• twinks

    This is so gorgeous! I love how you make use of so many cuts in putting together your design for the gallery. I did my first purchase of the sentiment stamps because you make it look so easy! Just can’t imagine how gorgeous your creations must be IRL.

    Do you use markers, SU classic inks for these acrylic stamps? i used chalk in in Roan and am a bit disappointed that it stained my stamps even tho I immediately cleaned it. Is this “normal” with acrylics?

    TFS all your work; truly eye candy for me!

  • becky

    Taylor, Oh, how I love your work, these little flowers appear like I could just pick them off the card! Your site is the first I check each day! You keep me motivated! Thanks, becky

  • Beate

    Taylor, your flowers look amazing! I love how you popped them up.

  • Julia Stainton

    Gorgeous card Taylor! Love everything you did for this month’s PTI gallery! FAbulous!

  • Melissa

    Hi Taylor. The Papertrey stamps are so versatile like the others have said but they are just so well thought out. Everything goes with the next one! You could really do so many things with their sets. I haven’t ordered one yet, but I’m just going to have to soon! Your card is GORGEOUS by the way and I would LOVE to win it!!

  • Krista Larson

    The cards that you create are absolutely beautiful. I check out your website everyday for inspiration and idea’s.
    I haven’t purchased any PaperTrey sets yet, but when I do, it will be one BIG order. I really like that you can interchange the sets so they can be used together.

  • Alex

    I love to look at the card samples at gallary of PaperTrey site. The stampers are so creative and talented.

  • Anonymous

    I love that they are clear and acrylic! So easy to line up images. I got the first 2 sets, and am converted! I’ve always said no acrylics – but they are the BEST ever! And I love your designs Taylor. Keep them coming.

    Kim K

  • Alex

    They are funky, up to this minute and absolutely versatile to the extreme, love them to bits

  • Anonymous

    TANDRA says (lol)-
    Oh!! When I saw this on the Papertrey gallery, I about fell over!! I just LOVE everything about it! Its perfectly yummi!! The colors are so sweet! Love the cutout flowers.
    I recently got the first 2 sets, and am waiting for the Garden one to be delivered. I have been a wood mount rubber girl for 9 yrs, so I am getting use to them!!
    Tandra Boyer

  • Ida

    Taylor, I love your card. I fell in love with the Green Thumb set as soon as I saw the Strawberry image. What I like best is that the stamps are very versatile and coordinate so well together. Ida

  • Anonymous

    Nicole’s designs are so creative and unusual. They are very versatile and useful for many different occasions. It has been fun to see her ideas. I love this new set, as well as the word set, and what you have done with them.

  • janetwmarks

    I love your card, and yes…this set takes the cake> I just got Butterfly kisses and look forward to getting this set too. Your colors and paper are wonderful. TFS!!!

  • Viv

    Lovely card, Taylor! I have the first 2 sets and then this one is coming! I love the packaging, the stamps themselves, the versatility of each set and they just are quality all the way around. I would be honored to own one of your cards!

  • Anonymous

    This card is beautiful. I like that it is so versatile. I don’t own any but hope to soon. Dottie

  • Mary Campbell

    Love the new Papertrey stamps. Also love your cards. You are very talented. Enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for sharing.

  • scrapbookingoasis

    Great card – so fun and cheerful

  • LSN2

    I love this card! This was one of my favorite samples of the set.

    I love how versatile Nicole’s stamp sets have been. Her making several sizes of the same image make the possibilities endless. I also love how Nicole has been publishing an idea/tip sheet for each stamp set on her site.

    Congratulations for being chosen as one of the design team members.

    Linda (LSN on SCS)

  • Cindy Keery

    Gorgeous card, Taylor. I love what I’ve seen done with this stamp set It’s so cute!!

  • Debbie

    I love to see what you create!


  • Laura

    I love that these stamps are so versatile. I can’t wait until the next release on the 15th. lol I haven’t ordered my Green thumb yet so please pick me!!!

  • KardKrazy

    Taylor, you outdid yourself on this card. It is truly beautiful.

  • Terri Earley

    I love all of the sets, but the butterfly one is my fav. Great cards!

    Terri E.

  • Karen - Jusgottastamp

    Sooooo cute & sooooo springy! I love it. I’ll give ya a cupcake for one of your cards…. ;o)

  • Misslady813

    Your cards are always so pretty and reading your blog gives me lots of inspiration to create.


  • Lori M.

