Leech

    Great blog candy!
    We just got back on Sunday from a Mexican cruise. I LOVED Stone Island, which was a shore excursion offered in Mazatlan. The beach was beautiful and we all had a great day!
    Heather L.

  • Kheila

    My favorite place to vacation is Key West, Florida. Of course it is pretty far from Nevada, so my second favorite place is San Diego, Ca. Weather is so perfect and lots to see and do.

  • Sara's stampin cards

    It sounds like you had a blast in Las Vegas! My husband and I went to New York City last year. We had such a good time inspite of all the negative stuff you hear.
    But I think my all time favorite vacation spot now is going home to the western slope of Colorado. I live in Nebraska now and NOTHING compares to home.

  • Anonymous

    my favorite place is Red River,NM it is a very laid back vacation. Where you get to just spend time with those you love…

    i hope you have a blast in Vegas that is one of my favorite for just my husband and I…


  • Michele

    Hope you have a **WONdERFUL** time in Vegas. Check out the La Reve show at the Wynn.. it’s wonderful.

    Bring back some moolah to fun your stampin’ addiction. That would be my only wish (for myself or anyone traveling to Sin City!)

  • Anonymous

    Hello! Have a great time in Vegas!
    My favorite Vacation spot has been Door County, Wisconsin. Peaceful seascapes and beautiful sunsets! I’m dreaming of it right now! AAAAhhhhh!
    Judy Tuttle

  • Pat S.

    Hi Taylor!
    That’s a neat question πŸ™‚
    My favorite vacation place is anywhere there is a quiet beach. My mom and I travel together (she missed her calling as a beach bum πŸ™‚ A nice clean quiet stretch of sand is where we like to be!

  • Anonymous

    Hope you have a great time in Vegas! My favorite vacation was when we went to Orange Beach, AL. It was so relaxing!

    Katie Ault

  • Sarah Moore

    Wow! this is a pretty hot drawing Taylor! Have fun in Vegas! I am headed next to San Francisco; an absolute fave vacation spot of mine!

  • nicole

    Have a fun vacation!

    We’re a Disney family and go several times a year.

  • MsFit

    My favourite vacation spot? Wow.. to choose just one. I think my alltime favourite is a place in Quebec called Camp Kinkora. I even look forward to bringing my kids there now that I have some.. there is just something about the place.

    Then again, I don’t travel much. ha!

  • Anonymous

    HI Taylor! I hope you guys had a blast! My favorite place to go is St Louis. Baseball, shopping, good food, and time with my niece & nephew!!


  • a_place_for_ink

    With my hubby – actually I love vacationing in our back yard…second to that, maybe on the beach at Kona Village resort in Hawaii…I’ve never been to the Caribbean or anywhere exotic, so I don’t have a lot of places to draw on! LOL


  • rohla

    Wow, Taylor–that is *some* blog candy! I can’t resist leaving my comment for a chance to be stamping with those adorable clear stamps. Ok, on with the answer…my favorite vacation spot: anywhere with my DH, near water with 80 degree weather and no bugs….??


  • Otter

    Woo Hoo Vegas!! I have never been there! I hope to go this summer for a friends wedding!! My favorite Vaca spot would have to be anywhere that is WARM all year long!! I love the Carribean!

  • jackie

    My favorite place to vacation is Sunriver, Oregon. Not very exotic, but the weather and scenery is wonderful. I feel so close to God there. Hope you had fun in Vegas. Jackie M.

  • Anonymous

    Hands down Kauai, Hawaii!!! We’ve been all over the place, but there is just something to magical and serene about that place. I’ve always said that I’ll never return to any of the places I’ve vacationed since there is still so much more world to see, but Kauai is absolutely an exception!

    Have a blast in Vegas!!

  • Trina

    My favorite spot is in Manitoba Canada. We love camping, so we go to Clear Lake. They have beautiful cabins, and cute crafty shops, very nice places to stop for a meal or ice cream, and a beautiful boat to go for a tour around the lake on – and on the boat they will even feed you a beautiful steak supper!!

  • Julie Mutch

    Have tons of fun, Taylor! I’d have to say my favourite vacation spot close to home is the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It’s truly amazing in the Fall. Definitely a Ooh, Ahh, trip! Pictures don’t even do it justice. Can’t wait to go back this Fall.

  • Anonymous

    My fav spot is Kananaskis Alberta. The mountains are the perfect backdrop for a family holiday. We just bought a trailer so plan on a couple of weeks out there this summer!!! Yay us! Enjoy Vegas. I had fun there 10 years ago. Would like to go back someday!

    Denise Bennett

  • Aunt T

    My favorite vacation spot is Venice Beach, Florida. It’s quiet and the beach is beautiful. I love to spend an afternoon searching for sharks teeth at Venice Beach!

    Hope you are having a blast in Vegas!


  • mishkismom

    my favorite vaca spot? Hhmmm. that is a tie between San Diego and Maine. 2 completely different spots but both perfect in their own ways.. I love the brightness and blue of the S.D. ocean and the green and lush browns of the Maine woods.. darn.. nowI need to plan vaca! Have fun in Vegas!

  • Susie

    My favorite vacation spot is Orchard Beach in Maine ~ my fiance took me there 5 years ago and I fell in love with it… and him !!! We go back every year and I fall in love with him all over again!

    We’re getting married in Vegas though so maybe my favorite spot will change soon. LOL Have a safe and happy trip… win BIG !!

  • Amanda Angert

    My favorite vacation spot is Lake Wawasee, in Syracuse, Indiana. My in-laws have a cottage there and it’s SO relaxing! We only go there in the summer so it’s something to look forward to!

    Hope you’re having fun in Vegas!

  • Anonymous

    Hello, I hope you have a great time πŸ™‚

    My favorite place would be Alaska, my sisters husband is stationed there and I like going to visit, dont think I could handle the cold weather all the time, but visiting is always good πŸ™‚


  • SueB

    T’riffic stamp selection! The local store was out when I last stopped in.

    Favorite vacation spot? Gotta be Ocho Rios Jamaica where we honeymooned. Besides that, any ol’ place I’m relaxin’ is fine by me! Enjoy your vacation time w family!

  • Jen

    Great candy!! My favorite vacation spot is anywhere with sand, water, and an unlimited supply of sun and maragarita’s, SANS children!

  • Beth

    Our favorite vacation had to be Gunnison Colorado on week during the fourth of July. The weather is absolutly perfect & the scenery is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Beth Eldridge

  • Amber H

    I’d have to say anywhere i can go hiking. Can see mountains from my window. NC is the only place i have been for a vacation.

  • Barb S. (FL)

    WOW – love those stamps…
    My favorite vacation spot is on the back of the motorcycle behind my DH. We love to just ‘Take Off’ on the motorcycle and ride. Our last trip ended up on the Blue Ridge Parkway – beautiful drive. Hope your vacation is super fun..
    Barb S

  • Anonymous

    Hope you had a great time in Vegas. My favorite vacation spot is a seasonal campground in Utbanna, Virginia (I’m an east coaster). The site is right on the water and there is a huge deck connect to the camper that is great to sit on and watch the waves with a glass of wine! πŸ™‚


  • Pat S.

    Happy, happy vacation to you!

    My favorite vacation place is Disney World. I love exploring Epcot…and there’s always something new to see! It’s great!!

    Pat S.

  • jodene

    Great blog candy!My favorite spot in the summer is the river which is 20 mins away from our little town in Saskatchewan.We spend most of our summer there.The kids love to swim we litterally have to drag them out of the water.I hope you have fun in vegas!!!

  • Alex

    Last summer, we drove 2 days to Disney World. It was the great vacation, hot but fun spending time with our 2 daughters.

  • Lisa Beeman

    Have fun in Vegas! Your blog candy is wonderful, love those little acrylic stamps! My favorite vacation spot is in Rocky Point, Mexico. We vacationed there about 4 yrs ago with another family, stayed in a beautiful beach house…the weather was perfect and it was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever been on! Hope you hit a huge jackpot! πŸ™‚


  • kamstamper

    My favourite vacation spot is HAWAII! I love it there…Oahu specifically. We go every year and anxiously wait for our vacation time to arrive! It’s the best place.

  • Caroline

    it depends = with family, it would have to be hawaii, but by myself or with girlfriends, it would be PARIS.

  • Janet

    My favourite fantasy spot would be Greece or Israel. In reality, I love Gabriola Island…. it is so soothing and peaceful and I have many beautiful memories there.

  • KindredEsprit

    Wow! 360 comments! My chances are slim…just like my chances of the Michaels still having these whenever I make it into the city. *lol* My favourite vacation spot is NΓΌrnberg, Germany. I love visiting my family & playing with my cousins’ children. I love eating their food & going shopping & experiencing a different way of life & mentality there…albeit for a few weeks. I love it there!! I also madly love london (but it’s soooo expensive) & Amsterdam is special & different & cultural & fun!! Now, tell us where is your favourit vacation spot? Is it Vegas? =)

  • LettyLian

    Hit the big one! Love the clear stamps… just bought a few & can’t want to try it! Favorite family place is back home to San Fran with my family. We have a blast with 11 grandkids, parents & grandparents. Favorite getaway with just DH is definitely Vegas! Shopping, gambling, food, food, food. πŸ™‚ Remember, you can’t win the megabucks if you don’t even try it.

  • Jennifer P.

    My favorite vacation spot (thus far) is anywhere in Florida. I love the ocean and there is just this wonderful “smell” about the entire State. I’m wishing I was there right now . . .

  • Linda Deline

    Great goodies. My favorite vacation spot of all time was San Diego. Actually I stayed with my mother in Alpine, but LOVED visiting San Diego. I’d go back in a heartbeat. Linda D.

  • Alli

    My FAV vacation spot is where I live right now…west coast of Vancouver Island! You can see the pacific ocean and there are beachs for miles. There is surfing, hiking, camping, resorts and spas…it is beautiful. Google Tofino, BC/Ucluelet, BC Canada and you will TOTALLY see what I am talking about. The stars like to hide out in our neck of the woods.
    Have fun in vegas!!!

  • Jenn

    Vacations are very few and in between. I do love to get away for long weekends in the summer up north (Upper Michigan) and I consider those mini vacations. Later this fall I will be going to Colorado for my cousin’s wedding and I can’t wait to go back.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  • kelly S.

    Since I have 4 children my fave vacation spot has become Walt Disney World!!! I just love the magic of it!
    Have a great time in Vegas!kquoetoe

  • Chris Hauck

    Those are some great stamps! My favorite vacation spot would be, well wherever the kids like to go the most. Currently they love to go to the Great WolF Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio. Sounds exciting, huh?
    If I were to say a favorite with DH and myself I would say Boston. We had so much fun there, but it’s a ton of walking and the kids would whine the whole time. Hope Vegas is BIG FUN! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

  • Debe

    Boy, are you getting the responses on this one! Usually my fav vac spot is Destin, FL. EXCEPT after Christmas we were treated to 4 days in Ixtapan de la Sal (different from Ixtapa)! It is an inclusive spa with golf for the guys and spa for the girls every single day. What bliss!!! Spa and eat, what better?
    Hope you come back w/more $$ than you left with in Vegas!!

  • Pat S.

    My favorite vacation spot is Albuquerque, NM the first week of October. That is when they host the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Over 800 balloons, it is just awesome!

    Hope you enjoyed your vac!
    Pat S.

  • Chris

    Just found your blog… hope you enjoy your holiday.
    I haven’t been abroad but my favourite place to be is anywhere I can be with the ones I love. A day at the beach… having a picnic in the park…
    I would love to go to Disney land and take my grandson…. maybe one day πŸ™‚

  • Maria

    Hawii!!! It is just so tropical!! and we definitely feel like we are in a different place!!!

  • Karen (stampngokaren)

    My favorite vacation spot is Flordia!! Have a great time on your vaction.

  • poodleplum123

    No whammies, no whammies πŸ™‚ Really love reading your blog! It’s one of my fav’s.

    Enjoy your trip to Vegas!

  • Rochelle

    Have fun! Go to the M&M Factory for me!!! My favorite vacation spot has to be Grand Cayman – absolutely beautiful water!! Have a safe trip!

  • sarahjane

    Have fun in Vegas – a place I have never been —
    Mymost favourite vacation spot is anywhere on the beach in BC, Canada.
    Hiking into Raft Cove or San Josef Beach and tenting it is fantastic

  • Jane Ann

    I’ve been going to our Michaels ever other day to check for these stamps. Would be great to win these.

    I don’t have one favorite vacation spot – I have many…Maui for a winter break…Disney World for an escape back to my childhood…London England and a trip to Harrod’s…and any trip to visit our grandchildren.

  • Paula

    tMuai is the best spot on earth! I love the smells and the sound of the ocean. When I die, please bury me on the white sandy beaches!

  • Anonymous

    Have fun in Vegas!!! I would have to say my favorite vacation spot is San Diego. The kids love Sea Wrodl and the Wild Animal Park and just being out at the beach. I love the wonderful memories of watching my boys play together out in the sun. For some reason the sky is just more beautiful down there.

    HAve a great time we can’t wait to hear your stories of new found fortune!

    Janet P.

  • Diana Morris

    Have a fabulous time in La Vegas! It’s such a fun place to go. My favorite vaction spot is Maui. Lots of sun and sand. I also love the Washington/Oregon coast. Lots of childhood memories digging razor clams. Yum!

