• becky

    Taylor, this is unbelievable! I just love it! Thanks for always sharing! You have the best ideas!

  • Vicki C

    Now that is just DARLING! Love it!

  • Lori Craig

    adorable, Taylor! Keep the faith, girlfriend! Easter’s coming and that pecan (or as they say in the south pea-can) pie will be wonderful!

  • Karen (tiaterbug)

    too cute – am sure he will love it and all the goodies that go with it.

  • Melissa

    This is my favorite holiday and I love all the jelly beans and peeps too! This is a really cute project!

  • asela

    Taylor this is adorable! Man you are sooooo creative…love that about you!

  • jademingmeidesigns

    OOOOH la la!!! Love this one Taylor…those peeps are my fav:) I especially love that type of tin…oooh the possibilities:)

  • Sherrie

    Thanks for clarifying the ribbon thing Taylor. Love the spring ribbon at M’s! The little flowers look identical to the TT acrylics! BTW….I don’t think “lazy” is in your vocabulary!! Love your work!

  • Anonymous

    I found these pails on clearance at a local craft store back in September. I bought 12 of them for $0.99 each! I’ve used them quite sparingly, although my SCS DSS got two of them this round. They’re awesome! Super cute with that Peep stamp. Love it!


  • Linda McClain

    Beautiful bucket. Will you be my Easter bunny? Linda

  • Laura

    This is just too cute and so are you and your hubby. I think it’s wonderful the little things you do for each other. Thanks for sharing Taylor and have a wonderful weekend.

  • Peggy Maier

    I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve been looking for the clear cans. What a cute idea – Easter pails! Yours is just beautiful. Thanks for another good idea.

  • Susanna

    Taylor, that is too stinkin’ cute! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dana

    Love the clear container. I’m with Jon on the Easter candy…I love twix!

  • KarrieLyne

    There you go again knocking our socks off with your super cute ideas!! I check your site every day to see what you bring and Friday is my favorite day! Cupcake Friday! I do have a question though…how on earth do you come upon all those cupcake images?? Do you own each and every cupcake stamp you stamp?? WOW!! Truly an inspiration! I have thought about doing a “special” stamp day but how on earth could I keep up with a new stamp each week??? Kudos to you Taylor!!!
    Karrie Winters

  • Anonymous

    Super cute! Is the stamp unmounted? How in the world did you go around the can with such a clear image?

  • Taylor

    Sherrie, the ribbon came printed with those flowers on it. It’s Dashes and Dots brand from Michael’s! I’m entirely too lazy to stamp my own ribbon! LOL! The TT set was used for the lid of the pail (can’t really see it in the pic).

  • Sherrie

    so cute!!!! love your easter pail. I’m looking forward to some easter chocolates too! I have these acrylics by TT…..love em’. They look fantastic on your ribbon. Did you use clearsnap inks on the ribbon so they wouldn’t bleed? You are one of the blogs that has inspired me to get on with my own…..thank-you!

  • Karen - Jusgottastamp

    Cuuuuute!!! I have always admired people who gave things up for lent. I have never tried that. I’ll bet you two will be as sick as two kids on Halloween night who had free access to their loot! ;o)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t remember the last time I denied you a request for one of your favorites. Of course, pecan pie will be at our Easter Dinner, but will it be at your house?

    This bucket is very cute! I think you should do a smaller version for a nut-cup at the place settings for your Easter gathering.
    What do you think? MOM

  • Lisa

    AAAAWWWW what a cute thing to do for each other! And I love these clear cans so much! Great job, love it!

  • iralamija

    wwwwwwwwwooooowww!!!!!!!!! this is so beautiful! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bety 🙂

  • Kirsten

    This is AWESOME! I love it!

  • Jami

    Oh man you would post this just 2 days after I sold and mailed away my Peeps stamp!!! Shoot!!! So so cute! I have a couple of these cans that need to be decorated too.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice! I love it when everything just comes togeter perfectly too!!