    OMG! These cards are soooo cute! Just love it!….another resource for inspiration and drooling. Soooo kewel! I read your blog daily; therefore, would love to receive something from the ‘daily editor’! *wink*

  • elana

    I love your card – I’m thinking that I need to place an order! I like how the kits come with an abundance of what you need to make many different cards, and the sample cards are all so gorgeous!

  • DeniseLynn

    Wow – you never cease to amaze me. We have just put our house up for sale, and we already bought another … so no new stamps for me right now when we’ve got 2 house payments to make and 2 little ones to feed. (ok it was silly to buy one first but it was the perfect house at a great price and we just could not let it get away). However … you asked us to tell what we love about PaperTrey – well, what’s not to love?! I plan to place an order as soon as the budget allows. {Anyone looking for a 2 bedroom brick ranch in Grand Rapids, Michigan near Calvin College!? We need to make a deal and plan to be out of hear the first of July!!}

    Let me just say that since I’m not allowed to shop I *really* want to win one of your cards!!

  • Nicole Seitler

    What a lovely, lovely sample! πŸ™‚

  • lsu

    I love how the Papertrey stamps coordinate together so well…they can all mix and match and you get so many choices to work with!

    I hope I win!!


  • Vicki

    I love the papertrey designs, I only have the first set so far, but I will be ordering more soon. My first time with acrylcs and I love that you can change them around to get the saying you want!!

  • diane mcvey

    Your card is just awesome! I just ordered Green Thumb and the Butterflies today! I can’t wait to get them…I love the various sizes of the images, and the great sentiments. The fonts are beautiful, and the little hand stamped with each set is so nice! The sets are versatile, and classy. I’m so happy for Nichole!
    And I’d love to win your card πŸ™‚

  • foodpartyfun

    I love all the stamp sets that Paper Trey Ink has come out with so far. The design team has done a wonderful job of showing us different ways and styles of using the sets. Every set that comes out just gets better!


  • Libby

    I LOVE this card – it was actually my favorite when I viewed the idea gallery on the papertrey website! I’ve just recently started reading your blog, and finding out about all these cool stamp companies like Papertrey and fun blogs to read for awesome ideas! I ordered all 3 of the Papertrey stamp sets this morning – I love the varying sizes, and how great the greetings fit with the stamps – I cannot wait to start playing!! I’m branching out beyond SU, this is not good for the ol’ bank account! πŸ™‚

  • jademingmeidesigns

    YEAH!!! Another stamp company to get in debt with…jk:) I’m loving all there sets, but my first purchase will be their senitments set. I don’t have many phrase stamps so this will be perfect! I hope to buy more sets from Papertrey in the future:) Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us Taylor:)
    Dawn C.

  • Anonymous

    I love PaperTrey ink because of the packaging and the very FRESH ideas! It’s awesome! Jackie Wright

  • Peggy

    Beautiful card! I love the sets because the images and words are so modern but classic and they have nice crisp edges. I think I’m going to have to order all of the sets πŸ™‚

  • stefanie

    Wow! Very nice! TFS πŸ™‚

  • Sherrie

    oh I saw this in the papertrey gallery, you did a fabulous job! Love the popped up flowers!

  • Melissa

    Awesome job Taylor! I love how you popped up some of the flowers to add the dimension. It really makes the card stand out!

  • Anonymous

    I love this card and these stamps! I just went to the website (because of you!) and I will have to order soon!


  • Melissa (SCS: kulissa)

    Oh wow! This is a beautiful card. Work like this may have me buying the Green Thumb set, and it would be my first from Paper Trey.

  • Julie

    This is a beautiful card Taylor!! I took the plunge and ordered the set yesterday (first one from Papertrey!). It looks so pretty, so versatile, lots of images and lots of sentiments – I can’t wait to play with it! Love what you’ve done!

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love PaperTrey, have bought all the sets and will probably buy all the future ones. They are so beautiful and versatile. I would love one of your cards!!!!

    Geny C.

  • Allison

    Well I must love Papertrey Ink since I ordered all three sets on Friday night! I really like how Nichole separates all the images…it makes the sets so versatile!

  • Anonymous

    Papertrey is so fresh and fun! Love all your cards!
    Sandy Kay

  • kim


    I just LOVE the images in the designs. They are versatile. πŸ™‚ I especially love that boot in Green Thumb. πŸ™‚

  • Amanda Calloway

    What a cute cute card! You go girl!