    Why doesn’t my Michaels carry these great acrylic stamps? These look like they would be alot of fun to play with. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Jeanne

    This will sound a bit crazy-given all the wonderful exotic locations-but I love visiting family in the summer in Western NY–I grew up outside Buffalo- and moved away 29 years ago–but try to make it up most summers (in VA now) I have an aunt and uncle who now own a home now on a lake and we can walk down about 50 steps and hear the water lapping onto the shore…we skim rocks, build bonfires at sundown, and aunts uncles, cousins, their kids–3 generations all sharing memories and catch up on each others lives. It really is great. My kids are already begging to go since we missed last summer…..The weather is ideal in the summer there–nice and cool in the 60’s at night, windows open.ahhhhhhh. Very relaxing and with good friends and family. Excellent. πŸ™‚

  • Debra Rogers

    My favorite vacation spot is a chaise at the point at Kapalua Bay in Maui. It is heaven on earth.

  • Ostvig

    I love greys river about 40 min south of Jackson Hole Wyo. No phones, computers or distractions Just us & the kids. Life slows down and we have fun as a family.
    We alwaya wonder how we got so rushed. have a great vacation.

  • sus

    Hi Taylor! Where you’re going and my favorite vacation spot have someone in common – Elvis! You’re going to Vegas and I love Kauai, which is where Elvis filmed Blue Hawaii (at least that’s what the tour guide in Hawaii told me!!!)

  • Shelli Deckard

    Hope Vegas is good to you! Sedona Arizona is a wonderful place! It gets a lot of attention due to the “spiritual” nature they say is “in the rocks” but I don’t care….God made some beautiful stuff to enjoy and look at there. My dh and I try to get there once a year just the two of us! Toodles!

  • Tina Doran

    Have a great time!!!
    My favorite vacation spotis a tie between two places. Aruba….where I spent my honeymoon and it was absolutely fab and relaxing….and Orlando….because my parents live there and I *heart* any time I get to spend with them!

  • wendy

    My favorite vacation spot is San Diego. I love the beach, weather, places to eat, and SeaWorld to name a few.
    Wendy – in Vegas.

  • ronee

    LOTS OF LUCK via Las Vegas! But you wanted to know my favorite vaca spot. It is SO Hawaii. Yes we are from there, but I love to go home. Not to mention home happens to be paradise!

  • iluvtocc

    There are lots of places I enjoy going on vacation, but none more than to Branson, Missouri. Gorgeous state with soooo many things to do and see there. Hope you get to go there someday. Hugz, Diane

  • Natasha

    Have a fabulous vacation!!

    I am such a kid at heart, so my favorite destination is Disney World at non-peak time. I went in May 2005, and it was so sparse, loved it!!

  • Shelly

    My favorite vacation place is Cadillac,MI. My hsband quartet (8 of us) stay in a small and I mean small 3 bedroom cabin. It is very simply but we love it. We are going back up for the third year in a row and can’t wait.
    Hope you are having fun in Vegas and winning some money to spend on more stamps!!!

  • dorothy erdely

    my favorite vacation spot is my awesome stamp room!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you’re welcome to join me anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alison

    My favorite place to vacation is when my family and I spend a nice week in a cabin, in the woods, with no ringing phones or television noise. Just some good quality time together.

  • mjb coffee

    I think I can fit in your suitcase. I don’t need a bed, because I would be busy with other things – no time to sleep. My favorite vacation spot is Yosemite National Park.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck!! My favorite vacation spot is my grandparent’s house in Brunswick, ME. I could spend all day on their deck admiring the ocean. Watching the fishing boats, lobster boats, and seagulls. It is the most relaxing place on earth for me. πŸ™‚

  • cheryl

    Have fun in Vegas! I have relatives there, so have visited many times, altho I’m not much of a gambler. My fave spot is Big Sur (which you had mentioned in a previous post). Living in MN all my life, I just need to see the ocean sometimes, and that PCH drive is awesome, as are the towns of Carmel, Monterey and Pacific Grove. I have been thru there 3 times as well as to the Hearst Castle.

  • Anonymous

    Have fun in Vegas! I have relatives there, so have visited many times, altho I’m not much of a gambler. My fave spot is Big Sur (which you had mentioned in a previous post). Living in MN all my life, I just need to see the ocean sometimes, and that PCH drive is awesome, as are the towns of Carmel, Monterey and Pacific Grove. I have been thru there 3 times as well as to the Hearst Castle.

  • Suzy

    Forget gambling – go stamp hunting!!!! As for my favorite place ever (right now lol) that would have to be Borneo because of the beauty of the rainforest, and the great hospitality of the people I stayed with.

  • Peggy

    Have fun in Vegas – say HI to my BF who is there with his guy friends (hopefully not losing too much money)… πŸ™‚

    My favorite vacation spot – haven’t been anywhere twice really and have enjoyed each place I’ve been to. There is so much beauty in the world – and the US especially — I am in awe. Let’s see, I love being by the ocean, and I really enjoyed our week vacation on Block Island (off of Rhode Island) — we rented bikes for the week and spent days on the beach and riding around the island, hiking and exploring.

  • Pam Hricenak

    LOVE the beautiful projects you share on this blog. The ultimate is Hawaii. Went there as a single woman and my husband is saving up miles for two tickets! For close getaway and with our boys, I love Daytona Beach, FL
    Pam Hricenak

  • debbiedee

    WOW! I would love to win this. There isn’t a Michaels close by. We farm and can’t really take off to vacation, but the one day get aways I enjoy are the zoo and pumpkin patch.

  • kamie b.

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere I go with my husband. I don’t care about the destination, just to spend time along together is all the vacation I need. :0)

  • debbiemom23cs

    Go to Slots of Fun! Its was funny! My family loves the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. We could go every year!

  • Diane

    Good luck in Vegas. I love Vegas but my favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod, MA. I go to Cape Cod every year. My family loves it!


  • Linda Thomas

    Ah vacation! What a wonderful thought. My husband and I like to go to Cannon Beach, Oregon in our motorhome. We take our 2 Mini-Schnauzers and have a blast- we go every year!!

  • Cambria Turnbow

    Have fun in Vegas!!

    My favorite spot to vacation is anywhere with my family and away from home. I think you can make anywhere paradise if you are with the people you love. πŸ™‚


  • Anonymous

    I am all over KAUAI Hawaii. We went there 2 years ago and had a great time. It is not as commercial as Maui – making it a little more relaxing! VIVA LAS VEGAS!


  • Anonymous

    Nice! Hope you have a great trip. I will always long to return to Tuscany, my favourite spot when my husband and I did a 24 day tour of Europe a few years back.



  • Cathie

    WOW, great candy! My favorite vacation is Maui from Jan-March because the whales are spanning and delivering their babies. Whale frolicking can be seen from the beach!

  • Clara AKA kalela

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere near the ocean. Being a Hawaii girl, I love the sound of the ocean–it’s very soothing & relaxing.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Lori

    Oh, please pick me! I’ve been to Vegas about 13 times in the last 20 years (enjoy your trip!), but my favorite is Oahu, Hawaii where we went for our honeymoon! So peaceful and tranquil…just like Stampin’.

  • BlogHore

    Wow! That’s some nice candy and lots of comments! Hope you are VERY lucky in Vegas.

    My favourite vacation spot (so far) is New York City. Not very “vacation-y” but I’ve only been once and haven’t seen nearly enough of it. The beach here in my home province is my favourite “vacation-y” vacation spot.

  • Jen K. (scs scrapnstampin)

    A special vacation spot is the Caribbean. My (now ex LOL) husband & I went there on vacation & ended up getting married on St. Croix. Several years later I went on a Caribbean cruise with a boyfriend – awesome trip too! Love the climate & the people are so warm & friendly.

  • Sue

    The Smoky Mountains in Piegon Forge, TN is our favorite vacation spot. We have been going every year for years. We rent a cabin in the mountains and make wonderful memories with our three kids and their children.

  • Ashley

    I have several favorite vacation spots. But if I could only pick one it would be anywhere my hubby is. In 22 years of being married we’ve never had separate vacations. We’re always togther – he’s my best friend.

  • Susan

    Hey Taylor, Have fun !

    Would love to win the blog candy…
    I like those acrylic stamps! My favorite spot is San Diego…so many places to go and the weather is usually beautiful! Susan

  • mnhyrkas at SCS

    Have a great time in Vegas! My favorite place to vacation is my parents cabin on the North Shore of Lake Superior in MN It’s beautiful, serene and peaceful. We really get away from it all because we dont have access to computer or cell phone- GASP! No TV either- just fishing, boating, hiking in the woods or plain ole’ reading and relaxing.

  • Sarah

    My favourite holiday spot is New York. Just because I can shop til I drop!!!! Love a bit of retail therapy!

  • Anonymous

    Have Fun in Vegas!!

    My favorite place is somewhere warm, and tropical!



  • callie778

    I am so jealous! We went to Vegas last July (it was too hot!) but had a blast. I can’t wait to go back! I think that my favorite vacation spot so far was Niagara Falls, so amazingly beautiful. Hope you have a great time in Sin City!

  • Crystal

    When I was 18 my parents took my younger brother and I on a cruise to the Bahama’s. It was wonderful, the water was amazing to look at. I doubt I’ll ever go on a vacation like that again!

  • Joy

    My favorite vacation spot would be one of the beaches on the Coast of North Carolina. Topsail, Ocean Isle, or Bald Head Island which is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    The Biltmore Estate in Ashville N.C., the Inn has a wonderful veranda that overlooks the grounds…very peaceful and relaxing. hope you have a great time
    thanks lisa-b

  • Sharon Jacobs

    It would be an honor to win blog candy from one of my favorite blogs. My husband and I went to Yellowstone National Park last summer and both of us were surprised at how much we enjoyed everything about it. We stayed in the park 3 days but we could have stayed a month. We both want to go back someday.

  • Janice

    I love the mountains. We go as often as we can. Thanks for the blog candy!

  • Sheryl

    Anyplace with a beach is fine by me! Love to soak up the warm sunshine.

  • Julesiana

    My favorite vacation spot is our family cabin in the thumb of MI. It is on the grounds of a Christian Camp (we own the cabin, not the land). It is not necessarily the most beautiful spot in the world–it just has the most beautiful people (including my family πŸ˜‰ )~Juliana

  • Steph

    I’m not sure I have a favorite vacation spot as I don’t get to go on vacation very often. One place I have been (but only for a day) and would like to spend more time there is Prince Edward Island, Canada. Oh, another place I was (again for a day) that I would like to return to is Quebec City.

  • Rosella

    I’ll probably have to read all through your comments too, to find a new vacation spot. Our kind of family tradition vacation spot is good old Disneyland!

  • Shannon

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere I haven’t been – we always like to do somewhere new when we vacation but a place we would go back to again and again is Kelowna, British Columbia in the Rocky Mountains and Okaganon Valley of Canada.

  • Anonymous

    Any place in Maine!!

    Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for sharing your goodies!


  • Ashley B

    Love love love Disneyland! Cliche perhaps, but I just adore watching my kiddos in awe of that place and have fabulous memories from there!
    Hope you have a great time in Vegas!!! I also frequent there — my brother is stationed at Nellis.
    Love the blog!

  • LouBelle

    Oh this is an easy one…the beach…any beach! I love the sound of the ocean and my 4 children’s laughter! The best part is that it is the one place that my husband can relax and not do any work! I love to watch him building castles, boats, dinosaurs, etc in the sand while I get to boogie board with the kids!We are all so happy there!

  • Patty

    My favorite place is Hawaii! Love the beaches, the beauty and just the laid back lifestyle! My second fave is VEGAS BABY!! Have a great time! The blog candy is beautiful!

  • Kevin & Amy

    Yay! Great blog candy, Taylor:) My favourite vacation spot is Costa Rica. I’ve only been once but would LOVE to go again.

    ~Amy H.

  • monika/buzsy

    Hope you are having fun in Vegas!
    My fav spot would be whereever a cruise takes me. Probably the Caribbeans…

  • Denise

    My favorite vacation spot is always Disney World! It reminds me to not take life so seriously and just enjoy the moment. Funny how gettting dizzy in a teacup with 2 smiling kiddies sitting beside you stays fresh in my mind on a cold and dreary winter day like today…

  • Gina Wrona

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but I hope you “hit the jackpot”, KWIM?

    My favorite (ideal) vacations were when we took cruises on the Carnival cruise line. One year we went to the Eastern Carribean and then the next year we went to the Western Carribean, of course these vacations were before the children came along.

    So now, with 2 kids in tow, up north is where we go to Uncle Frank’s cottage around Sand Lake near East Tawas, Tawas Bay.

  • Johna

    My favorite vacation spot would have to be Disney World, because no matter how old you are, that is the one place to remind what it’s like to still be a kid. I also love anything that I get to do with all my family. I hope that you have a Blessed and wonderful vacation.

  • Beth

    Wow, what a bunch of goodies. My favourite vacation spot is Cape Breton, N.S. It is so mountainess. Alexander Graham Bell’s summer house is in Cape Breton and I used to visit the museum every summer. Breathtakingly beautiful. Very peaceful and natural.

  • Anonymous

    I just love visiting Finland. We are of Finnish heritage, and we still have family there. Most enjoyable, is the rellies our age…it’s so neat to compare lives and cultures…just love it!!!

  • kisamari

    Oh you lucky duck you! I LOVE Vegas – that would have to be my fav. spot! I honestly don’t care much for the gambling..I just love that it is so alive and usually warm! Have an excellent time!
    By the way, I’m only one hour from someone’s posted fav…Gold Beach, Oregon! – I’m in Bandon.

    Kisa Peters

  • Maureen Rauchfuss

    Hi Taylor – my absolutely favorite place to be is Cambria, CA in a little bed and breakfast hotel right across from the Ocean on Moonstone Beach – so quiet and serene. It is the only vacation we take where truly all my stress goes away, without the aid of stamping πŸ™‚

  • Julie Phillips

    Well Taylor, you might find this odd but my favorite spot to vacation is Peru, South America. The people are so loving and kind. And I love to go somewhere, where you learn about the culture, it’s not just sitting on the beach for me.
    Viva Las Vegas

  • Mara

    Have a great time in Las Vegas! And win lots of money.
    I dont have a favorite place, since I cant travel much. But love warm places like Florida, Key West.
    ANd just getting away.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest with you I have never gone on a vacation. Just can’t afford it but I love rubber stamping. I guess you can say my best spot for a vacation is my little craft room.