  • Ellie

    What a cute and creative card! I love coming to your blog to see the wonderful cards and inspirations you have!

  • Jane R

    Happy Valentine’s Day! We love Monkey Bread, except we call it Pull Aparts and have made it for years. When my grown children are in residence, they always ask for it. Yummy!!

  • dini

    My 4YO was looking over my shoulder when this popped up, and she said, “HOW cute is THAT?!” So great. (I love it too!)

  • Katie

    I love that card and I LOVE Monkey Bread!! We have it at the Holidays too!!

  • Anonymous

    this is just too cute !!!!
    I hope this is for someone special or maybe a contest! OMG this is just too cute!!! ! WOW a lot of cutting! OMG CUTE!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Janet

    Oh my! What a sweet card. Enjoy your night w the DH. We had a snow day here, so a quiet night at home with an easy, but red dinner (meatball sandwiches) followed by chocolate cake. Can’t wait for the pic and recipe of monkey bread!

  • Dawn C.

    poYUM-O!! This card makes you want some candy for sure! Love it!

    We get to do our BIG celebration this Sunday…Chinese New Year:) My hubby is Chinese so this is always extra fun for our kids as well! It also happens to be our Gracie’s 3rd bday…who can ask for a better Vday than that??:)))

  • StampinFrenzy

    Monkey Bread?!?! Sounds delicious! I spoiled my hubby with a dozen homemade chocolate dipped berries this morning along with a new Tommy Bahama shirt. Have a great night! Details in the morning….just on the M&M&M. 😉

  • Linda Bien

    ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!! I’m slowly but surely getting my embellishment stash to the point they need their own drawer!!! I get those creative urges in the middle of the night and HAVE TO WAKE UP and go make it right away; however, sometimes mine turn out good and sometimes the thought far surpasses the end result (bummer)!! This one of your really paid off.

  • shelley davis

    Great card Taylor! I love it. You are so talented. Love the money bread too. It’s a hip pleaser!
    Happy V-day.

  • stefanie

    Totally adorable! Just perfect for today!


  • tgrdina

    I LOVE THIS CARD!!! It is so sweet (no pun intended!) and so beautiful! Awesome. I love it.

  • Jen

    Taylor I love how that card came together. So sweet! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

    What a cute card–makes you wish there were more sweet shops these days with the fun red and white striped canopy! We are having a low-key evening as well. Putting the kids to bed early and we are going to stay up late and watch The Notebook and then make homemade milkshakes-yummo!!

  • Heidi

    This card is too cute! Hope you enjoy your 3 M’s! They all sounds fabulous! Gotta love the monkey bread!

  • scoopy

    So cute – LOVE the sweet shop! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Winnie

    Have a GREAT Valentine’s day! You continue to be a great source of inspiration for my new found craft!



  • Allison

    Oooooo…I would love to see your recipe for monkey bread (and to think I was coming here to see your card [very nice, BTW}). I bought all the ingredients I needed for this last night…would it be wrong to make it even with DH out of town? Could I eat a whole monkey bread myself? (Of course I could!)

  • Dotty

    Adorable card! Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Monkey Bread! 🙂

  • emily

    That is DARLING!! And yes, I feel the same way when I use something I’ve had for a while.

    No idea what I’m doing today besides running around! Oh well! Hahahahaa!

  • Anonymous

    It is certainly one sweet card! You did a fabulous job tying in all the special details!

    Our Valentine’s day plans went from a special dinner out at our favorite restaurant to me making a huge pot of homemade soup (named appropriately for Valentine’s Day…”Red Soup”)! We are in the middle of a wonderful New England Snow Storm!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Anonymous

    What an absolutely adorable card!!! So creative!!!

    Have a wonderful M&M&M Valentines with your honey!!! 🙂

    My hubby surprised me with a beautiful turquoise necklace when I awoke this a.m.! What a surprise!!! Chocolate and ? for him.
    Debbie aka: DeborahLynneS

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