  • dflygirl


    I love all of your cards…and being new to Nichole’s designs, I just love that they are sooo versatile.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  • Anouk Martin

    I just ordered this set. I can’t wait for it to come! I was just telling my husband last night, that I wanted to collect cards from all of my Stamping Idols. How wonderful that you are giving away one of your beautiful cards. I so hope I win!

  • Alli

    This is just sooooooo beautiful (but EVERYTHING you make is great!). I am so excited about this new stamp set. I checked the site every hour until it was posted *lol* Thanks for sharing your creative ingenuity with all of us Taylor. You are an inspiration.

  • broni

    This is such a beautiful sample of what can be done with Green Thumb. I love Nichole’s designs because they are all so versatile and can all be used together!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on the great news!!love your designs so you’re obviously deserving of these honors. Also, LOVE that meshy ribbon on the ‘love you’ card – could you share where you found it? i have to have some!

  • Rochelle W

    Congratulations Taylor!! I am so happy for you. I knew that they would ask you some day. You are so very talented and inspire a lot of people. Great job. Congrats again.

  • StamperSharon

    Taylor — many congratulations all around!! Yes, I bet you certainly were bouncin’ off the walls for the last month, trying to keep all this good news bottled up, LOL! I look forward to all of your wonderful creations to come!

  • Jennifer R

    Oh My Gosh Taylor. You are so talented! I am not surprised at all by your great news! Good on ya, girl! Bravo. etc.etc.
    In otherwords,Congratulations, you deserve it!

  • The Cat Fanatic

    I always wondered why you weren’t one of the DD and knew tha you would become one sooner or later…


  • DeniseLynn

    Congratulations!!! Hooray! I am so happy for you.

  • Susan

    Taylor…I was just coming over to your blog to congratulate you after reading you are a new “dirty girl” at SCS…and find you announcing it! I am soooo not surprised…your work is exceptional and certainly deserves recognition..and besides that! how better for the rest of us to be inspired than to admire your cards, etc. Thanks for sharing your talent!! Susan

  • janice

    i read your blog daily and since i have viewed the magical,beautiful creations you share daily, it was NO surprise to see that the next logical step would to be a DD girl on SCS, and a design team member.
    CONGRATULATIONS! well deserved!!

  • EllenH

    My dear Taylor – you are so deserving of each and every opportunity that comes your way! Congratulations!!!

  • Pat

    Congrats on your fabulous accomplishments. The sky’s the limit for you, girlie!

  • Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)

    Congrats, Taylor, on both endeavors ~~~ you deserve all of it ~~ you are one talented accountant, lol!!!

  • Jennifer (refinnej2)

    All I can say about SCS Dirty Dozen is….it is about time!! You are such an amazing stamper!!

  • Malissa

    WOW Taylor! I came home early from work to work on a personal project of mine (writing) and found myself drooling over your splitcoast submissions! Amazing! Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!


  • Allison

    Terrific samples and congrats on your recognition!

  • Nichole Heady

    I am so excited for you regarding your DD announcement! Who knows how far you will go in this industry with so much talent & creativity! I expect many more opportunities to come your way as the word spreads. Best of luck!

  • diane mcvey

    Oh, you SO deserve to be doing both those awesome things!!! I can’t wait to see the Dirty Dozen Gallery this month, how FUN! And Congrats on designing for Nichole, she is so good, and you will be the perfect complement! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting for you, you who are VERY VERY talented πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Congrats! (I have to say it twice because you have twice as much exciting news for us!!!) I’m so happy for you! You will be a fabulous addition to both teams! Good for you!

    Wishing you all the BEST!
    -KimberlyG πŸ™‚

  • Tracy Durcan

    Yahoo!! I’m so happy that your creations will be in the DD gallery! I hope to check them out soon. I like to wait till I have enough time to take everything in, LOL πŸ™‚ Your work with Nichole’s images are wonderful! It’s really cool to see all the potential for just one set! Congrats, again Taylor πŸ™‚

  • Denise

    Taylor – I’ve been happily gazing at the SCS DD gallery all day today and am so excited about your joining this group. I look forward to it every month.
    What a month this has been for you! Congratulations on making the design team, too, for PaperTreyInk. That looks like an exciting gig – looking forward to see what comes out of all of your creative genius!

  • Nicole Seitler

    Congrats! What a happy day. πŸ™‚ I wanted to tell you that I especially liked your “happy hello” flower card. So eye-catching. πŸ™‚

  • Debbie Olson

    Taylor, I am so *not* surprised! You will be the perfect addition to the DD! Your are such a sweetheart, and your work is amazing–congrats on both teams!