  • Judy S

    Coos Bay, OR! Right along the coast … absolutely gorgeous! My sister lives there and I just love to visit when they have the blackberry festivals!

  • MaryBeth L

    I would say my favorite vacation spot was Yosemite National park – would love to go there again!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite vacation spot is Colorado. I love snow skiing but it is also beautiful in the summer as well. I love visiting the Colorado Springs area–lots to see and do.

    Have fun on your trip!

  • Julie K

    Disney World with my little boy! Ok, for a grownup vacation anyplace with a beach and frozen drinks with those cute little umbrellas will do. Have a blast in Vegas – hope you hit the jackpot!

  • Wackie

    I have two favorite spots – my first has to be Sanibel Island, Florida. You can’t help buy love the place and the shelling is out of this world. But then, there’s Vegas – yeah, Baby!!! Been there numerous times, love the shows, gambling, activities. They are so different from each other – one laid back and relaxing, the other full of people, noise, lights. You have a great time and hope you win!

  • Amy B

    my favorite vacation spot is ANYWHERE with my husband and 2 little girls. Anywhere but home, thats too mondain. I enjoy weekend getaways with my family, and we also have a cottage on a lake a few hours north of home and we really enjoy spending summers there!!! Thanks for asking!

  • Aimee

    my favorite spot is disney world in orlando….

  • Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

    taylor, don’t you just love vegas, baby!!! i would have to say my favorite vacation was a driving trip we took from here (texas) up to seattle, washington. we had never seen mountains in real life before and they were awesome!!! that must be where writers go to write about God’s majesty!!!

  • Anonymous

    We just came back from our first big vacation without the kids. We went to Maui! Loved it and now can’t wait till we can go again!!
    Carrie Dyck

  • janetwmarks

    Have a great time. If you can, go to the Hoover Dam. It was awesome!. I love Italy!! I went a year ago with my son and some of his school. The people were so friendly and really appreciated if you just tried to speak Italian. My son was 18 so this was the best time for mom and son to go together before he went off to college. Man, I miss him!!! Enjoy. Janet in NC

  • Karin Thorne

    My favorite holiday is anywhere that my husband and I can go to escape the pressures of life, kids and ministry for a few days…the end of April that will be a Caribbean Cruise which I’m guessing will become my favorite! Have a great getaway yourself.


  • Stamp4hobby

    Good luck in Vegas! πŸ™‚ Hope you win lots of $ for stampin’ stuff!
    My favorite vacation spot is Monterey, California. I was born near there and I love the smell of the ocean and drivng through the grape vineyards to get there… Now I want to go on vacation too!!! πŸ˜‰

  • robin

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere there is a beach. Just sitting and listening to the waves or walking along the edge of the water for miles is the most relaxing thing I could ever think of.
    I hope you have a great little vacation! Great blog candy!

  • gthandy

    Hey T!

    Well where do I begin! I think I loved all the places that I have been on vacation! A vacation is what you make of it! My most recent was to Clearwater Fla at the end of August with my sister for my girlfriends wedding. No DH/BF no KIDS.It was a great time to reconnect the sisterly bond. We did the spa thing and shopping. It was really faboo!
    Have fun in Vegas. I went to sin city when I was a baby with my parents so it is almost like I have never been. Looking forward to going again one day! Win BIG!!

  • moster

    Hi Taylor — what a fantastic prize! I have TWO favorite vacation spots. First is Breckenridge, CO — winter is fun for skiing, but summer is phenomenal for hiking, golf and just getting away from midwest humidity. Second is northern California, which is where I’m heading tomorrow for MY vacation. A little wine tasting in Sonoma/Napa, golf in Pebble, and whale watching in Monterey!
    Melissa P

  • Barb

    Love Key West. 3 years in a row and running… Have fun in Vegas!

  • Linda Yamakido

    LOVE Santa Cruz in late summer through fall…never hotter than 75-80 ,, always a sea breeze. Always sunny, GREAT food.

    Have fun in vegas

  • AnnH

    Hi Taylor! Have a great time in Vegas and I hope lady luck is at your side (and mine–I would love to win that blog candy)! My favorite vacation spot is at the cabin we rent each year on Keuka Lake with my DH and our two children. It’s so stess-free and we really have a great time together! Have fun!

  • Pat S.

    ooooooooo….have fun on your vacation!

    My favorite vacation spot is Treasure Island, Fl. Just north of St. Petersburg. Beautiful beach, and not so crowded. Great place to RELAX!!

    Pat S.

  • Ila

    Have a Greaat vacation!! My favorite spot is Clear lake Manitoba. Every year for the last 4 yrs we rent a cabin and our children all meet us there. Great fun!!

  • Anonymous

    HAVe a great time in Vegas.. thank you for letting me join your newsletter This is my first time doing this …
    but my favorite place would be the Smokey mountians in Tennessee no matter what time of year you go …there is always something new beautiful peaceful there…the air , trees the mountains, the sunrise and sunsets are the BEST EVER…
    well I hope you WIN BIG and have a great week

  • ldcamer

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…haha…Have lots of fun! My fav spot is Disney World. I feel like everything is perfect all the time, and I am a kid again there. Plus, w/ 3 little ones, it is happy family fun for all!!

  • craftymom1985

    My favorite vacation spot would be Sun Valley, Idaho. Lots to do or nothing at all as the mood strikes. Have a great time in Vegas and thanks for sharing your creativity (and blog candy) with us!

  • Elizabeth Pryor

    I haven’t really had many vacations farther than a day away from home, but I’d love to go to England. Imagine all the antique stores and vintage stuff that I could find to add to cards! Woo-hoo! Not to mention hearing that dishy accent all day long. πŸ™‚

  • foodpartyfun

    Would have to be Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. We own a little cabin there and it is always so relaxing and rejuvinating to go there for a few days. Enjoying the peacefulness of the water and the woods all around. It’s like stepping back in time for a while.


  • Anonymous

    Have seen your blog before but just signed up today. Are you back with lots of $$ from Vegas yet?? Sure hope you had a good time. Any vacation place is good just to get away for awhile, but Niagara Falls is great and you could visit me as well, as we don’t live far from there. You could also deliver my blog candy, ( wink ) Have a good day, Hugs n’ Stuff, Lynne

  • Sara

    I hope you have so much fun.

    As for my favorite vacation spot asking me to chose would be like asking me to choose my favorite piece of chocolate. Ok, let me put it stamping terms…like asking you to chose your favorite stamp or ribbon…oh you get the idea. I’ve been to so many places that I love and would love to go back to again. I want to go back to Scotland, Dominican Republic, Canada, Russia, London (would love to spend a month here). I’m always going to New York, Charleston, Savannah, and the beach (pick on it doesn’t matter). Then there are the places I would that I haven’t been to that I would love to visit like Italy, Spain. You know what know I’m taking over your blog and the only thing I wanted to do was tell you to have fun on your vacation so relax and enjoy and we’ll see you when you get back.

  • Sharon in NE

    Incredible candy!!!! Favorite vacation spot: Washington DC for the sight seeing and museums, Wisconsin Dells for the waterparks and Orlando with kids. (I’m obviously not into relaxing) Hope your vacation is exciting!

  • Judith

    My favorite vacation spot is Morrison, Colorado, visiting my sister and niece.
    She and I are both stampers and she’s coming in just two days to visit me for a week. Great blog candy. I’d love to win so we can share the stamps

  • Lisa C.

    My favorite vacation spot is actually at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, even though I worked there it is still one of my favorite places to go and relax and have a good time with the kids. There is so much to do that adults can enjoy it with or without kids!

  • Daz

    Have a great vacation! My fav vacation spot is 2 fold: camping up at Mt. Ranier and spending 48 hours in Rome. Those were the best times!

  • InspiredByInk

    I never knew your last name was dutch, thanks for that tidbit of info! my favorite spot is anywhere it’s warm and there’s a sandy beach lol. I prefer the all inclusive places… so nice not to have to worry about paying for anything else lol.

    have fun! bobbie

  • Anonymous

    What a fun trip! One of my favorite vacation spots is Bar Harbor Maine. We went in the fall and loved everything about it.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • Anonymous

    I love ROME!!! My hubby and I got to go there twice when we lived in Germany. I thought I had been places before Rome and was a seasoned traveler- but WOW- my mouth was opened in awe both times!

    Vegas is good too- went last July- a bit hot…. came back and my oldest son was potty trained- that rocked!!


  • Susanna

    Put some money down on 6 & 8! Vegas might be my favorite vacation spot. The gaming, the shows, the restaurants, heck, just walking around the hotels. It’s a very fun place to be, and my husband and I always have a ball there.

    If we’re traveling with the kiddos, Orlando is the FAV spot. Ilove Disney and my kids love Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Where else can you get your picture taken with Spiderman?!

    Have a safe trip!

  • Gretchen

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, lol! I love Cape Cod:0)

  • Anne Marie

    Maui for sure. A must go to place for everyone! There is no where else in the world quite like Hawaii, the people, the mountains, the ocean, so awesome in every aspect of the word! Thanks for the awesome opportunity and for sharing!

  • Renee

    Have a great time in Vegas… here’s to lots of good luck!
    My favorite vacation spot is up north Michigan anywhere on a beach!
    Great blog candy and so nice of you to do!
    Have a stamp happy day!
    Renee V.
    happystamper05 on scs

  • Ginger B

    Hope youre having a great time in Vegas! Love reading your blog!

    Favorite vacation spot.. we live in Germany right now with the military and I have to say I love traveling all over Europe. Its hard to do on military pay with 6 children, but we budget it so that we can take advantage of being over here. The kids would say their favorite place to vacation is WDW- even though theyve only been there once.. but we are planning on taking them to EuroDisney before we leave here! πŸ™‚ My dream vacation would be on some island somewhere like in the movies.

  • Sue Symens

    noCool! I wish we had a Micheal’s. Have fun and absorb some warm for me. Still cool in the midwest. Thanks so much!!! Sue

  • Wendy Luse

    Love the stamps and very cute bandaid box. Hope I win!!! My favorite vacation spot is Florida. Vegas is also very fun. Have a great time!

  • Sandi

    A real vacation to me is to relax. Read, have someone else cook for you when your hungry, massages are a bonus, etc. I recently went to Vermont for a vacation but someplace warm would be great next time.

  • Joanne B.

    Hope you have an outstanding time in Vegas! Right now, my favorite vacation place would be anyplace without snow! Seriously though the best vacation I’ve ever been on was of course, my honeymoon. We went to Bermuda in June. The weather was outstanding, our hotel was wonderful, the people there are SO nice. The shopping, the food etc etc. I could go on and on. However, the memories of it being our first vacation together as a married couple!

  • grsenn

    I LOVE VEGAS! So much fun..

    Do I have to pick one? I’ll vacation anywhere but my (two) favorite spots are KONA VILLAGE in Hawaii.. we went there on our honeymoon and it was just perfect, couldn’t ask for more. Tied or a VERY close 2nd is Malliouhana in Anguilla. That place is close to perfection too…

    Hope you win big!


  • Anonymous

    Love your site and would love some blog candy….my favorite vacation place is Bob’s Lake in Ontario Canada. Haven’t been there for quite some time but love it there!

  • Lynn

    My favorite vacation spot is Chicago. I love to shop & eat out, and this is the best place for both (that I’ve been to, anyway)! Have fun in Vegas!

  • Anonymous

    last November we took our 3 kids and met my brother and his family at Disney World – it was a blast! we rented a house for the week and spent 5 days in Disney parks, our kids are 11,6 and 3 so they were a great age to appreciate and enjoy the time. we were exhausted by the end of the week and had lots of school work to catch up on when we got home but it was worth it!

    Can’t wait to hear about your Vegas trip! Thanks Taylor!

  • Lauri

    Have fun in Vegas!

    My heart belongs to Disney World as of late. I always have fun. I am also sure my favorite place hasn’t been discovered yet–some white sanded beach probably…

  • Mary Campbell

    Hope you have a great vacation. My favorite vacation is anywhere my family is. We usually all gather up and go fishing and boating on the lake close to home.

  • Michaelann

    My fav. vacay spot is Cape Cod, MA and then second is Ogunquit, ME. I love the New England coastline!!!

  • Janet

    Hmmm, favorite easy, fast vacation would be to the Jersey shore…a nice B&B. Dream vacation would be Hawiia…someday!

  • Anonymous

    My fav. vacation spot would be Hawai’i….great scenery and of course the food. Liann M.

  • Melissa

    My favorite vacation spot is probably Florida so we could go to Disney with the kids. It’s been a while since we’ve been there tho. Enjoy Vegas. It’s been 4 years since we went and had a blast!!

  • jenny4wheel

    Our favorite vacation spot would be Clifty Falls State Park in Indiana. It’s were we honeymooned (no money for a fancy moon) and we’ve gone back every other year or so. Have fun in Vegas

  • skyviewstamper

    My fav spot is Kentucky Lake. Camping right on the banks of the lake and great campfires with the family. It’s like your in a whole different world!! Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  • Cheryl

    Hope you have a terrific vacation–I know you will and will be anxious to hear all about it when you return. My favorite vacation spot is wherever we happen to be in our camper with our doggies. I love that I no longer have to leave our dogs behind or in a kennel (which I hate to do). We can go wherever we want to now as all the great spots have campgrounds. (this is all except Hawaii and I do love it there also.).
    thanks for the awesome blog candy.

  • Dorothy Yoder

    WOW, what a great treat Taylor! My favorite vacation spot is Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, Florida. I love the beach and the water of the Gulf of Mexico is beautiful. Four weeks from today and we will be there!:) Can’t wait. My husband took me to Vegas for my 50th birthday and we had a blast! Hope you have a great time.


  • janice

    perhaps i am pathetic or perhaps i am too practical, but my favorite vacation spot is anywhere my family is. odd perhaps, but we all work hard and are always off in different directions and any time spent with my daughters and husband is my favorite vacation spot.be it the back yard for a picnic or disneyland, if i am surrounded by my family, that is my vacation…

  • Barb (hotair4b@aol.com)

    Have a great time in Viva Las Vegas. My Favorite Vacation spot used to be Daytona Beach, Florida but lately after having been to several different places in the US I would have to say Albuq., NM. We went there for the Hot Air Festival and the weather was fabulous and there were so many places to go and things to see. Course we went in Oct. so the weather was the best. Next to this spot would be the Outer Banks of NC!! And being #251 you got a lot of reading to do when you get back!! Barb S

  • Jen

    Well Schucks if I had known you were going to Vegas baby, I would sent some cashola your way to drop on a few tables for me……….LOL Have a blast! Vacation………..anymore I would have to say anywhere that has mountains, or some ocean. I’m originally from WA and moved to Indiana about 6 years ago and I so miss the beautiful scenery from WA and OR.

  • Jodi

    Being I have young children and we live in Florida, we always go to Orlando. However, a few years ago, my husband and I had an opportunity to go on a trip and I chose the Grand Canyon. It was amazing! I have never seen anything so beautiful before! We also went to Vegas as part of the trip. It was fun too-but different! I hope you enjoy your trip. Have lots of fun!!!

  • Anonymous

    Vermont anytime of the year. Spectacular state. Good luck in LV, hope you hit the BIG ONE.

  • Jan Scholl

    I havent been on a vacation in over 20 years-so dont have a favorite place. So I guess my back yard with my dog-as long as hubby is out of town and I can do what I please. Being by myslef with no schedule is really the best for me. doenst matter where I am either.

  • Kathy

    Pick me! Dh and I are going to Vegas at the end of the month for his birthday. It’s not our *favorite* vacation spot but we do get out there a lot. Our favorite vacation spot is Hawaii–we actually prefer Oahu and generally stay at Hilton Hawaiian Village.

    Have a great time in Vegas πŸ™‚

  • MiMi's Place

    I haven’t been out of the country – unless you call cruising to the Bahama’s “out of the country”, but I have been to many places in the good ole’ US of A! No matter where we go, I always long to be on the ocean. I don’t have much experience with many places near the ocean, but I will say with what I have seen considered, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is my favorite vacation spot.

    I don’t really care for the crowds – it is so touristy – but I love the ocean and the ability to have lots of things to do at the drop of a hat. As our babies get older I hope to move them away from all the commercialism of MB, but I know I want to stay close. Maybe I can find a little place on the coast that is cheap – 4 walls, floors and roof, with a great view of the ocean out the back window.

    We just returned from Vegas, and in my opinion there is no comparison! I tend to get bored in Vegas. I never get bored sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in.

  • Lisa

    Hawaii, baby! On my way in July…

    Love the candy! πŸ™‚

  • Doris

    I have yet to see those stamps at our local Michaels! Have a great time in Vegas. I like going to Japan – we’ve been more recently because our daughter was teaching English there. The last time she took us on a ramen tour – we went around trying a lot of ramen!

  • elana

    Have fun in Vegas! Many people consider Hawaii paradise, but since I live here, it’s just home for me. I loved Mackinac Island when we visited – so peaceful. And I’m hoping soon I can say Greece cause that’s the next place I want to visit.

  • Jennifer

    I would have to say the Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. You will never find anything prettier!!
    Have fun in Vegas!!

  • Peggy Maier

    Gosh, there are so many neat places to go – how can I choose just one! I do believe Colorado would be a first followed by my home state of AR (both have beautiful scenery, lots to do & favorite relatives to visit!

  • Karen

    You are in my favorite vacation spot! We go to Vegas 1-2 times a year for quick trips! We love to stay at Paris, center strip.

  • Anonymous

    Great blog candy! Thanks for teh chance to win them πŸ˜‰ My favorite palce to vacation is the province of Nova Scotia…beautiful B&Bs, beaches, historical sites and friendly people!
    Anna Beth

  • Lisa Johnson

    Barbadoes BABY!!! Ahhhh….so sweet and warm! have a fun trip!

  • Candisueia

    Our favorite Vacation Spot (other than Disney World) is Hayward WI. We go there every year to the Tiger Muskey Resort on the Chippewa Flowege to camp, fish and get away from electronics. It is a great family time with lots of activities in town too. The great big Muskey to Climb, the 80+ year old grandma making fudge at the candy store (THAT IS HUGE!) eating at the outdoor cafe, feeding the deer and other animals at the Wilderness Walk zoo. We have a cabin and feed the geese and ducks. Not to mention all those bluegill my 8 yr old son catches! The sand, Swimming in the cold lake….. 10 year we have been doing it!

  • Karen (taiterbug)

    Wow – who wouldn’t want to win this. My favourite vacation spot would have to be Prince Edward Island, here in Canada. There is just something about the red soil, and all the quaint villages. You can be travelling down a road, start down into a valley and there might be a few houses and a little white church – looks so serene. Hopefully we can go there again sometime, as my husband has never had the opportunity to travel there.

  • Laura

    My favorite place is Sanibel Island, FL…. it’s a small island off the coast of Ft. Myers, and it sits in the Gulf of Mexico. It has some of the world’s greatest shelling, and barely a chain restaurant/store in sight!

    It’s overall a relaxing, beachy, (almost) tourist free place!

  • Kathi

    Have a great time in Vegas!
    What a great blog candy…
    My favorite vacation spot would be Summerland, British Columbia (canada)
    Can’t wait to go again..

  • Michelle Skillicorn

    The most favorite place I’ve been is Croatia. I actually went on your dime via the Army. It truely is paradise on earth!! Dubrovnik or Split are the best cities, IMO. When I went to Split, I stayed on an island called Trojir. It’s BEAUTIFUL coastal scenery, and it’s CHEAP. At the time, it was 36 Kuna to $1 US, and my hotel suite on the island coast cost 120 Kuna a night. Check it out!

  • Whimsey

    CUTE!!! I haven’t seen those at Michael’s; I just got my FIRST acrylic stamps ever from Nichole’s site this week; so I need more to play with. LOL We love to vacation in Colorado or Montana – love the mountains, animals, EVERYTHING. Have a great trip!

  • Anonymous

    My fav vacation spot? Well for a skii vacation, Lake Tahoe. I had a wonderful time their a few years ago with my brother. For a warm weather spot, I think Hawaii. That was another fun trip with a good friend this time. Love the blog candy, fingers crossed!!

    Ruth A.

  • lilstamperalex

    LOVE your blog candy! My all time favorite place to go is the lake – any lake. We spent 10 days at Big Bear Lake, then another 8 days at Lake Oroville (both in CA) and LOVED the tubing, swimming, boating, fishing, etc. Great time with our three kids having a blast! Have a WONDERFUL time in “Lost Wages” – *smile*

  • Anonymous

    Great blog candy!! I love your site!!! You inspire me so!
    My favorite vacation spot…humm…you know I’d have to tell the truth…It’s just anywhere with my family. Whether it’s at home, at the beach, the mountains, living a happy, peaceful life is vacation to me!

  • Kathyc

    Well, I’m going to Hawaii on Sunday…that’s a nice vacation spot!!! Have fun in Vegas!

  • Propecia

    I love to go to St. Louis! It is my FAVORITE place to go! I only get there about once a year, I spend a little bit of time with my niece & nephew and then I SHOP, go to baseball games and EAT!!!

  • Pam Speidel

    Have a wonderful vacation in Vegas! How nice of you to think of your blog fans before leaving. We’re all here drooling over the candy. πŸ™‚ Seriously, love your blog and visit daily to be inspired by your creativity.

    HAWAII is the ultimate vacation destination for me! πŸ™‚

  • Michelle

    Have fun in Vegas! My favorite vacation spot is anywhere at the beach or Venice, Italy! Can’t beat those sunsets!

  • Lilian

    have fun in las vegas!!
    my favorite vacation spot is bora bora

  • Amber

    I love Virgina Beach with the family. Nothing can beat spending a week at with the ocean at your door with extended family. We go sightseeing and swimming during the day. We end the day with each family planning and serving a meal followed by family games or a trip into town to see fireworks.

  • Nancy

    Well Vegas is in the running (infact my son in law is there right now for a convention) but I have to say Tampa Florida, because
    my daughter and family live there.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I dont really have a favorite yet!! Thats what we were trying to decide before logging on here. It is our 30th wedding aniversary and we were trying to figure something out. We are from Indiana have 2 daughters 25 & 20. Never really been on a vaction just the 2 of us since our honeymoon! So we will keep looking!
    Have fun….

  • Sherri R

    Hope you have a great trip. We are leaving in 1 week for my favorite place, which is Florida. I love Clearwater Beach area. We are going to Disney, then Cape Canaveral and then Fort Walton πŸ™‚ So I hope you have a great trip too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Linda Shaw

    Have fun in Vegas! My favorite place to vacation? I guess Southern California to Disneyland & all the other attractions down there. Linda SS

  • Jane

    Any where on the islands! My niece is moving to Hilo so the Big Island will be a favorite since my little g.niece will be there :o)But any place that with my DH is great!

  • Lori Craig

    WOWZA! Look at all those comments! 178 at the time I am posting! My favorite vacation place is the beach. Love to hear the waves hit the beach. Have fun in Vegas, that’s a great place, too!

  • Jen

    Hey Taylor, I hope you are having fun in Vegas!

    I always go visit family on my vacation. Don’t really know where I would go if I could choose. It seems like I have everything I need right near me…the beach, the mountains, Disneyland…

  • Anita K.

    I love the blog candy and I really NEED it!

    My favorite vacation place is The Homestead in Hot Springs, Va. I love about any place in VA.

  • Heather B

    I like to vacation in Mexico on the beach. You can rent horses and just relax in the sun.
    Thanks for the chance to win and good luck in Vegas!
    Heather B

  • Tracy

    Have a great trip! I have to say my favorite place to go on vacation is the Okanagon in B.C.
    Tracy H

  • Rachel

    Favorite place right now is Universal in Orlando. Although going to the Florida gulf and sitting on the sand and looking out at the water sounds really good.

    Have a great time in Vegas!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor,
    Your blog is great – I love to check it every day. Made your monkey bread the other night – yum!
    My vacations are in St Louis cause our youngest daughter and hubby live there. THe arch is a sight to behold – the St Louis zoo is also fun to visit.
    Sandy Kay

  • mj

    Whooo hooo have fun! My favorite spot is Gatlinburg, TN and venture out all through the smokies for scenery and shopping!

  • Melisa

    too many places to mention..but definitely some place warm–but not hot, and sand and an ocean or a pool and lounge chair definitely come into play. Seriously though I think the most relaxed vacation I’ve ever taken was on a cruise ship..and my favorite days were the ones @ sea where we could all just relax and do what we wanted..where could you find me? Laying in a chaise lunge by the pool reading…and listening to the water all around!

  • Lynn

    Happy trails!

    My favorite vacation spot would be Maui – upcountry. However, hard to believe but Vegas is a more affordable trip for us on Oahu; that’s before our deposits in the casinos. My DH and I enjoy staying at the Excalibur Hotel…close access by car to everywhere. Checked out my first Target, Michael’s, Joann’s there – but i guess so does everyone else as all of them had nothing! Of course, I should note that we were there a couple of days after the scrapbookers’ convention/show.

  • Lezlye

    Hi Taylor,
    I have been looking for those stamps eveywhere! I would have to say my favorite vacation spot to date would be Hawaii! I haven’t been to too many different destinations. I have a long list of places that I would like to visit! Italy,England, St. Thomas Virgin Islands, oh my I could go on forever!

  • Jami

    My favorite vacation spot is probably Santa Barbara -love staying in a B&B and relaxing there. Have a BLAST in Vegas in my friend!

  • Jonni

    Hope Vegas is good to you and the family. Although I do love to travel, and we do our share. My favorite is to tell everyone we will be gone, and stay home, and play. Do all the fun things we like, and not answer the phone. Heavenly!!!!!!!!!

  • onestampinmama

    Sad but true, I have never “been on vacation” but if I had my choice it would be warm, lots of sand, beach side massages, hammacks and secluded!! Guess I’d better get back to reality my kids are hungry and they want dinner… Now!!

  • Renee

    I check your blog daily and hope you have a wonderful vacation! I love going to the Outer Banks (Nags Head, NC) every year with extended family.
    Have a great time!

  • Terri

    Hi Taylor, what great blog candy! The tin is a neat way to store those little cuties!! My favorite vacation destination is Bald Head Island, NC. No cars allowed, only golf carts, the only way to get there is by ferry. A little piece of heaven for me. Have a wonderful time in Vegas.

  • Adelina

    Have fun! My favorite vacation spot is Cannon Beach, OR!

  • ~Lana B.~

    Hope you bring home more than you take to Vegas!!!
    My fav would have to have been my vacation last year to Disneyworld in Florida. So cliche but you can totally lose yourself and have fun! Enjoy and thanks for blogging and letting us all lurk in your world!
    ~Lana B.~

  • Judy

    My all time favorite vacation spot is Santa Barbara, California! The beautiful beach, the ocean, the seagulls, and the great SHRIMP TACOS they sell right on the Pier!
    We’re going to Vegas in the fall!
    Cha Ching!
    Judy – Metzgerj66@netzero.net

  • Daniela

    My favorite vacation spot is Tahiti, but for something closer we love to go to Cancun.
    Have fun in Vegas!!!