  • Melissa

    Congratulations Taylor! You soooo deserve it!

  • Marie

    I’ve already bought the PAPERTREY set and can’t wait to get it. Your cards are SUPER CUTE!!! I am also excited for you to be a part of the Dirt Pile. It will be fun to see what you make over the coming months. Take care!

  • StampingontheLakefront

    I LOVE THIS CRAD! How do i get these flowers? I went to pebbles website and i can’t find them CONGRATS!!!

  • tbreanna

    Congratulations, Taylor…I’m so happy for you!

    It’s about time =)

  • Anonymous

    Taylor, I am so excited for you to have these new opportunities to continue to explore your creativity. I know there is much more in you wanting to get out and express your unique style. I’m very proud of you and look forward to seeing your work in the months ahead. Aunt Linnie

  • Anonymous

    Congrats. I was just wondering..do you have a job besides stamping? If not, how do you make time for stamping. Was just wondering because I never seem to have time to stamp enough working full time. Was wondering if you have a full time job how you do it! You create such wonderful stuff that it is so inspiring!

  • Sam

    I gotta add my name to your list of supporters and admirers. πŸ˜€ You make stamping so fun and everything you create just radiants that! Congrats on DD & Papertrey. I am so proud of you and just love sharing in your excitement. {HUGS}

  • kirstensmom

    Wow, Congratulations Taylor!!! You’re blog is awesome as area ll of your creations, so I’m not suprised you have been asked by both SCS and PaperTrey Ink. Great job, I’m so happy for you!!

    Kelly S

  • Peggy Maier

    Whoa! It’s about time! Can’t believe you weren’t invited a LONG time ago. Glad they finally recognized your talent. I have a membership, so I’ll be checking out your additions. Love the samples. As beautiful as always!

  • ipkstampshappy

    WAY TO GO TAYLOR! – You deserve this honor as I think you are a fabulous stamper. I love viewing all your submissions and can’t wait to see what you’ve done for the Dirty Dozen on SCS. Ida

  • Dawn C.

    Yeah! I guess now I will have to buy a membership…lol I thought I was just satisfied with checking out the daily additions, but for sure I’m missing out on something else right??…lol Kuddos to you Taylor…love your work!

    scs: marinelvr

  • Laura

    CONGRATULATIONS Taylor! What wonderful news. I am very happy for you. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  • dbeltt

    I’ve been waiting to see you work on the new Papertrey Ink since I saw the ad. I’m doubly excited to see your name one the DD Gallery this month. I’m so happy that your great stamping is being recognized!

    scs: dbeltt

  • Lisa

    I CALLED IT! πŸ™‚

    A few weeks ago over at SCS, there was a thread where people were supposed to list their favorite SCS stampers and I mentioned you and Meg (WAXYO) as mine and commented on how Meg was finally a Dirty Girl and YOU definitely weren’t far behind! LOL I never realized I could see into the future like that… LOL πŸ˜‰ CONGRATULATIONS! That is SO exciting and no one deserves it more than you, Taylor! I’m thrilled for you. And congratulations on your new endeavor with PaperTrey as well! Your creations are lovely, as always. I can’t wait to see what you do in that arena, too. πŸ˜‰

    My very best wishes and congrats! πŸ™‚

  • Ashley Bowen

    OH MY GOODNESS!! Taylor CONGRATS!! What a dream come true for any stamper!! You deserve it too!! That is the best part!! You are wonderful and I couldn’t be more thrilled for you! Keep looking to the mail because I’m going to go home tonight and send you a congrats!! hehehehe!! Hugs to you!! CONGRATS!!


  • lisa johnson

    What an exciting day for you girl!Your samples for Paper Trey are perfect! So glad I get to work with you on the team. AND and Dirty girl too….sheeeeesh woman! YOU GO GET UM’!

  • P Garrison

    Congrats – I love your designs & I think you are very deserving of being selected!

  • broni

    Congratulations girl! You are so deserving! I can’t wait to see what you do next!!!

  • Emily


    I’ve been bouncin’ in my seat for ya since this morning!!!!

  • Anonymous

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I have been waiting monthly to see your picture with the SCS Dirty Girls!!! A BIG congrats on designing for papertrey.com. I checked out their website and it looks great!!!!
    Thanks for the daily inspiration with all of your work–
    Debbie aka: DeborahLynneS

  • Holly

    Taylor, I LOVE your blog! You are so creative and very inspiring for me–a true beginner. I just have to ask though…how do you take such perfect pictures of your creations? Any tips? Thanks!

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