  • Donna B.

    ooh-what fun! Someday I hope to go there! My favorite spot is San Leandro, CA to visit my family (live in TX now) we’re going for my niece’s 1st birthday on April 26th!!

  • Marie

    Oh, what great blog candy and such a cute tin! My favorite vacation spot would have to be Belize, where my husband and I had the fortune of stopping at on our first (and still only) cruise last spring. It was beautiful, and the snorkeling is the best in the world as it’s the largest LIVING barrier reef. Can’t wait to see who wins and have fun in Vegas!

  • NC

    ooohhh! I love Vegas – I know you’re going to have a great time!
    My favorite vacation spot is Italy! I spent some time an hour outside of Milan and it was heaven on earth. I can’t wait to go back and explore Tuscany and other areas.

    Stampin’ Library Girl

  • Kelly Jo

    Great candy Taylor!!! I’d love to win- love acrylic stamps!

    My favorite vacation spot is the Bahamas~ we honeymooned on the Island of Grand Bahamas- heavenly!!!

  • Cris

    Give me the Big Apple. There is soooo much to do, and see and eat!
    The last time I was there was 2 months before 9/11. I can’t wait to go back!

  • Anonymous

    love your blog found thru my other favorite stamper, JulieHRR.
    Favorite vacation spot is Maui-so relaxing! Hope to get back there in 2008.


  • Jackie

    Since you didn’t specify if money didn’t matter, so I choose New Zealand! I have been once about 10 years ago and if money were no object that is where I would choose to vacation again. It is a great place – the people are friendly and the scenery is beautiful!

  • JenMarie

    Taylor-what a great giveaway!
    Favorite vacation spot…Florida.

  • Amanda Sewell

    You know, I love to vacation in Vegas. I so love all the lights — but it is for sure not a good kid vacation spot, so I have not been there to vacation since I had kids. I hope you have a great time. I checked and my Michael’s did not have these πŸ™ *sigh*

  • StampingontheLakefront

    Actually its Vegas! My family and I have gone 2x a yrs for the past few years – The Wynn is the best place for THE BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP! BEST FOOD!

  • Tami

    My favorite vacation spot is St. Thomas. This was the first vacation my husband (back then my boyfriend) and I took together.

    Lots of great memories of that trip.. including on hilarious trip back from Duffy’s Love Shack!

  • LSN2

    I would have to say that my favorite vacation spot where I’ve been recently is Lake Tahoe (just a beautiful serene place). My favorite dream vacation would be either going to Ireland.


  • Cher

    Great Blog Candy!
    My favorite vacation is traveling throughout the US from town to town to see what each state has to explore.
    Have fun in Vegas!

  • kristahubbard2002

    Love Vegas, too. Will actually be there on Saturday! Would love to run into you!

  • diane mcvey

    Duh, I forgot to answer the question! I would have to say the Blue Ridge Mountains….just a super beautiful place!!!

  • Harriet

    That’s a hard one to answer since I love so many places…I’d have to say Yosemite. I got engaged there and my family goes there often to hike now. It’s especially beautiful in the fall. I just was at Michaels but our store doesn’t carry these acrylic stamps. Enjoy Vegas!

  • diane mcvey

    WOW,WOW,WOW!!! How awesome of you!!! These are so cool…and I’m happy about you having a vacation of sorts! Fun, fun! Thanks for this great offering…someone is going to be giddy with excitement!!! πŸ™‚

  • robin

    have a great time !!!!
    i personally dont care to travel.
    but i get excited for those of you who genuinely love it
    i enjoy hanging out with my family
    bbqing having picnics on our familyroom floor while watching movies together.

  • Anonymous

    My fav vacation spot is either Vegas or Oregon. We go to a beautiful casino in Canyonville Oregon that is fun and not as crowded as Vegas. Huge pool and gym and lots of good food.

    Lori Faeber

  • Jennifer Ofiana

    Have a great time in Vegas!!! We were suppose to go next weekend but Soccer Tryouts got in the way! Bummer! Have a blast!

  • Katie

    Have a great time! I would say Hawaii because i ust got back from there.

  • Cathy

    I love Cannon Beach, OR and especially flying kites on the beach with my boys.

  • Jackie W.

    My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii! We went once & I’ve always wanted to go back. Have fun in Vegas!

  • Dawn Mercedes

    I’m hoping it’ll be this summer, on our 2 week Hawiian Cruise! I’ll let you know!

  • scfranson

    Our favorite vacation spot is Duluth, Mn on Lake Superior. It’s a beautiful place and the lake is amazing.
    Claudia f.

  • Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS)

    I would have to say Disney World. Just love it! Have a great trip!

  • Regina

    Good luck in Vegas! Win the Big One! My favorite vacation spot is Mexico…specifically Puerto Vallarta. Beautiful beaches and beautiful people.

  • Elizabeth

    Have fun in Vegas. I’ve never been, but here it’s great! This is a super prize!

    My favorite vacation spot is Abaco, Bahamas. These islands are so quiet (not touristy at all!). I love to take a ton of books to read, walk on the beach, sleep in a hammock, enjoy great food, etc. My family (9 of us) are going there is June.

  • slonar@ns.sympatico.ca

    Ireland! We went there on our honeymoon 6 years ago and would love to go back!
    Sherri L

  • Viv

    My favorite place is Phoenix/Scottsdale area in Arizona. I fell in love with the desert scenery there. Actually there is all kinds of gorgeous scenery in all parts of the state. Hopefully will retire there someday!

  • Stacey

    The best place for a nice. relaxing vacation is Kelley’s Island. in Ohio (near Lake Erie). You ride a ferry to the island, and once you step off onto land, you are sure you’ve gone to heaven. There aren’t many cars – most people drive golf carts – it’s so laid back! There is a beach, great shops, awesome fishing spots and the ruins of a winery – it’s magnificient!


  • Anonymous

    Nothing sweeter than blog candy!
    My favorite spot is CAMP OF THE WOODS in Speculator, NY. It is an awesome family camp.
    Thanks for the sweets and all your inspiration!

  • Debi

    Hope you have good luck in Vegas! Cha-ching! Cha-ching! (LOL)
    I love going to amusement parks – my girls and I have always enjoyed the roller coasters and I can’t wait until my grandson is old enough to enjoy them too! Hershey Park in PA and Bush Gardens in VA are 2 of my favorite places.

  • leenda

    My favorite vacation spot is a cruise to Alaska. Good luck in Vegas!

  • kirstensmom

    Have a great Vegas trip Taylor!! My favorite vaction spot would have to be Sandpoint, Idaho, where we go every summer. Not that I couldn’t be easily persuaded to change that to mexico or Hawaii or somewhere tropical thoough!

    Kelly S

  • Mandy

    I love MAUI! We went there for our honeymoon and are planning to maybe go back next Spring Break or summer…YAY! Have a fun and safe trip.

  • Amy

    My favorite vacation spot is the deck chair on a cruise ship going just about anywhere!

    Hope you have fun in Vegas!

  • Laura

    Humm, my favorite vacation spot is Tofino on Vancouver Island. We went there for our honeymoon – so beautiful – you have to visit. We stayed at the Wickinish Inn – also awesome. Wake up and see the ocean out the window. We are hoping to go back in 4 years.

  • Sandy K

    Have fun!!

    Sounds like you are psyched πŸ™‚

    My fav spot has to be Maui!!! Hate coming home from there.

    Relax and enjoy!

  • Jane R

    We’ve always loved to travel. One of the best places was the Outer Banks and Busch Gardens. But it’s hard to pick just one!
    Have a great time in Vegas!!


  • Jen Stevenson

    My favorite place to vacation is at this all inclusive resort in Huatulco, Mexico. My DH and I have been there twice and will go again next year for our 10 yr wedding anniversary.

    Vegas is a great place to have fun but I can only take a few days of all that smoke and noise.

    I’d rather be lying in a lounger steps away from the beach with a rita in one hand and a book in the other. Aaaaah, I can’t wait for next year!

  • CarrieFlanagan

    Hey Taylor!! Good luck in Vegas, girlie—have a blast!!
    My favorite vaca spot would have to be my parents cabin in Cloudcroft, New Mexico! I love to go up there and just relax, visit the cute shops in town and see all the nice people! Thanks for the wonderful blog! :0)

  • Lucy

    I’m from Ontario, Canada and we love to go camping. My absolute favourite spot is McGregor Point Provincial Park on Lake Huron. We’ve gone back there many times throughout the years. It has beautiful hiking and biking trails and the most fantastic beach just down the road.

  • Lisa L

    Come home w/ lots of MONEY!!!
    My favorite spot is Paris. My husband and I were engaged there. I knew about the trip, but did not know where he was going to ask me. I had expected a proposal at the topof the Eiffel Tower, but he asked me in a garden in Versailles. Hope to go back someday!

  • Pat D

    Have a blast in Vegas! I just made an airline reservation for Vegas 10 minutes ago for the end of May – it’s for a work event, but oh well!

    I don’t really take vacations very often (I take time off and enjoy staying home most of the time), so when I do break down and go somewhere I like to do it up right. My two favorite vacations have been to Paris and an Alaskan cruise. I would do either again in a heartbeat!

  • Anonymous

    My DH and I are headed to Kauai in 36 days for our 10th anniversary – with NO KIDS!! I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that this will be my favorite vacation spot! Have a great trip!

  • sillyleann

    Disney World – Hands down!
    Awesome Blog Candy! Thanks!

  • Sherrie

    Hi Taylor, been lurking your blog for a while. Love your work. My favorite vacation spot has to be Italy! It has beautiful beaches, loads of culture and not to mention the fabulous food! Have fun on your vacation!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Taylor,
    My favorite vacation spot is Dinsey World! I love it with or without our kids going, but I haven’t had the heart to go without them. Have a great time in Vegas! Jill

  • Nancy

    My favourite is any place with a beach and free drinks!

  • Kristy

    Hawaii is my vacation spot of choice, but of course, not all that practical on a yearly basis. On the mainland, definitely Vegas! I’m jealous you’re going!

  • Laura

    Have fun!!! My favorate place would be Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona outside Tucson. I went and did a hike up there and camped it was wonderful.!! – Laura Pringle

  • Santell

    I love your blog! My favorite vacation spot is Colorado Springs in the summer. Have a great time in Vegas.

  • Anonymous

    Boy do I need a vacation. We have two favorite spots – Hershey Park, PA – believe it or not is one. Fun for everybody – the kids and adults. It has to be one of the cleanest amusement parks I have ever been to AND it has lots of chocolate!!!
    We also love Hampton Beach, NH – nice, family oriented beach with a small board walk. You just have to go later in the summer if you want to go in the ocean because it takes so much longer for the water to warm up.
    As always, thanks for sharing.
    Have a great time in Vegas!

  • Anonymous

    My most favorite vacation is anywhere that includes the sun, sand, and surf. I LOVE the beach. MY favorite beach of all time is St. George Island, FL. It is the greatest non-commercial restful vacation I have ever taken.

    Hope Vegas treats you well!


  • Alanna

    My favorite vacation spot was Beaches Turks and Caicos…we had a blast even though our little guy was very sick half the time with strep throat…can’t wait to go back! Have fun in Vegas!!

  • laura j

    Have a great time in Vegas! My favorite place is St.Pete’s Beach, Florida!

  • Amy/yooperbrat

    Well, I have been on very few “big” vacations, but of those that I have I’d have to say my favorite was a visit to Niagara Falls.

    My favorite “mini-vacation” or weekend getaway spot is the Mackinac Bridge and Island area. I’ve been there many many times but love it every time. It’s just beautiful.

    Love your blog, I hate to say that this is my first time leaving a comment, and I’m feeling guilty that it took me wanting to win something to do it, but normally I’m just cruising around and don’t take time to leave comments anywhere. But I love all your work, and love your posts very much! Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing so much with us all!

  • Julie

    Great candy! Thanks for sharing! I guess my favorite vacation spot would be right here in Maine at the beach! I grew up coming here every year for vacation and after college I moved here (then my parents did too). The Maine coast is so beautiful and a great place to be in the summer!

  • Jeanine Eckert

    Oh, how cute! My favorite vacation spot is London (followed by Vegas and Disneyworld- strange grouping?)

    Have a great time!

  • Katie

    My favorite vacation isn’t anything exotic or anything, just a lot of fun. While growing up I went on a one-week bike through the San Juan Islands. We camped as we went, so not everyone’s cup ‘o tea, but if I could do it again, I would.

  • Melodie K

    My favorite vacation spot would have to be grandma’s trailer at the lake! warm sunny days fishing off the dock, kids playing in the sandbox.

  • Michelle

    My favorite vacation spot – anywhere with a blue ocean and sandy beaches!

  • Ana

    Yummy Blog candy!! My favorite vacation spot would be Lake Tahoe. I love cold weather and skiing. They also have casino’s and so many other fun activities. Plus its close by to Vagas and LA.
    Have fun in Vegas my SIL and BIL are going there this weekend too. They are going to the Dave Mathews concert. Have fun!!

  • RenΓ©e

    My favourite vacation spot has got to be Osoyoos, BC, Canada. I’ve been going there since I was born and my mom has been there since she was three! Every summer, that’s where our family congregates, so, in a sense, it’s a family reunion now that we’re spread out!

  • Jody L

    My favorite place to vacation has to be Montego Bay Jamaica!! We’ve been there 5 times in the last 6 years. Driving up into the mountains and seeing how the real Jamaicans live and how welcoming they are. Green lush jungle and unspoiled countryside, it is just awesome!
    Lucky you guys we never get the good stuff at our Michaels. LOL

  • Nicole Seitler

    Hmm. I’d have to say somewhere that there’s a beach, be it in sunny Florida, or chilly Maine. I love the water. That’s a vacation spot to me! πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    KAREN S: Fav place – Maui, Hawaii – everyday was gorgeous, there’s a million things to do outdoors, shopping and food were fabulous – heaven! Oh, and the fresh pineapple is sweeter than any candy you’ve ever tasted. YUM!

  • Leslie Springer

    I have to say my new home. We are Air Force and just moved to Hawaii 50 days ago. It is soooo Beautiful here. Can’t wait to stat exploring. Now where can you go and get a tan in February? Thanks for your blog candy and have fun on your trip!

  • Lesa

    I hope you have a great trip! Our family has a timeshare condominium at Big Sky Montana! Lots of skiing and sight seeing. It is the most beautiful place on the planet and even the grown up kids look forward to being there. We adore it!

  • Amy

    Have a wonderful trip! My favorite spot? I think is Barcelona Spain. I have taken students there twice but would like to go back again not as a “teacher” but as a “tourist”. But, my realistic vacation spot is going home to Colorado to visit mom! πŸ™‚

  • Peggy Lee

    How fun! I hope you all have a great time together! My favorite vacation spot is probably Disneyland and all the cool stuff around that area- there are so many fun things for the whole family. Now if it were just my hubby and me…..Thanks for the great candy giveaway!

  • Natalie

    Frankenmuth, Michigan
    It’s a quaint town with big city flavour. The Inn has 3 swimming pools and enough other activities inside that you’d never have to leave, if you didn’t want to. It would be a shame not to venture out, however, because the main street is within walking distance and adorned with wonderful shops.

  • Lisa H

    Have fun in Vegas! This is going to seem really odd but since I live in Hawaii my favorite vacation spot is in Maryland where I grew up.

  • Carmen

    Funny that you should be going to Vegas – since that is my favorite spot to vacation – I am heading there at the end of April!!

  • Mendi

    My favorite vacation spot is Cancun, Mexico. It is beautiful there! Hope you have fun!

  • sunshinevickie

    I hope you have a great trip!! My favorite spot is Mackinac Island. It’s like a step back in time. The Grand Hotel, going everywhere in horse drawn carriages, and the peaceful setting. My second favorite is any where among the Amish, either here in Shipshewana, IN or in Lancaster, PA. It’s a step back from the busyness.

  • stampin_melissa

    We have a time share in Cancun and I really enjoy going there. We haven’t been since we got our son, but I think we’ll go this summer/fall. It will be interesting to see what it is like there through the eyes of a mother this time! πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy your vacation! Thanks for thinking of us while you are having fun! LOL!

  • Terri

    Have a great time! My favorite vacation spot is a tiny little town called Waterville in southern Minnesota. We go there in June for my husbands birthday. It is a great little getaway for us.

  • Jan

    Destin, Florida (or thereabouts) – just sitting on the beach for a week a splashing in the waves.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  • doverdi

    Have a great time! My favorite vacation spot would have to be Florida. I have been there several times (from Ontario, Canada) and love doing the tourist things.

  • Cathy

    I haven’t visited all the places on my list of “must go to’s” yet, but my favorite spot it definitely the Bahamas. I love the laid-back atmosphere, the great food, the beautiful waters, and good fishing! Hmm, I think I need to go back!

    Thanks for the candy offer!

  • Anonymous

    HAve a great time in VEGAS!!!!!!!! My favorite vacation spot as to be Hawaii ITs a romantic and so lovely .BUt if its just the GIRLS…..IT as to be VEGAS!!!!!Cant wait to hear about YOur trip .What goes on in VEGAS ..doesnt always have to stay in VEGas…..LOL Shann

  • Penny & Lisa

    funny thing is, I have never been before, but I IMAGINE in my dreams that Hawaii would be the best ever vacation spot…a very close second is Bermuda and I have been there…I love it! Have fun in Vegas!!! Awesome people watching!!! Lisa K

  • Lynda

    I think the Dominican Republic has the most beautiful resorts. Since Iam from the Midwest anywhere
    “green” sounds good to me!

  • Sandra L-M

    My favorite vacation spot has my girls and husband, the beach, and the ocean… Have a great time in Vegas.

  • Elena

    Have a great time in Vegas. Some day I might get there! My favorite vacation spot is Holly Grove, Arkansas because that is where my daddy’s from and I have so many fond memories of “big times” with my cousins.

  • Allison

    Love Vegas (in short spurts)…plus it is a relatively short flight from Calgary so it is perfect for a long weekend. The best vay-cay I have ever had was to the big island of Hawaii…gorgeous, warm, lots of natural scenery to admire (volcanoes, rain forests, waterfall)…I would go back there in a second!

  • Karen - Jusgottastamp

    Taylor!! I’m jealous. I didn’t see any of these at Michael’s when I was there Monday. *humph*

    OK. My fav vacation spot is…any where that is inside an all-inclusive resort! Seriously. We’ve gone to 2 in Jamaica & I decided that it really didn’t matter where I was. Sitting down to eat in a restaurant & then just getting up when I was through–no check, no tip–was the best feeling ever!!! Have fun in Vegas! ;o)

  • tarajeane415

    Have a great time in Vegas – it is so fun there!

    My favorite vacation spots are Niagara on the Lake (Ontario Canada) and Lake Tahoe. (Do you detect a theme???)

    Oooh, and I’d LOVE to win that blog candy!

  • powell6

    Have a great time in Vegas, Taylor!! My favorite vacation spot is Salt Lake City. Not just because of SU!, but it’s the best place to visit and ski, see the mountains, and shop!!

  • Erin Bassett

    I love Hawaii! But if I had a wish of where to go it would be Ireland, or Spain, or Russia, or Austrailia, or maybe England….I guess almost anywhere outta the US would be neat!!!

  • Y

    Always wanted to visit Vegas. More to see everything than to gamble!!! My gambling basically stops at entering blog candy!!!

    Here’s wishing you a great vacation and hoping I am a winner too!!! (okay that was a little cheeky!)

    Haven’t been on vacation…well ever. I don’t think trips home to family counts! But more and more I’ve been thinking of Greece.


  • anni

    Have a wonderful time in Vegas!! Favorite vacation spot and hopefully one day place to retire is Morro Bay, CA.

  • Leah

    I don’t live near most of my family, so it’s fun to go visit them for vacations. I grew up around Sacramento, so I like to get together with my dad in the summer & drive to SoCal for pro beach volleyball tournaments πŸ˜€ We also just recently went to Utah where my husband grew up & that was just beautiful! Have fun!

  • Cori Bravo

    OMGosh thoes stamps are so cute! What is wrong with my Michaels? **pouting** I think that I will have to say my favorite vacation spot is Disneyland…it’s just magical. Have fun in Vegas!

  • anni

    Have a wonderful time in Vegas!! Favorite place to vacation and hopefully one day to retire is Morro Bay, CA.

    Ann I.

  • whitney

    We are going to Redmond, OR this summer, we have a fabulous time there! But I do love Vegas…

  • Anonymous

    Have a great time!!! My favorite vacation spot is Carova Beach, NC – a 12 mile strip of beach along the NC Outerbanks with no paved roads, so you have to have 4-wheel drive to get there. We have a house there and it’s the ONLY place we ever go! Win big!!!
    – Susan S.

  • Jolene Harms

    Unfortunately I don’t get to vacation ever because I spend all my money on stamps and scrapbooking!!! Some day I’d like to vacation in Hawaii!

  • Caren

    Me and my DH got married in Vegas so I would have to say that is my favorite place to go! We go a couple times a year! Have a great time it is always a blast! πŸ™‚

  • iralamija

    my favorite vacation spot is MEXICO of course is the only time when I can see my family, here in US I don’t have anybody to visit πŸ™
    That blog candy looks great! TFS!!

    Bety πŸ™‚

  • ParisEstates

    Hi Taylor – have a fantastic time!!!!
    My favorite vacation spot is the beautiful Bahamas, as DH and I got married there! Such great memories, and we plan to return on a special anniversary too!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite vacation spot is San Francisco. I just love going up there and visiting all the tourist spots….you can keep busy for days up there!

    And remember….what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas πŸ˜‰


  • Anonymous

    Anaheim…Disneyland of course! On the other coast…New York City.

    Have fun in Vegas!!! I think you should check out Blue Man.


  • Anonymous

    Hey 0 have a great trip! I’ve never been to Vegas but wouldn’t mind a trip there some day. My favorite vacation spot is Traverse City, Michigan. It is a gorgeous area surrounded by Lake Michigan. There are sand dunes to climb as well as beautiful beaches. There are many specialty shops in and all around the area. You can find anything from hand blown Christmas ornaments to OF COURSE stamping!! Love it there. Have a great time – Viva Las Veags!

  • Anonymous

    Have fun in Vegas! I have never been there before. My favorite vacation spot is in the mountains of Virginia in the fall when the trees are beautiful with vibrant red, yellow and orange leaves. Just breath-taking! I would love to win this blog candy…I cannot find these acrylic stamps at our area Michaels.
    Jennie H.

  • Julia Stainton

    Wohoo! Love those stamps! I can’t wait till they reach Canada! Love your blog Taylor! Have a fabulous time away!

    My favorite place it the beach on Lake Huron…LOL It is too hard to travel further than that with 5 kids!

  • Christine

    I love your blog Taylor. Your work is awesome.
    My favorite vacation spot would have to be Bermuda. Pink sand beaches and cool blue waters.

  • kelli

    Well, I *love* Disney vacations anytime, but my favorite vacation of all time was when we took a week off and went sight-seeing around our own city. We lived in Virginia Beach, VA and there’s so much to do there! Saved money on hotels, so we were able to splurge on dinner out every night and fun souvenirs πŸ™‚

    Have a great time in Las Vegas!

  • kelly

    Have fun! My favorite place to vacation is in Minocqua, WI. My family has a house there and we go every summer. This will be the first summer our son will be there!

  • kseimer

    opp’s anonymous vacation spot is Atlantic city,which is KSeimer.
    not sure what happened

  • Alex

    Well I don’t go on hols now with three little ones but before we had the girls we visited Disneyland in Florida twice as my dad used to live in Fort Lauderdale before he moved back to the UK to live. I would definitely like to take the girls there some day. I am loving those cute little band aid tins, very nice

  • Dale Anne

    What a GREAT Tin and blog candy!!!
    My favourite vacation spot is a campground in Northern Saskatchewan – Candle Lake……lovely scenery and so peaceful!!!

  • Anonymous

    Have fun!! We were there last month for our anniversary!

    My favorite vacation spot is on the coast of Central California. We have rented a house on the beach in Cayucos for the past few summers. Beautiful area and close to all the vineyards and Hearst Castle. My girls love to boogie board and take long walks along the beach…ahhh, I feel like I am there! My family has land there and my husband and I would love to retire there. One can dream!

    Enjoy your trip and time with your family!


  • Janet B

    My fav vacation spot is out at the lake–very quiet, in the wilderness, peaceful.

    If I could go anywhere though, it would definitely be to Australia.

    Thanks for sharing, Janet B

  • tntsmom

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere but here! We rarely get the chance to get away, So anywhere we can go & relax is great! By the way I love your blog & I visit daily to see all your wonderful creations!!!
    Thanks Stefanee

  • tbreanna

    Going back home is the best, Philippines that is. I’ll be leaving this Sunday and we’ll be staying for 6 weeks πŸ™‚ and that’s what i called vacation.

    Have fun at VEGAS! =)

  • Crystal M.

    Our favorite vacation place is St. Louis, MO! Now that we live in CA, we haven’t been back there in at least five years. My hubby and I went to Vegas for our honeymoon… we had a blast! I went there for SU! convention a few years back and had a blast again! My hubby and I are planning on going there this summer for our anniversary. We really enjoy it! Our family favorite vacation place currently is Knott’s Berry Farm… our little one (just turned 3) loved the fact that he could actually ride on some rides!! We go there once or twice each year! Have a blast in Vegas!! ~Crystal M.

  • Joyce Traub

    Have fun in Vegas!

    My favorite vacation was a week long houseboat trip on Lake Powell in Arizona. Breathtaking beautiful!

    Love your blog and your blog candy! Thanks for being so generous. Joyce T

  • loislane

    My favorite vacation spot it Myrtle Beach SC. Mostly because of all the memories I have of going there. I also love Cancun Mexico. Beautiful!!!

  • Cheryl K

    Hi Taylor –

    I love your decorated box!!! My favorite vacation spot was years ago in Alaska. Now we just take days trips away from our dairy farm, my DH doesn’t like to leave his cows in anyone else’s hands. My kids love going to my aunts and uncles for a few days, just to get away from the farm!

  • NancyK

    My fav vacation spot is anywhere in the Carribean – Palm tree, beaches and pina colada’s. Coming in second is Vegas, – when I lived in CA we went to Vegas about 3 times a year.

  • Kim

    Colorado! My husband and I took a vacation there during our first year of marriage. We spent almost two weeks there and visited six cities. It was awesome! We love it so much we sometimes daydream about moving…

    Have a great time in Vegas!

  • Alicia

    Wow Vegas!! I have never been on a real vacation so I would have to say the one I take in myhead that I will take once my kids are grown! LOL Ireland is where I really want to go as well as Hawaii.
    Have a blast!.

  • jeanna

    Well being as I live in Las Vegas…I can’t say this is a fave vacation spot for me! I hope you have/had fun here!
    It may not sound exciting, but I love going to BigBear. My aunt has a cabin there and we actually decided to stay there for a week during our honeymoon. To me it is very relaxing and romantic!

  • Becky Dustin

    I loved Vegas, but my favorite place by far is the Happiest Place on Earth..right down the road from you, Disneyland. I’m a total Disney nut, just got back from visiting in October. Have a great time in Vegas!!!

    Arctic Stamp Queen

  • Jo

    Have a super holiday- My favourite place has to be Vegas – only been the once as took a 13 hour flight to get there πŸ™‚ Have a fab time

    jo xx

  • Lisa R.

    My favorite vacation spot would have to be San Diego.
    Have a great time in Vegas! Drop a quarter in the slots for me!!
    I adore these stamps, I wish my M’s had some! Darn them.

  • Quilt Nut

    have a great trip-dh and i love Vegas!

    my favorite vacation spot is Vancouver Island. we rented a cabin there a few summers ago and it was fantastic. i’ve never come home that relaxed from a holiday before lol!

  • Melissa

    Woo-Hoo! I’ve wondered what to do with those altered Band-Aid tins, and now I know! My favorite vacation spot is VEGAS! Have an awesome time!!!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite vacation spot would be Atlantic City, New Jersey. My husband and i were team drivers and we got to deliver a Million Dollar Chandlier to one of the newly Build Casino’s there,so we got to spend the whole day enjoying the sites of Atlantic City riding the Jetney’s,walking the boardwalk,enjoying the ocean,shops,casno’s,Art. Would go back in a hearbeat.
    PS. We read in the newspaper about the building of the casino and how much the main light in the entrance cost. Blew us away. Borgata Casino had a special Art Piece made and i can tell you it was pkging in each little box-So it took quite awhile to unload.
    Now we R retired and i have lots of time to learn Stamping.

  • Erica

    Have a great time in Vegas!!! I love to visit anywhere that in on the Coast! It is just so beautiful. I love going to Seattle too! Take Care

  • sentimentsbydenise

    Hi Taylor!
    I haven’t been too many places in my life, but I do love the southern east coast – South Carolina, along the ocean is our favorite spot. We even hope to retire there some day!
    Have a fun time in Vegas!!

  • Crystal Beck

    Disney Land! It is so magical… Haven’t been there in a long time, but now that i have kids.. i am looking forward to it! Crystal

  • Keri R.

    WOW Taylor!!! You are always so generous! There are many blogs I subscribe to and yours is always the first one I go to! You are truly an inspiration….your style is right up my alley!!!

    Okay…on to the question you asked us….favorite vacation spot would have to be the Lake of the Ozarks!!! Right here in my home state of Missouri! So serene and peaceful…out on the water with my family…what could be better?!

  • Ronnie & KaLee

    My favorite vacation is the mountains of Colorado. Biking, 4-wheeling and camping. I love your blog and visit daily! Thanks! ~KaLee

  • Anonymous

    What great candy…I have been canvasing all the Michaels stores in my area to find these stamps and have not found them yet. Favorite place to vacation would be the beach…anywhere, anytime, I just love it. I love the cold, crisp air of the Northern California beaches and the warm sun and soft sand of a tropical beach. Have fun in Vegas!!! People watching is great there!
    Geny C.

  • Dawn T

    My favorite vacation spot would have to be Hawaii, easy to get to, warm, sunny and somewhat safe. Love that we can just wear shorts, shirt and flipflops. Love the wind, the sea and the ocean.
    We are getting married there in October 07′.

    Dawn T

  • Krista Larsson

    Las Vegas – I wish….right now we are snowing, so any vacation sounds good to me.
    Seriously my favorite place to vacation would be anywhere in the Caribbean. I love Jamaica, St. Thomas. St. Barts, you name any island and I would go.
    Great blog candy. Have fun on your mini-vacation.

  • Kristy

    I love Las Vegas — so jealous here! However, my favorite vacation spot is Snowbird, Utah. Every July my entire family goes there for a week. I’m talking my parents, sisters, kids, grandkids — all of us! We have so much fun hiking, swimming, riding bikes, playing tennis, and soaking in the mountain air. Easily my favorite place in the world!

  • Anonymous

    Oohh Vegas….you’ll be driving right by me when you come to the 15 & 210 freeways! Good luck!
    My favorite local vacation place is Ojai California (Ojai Valley Inn) and internationally it is Costa Rica. My father is from there and the country is so beautiful! Have a great time! Ivonne S.

  • Malissa

    Oh how I would like to win those stamps! My favorite vacation spot is New York City- so much to see and do! Hope you have fun in Vegas!

  • Michelle

    Have a fun trip to Vegas!

    My favorite vacation spot is the lakes of Arkansas. The weather is great, and the lakes are so clear that you can see the bottom. They also have a couple of wineries you can visit while you’re there.

    I’ve never won blog candy, and this would be a great one to win! πŸ™‚

  • Maricela

    We usually go to the Outer Banks in NC, but this time, we “slipped away” to the mountains and just drove, and kept driving. We had to stop ourselves from making it all the way to the Tennessee border…..it was only 45 minutes away from our last stop!

  • Rochelle W

    My favorite vacation spot is “The Cabin” in Minnesota. We lived there up until three years ago. We would go to the cabin every summer (several times) We would just relax and listen to the loons on the water at night. During the day we fish all day and swim and sometimes knee board and get pulled behind the boat with the tube. The kids enjoy it as well. We are going to be at the cabin this summer and we all can’t wait. So that is my favorite place to vacation. (Vegas is my favorite place when it is just Tony and I)

  • ipkstampshappy

    What’s a Vacation? (It’s been awhile). I love the Oregon/WA coast. Our family always went to Long Beach, WA and Seaside, OR for many years. One of my favorite memories of my dad now is riding the “Bumper Cars” with him down in Long Beach. Plus I love the ocean so it’s just a fun place for me to visit. Great Blog Candy & I hope you have a blast in Vegas! Ida

  • jademingmeidesigns

    I have to say Vegas is pretty rockin’ and you are probably going at a great time(weather wise, not sure about the Spring Breakers…lol). When I lived in San Diego we drove up there a few times, always when it is was near 125 degrees though…even when the sun went down the pavement was still blazing hot! I have to say my fav. vacation spot is San Diego though…I do miss it and had a 3 year vacation there when my hubby was stationed at Miramar:) Oh yes, also got the tape…shipped very quick and I can’t stop using it!! May have to order more:))
    Dawn C.

  • Jennifer

    Our favorite spot is 100% New Mexico. Bandelier National Park is FANTASTIC if you like the outdoors. It is fun exploring the unexcavated ruins and the Ceremonial Chamber is a must see (climb ladders 140′ straight up!) I could go on and on and on….but you get the idea. Our 3 & 4 year loved this trip . They were little troopers walking 6 miles at a time:)

    Oh, and I LOVE you blog. Visit it everday!

  • cindy

    Have fun in Vegas!
    My Favorite Vacation spot is sitting in beach chair on the beach at Coronado, California… listening to the waves and reading a great book.

  • scrapstampindiva

    Taylor it’s funny you should ask that! Vegas is our favorite place to go – we have been going there at least once or twice a year since 1999 – we are gambling professionals LOL (is that a good thing? hee hee) I LOVE to go there – you definitely must check out Viva Las Vegas Stamps off Sahara – they have a ton of stamps! Have a great time and win big!

  • amber b

    Have a fantastic vacation Taylor! My favorite vacation spot is actually going camping in the mountains with the fresh air. I don’t like bugs, though! πŸ™‚

  • inkyfingers

    Hey- my favorite vacation place is Las Vegas! We won’t be going this year though πŸ™
    Toni W

  • Amanda Calloway

    Hawaii! My husband and I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and were married in Hawaii as well. Now that we have moved! I want to go back to my favorite place in the whole world!

  • Ellen Sutton

    What great blog candy! I hope you have a great time in Vegas!
    My favorite spot must be St. Augustine Florida because we go there every year! I loved Cancun Mexico but I think I would have a hard time getting my husband to go back.


  • Lorie

    Have a great time in Vegas! Although I loved going there with my husband my favorite vacation that we have ever taken was going to Mt. St. Helen’s. It was amazing to see how it was rebounding from the devestation 20 years prior.

    DH and I will be going to Seaside, OR in May…looking forward to that one too!

    Thanks for fun blog candy!

  • Sarah H.

    Wow, that is a great give-a-way! My favorite vacation spot changes from time to time but right now it is Disney World. It is so fun! Have fun in Vegas! I have never been there before…

  • Laura

    What great blog candy Taylor! My favorite vacation spot is Ixtapa, Mexico. I can’t wait to go there again. I hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas. It’s been years since I’ve been there and can’t to go back again someday as well.

  • DeniseLynn

    Oh have fun in Vegas!! I hope your winnings are huge … I would be happy just to win here on your blog. I have not tried the acrylic stamps (yet) but I keep eyeballing them whenever I get a chance to be in a stamp store.

    For a sweet simple vacation (not too far from home) I like to go to Mackinac Island! No cars – all travel is by foot, bike or Horse. It’s so fun and always peaceful at night as we listen to the clop, clop of the horses walking down the street.

  • Melissa

    My favorite vacation spot is Lake Tahoe. We got married there almost six years ago! Have a great time in Vegas@@

  • Lois

    WIN BIG!!! Love the stamps. Favorite place is Gold Beach, Oregon. The ocean, river boat rides, fishaing. Very relaxing and fun.

  • Pam

    OMG! I received this incredibly beautiful card today and it is even more lovely IRL! Thanks so much Taylor! It is outstanding and will enjoy a place of prominence on the shelf above my craft table…giving me much inspiration as I stamp! Bless you! πŸ™‚

  • Terri

    This is a beautiful card Taylor! I would be honored to be in possession of a card like this! I’ve added a link to your blog from mine, I hope that’s okay!

  • love2Bcreative

    Hi Taylor —
    I’ll be your 130th post! lol
    ALL of your work is awesome!! all of it all of it all of it ;o) I, too, love this color combo and the stamps you chose…then there is the ribbon and hardware and and and …. I could go on and on!!!
    Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!

  • Jan Scholl

    I had to go to the gym today-I hate driving and its worse since my accident in early January-I would rather spend the whole day at the kitchen table stamping. I leave my stamped cards out on the table just to look at them and feel like I did something fun for me. My kids are all grown up and left home years ago and I stil dont have time just for me unless I leave the house and zone out for an hour. Guess that is why I am stamping at 2 AM most nights. Glad I looked tonight.

  • Ashley

    When I received the image of your card in my e-mail I thought, wow.. I gotta make one like this!
    But I’m not going to suck up to get it LOL.
    Great use of colors and hardware.

  • Anonymous

    This is a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing all the hard work you do with us! You work is very inspiring!

  • Debe

    Of course I would want it!!! Those are the exact colors I was thinking about using for a swap in a few weeks. Great inspiration for me! Life always seems to have an agenda but we do keep trudging though don’t we? Thanks for your inspirations!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful card! I would love to receive it! All your work is so gorgeous and, as you can tell, there are a lot of us who appreciate your sharing it with us!
    Robin D.

  • Anonymous

    A card from Taylor? Personally, I know I’d be honored! I laughed out loud about the unpleasant chores… I RUSH about my work around the house, folding laundry, doing dishes etc, because I know the sooner I get that icky stuff done, the sooner I can STAMP STAMP STAMP! I’m itchy to finish some valentines this afternoon, but a sink full of dishes is calling my name — think I can feign deafness? Can’t wait to see the cupcake. πŸ˜‰

    Joanne B.

  • Teryl

    Love your card and your blog. TFS your creations.

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous card–I miss fun stamping too! Ivonne

  • Judy S

    Taylor, love this card! Hope I’m not late to have a chance at it.

  • ipkstampshappy

    Wow everyone wants this card including me! Great card, I love this set & like you haven’t had time to just stamp for “FUN” lately due to so many other obligations and distractions so I can relate. Ida

  • Peggy Maier

    My goodness – 116 comments! Lots of people want this card!!! I know I wouldn’t mind having it, since it’s combined my favorite colors. Lovely – great job!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor….You mean there are times when you can just stamp for fun!!!??? I would love to receive your card! I subscribe to your blog, love it, even have your gallery in my favs! Thanks for the ideas & inspiration!
    Ilene B.

  • tntsmom

    Beautiful Card! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations with us!

  • Beate

    Beautiful card, Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor – your work is fabulous and this is such a beautiful example. I would be honored to receive any card from you, but since this is my favorite color combination right now, it would be especially wonderful! –

    jen moneagle

  • Alexis Ridgway

    I love the color combo..thaanks for sharing your creativity with us all!

  • Anonymous

    I’d take a card over any other blog candy any day! mnhyrkas at SCS

  • YM

    I would love this card! I love the colour combinations and just the simple elegant look! Thank you for upkeeping such a nice blog!


  • Susan

    Taylor…you are so generous! I don’t know if I would want to give away such a lovely card, but I would love to GET that lovely card….but, I’ll like you anyway, if I don’t win *wink*…thanks, Taylor, for sharing your talent…Susan

  • Sonya

    Love, Love, Love it…the colors are awesome and I would love to have that card. You did a fantastic job on it.


  • Anonymous

    If I made a card like that I could never give it away. It is so pretty and I love the color combo. Also we out here in the stamping world love that you do what you do. Especially the ribbon share. It is awesome. I am sending happy thoughts your way. Thanks for all you do.
    Dawn B.

  • Anonymous

    you are so very, very sweet; just like a cupcake πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    You are so very, very sweet just like a cupcake πŸ™‚

  • Michelle D.

    This card is GORGEOUS, Taylor, as are all of your beautiful creations that you share with us here and on SCS. I’ve saved many into my SCS *favs* in hopes of eventually trying to case them, but to have one of your beautiful cards to admire IRL would be a dream come true! Blessings, Michelle

  • debbiedee

    Taylor, I hope I’m not too late! I LOVE this card!

  • Sharon Jacobs

    A chance to have a Taylor original
    is too good to pass up! I look forward to your blog and your creativity is very inspirational.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ashley Bowen

    Taylor– I know exactly how you feel! I can’t even describe how many times I’ve been so stressed that I’m pulling my hair out and I told my husband when I became a SU demo that I would never let it stress me to the point that I would not get to do “Fun” stamping. There seems to always be something going on and I’m just trying to keep my head above water! I work full time as well and I’m a full time student too. We don’t have any children yet either and I can’t imagine. To be honest– sometimes I wish we would have a baby so more people would understand when I say I have stuff to do or that I don’t feel like leaving the house. LOL!! I’m sure you know that feeling! I hope that things get better for you and you are in my thoughts and prayers!!
    Hugs across the country to you!
    Ashley πŸ™‚

    PS) The card is beautiful!! All of your work is beautiful and inspiring!!


  • JenMarie

    What a gorgeous card! Great colors! Looking forward to cupcake friday post!
    ~Jennifer Taylor

  • Anonymous

    I would love it;0)

    *I was wondering if you could post something on how you market your stamped cards for sale?

  • jennifer (refinnej2)

    What a beautiful color combo. It is really a classy card! Thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I know what you’re feeling! It’s a beautiful card-thanks for sharing!
    Lois H

  • Viv

    Lovely card and I would certainly love to own it! Thanks for sharing all you do! Your blog is a fun stop each morning for me!

  • Alex

    Hope I am not too late, but this is a very beautiful card, so I would be extremely honoured and lucky to get this card, thanks for offering it

  • Natalie

    I would be honoured to have a piece of your artwork. It has already inspired me to create!

  • Karen (taiterbug)

    Wow, who wouldn’t love to get one of your wonderful creations – you have such a God-given talent and it is great for you to share it with us. Wish I had some of that creative ability – me – I look for ideas and then put my own spin on them. Have a great day – always look forward to reading your blog. Karen

  • Terri

    I love this card Taylor! The colors are so beautiful together. I always look forward to your posts. Have a great weekend! TFS

  • StamperSharon

    Absolutely gorgeous, Taylor — love the colors and how you sponged the lower Paisley!

  • mjb coffee

    I love the Happy Harmony stamp set. I hope to own it after the sstamp workshop I am co-hosting with my daughter this week-end. I would love the card. It is so nice!

  • Julie

    I hope you get some time this weekend for non-agenda stamping!!

  • dorothy erdely

    you’re amazing!! how you find time to do all you do boggles my mind!! ….but don’t stop – you inspire me!! (+ you MADE me buy that paisley bg!!!)

  • Crystal

    The thing I love about all of us stampers is that such a little thing is so exciting to us and can lift us up! I’d love it, but so you know, whoever gets it will have their day lifted a notch!

  • Lauren Vincitorio

    It’s gorgeous, Taylor! Thanks for your daily inspiration!

  • Sonya R

    Yes…I do want it.
    Such beautiful colors.
    It reminds me of the new MME bohemia papers.
    I wish I could click my fingers and get all you chores done, so you had more “YOU” time.
    Love your work.

  • Sonya R

    Yes, I want it badly πŸ™‚
    the colors remind me of the new MME bohemia papers I have been admiring.
    I wish I could help with the chores so You had more “you” time.
    Maybe if I just clicked my fingers ;). Wish it was that simple. Keep up the beautiful work.

  • Michele

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Life is always so hectic Taylor. Know what you mean.

    This color combo is hot together. I think that green & brown will be coming in soon too! Love the paisley, I’ve been meaning to start using mine.

  • Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

    you just described my life to a “T”!!! except add a teenager, a 6 year old and a 3 year old into the mix and you could be my twin!!! i want to “fun” stamp again!! shall we just call the whaaaaaaa–mbulance!!!!

  • Colleen

    So pretty! I am liking that paisley background more and more!

  • sarah_m

    GORGEOUS color combo!!! I’d love to have it sitting on my desk!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to have one of your cards too..

    Love your blog!


  • Pam

    Who wouldn’t LOVE to receive this incredibly beautiful card from Taylored Expressions?!! The color combo is outstanding and that’s one of my favorite stamp sets. YOU GO GIRL!! πŸ™‚ Please count me in with all the others begging for one of your creations!!! Smiles, Pam πŸ™‚

  • Whimsey

    LOVE the color combo….I, too, am looking foward to some ‘fun stamping/no agenda’!! Can’t wait to see the eye candy tomorrow!!

  • Anonymous

    Do I ever want this…..Silly Question…..
    We all want your cards.

    Kristi Ferro

  • scrappinmomof3

    I LOVE this card. I am fairly new to stamping just became an su consultant and am excited to jump right in. Thankyou for inspiring me with your blog

  • Danita

    Ooooooh, Taylor, this is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Erica

    What a beautiful card and I would be honored to recieve it!!! πŸ™‚ TFS

  • dini

    Love it, and some mail would be a huge treat! I know what you mean about stamping just to stamp…I love a challenge and I love personalizing things, but I rarely get to just sit down for some uninterrupted-by-4-children-under-6 me time. Are you sure you want to send your trophy away?! πŸ™‚ LOL


  • tamimoreno

    My second favorite color combination πŸ™‚
    Love that background πŸ™‚

  • gail

    Beautiful card! Thanks for your wonderful blog! You are my source of inspiration and ideas!! Gail

  • Soozie4Him

    I’d love it Taylor! I just love your blog – I get excited every time it’s updated!


  • DeniseLynn

    Want it? Oh yes Ma’am I sure do! and wowee I see there are already 65 other people ahead of me who also want it (anything from your creative hands!). It’s simply beautiful and whether or not I win I am inspired by this post so thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I like the combination you used – I suspect I’ll have to purchase some Cool Caribbean!


  • Anonymous

    I love this color combo! Looks great. Put me in for your drawing.

  • Cindy, the Original Wheelgirl

    This is such a lovely card. Who ever wins it will be lucky. I know what you mean about a stamping agenda, sometimes “having” to make a card takes all the fun out of it! Hope you have more days without an agenda, because if this is the result, more power to you! I love your blog, visit all the time!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to win this card. Thanks!
    Lori Faeber

  • Anouk

    Super card. I love the total look. Wonderful colors!

  • tbreanna

    I do, i do, i do =) Love checking your work.

  • kelli

    As usual, you’ve created a beautiful card! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  • Debi

    I just love that color combination – and the paisly background is one of my favorites! Happy Stampin! Debi

  • Melissa

    This is a lovely card. I too have been having to scrape time out for fun stamping (sometimes even getting up when I wake up in the middle of the night). Here’s to some free time for you in the very near future!

  • Jenifer P.

    Beautiful card. I love it.

  • Kathy

    Pick me! This card is gorgeous!!!!! I’d love to have an original Taylor card in my collection.

  • Leah

    Taylor, I love your cards! This one is fabulous! πŸ˜€ it’s fun to read your blog & get inspired. Thank you! πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    Oh, PICK ME!! PICK ME!!, sorry, just got done watching Shrek with the kids, and the donkey says that in the beginning, gotta love Donkey!!
    Thanks, great card, great color combo, one of my favorites~
    Shannon πŸ™‚

  • Janet

    Oh my! A “Taylor” original! ME! ME! ME!

  • Michelle

    You know how much I admire your work! I would love to win a creation by you!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Yes, Taylor, I would love to have that gorgeous card – please send it to me!!
    Sandy Kay

  • broni

    Beautiful! I love the warm rich colors. Paisley always looks wonderful, doesn’t it?!

  • Mandy Cheshire

    OOH! Pick me! Pick me! I love your work!

  • Anonymous

    Another fabulous card Taylor! I’m in love with anything paisley so if you send it to me know that it will have a good home!! :o)

  • Cathie

    Beautiful card, I love the teal and brown. I have difficulty using teal so I will try this next.

    Life is a wild ride, full of adventure and time consuming tasks. I have kids but they make the ride more fun and I let go of my perfectionist qualities which is a good thing.

  • Carol

    Yep, another one who can relate, and I have a kiddo at home too!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    and the ribbon too!

  • Laura H

    Oh me, pick me! What fun mail that would be to have one of you gorgeous cards in my mailbox! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dorothy Yoder

    Taylor, like you, I’m always sending and making cards for others. How nice it would be to get one in the mail! What a great idea! It’s a beautiful card and whoever gets it, lucky you!

  • Anonymous

    This is a beautiful card! I love the pattern you used on the dark brown – it looks so rich!

    (momtooandz on SCS)

  • Anonymous

    jmvmeqLove coming to see all of your creativity and inspiration! thanks so much for sharing!
    Anna Beth

  • Anonymous

    That is a very pretty card! I would love to have it!
    Thanks for your blog, love to check it out regularly.

  • Melissa

    Gotta agree with all the others. . .the card is beautiful! I always look forward to Cupcake Day. . .your creativity amazes me!

  • Allison

    Another great composition here…love the color combo and use of embellishments! Makes me want to produce a flowery card instead of all the geometrics I find myself drawn to!

  • goldie

    Your card is so peaceful and beautiful! I would love to receive a card made by you.

  • Denise

    Oh, how pretty – love those colors! Your designs always make me smile, Taylor – thanks for sharing!

  • Pegi Taylor

    Oh wow . . . I love this card. I am really into the browns and blues and browns and pinks these days. I would love a Taylor card. Hope you are feeling better.


  • Debbie Olson

    It’s gorgeous, Taylor! I know what you mean. . . It seems like I’m always stamping for either a. workshops, or b. blog-fodder. . .

  • Kristine

    Mmmm…this card is yummy! πŸ™‚ It reminds me of winter and chocolate, and I’d LOVE some hot chocolate right now, lol!! I’m a huge fan of your work and would love a chance to get a Taylor-stamped card!

  • diane mcvey

    Oh wow, I want it!!! It’s beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity!! πŸ™‚

  • Julie

    I was reading this and thinking, “wait until you have kids”. Looks like we were thinking the same thing.
    I am facing the same thing this month. Workshops, swaps, classes. But I suppose it could be worse, we could not be stamping at all!

  • Anonymous

    I love your work…..It would be great if I won this beautiful card! ~Corinne

  • beiteversohumble

    You hit it right on the head – so little time for FUN stamping. We run, run, run. I had a few minutes to stop and stamp yesterday and the mojo just wasn’t there. Your card is beautiful and gives me hope that inspiration will return! You do beautiful work here. Love your blog!

  • Anonymous

    I could give that card an agenda! πŸ™‚ Love all your work! If you weren’t so darn creative, nobody would want your stuff and then you could stamp for fun! HA! but then nobody would want to look at them either…so I say you are better off creative and talented. HEE HEE! Have a great day! Lisa Keeffe

  • Dale Anne

    LOVE the colour combo!
    Taylor, I’d LOVE to have this card in my collection!!!

  • Vicki

    Beautiful card Taylor! I would be thrilled to win!

  • Anonymous

    Love your work!! Your stamping is great!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!!

    Holly W.

  • Anonymous

    Asolutely beautiful card! You come up with the most inspirational ideas…Thanks for sharing!

    Pat S.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to win your card. I check your blog daily and am in awe of your talent. You’ve inspired more than one project of mine! Susan

  • Kim F

    Lovely card, you continue to amaze me with your creativity! Thanks for sharing with all of us…

  • Godchick

    It’s a beautiful card! I know what you mean about day-to-day tasks…it seems like my laundry is never caught up!

  • Amy

    Yep, I’ve had one of those days….in fact, today is one of those days……I really want and need to stamp for fun…..SOON!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Card…Awesome Colors!! I Love your blog! Your work is amazing!
    :)Jennifer K.~~Minnesota:)

  • Kelly Jo Ratcliff

    I’d love to receive this card!
    You inspired me to start my own blog. I’m a novice- so don’t get too excited.


  • Dawn C

    Pretty, Pretty! Everytime I see your beautiful cards it makes me want to buy more supplies…lol

    scs: marinelvr

  • Charlee

    It would be a pleasure, indeed an honor to receive one of your creations. Your card is beautiful. I think I would have to frame it and show it off to all my friends as a geniune “TayloredExpression.”

  • Sarah

    A very thought provoking blog…I agree that it is rare for me to stamp and not have an ‘agenda’. I’m preparing to teach a workshop this weekend and it kinda feels like a chore to prepare the kits…I hate when it feels like that. I would love to receive one of your cards. *keeping my fingers crossed*


  • Denise

    Just love your card ideas! You are my inspiration for color combos and ideas! I’m totally addicted to your blog!

  • BlogHore

    I love this card – it’s beautiful. I totally know what you mean update stamping for fun. Unless, I go to a card camp or some other kind of class – I’ve always got a purpose for the card that I’m making.

  • Winnie

    You do SUCH gorgeous work. You are a true inspiration. And I have 2 small kids so I totally understand the lack of time for anything fun!!

    Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!

  • Keri Jackson

    Great Card! I wish I could find time to do any stamping period!

  • Conny Moody

    As a long-time “lurker” on your blog, I am always inspired by your creativity. Your card is beautiful and provided the icing on my rather gloomy and cold day!!!


  • Trisha L.

    What a gorgeous card! Great job!

  • Laura

    I can completely relate Taylor and I do have kids…LOL!!!! What a georgeous card. I’m also giving away blog candy tomorrow, so you’ll have to swing on by, if you get a chance. Have a great day.

  • Anonymous

    I just got this stamp set and would love the inspiration of one of your beautiful cards! You are a wonderful artist and I lover your blog!

    Geny C.

  • Jolene

    This is such a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and creativity.

  • Anonymous

    Love your card. I would be thrilled to receive a card made by you. Maybe I’ll be lucky. Louise

  • Katie

    you do great work Taylor, I love the paisley background!

  • Rachel F

    I love this color combo and you have used it better than I ever have (of course!). I’d love to have the card to see in person. Keep up your good work.

  • Jennifer C.

    I’d love to have one of your cards in my hands!! I love the color combo!!!

  • Lilian

    wow… what a beautiful card! i really like that color combination. thanks for sharing all your creativity!! i love ur blog!

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